Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fraternity Whore

Back in college I was president of my fraternity. It was a glorious position as everyone from sorority girls, to freshman girls to alumni girls loved me and really liked the idea of hanging with a president. I did not care about most of the girls I came in contact with particularly Megan. As president of the house, I always felt it my duty to stay relatively sober keep an eye on the house and the boys. Megan it seemed was really being passed around the house. In the fall semester alone she blew over 15 brothers. No one could stand her personality as she was obnoxious and pretty annoying but apparently she gave a great BJ. It was also known though that Megan was a virgin and very proud of that fact and claimed she was going to wait until she was married to lose it because she did not want her husband to have a slut. (Like sucking 15 different dicks in three months made her pure of body) Anyway after a BJ or two Megan spend the night with her lucky prey and then knock on my door around 7:30 AM to see if she could use my private shower (a perk of being president was a private bathroom in your room). During winter break I actually got pretty wasted one day and passed out after a lot of beers. Hung over, I strolled over to my door at Megan's usual 7:30 knock and let her go into my shower. I must have either still been drunk or really just wanted to see what all the fuss was about, because I was hard as a rock. So I slipped my boxers off and joined Megan in the shower. “What the fuck are you doing?” she yelled. Rather annoyed at her lack of gratitude for being able to use my shower, I replied back, “Oh please. You have sucked off over 15 guys here in three months do you really care that I am showering with you?” At this point I was staring dead at Megan. She was 5 ' 5 ' with a nice 36 B chest and an ass to die. The hot water bouncing off of her body was getting me pretty worked up. At this point Megan noticed my cock growing to a fully erect 8.5 inches and responded, “Well who could resist a dick like that?” We began lathering each other up with soap and Megan dropped to her knees and began to give me an incredible blow job. Her mouth started at the head and she licked her way down to my balls. Lightly stroking my cock, she sucked each one of my balls nicely and then returned to my shaft and licked back up to the top. Using her left hand to cup my balls, Megan started sucking my dick hard with her mouth also using her right hand to stroke my shaft. Her combination of lips and tongue was incredible. I really relaxed myself fully enjoying her BJ skills and let her suck for about 15 minutes before I finally could not take it anymore. Knowing Megan's 50/50 tendency to spit, I grabbed the back of her head and skulled fucked her as I blew my load deep in her mouth down her throat. She was going to swallow it, because I was not letting her up for air. I shoot massive amounts of cum and she swallowed it all down. AS she got up, we finished showering and started to dry off. Since Megan was dry, I ripped her towel off of her, threw her down on the bed and began to eat out her shaved pussy. I did not start with her clit though. I just stuck my tongue as deep into her virgin pussy as I possibly could. She tasted sweet as my tongue worked in and out of her wet cunt. I slowly worked my way to her clit and began to lick it and suck it while still keeping her pussy hole happy with my thumb going in and out of it. She quickly began to cum and rather then ease up on her I sucked harder on her clit sending convulsions through her. I thought she might pass out. As she recovered I made sure that her asshole was getting lubed up b her pussy juice. I kept working on her clit and as she was about to cum again I inserted a finger in her asshole. Megan was shocked but, she did not say anything cause her orgasm was to intense. As it ended I added a second finger into her ass and kept licking her pussy. By now I was rock hard and Megan was totally into my fingers in her butt. I moved to her side so I could talk to her and told her I wanted to put my dick in her. She responded with her virgin reply and I told her I had no interest in fucking her pussy, but instead I wanted to fuck her in the ass. “I have never done that before,” Megan said. “Well you are going to lose that cherry right now,” I replied. She started to argue a bit worrying it would hurt or that it was taboo. “I have let you shower in here, almost everyday for three months after you have blown one of my brothers. Never once did you offer me a courtesy BJ for the use of my bathroom until I approached you. You owe me this favor,” I stated. “Ok,” she said that “but go slow.” Unlike most guys, I do not want to fuck a girl doggy style for her first anal experience. It puts to much pressure on her. I simply lifted her legs over my shoulder and pressed my cock onto her waiting asshole and pushed it. As her ass expanded, my cock slid inside her with ease, as I had lubed it up really well for her. My pelvis was touching her ass as I realized my whole 8.5 inches was buried deep in her butt. Megan nodded at me and I began to fuck her and fuck her good. I started slow and picked up the pace. She had one hand pinching her nipples and the other rubbing her clit as I picked up the pace. “Fuck my ass baby, ram me with big hard dick,” Megan cried. I pounded her harder. Now that was broken, I pulled out, admired the gaping hole for a second then rolled her over because now I was ready to do her doggy style. I plunged back into her ass and pulled back on her hair as I pounded her asshole. Her ass tightened real hard around my cock and she exploded into an orgasm. It was all I could take to not cum, but I wanted to make sure I got a BJ like none of my brothers. I pulled out of her, spun her around and pushed her to her knees. Still panting from her orgasm, she didn't realize she was about to suck my dick covered in her ass scum until my dick was in her mouth and a look of repulse crossed her face. I did not care. “Suck my dick you horny bitch,” I yelled. “Suck your ass off of my cock.” It only took me another minute before I shot another monster size load down her throat. It seemed that she swallowed about 11 times by the time I was done. Megan was running late to work now and on her way out, she said that “Do me a favor, and do not tell anyone else you fucked my ass. I enjoyed doing it, but I think you are the only one who will get the privilege of having it.” I replied, “Only if I can have it will again I keep quiet.” “See you at 7:30 tomorrow Megan said. As she opened the door and walked out I could see her walking funny. Her ass was sore. She took it in the ass from me everyday for the rest of the winter break and pretty much through Spring break when she found out; I had told everyone about it.

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