Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Jessica hummed to herself as she browsed through the assortment of lace teddy's and lingerie that filled the small room. She picked out a sultry little white number and held it up, inspecting the fine lace.

“James would love this one,” she thought to herself. She ran her fingers over the smooth material. It was maybe a little slutty, but this was her honeymoon she was talking about. She was allowed to be a little risqué. Just this once. Her mind started to wonder as she tossed the outfit over her arm and continued to look. Her wedding was only a week away and she wanted everything to be perfect for their first time together.

“That would look stunning on you.”

Jessica spun around, startled, as she believed herself to be the only person in the store besides the sales woman. As she turned, her eyes came to rest on the wide shoulders of a man standing behind her. He was about six foot, with short dark hair and penetrating dark eyes. Jessica quickly took a step back and took a better look. He was dressed very well in a black Armani suit that accentuated his broad shoulders.

“Excuse me. I didn't mean to startle you,” the man said with a smile.

Jessica was speechless. “Oh that's okay,” she stammered, brushing a strand of deep brown hair from her face. “I was just a little surprised, that's all.”

“Well let me make it up to you then.”

Jessica gave a suspicious glance. “And just how would you do that?”

“Well for starters, let me pick up for the tab on that sexy little piece you have picked out there.”

“Oh this? Oh no, I was just looking. I mean I was thinking about getting it but…”

“But what? ,” the man said asked with a playful smirk, crossing his hands in front of his chest.

“It just seemed a little slutty, that's all.”

The mysterious stranger gave a concerned look. “Nonsense. You are a beautiful woman.”

He took a step towards her, and lowered his face to her ear.

“And besides,” he whispered. “There's nothing wrong with being a little slutty now and then.”

Jessica blushed a darker shade of red than she had ever blushed before. The man snatched the white lace teddy from her arm and walked past her towards the sales counter. Jessica didn't know what to say.

“Oh you can't do that!” she stammered.

The man stopped and slowly turned around. “You know, you're right.” He spoke as if in deep contemplation.

Jessica a felt a flood of relief rush over her.

“You haven't tried it on yet.”

Her mouth fell open in amazement. “I simply can't,” she said. “I have a fiancée at home. It wouldn't be proper if…”

Her protests were silenced as the man placed a finger gently on her lips.

“I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you surprised him on your honeymoon in this,” the man reasoned, holding up the outfit. “I know I wouldn't mind.”

“But it is much too expensive.”

The man waved his hand as if to dismiss the whole notion.

“Not a problem. Now let's get this on you and see what it looks like.”

He waved to the saleswoman, who promptly strolled over to the pair.

“What can I do for you?” she asked with a smile.

Jessica had noticed that she had been checking out this handsome stranger during their whole conversation.

“The lady would like to try this on,” he said that passing the delicate lingerie to the woman. Jessica started to protest, but soon realized the futility of it all and succumbed to the idea of this gorgeous man buying her lingerie.

“Follow me,” the saleswoman said before turning and walking towards the small dressing room. Jessica followed, hoping that James would forgive her for this. The woman pulled back the curtain, inviting Jessica to step inside.

“You're a very lucky woman,” she said quietly as Jessica gingerly took the outfit and stepped past the entranceway. Once again she started to protest, but some unknown feeling restrained her from speaking. She simply smiled and nodded before pulling the curtain back into place.

She looked into the mirror and saw that her face was quite flushed. This man was turning her on! She quickly dismissed any thoughts and reprimanded herself for the way she was feeling. She hung the outfit up on a hook on the wall and took a long look at herself in the mirror. So what if some hot guy was buying her lingerie? It didn't mean anything. She was in love with James.

Jessica couldn't help but smile at her newfound reasoning and proceeded to undress. She pulled her light blue sundress over her head, being extra careful not to mess her hair. She hung it up and once again looked at herself in the mirror. Her body was perfect. She had been working out every day for the past six months trying to get in shape for the honeymoon. For James.

She unfastened her bra and hung it with the dress on the wall. She then took the pair of lacy white panties and slipped them on over her own underwear. “That looks ridiculous,” she thought to herself with a frown. After a little thought she figured that since she would most likely be purchasing them anyway, there would be no harm in putting them on “bareback”.

Jessica slipped the white lace pair off, followed by her own. As she slid them down her legs, she noticed that they were a little damp. 'Oh My god!' she thought to herself. 'I'm really getting turned on.' Part of her wanted to run from the store, get in her car and drive home to James' loving arms. But then, another part of her wanted to pull that attractive stranger into the room with her and fuck his brains out.

“Jess, you naughty girl,” she muttered to herself as she slipped the panties back up her legs. She had never cheated on James and now she scolded herself for the mere thought of it. Soon she was fully adorned in her new outfit, complete with garters, stockings and a see-through skirt-type piece that barely fell below her crotch. She looked good and she knew it. The outfit was enough to make any man hard. She wondered if the man in the suit would like it. Would it turn him on? Jessica's eyes closed, and her hand subconsciously fell to her panties, rubbing her cit through the thin fabric as her thought began to drift.

“How are you doing in here?” The man poked his head through the curtain.

Jessica spun and quickly brought her hands to her body in a futile attempt to cover her exposed body. She had never been so embarrassed in her entire life.

“What are you doing?” she demanded crossly.

The man just smiled and stepped inside, pulling the curtain shut behind him.

“I didn't mean to upset you.” He took a step towards her. “I was just wondering how it looked, and I must say, my wildest fantasies could not have prepared me for the way you look right now.”

Jessica melted at his words and her hands fell away exposing her half naked body to the stranger. He took another step bringing his body close to Jessica's trembling form. He brought his hand up to her face and gently caressed her cheek. She brushed his hand away softly looking up into his eyes.

“I can't.”

“Oh yes you can. And I know you want.”

“I'm getting married in a week. My fiancé is at home waiting for me. I can't…”

Jessica's words were cut short as he pressed his lips to hers. She raised her hands to his chest and tried to push away, but the man held her close, forcing his tongue inside her mouth. Her hands soon went from pushing to grabbing, as she clawed at his chest in lust. All thoughts of James and the wedding faded away as Jessica returned his kiss, raising no objection as his hands roamed her body. She began to moan as he groped her ass with his strong hands. He pulled his mouth from hers and placed his lips on her neck as he took her hand and guided it to his crotch. Jessica needed no further prompting as she pawed the bulge in his pants. She felt his hot breath on her skin and it made her pussy tingle. He dropped his hands to Jessica's ass groping with his strong hands. Her one hand clawed at his hair as her other hand pressed tightly to his crotch feeling his cock as it strained to be released from its restraints.

“Do you want me?” the man asked between kisses on Jessica's soft skin.

“Yes,” she responded with lustful whisper.

He pressed himself firmly against her, allowing her to feel the hardness in his pants against her damp pussy. He returned his mouth to hers once again allowing his tongue to slip between her delicate lips. He pushed her against the wall and dropped his hand to sensitive area between Jessica's legs, stroking with two fingers. Jessica, now overcome with lust, lifted her leg to the side, resting her foot on the small bench. Reaching down, she pulled the crotch of her panties aside allowing this strange man access to her pussy. She was so wet, his fingers slipped inside her easily as she let out a weak gasp. His head again dropped to her neck, then down to her breasts softly kissing his way down her body. He stopped at her navel, teasing her belly button with short stabs of his tongue. Jessica was in heaven as she clawed at his hair, urging him to continue his southward journey.

She had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming as his mouth covered the soft fabric of the crotch of her panties. She could feel his hot breath permeate the lace and stimulate her tight little pussy. In one fluid motion he pulled down the thong, freeing her wet hole. Jessica replaced her leg on the bench as her mysterious new lover made a few quick swipes at her clit with his talented tongue. She could tell he was experienced, the way he would circle her clit with his tongue before diving into her wet little pussy. James rarely ate her out and the odd time he did it was never like this.

'Oh my God!' Jessica thought to herself as she came to the realization that she was cheating on her soon to be husband. Her thoughts soon drifted back to the task at hand however, as her new lover slipped a couple fingers up her moist cunt. He slid them in and out as he started kissing her inner thigh, making her whole body quiver with excitement. Then to Jessica's disappointment he stood back up and kissed her long and deep. She could taste her own juices on his tongue, and it made her feel even more slutty.


The man undid his pants, letting his turgid cock free from its Armani prison.

He was going to fuck her! Jessica began to panic. Letting this stranger eat her pussy was one thing, but there was no way she could ever let him enter the one spot reserved for her husband. She wanted nothing more in the entire world than to have his cock inside her at that moment, but there was no way she could live with herself if it was to happen.

“I. I can't do this!” she said that breaking the kiss. “I'm not that kind of girl. I have a fiancé, and I've gone too far already.”

The man just smiled at her.

“Then what's the harm in going a little further?”

He pressed her hard up against the wall, looking into her eyes. “And I think you are that kind of girl! You pretend to be all prim and proper, but deep down you're just a little slut!”

Jessica was shocked. She felt as though she should slap the man, but something inside her made her keep her hands to herself. He was now rubbing the head of his dick up and down her engorged slit, prepping it her own juices.

“Tell me honestly that you don't want my cock in you right now.”

He started kissing her ear.

Jessica was trapped between her feeling of guilt and the extreme lust that had overcome her body.

He pushed the head, just past her wet lips.

“Come on tell me you want it! Show me what kind of slut you are!”

“I want it! I want you to fuck my brains out!”

He knew he had her. Jessica had completely given to her lust. The time for tenderness was over. In one forceful thrust, Jessica's pussy was filled with seven inches of cock. Her head slammed against the wall under the force, as the man lifted her off her feet. His strong hands gripped her ass as he held her aloft. In and out, his engorged rod filled her, then withdrew repeatedly, each time eliciting a breathy gasp from Jessica's open mouth. Her legs were wrapped around him, and her arms were extended above her head clawing at the wall. She placed her hand behind his head, pulling her face to his, kissing with unbridled passion as continued fucking her.

Jessica didn't think about the noise they were making, or the fact that James was waiting at home for her. All her senses were focused on this strange man and his pounding cock.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Jessica moaned. She usually didn't talk at all during sex, but then again she usually didn't fuck strange men in lingerie store fitting rooms either!

The man increased the pace, pistoning his cock in and out, causing Jessica's firm little body to convulse in pleasure. Then with one final thrust, he let out a soft groan as his hot cum flooded her well-fucked pussy.

Jessica was breathing heavy as he allowed her feet to once again come to rest on the floor. She quickly regained her senses and began to dress, suddenly feeling a little embarrassed.

“What's the hurry?”

She looked up at him as she slipped her shoe onto her foot.

“I have to get out of here. My boyfriend is waiting at home.”

“Do you think he would mind that you let a total stranger fuck the hell out of you?”

Jessica gave him a disgusted look. “What do you think?”

“I think you thoroughly enjoyed what just happened and would like more in the near future.”

She shook her head. “Uh uh. This was a one-time thing. I feel terrible right now and I don't want to make things worse. I mean… You were amazing, but I can't let this endanger my marriage.”

She was getting flustered. The man just smiled as he handed Jessica her purse.

“I want you to come with me the Las Vegas.”

Jessica couldn't keep herself from laughing as she let out a cute little giggle. She accepted her purse, tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and unlocked the fitting room door. No sooner had she opened the door than the man slammed it shut once again.

“I'm serious.”

“You can't be. I hardly know you!”

“I know you better than you think!”

Jessica looked confused. He just looked into her eyes.

“Every day I see women on the street, or picking up their kids from school and I feel sorry for them. They go about their menial lives, without ever-knowing real pleasure or passion, when deep down inside they all want something more. I'm offering you something more right now! I'm offering you the chance find out about yourself. Things you never knew. I want you to experience true joy before you go off to your life of cleaning kitchens and driving kids to soccer practice. Everyone deserves to have a little fun before they get hitched. I'm offering you the chance to have a lot of fun! I'm offering you the chance to act like a dirty little slut without any consequences. Now you are coming with me, because if you don't you will regret it for the rest of your life! So just say one little word. Just say yes!”

Jessica was looking down at the floor.

“But what will James think?”

“Just tell him that a friend surprised you with a trip as a wedding present.”

She still looked unsure.

“I don't…”

The man placed his finger on her lips.

“Just say yes.”

After a long, withdrawn sigh, Jessica looked up into his eyes.

“Yes,” she said meekly.

Jessica blushed a deep shade of red as she followed her new lover out of the small room. She knew that they had made a lot of noise, and did not doubt that the store clerk had heard them.

“My name is Jay, by the way,” he said with a smile.

“Jessica,” she responded, following him to the pay counter.

The saleswoman gave her a wink as Jay paid for the outfit.

“Was everything alright?” she asked.

Jay glanced over at Jessica, then back to the saleswoman.

“It was a perfect fit.”

The two walked out of the store and Jay showed Jessica to his car. Jessica was not surprised to find a brand new Porsche, gleaming in the sunlight.

“You must be loaded,” she said as he held her door open for her.

“I get by,” he returned before closing the door.

As Jay got in the car he unzipped his pants, pulling his dick out into the open. Jessica's eyes widened in shock.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“What does it look like?” he said that buckling his seatbelt. “I want you to suck my cock!”

Jessica was stunned for a moment, but then resigned herself to pleasing her new lover. Slowly she leaned forward taking his dick into her mouth. She could taste herself on his cock as she ran her tongue up and down his shaft. Jay moaned as she took his head into her hot little mouth. Suddenly she stopped and looked up.

“I don't usually do stuff like this you know.”

Jay just pushed her head back down on his waiting cock.

“Baby, in the next few days you are going to be doing a lot of things that you don't usually do.”

* * * *

Up and down. Up and down. Jessica's mouth slid easily over Jay's saliva soaked shaft, eliciting moans of approval from her newfound lover. She paused just long enough to look up to his face, smiling as he sped along the highway. He was busy driving, but not too busy to appreciate to fine cock sucking he was receiving from the beautiful young woman. He dropped his hand to her head and ran his fingers through her smooth brown hair, prompting her to suck a little faster. Jessica increased the pace, bobbing her head up and down, while stroking his shaft with her tiny hand. She took his dick, almost all the way before retreating her sweet mouth back to the tip of his cock. There she sucked for a brief moment, playing with the bulbous cap, and teasing his dick hole with quick pokes of her cute little tongue.

“Mmmmm. That's it, baby. Suck it good.”

She loved hearing him talk to her like that. They had known each other for less than an hour, but she was more than willing to let this man have his way with her anyway he wanted. As her thoughts of James came drifting back, she quickly pushed them aside, along with the guilt. Jay's cock was all that mattered to her at that time. She wanted him to feel as good as he had made her feel back in the lingerie store.

“When we get to Vegas, I'm going to teach you how to really suck cock!”

Jessica was a little hurt at that comment, as she thought she was doing quite a good job. She had not had much experience with oral sex, however, as she never much cared for it before. James had enjoyed her mouth on a few occasions, but those were rare. It was different with Jay. She not only wanted to suck his cock, but she “needed” to suck it!

His hand went from stroking her hair to grabbing it roughly as he pushed her face down on his dick. His hips bucked up and a stream of hot cum spurted into Jessica's mouth. At first she was surprised, but she continued sucking at Jay's command.

“Swallow it all, baby! Eat my cum!”

She had never even touched James' sperm before, but now here she was in a car sucking some strange man's cum down her throat. The taste wasn't that bad, and it made her feel depraved and slutty. A feeling she was beginning to enjoy. She happily swallowed down his entire load.

They drove for while longer before Jay stopped for some gas. He filled up the car and headed off to go pay. Jessica made her way to the payphone to cal her fiancée.

Jay came out of the store drinking a bottle of water. He leaned up against the wall beside the payphone, listening on Jessica's conversation.

“No baby, it's okay. I promise.”

She was looking nervous, fidgeting with her earring as she talked.

“I'm with Lisa. She's an old friend from college. Don't worry, I'll be back in time for the wedding. She just surprised me, with this trip. I couldn't say no. Just enjoy your bachelor party. I'll phone you tomorrow. Okay? I love you too.”

Her voice was starting to shake, and so was her hand as she put the phone back. She turned and glanced at Jay with a resigned look.

“I can't do this.”

Jay just smiled.

“Of course you can. Now let's get going.”

“But I feel terrible.”

He leaned forward, kissing her softly on the lips.

“Then I'll make you feel good.”

He prompted her back to the car, opening her door for her.

“Oh and by the way.”

She looked up at him as she sat down.

“I want you to put on that little outfit again.”

Jessica was shocked.


“You bet. You can use the bathroom in the store. I'll wait here.”

He reached behind the seat and grabbed a trench coat.

“Here” he said that handing her the coat. “You can wear this over top.”

Jessica pondered for a moment before taking the outfit and the coat and heading off to the store. She returned five minutes later, pulling the coat tight about her body. She got into the car and the pair were off once again.

“Take off the coat” Jay said as they pulled onto the freeway again.

“But what if someone sees me?”

He looked over to her. “Good.”

Soon Jessica was stretched out in her tiny lingerie with Jay running his hand over the smooth skin of her leg. She felt a little exposed and also a little exited. She closed her eyes and moaned as Jay began to stroke her slit through the panties.

“Take them off” he commanded.

She did as she was told, sliding the tiny g-string down her legs. Jay replaced his hand, this time bringing his fingers in contact with her exposed pussy. She instantly became wet under his touch, feeling his finger slide along her lips before dipping inside her hot cunt. She was getting so worked up she hardly noticed that Jay had taken an exit and was now cruising down a long empty road. She placed one foot up on the dashboard, spreading her legs wide. Jay's fingers began to slowly massage her clit as she groaned with pleasure. He then brought his fingers up to her mouth. Reluctantly Jessica opened her lips and took the fingers inside, tasting herself. She started to suck the fingers as if they were a cock, sliding her lips up and down as her own fingers gripped his hand. He pulled his hand away replaced it between her legs. But instead of going back to her pussy, he reached, lightly touching her asshole.

Jessica started to protest, but decided to just lay back and let him have his way. She even raised her ass off the seat to allow him better access. James never touched her asshole.

Jay started running the tip of his finger in a circular motion over the rim of her ass. With each circle he pressed a little harder, causing Jessica to take quick little breaths. He then pushed harder, forcing his finger knuckle deep into her butt hole. Jessica wasn't used to having anything in her ass, but she was enjoying the reaming she was getting from her new lover. She started to rub her clit as Jay's finger slid in and out. The feeling was intense. Then it stopped.

Jay withdrew his finger and pulled the car over to the side of the road. Without a word he turned the car off and got out. He walked around to the other side and opened Jessica's door. She was looking around frantically trying to cover her exposed body. She started to relax when she realized how isolated they were.

Jay leaned in and pulled Jessica from the car. She was really starting to wonder what he had in mind. Here she was, in the middle of nowhere, dressed in high heels, garters, a lacy little bra, and nothing more than a transparent skirt covering her most private area. Jay took her by the hand and led her around to the front of the car. He then roughly spun her around and bent her over the hood of the car. Flipping the little skirt up over her ass, Jay dropped to his knees. Jessica could feel his mouth traveling up the back of her leg. her body tingled as he touched her pussy with his tongue. After giving her lips a few licks he straightened his tongue and thrust it into her hot little hole. He sent his head back and forth, fucking Jessica with his tongue. She could feel the hot sun beating down on her back as Jay wiggled his tongue inside her. Just as she was about to have her second orgasm of the day he stopped.

She silently cursed him for teasing her, as his mouth worked it's way upwards, nibbling at her ass. He then spread her asscheeks wide. She had never felt so violated in her entire life and she loved it. A gasp escaped her lips as his tongue touched the rim of her ass. He licked up and down the length of her crack before settling on her tiny puckered hole.

“Oh my God, Yes!!” she moaned.

Jessica had never felt anything so exquisite in her entire life. Jay reached a hand under her and began stroking her mound as he continued rimming her. He placed his lips around her asshole and pushed his tongue into her. She bit down hard on her own finger as he slid two fingers into her wet little cunt. He then pulled his face from Jessica's ass and unzipped his pants.

“I bet you loved having my tongue up your ass, didn't you” Jay said that pulling his erect cock out of his pants.

“Oh yes, I loved it!” she returned, looking back as him.

He grabbed a hold of her hips and roughly pulled her up towards him.

“I'll bet your sweet little boyfriend doesn't lick your ass does he?”

“N. No.”

Jay placed the head of his dick at the entrance to Jessica's moist love tunnel. He started to push forward, then stopped. Jessica looked back at him with pleading eyes. “Please.” she said.

“Tell me what you want!”

“I want you!”

“No! Tell me what you want!”

“I want your cock inside me!”

Jessica let out a shriek as Jay buried himself to the hilt in her wet cooze. He immediately grabbed a hold of her slender hips and started pounding his dick into her. The force of his thrusts were causing Jessica's breasts to mash into the hood of the hot car. With each one she would inch a little farther up the hood. Jay would then pull her back down onto his thick, rock hard cock.

Licking his finger, he placed it against her asshole and slid it inside as he fucked her. Jessica groaned with delight at the sensation of completely filled up. Between the sounds of Jay's hips bucking against her ass and her own sensuous moans, she heard another noise.

It was the sound of an approaching vehicle! Jessica started to panic. She tried to get up but Jay held her in place, his finger and cock still embedded deep inside her.

“Someone's coming!” she yelped, struggling against her lover.

“Just relax.” Jay said that holding her in place. She could hear the sound of the car getting closer. She looked to the side to see a car of teenage boys pull up beside her and Jay.

The boys were calling out, and hooting as if they were at a strip club. Her face went bright red. Jay paid them no attention, and just continued fucking her. He changed from fast fucking to slow, deep thrusts as he leaned forward and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back.

“Yeah! Fuck that slut!” The boys' cheering was unrelenting.

That's what she was. A slut. She was supposed to be getting married in a week, but here she was on the side of a road somewhere getting fucked from behind while a bunch of horny teenagers cheered her on.

“Do you like being watched?” Jay asked that pulling her head back even farther.

Jessica grimaced from the pain as he slammed his dick into her hard, while holding her hair tightly in one hand.

“Do you?” He repeated.

“Yes. I love it! I feel so nasty!”

Jay increased his fucking, sliding his tool in and out with abandon.

“You are nasty, baby! A nasty little slut!”

“Yes, I'm your nasty little slut!”

Jessica's words must have set him off, because the instant she said them, Jay pulled out of her well-fucked pussy. Grabbing her hair, he spun her around and pushed her into a squatting position, bringing her level with his cock. His hand was fast at work, jerking his huge dick. Jessica just looked up into his eyes and opened her mouth.

The first stream of jism splashed off her cheek and struck her in the eye. The second landed right on her tongue. The third hit her in the chin, and she lowered he head to try and catch the rest of it in her succulent little mouth. When Jay was finally done, Jessica's face was a mess of cum, although she had managed to get most of the creamy liquid between her lips.

The boys were really going wild now, and the humility was beginning to set.

“Way to go man!” one yelled to Jay. Jay only smiled and made his way back into the car. Jessica did her best to cover herself as she too, quickly got into the car.

Jessica used her panties to wipe her face clean and started to get back into her normal clothes.

“Uh uh!” Jay grabbed her clothes from her.

Jessica crossed her arms feigning a look of anger. Jay looked over at her smiling.

“You didn't get off yet. You have to finish the job.”

“By myself?”

“That's right.”

“But I…”

“Just do as I tell you.”

“Okay I guess I…”

“Rub your clit!”

Jessica did as she was told, pressing two fingers to her sensitive button. She began to move her fingers in a circular motion applying pressure to her clit.

“That's it baby. Rub your pussy!”

Jessica closed her eyes and let her fingers work. The motion of the car and Jay's voice were acting together to turn her on.

“Now take your finger and slide it into your tight little pussy.”

Jessica was starting to moan as she slipped a finger into her hot, wet hole.

“What are you thinking about?” Jay asked. “Are you thinking about your husband? I doubt it. What are you thinking about, Jessica?”

“I'm thinking about your cock!”

“And what about my cock?”

She was rubbing her clit faster now as he interrogated her. Her other hand was busy slipping a slender finger in and out of her pussy.

“I'm thinking about you shoving your cock into my wet pussy.”

“Good. Now take your finger out and suck it!”

She did as she was told, bringing her finger to her mouth and sucking it gently.

“Now take that finger and put it up your asshole!”

Jessica placed her wet finger against her puckered rim, and started to push.

“That's it. Show me what a dirty little slut you are!”

“Mmmmm,” she moaned as her finger slipped in up to the knuckle.

“You like when I call you a slut don't you?”

“Uh huh!” Her body was starting to quiver. “I'm your little slut!”

“Cum for me slut! Cum with your finger up your ass like the whore you are!”

“OHH MY GODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! Jessica's body went into convulsions as she came to orgasm. Jay just smiled. After it had died down, she slumped down into the seat, fatigued and sweaty, staring out at the open road.

Jessica grinned from ear to ear when she saw the room. Jay had spared no expense on their accommodations, getting a ritzy hotel room with a balcony, hot tub and a very large bed.

“Let's check out the view.”

Jay took her by the hand, and led her out onto the balcony. He put his arm around her waist as she looked down at the scene below. The hotel was circular, with a large pool in the middle. There were a few people down there, swimming and sunbathing, going about their business.

“It looks wonderful.” Jessica said that smiling up at her new lover.

“So do you.” he returned, bending down to kiss her neck.

She shivered at his touch and closed her eyes in silent ecstasy as his lips touched her skin. He moved his body around behind her, grinding his hips into her ass as his lips traced their way down her soft skin.
Her hands gripped the railing in front of her as Jay descended down her body. Crouching down, he kissed the back of her knee, slowly pushing up her skirt. Jessica was so lost in the moment that she didn't even realize that she was being exposed for the second time that day.

As she felt the cool air touch her bare skin she came to her senses and started to resist her lover by pulling her skirt back down.

“Uh uh!” Jay forcefully pushed the skirt back up over her ass.

Jessica started to resist, but soon realized that it would be futile, as she could never object to anything this man did. She was his. Completely and entirely.

Placing a hand on her back, Jay pushed her torso forward, bending her over at the waist. Jessica hoped that nobody should see them, but her thoughts soon turned back to Jay, as he was now pulling her panties down her slender legs. Her knuckles turned white, from her increasing grip as Jay forcefully spread her ass cheeks apart. She closed her eyes and moaned as his hot wet tongue touched her asshole. Around and around he went, circling her tight little rim. He spread her apart wider as his tongue went to work. Though Jay had already eaten her ass that day, he was really going crazy. His mouth was covering her hole in a deep kiss, trying to force his tongue inside her. She imagined what a site she must be, bent over a railing with a man's tongue up her ass. She was really starting to relax, when Jay stopped. Rising to his feet he pulled her around kissing her hard, letting his tongue invade her mouth.

As he broke away Jessica quickly pulled her skirt down. Jay looked at her disapprovingly.

“I have to go out for a while.” He said walking, back inside.

Jessica was confused.

“We're not going to fuck?”

“No.” He called over his shoulder. “I have to do some things. I'll be back in a couple hours. I think you can find something to do?”

“Yes.” Jessica said meekly, as Jay closed the door behind him.

Jessica was a little confused, but she let it slide as she continued to explore the suite. At first she thought of calling James, but dismissed the thought that trying hard to put him out of her mind for the time being. She walked over to the mini-fridge and opened it, inspecting its contents. She picked out a small bottle of gin and proceeded to make herself a drink. Jessica laid back on the bed and flicked on the TV, taking sips from her glass. The soft bed felt good after riding in the car all day, and Jessica felt herself dozing off.

She woke an hour later, wondering were Jay was. He wasn't back yet so she decided to hop in the shower. As she let the warm water cascade over her body she felt herself longing for Jay's touch. Her hand absently went between her legs, before she realized what she was doing. At first she felt naughty, but she continued touching herself while dreaming of a nice hard cock inside her.

“What's happening to me?” she thought to herself. She didn't masturbate! Why was she acting like this? She was turning into a slut!

After her shower, Jessica wrapped herself in a towel and walked out of the bathroom. As she re-entered the bedroom, Jay got back.

“I was starting to think that you had left me.” she joked.

He strolled towards her smiling. She noticed that he was carrying several bags.

“What have you got there?” she asked that looking at the numerous shopping bags in his hands.

“I took the liberty of picking up a few things while I was out. Here.”

Jay tossed the bags on the bed, and Jessica pounced on them like a child at Christmas. James rarely ever surprised her with gifts.

She opened the first bag. Inside was numerous brands of cosmetics. Make up, lip stick, eye liner, as well as a tooth brush, hair brush and most other things that one might need while on vacation.

The other bags contained various outfits and clothes. Skirts, shoes, dresses and of course lingerie. Some of the articles appeared quite revealing, and some appeared downright kinky, but there were a few regular outfits amongst the pile.

“Oh I almost forgot!” Jay said that pulling out a small black bag and handing it to her.

Jessica accepted the bag and looked inside. It was a very large rubber dildo!

“What on earth did you get that for?” Jessica asked tossing the thing on the bed.

Jay moved up to her and pulled her towel off, letting it drop to the floor.

“What do you think it's for? It's so you can fuck yourself when I go out.”

Jessica was getting more comfortable with this man, but she was still embarrassed to be totally nude in front of him. She tried in vain to cover herself up, as Jay just laughed.

“Here.” he said that passing her a razor and a can of shaving cream.

Jessica looked confused.

“I want you to shave your pussy.”


“You heard me. And hurry up! We have dinner reservations at eight.”

Jessica didn't even try to argue. She just took the cream, and razor and headed back into the bathroom. A few minutes later she reappeared completely shaved.

“Beautiful.” Jay said in awe, dropping to his knees.

He pulled her close, planting a soft kiss on her bare cunt, sending shivers through her body. Just when Jessica thought she was going to get a good pussy licking, Jay stopped and got back up.

“Wear this.” he said that passing her a slinky black dress. It was very short, but still very elegant looking.

“And these.” He handed her a pair of tall stiletto heels, black and shimmering.

“Are you going to pick my underwear too?” Jessica asked that with a mocking tone.

“Oh, you won't be wearing any.”

“What? This dress is pretty short.”

“You won't be wearing any!”

Jay's tone encouraged her not to argue. She quickly got dressed and soon the couple were out the door, on their way to dinner. The dress that Jay had picked out was so short Jessica had to keep pulling it down to keep it from exposing her ass and pussy. She felt more like a whore than ever before.

The restaurant was very nice, as Jessica had expected. The hostess, a very attractive blonde woman, greeted the two with a smile.

“Hello Angela.” Jay said. “Nice to see you again.”

She looked at Jay then over at Jessica.


Jessica suddenly felt very uncomfortable, as she felt Angela's eyes on her.

“This is Jessica.” Jay said that introducing the two women.

“Pleased to meet you.” she said with a smile. “As I can see, Jay's taste has not faltered a bit.”

Jessica was flattered, but also intrigued. Who was this woman?

“Thank you.” she managed to say.

Soon the two were seated at a table in a secluded section of the restaurant.

“So how do you feel?” Jay asked.

“Well, I feel a little exposed.” she replied, shifting in her seat, trying to keep her skirt from riding up.

“Good.” Jay took a sip of champagne. “Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you, a friend will be joining us for dinner.”

Jessica's eyes widened.

“But my dress! I don't feel comfortable with someone else…”

“It will be fine.”

“But I…”

“It will be fine.”

So sooner had Jay mentioned it, a blonde man approached the table. He was shorter than Jay, but looked as though he was in just as fit.

“Pete! You're late. I thought you weren't going to come.”

“Oh, I couldn't miss this!”

Jay stood up to greet his friend.

“Pete I'd like you to meet Jessica.”

“Hello” Pete said that taking her hand and planting a soft kiss.

Pete sat next to Jessica, trapping her between the two men in the semi-circular booth. Over the course of dinner, she noticed Pete inching closer and closer towards her. For the most part she tried to stay out of the conversations until Pete asked a question that almost made Jessica spit wine across the table.

“So, how is Jessica in bed?”

She wanted to slap him across the face.

Jay smiled and replied. “She's not bad. I still have to teach her a few things, but her pussy is soooo tight.”

Jessica was mortified.

“Oh really?” Pete said that turning towards her.

Suddenly Jessica felt Pete's hand on her leg. She looked over at Jay, horrified, only to find him smiling back at her.

“It's okay”, he said. “just relax.”

Her body tensed as Pete's hand slid under her skirt. His fingers tracing a line over the lips of her newly shaven pussy.

“Ooooh. Shaved! Very nice. Looks like you have a little slut on your hands Jay.”

Jessica was shocked at Pete's harsh words and even more shocked with Jay's reply.

“She sure is. You know the little whore is actually getting married next week.

Pete's finger slipped inside Jessica's pussy. She couldn't believe Jay was talking like that about her.

“Married? Well you're going to have to have some fun with her before she goes back home to her sweet little husband then.”

Pete's thumb found her clit as his finger drove far inside her. She could feel herself getting wet under his touch, and she hated it. Jay was just sitting there casually sipping his wine.

“Jess?” he said between drinks.

She looked over to him.

“Why don't you be a good girl and suck Pete's cock?”

Pete slipped another finger inside her.

“Yeah, baby” he said. “I could use a good little whore to suck my dick.”

Jessica glared at Jay.

“I can't” She said. “This is a public place!”

Jay sat back smiling.

“I know. All the more fun. Now hurry, before the waiter comes back.”

Reluctantly, Jessica slipped under the tablecloth, astounded at her own actions. Pete wasn't doing anything to help her out, so she reached up and unzipped his pants. She was surprised to find that he wasn't wearing underwear either. Did Jay set this up? Did her bring her here just to be a whore for his friends?

As she pulled out Pete's cock she noticed that is wasn't even hard yet. Slowly she lowered her head and took his flaccid member into her mouth. She ran her lips over it a couple times, before taking it in her hand and running her tongue up and down the sides. When it was nice and wet she took it in again, this time deeper. She could feel Pete's dick harden in her mouth. The feeling was incredible! Absently, she reached down and stroked her wet slit. She took it in even deeper, lashing her tongue out, licking at the base of his dick. She had an overwhelming desire to lick his balls too, but they were confined within his pants. Her fingers were working frantically at her clit as her lips and tongue worked Pete's cock. Slowly she pulled the large erect thing from her tiny mouth and sucked gently on the head, poking her tongue into his small dickhole.

“Are you ready to order gentlemen?”

Jessica froze. She pulled her head from Pete's dick, only to have him reach down and force her face back into his crotch.

“Yes, I'll get the Salmon.”

The pair were ordering as if nothing was happening. As if there wasn't an engaged woman on her knees under the table sucking cock.

Just as the waiter was leaving, Pete grabbed her hair forcing his dick deep into her mouth. His hips convulsed and bucked forward as a huge load of hot cum flooded Jessica's mouth. She tried to swallow it all, but some leaked out, dribbling down her chin as Pete pushed her off his dick.

Jessica wiped the cum off her chin and was about to wipe it on the table cloth when she stopped. After a brief moment of contemplation she brought her fingers to her mouth, sucking the white fluid from her hand.

She then straightened herself up the best she could, before emerging from under the table. she blushed when she saw the two men smiling at her. The rest of dinner was pretty uneventful, as Pete and Jay made small talk and joked with Jessica about sex. Jessica, was uncomfortable at first, but started to loosen up as she consumed more and more of the expensive champagne that Jay had ordered. By the time it was time to leave she was more than a little tipsy.

It was quite late when they arrived back at the hotel room. Jay immediately ordered more alcohol from room service, as Pete prompted Jessica to sit with him on the bed.

As soon as she sat down, Pete turned her head towards him and kissed her full on the lips. She accepted the kiss, letting his tongue invade her mouth.


She turned to acknowledge Jay.

“There is an outfit waiting for you in the bathroom. Go put it on please.”

Jessica nodded and got up from the bed. As she walked across the room she realized just how tipsy she was actually. She entered the bathroom, closing the door. Waiting for her, slumped across the sink, was a pair of fishnet stockings. She picked up the stockings and looked around for the rest of the clothes, but there was none to be found. She was confused and, at first, thought maybe Jay had forgotten the rest. However as she pondered it a bit more, she realized that Jay must want her to wear only the stockings, for he would never have forgotten such a thing.

She slipped the stockings on, feeling beautiful and slutty at the same time. She then put the black heels back on her feet and reluctantly opened the door.

As she stepped out into the main room she found herself looking at a young man dressed in the hotel's uniform.

“Room service.” she thought to herself as she quickly ducked back into the bathroom.

“Jessica!” Jay's voice shouted out. “Get out here and let our young friend take a good look at you!”

Slowly Jessica re-emerged from the room into the view of the three men. The room service guy was staring wide eyed at her naked body. Pete and Jay were just smiling.

“What do you think buddy?” Pete asked the young man. “Would you do her?”

“Fuck yes!” he answered promptly.

Jay placed a hand on his shoulder and gently lead him out the door.

“Well maybe you'll get a chance.” he said that closing the door behind him.

Jessica was shocked at Jay's comment, but she was a little too drunk to care.

“Alright!” Pete said. “Now come back over here!”

Jessica made her way back over to Pete, as she noticed Jay produced a video camera. She stopped and glared at him.

“What are you doing with that?” she asked.

“Don't worry about it” Pete said that taking her hand and pulling her to the bed.

He grabbed her legs and pulled her into a straddling position as he sat on the bed. Immediately Pete locked his lips onto hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth. At first she thought it to be a little strong, but Jessica soon relaxed and allowed him to have his way. His hands groped at her bare ass pulling apart her ass cheeks. Even though she was a little drunk, Jessica still felt severely violated. The sound of Jay starting the video camera behind her didn't do much to lessen that feeling.

Her body jilted forward as Pete slipped his hand into her ass crack and touched her tender asshole. She reached back in protest, and he broke his kiss and pulled her close whispering in her ear.

“Don't fight it baby. You know you want it and you know I'm going to have my way with you.”

With that Pete shoved his finger up Jessica's dry asshole. She let out a soft cry as he forcefully invaded her most private area.

“You little slut! You love it don't you?”

Jessica remained silent as Pete bit at her neck and proceeded to drive his finger into her.

“It. It hurts.” she managed to whimper.

“Here then.” he said that pulling the finger from her ass.

Grabbing her hair, Pete yanked Jessica's head back and shoved the finger into her open mouth. She started to resist, but Pete held her, forcing her to suck the finger. He then pulled the wet finger from her mouth and slipped it back up her anus. The force at which he thrust caused Jessica to press hard into his body. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her bare pussy through his pants. He was controlling her. He was treating her like a worthless slut and it was turning her on. She could feel her pussy moisten, through the pain of Pete's invasion of her tiny butt hole.

When Pete had had enough fun for the moment he pushed her off him.

“Take of my pants.” he demanded.

Jessica fell to her knees, and started pulling Pete's pants down his legs. She took them and tossed them to the side as Pete took off his own shirt. Climbing back onto the bed, Pete laid down motioning for Jessica to suck his cock. Obediently, she crawled over and grasped his dick her hand. He put his hand on her head and pushed it down on his throbbing shaft. Jessica almost gagged as Pete's dick bumped the back of her throat.

“Relax baby.” He said that holding her head down.

“Do you know how much of a slut you look like in those stockings?”

He reached his hand around back to her ass and ran it down her ass crack and into her wet pussy.

“You're wet! You really get off on this huh?”

Keeping Pete's cock in her mouth, Jessica looked up into his eyes. She hated this man, but she also craved his torments. She wanted to be his slut!

With renewed passion, Jessica bobbed her head up and down, sliding her lips along his shaft. Her delicate hands were caressing his balls, rubbing and playing.

“Whoaaa! Slow down babe! You don't want me to cum before I get the chance to fuck you, do you?”

Jessica pulled herself away from Pete's engorged cock and sat up to wait for further instructions. She did want to fuck Pete. She wanted it bad.

“Climb on babe!” He said nonchalantly.

Pete held his dick straight up in the air as Jessica climbed onto his hard muscular body. Taking a deep breath she lowered herself down onto the rigid pole. She could feel every vein and bump on his cock as it traveled up her moist tunnel, before coming to rest deep inside her. Pete was smiling at her and running his hands over her legs, feeling the fabric that composed her stockings. Slowly, Jessica used her legs to lift herself up his dick, almost all the way, before dropping back down. She let out a quiet moan and closed her eyes as she descended. She glanced behind and noticed that Jay was getting a nice close up of Pete's cock in her pussy from behind. Feeling particularly naughty, she reached back and stroked her asshole lightly. Jay smiled as he got it all on film.

Pete grabbed Jessica's hips and prompted her to move a little faster. She responded by placing her hands on his chest and bouncing her ass up and down harder. Suddenly Pete thrust his hips up to meet Jessica, driving his cock hard up her cunt. Jessica yelped as he bottomed out inside her. Sitting up, Pete pulled her close and then rolled over, keeping his dick firmly embedded in Jessica's tight little pussy.

Splaying her legs wide, Pete continued to fuck her as he lay on top of her. Jessica closed her eyes and accepted his fucking with wanton lust. He was pushing her stocking clad legs wide as his thick cock slid in and out of her wet hole. Then, grabbing her by the ankles, Pete forced her legs up by her head. It hurt slightly, but she didn't even care. She had a hard cock in her and that's all that mattered. Pete's ass rose and fell, filling her cunt each time.

“You love being fucked like this don't you? You love spreading your legs for a hard cock!”

Jessica moaned. “Yes! I love your cock inside me! Fuck me harder!”

Pete obeyed, slamming his hips into her. Jessica was surprised at her own words, but dismissed it, realizing that she was a little intoxicated. She was a little disappointed when Pete pulled his cock out of her.

“Bend over babe! It's time for me to try out that ass of yours!”

Jessica's eyes widened.

“No Pete!” Jay said. “That's mine!”

Jessica felt relieved for the moment.

“Come on man!” Pete protested.


“Aww fuck! Alright, then. Bend over!”

Jessica did as she was told, assuming a position on her hands and knees. Pete came up behind her and slid his cock head along her wet pussy lips. Then with a powerful thrust his dick was inside her once again. He really started giving it to her, pounding his cock inside her. There was a smacking noise as his hips hit her ass on each thrust. Jessica gritted her teeth as Pete increased the pace, slamming her harder and harder. Jay moved the camera around to her face.

“Having fun?” he asked.

Jessica looked into the camera. “Uh huh!”

“How does it feel?”

“I fucking love it!”

“Say a little something into the camera!”

Even though she was drunk, Jessica was becoming a little uncomfortable with the camera.

“Talk you little slut!” Pete commanded between grunts.

At that moment something overcame Jessica and she looked into the camera.

“I love this fucking cock in my pussy! I love being bent over and fucked like a whore!!”

“Oh shit! I'm going to cum!” Pete shouted suddenly. “Get your fucking face over here!”

Jessica spun around to face Pete's cock just in time to catch the first spurt of hot cum in the face. Jay had the camera right in her face as Pete covered her in creamy white fluid. Jessica felt like such a porn star!

Pete left pretty soon after he was done. He got dressed and walked over to Jessica. Reaching around to give her ass one last squeeze he whispered in her ear.

“You little slut! I'm going to have my cock in your asshole soon enough! Jay can't protect you for long.”

The harshness of his words scared Jessica, and the thought of this man reaming her tiny ass terrified her. She sat on the bed, exhausted, as Pete spoke a few final words to Jay and left. After his departure Jay came over and sat beside her. He gently stroked her face.

“Did you enjoy yourself?”


“Look, I know Pete can be a dick some time. I hope he didn't make you feel too bad.”

“He made me feel like a cheap slut.”

“Did you like it?”

Jessica pondered it for a moment before answering.

“Yes, I did.”

“Good.” he said leaning to kiss her.

Jessica sat in the tub of warm water, letting the warm feeling flow over her body. The last couple days were like a blur in her mind. A blur filled with mind-blowing sex! Her feelings of guilt were unrelenting, barraging her mind constantly as she fought between her love for James and the uncontrollable lust that she felt when she was with Jay. She kept telling herself that it would be over when she went home, but how could she go the rest of her life without feeling such passion? Absently her hand made it's way between her legs. Her ass was still a little sore from earlier, but she still felt well enough for whatever Jay had in store for her.

“Jessica! Hurry up!”

Jay's voice awoke Jessica from her reverie, and she promptly rose from the soothing, warm water and grabbed a towel. She exited the bathroom and walked into the bedroom to find an outfit waiting for her on the bed. She looked over at Jay.

“I thought I was going to wear those white latex pants we bought today?” she asked.

“I changed my mind.”

Jessica nodded and proceeded to dress herself. Jay walked over and kissed the back of her neck. She tossed her head back in ecstasy at his touch.

“Let me help you,” he said that taking her towel from her.

He picked up the short, red dress from the bed. Jessica raised her arms above her head and allowed Jay to slide it onto her body. His fingers grazed her skin as the fabric slid into place. As she expected, the dress was very short, coming down only to her upper thigh. Jay then took a small pair of black panties in his hands. Crouching down behind her, he assisted Jessica in stepping into them. Then, slowly, he began to drag the underwear up her slender legs. His hands moved up under her dress, pulling the panties snugly against her shaved pussy. This was extremely erotic and Jessica was starting to get really turned on.

“Sit,” Jay said that resuming his standing position.

Jessica rested herself back on the bed, smiling up at her new lover. Jay crouched down again, this time holding a pair of black fishnet stockings. She held out her leg, pointing her toes towards him. Jay took her foot, and rubbed it softly before leaning to kiss it. A sensual tingle shot through Jessica's body as his lips touched the sensitive skin of her foot. He then proceeded to slide the stocking up her leg. He then repeated the process on the other leg. Jessica was so turned on she thought for a moment that she would soil her new panties. Jay then took a high black boot and slipped it onto her foot.

When she stood up, Jessica noticed that the dress didn't even cover the top of her stockings. It was a very slutty look, but she still felt very sexy. To complete the look, Jay fastened a black, choker around her neck as he kissed her ear. At that moment, Jessica wanted nothing more than to drop to her knees and take Jay's luscious cock into her mouth, but she needed to finish getting ready. She walked back into the bathroom and began to fix her hair and makeup. She looked at herself in the mirror as she went to work. She had never looked this good in her life! From the stockings to the dress, all the way up to her sexy choker, she looked amazing.

“I'd fuck me!” she joked to herself as she applied her lipstick.

Soon Jessica was done and she looked even better. Her hair was done, and her ears were adorned with small silver earrings. Jay complemented her on her appearance before the pair took their leave. Instead of driving to the club, Jay arranged for a limo to pick them up. Jessica expected Jay to jump her in the vehicle, but to her surprise he acted the perfect gentleman. In fact she was a little disappointed.

“Where are we going?” Jessica asked?

“We have to go pick someone up.”

“Pete?” she asked with a frown.

“No, not Pete. Remember that woman from the restaurant last night?”

Jessica was surprised. “A woman?”

“Yes, that's right. Why, are you jealous?”

She was a little jealous.

“No, of course not! Why would I be jealous?”

Jay just smiled. The two shared some champagne as the limo made it's way through the busy Las Vegas streets. Soon the car stopped and a few moments later the door opened. The woman from the restaurant stepped inside and sat beside Jay.

“Angela. Nice to see you again.” Jay said that giving her a peck on the cheek.

“As always Jay,” she replied with a playful smirk.

Jessica just stared at her. She was gorgeous! Her flawless blonde hair was pulled up into a bun, with strands falling about her head giving it a sexy, messy look. Her upper body was covered in a black, backless top, that showed off plenty of her perfectly tanned skin. A tight, shiny black mini skirt fit to every curve of her hips and upper thighs. She had the most amazing legs that were accentuated by her shoes and the criss-crossing laces that worked their way up to her knees.

“Jessica, you look fabulous!” Angela said that helping herself to some of the champagne.

“T. Thank you.” she replied, suddenly feeling a little uncomfortable.

* * * *

All eyes were on the trio as they entered the club. Jessica had never spent much time in night clubs, and she felt unsure of how to act. Angela's presence had suddenly made her very self conscious. Jay had the two ladies sit down and he soon joined them with a few drinks. Jessica downed hers in record time. She wanted to just loosen up and have a good time. She knew her time with Jay was limited and she wanted to make the most of it. She talked with Angela a little and soon really started to warm up to her. It might of been the alcohol, but Jessica soon began to feel very comfortable.

“Come on Jess. Let's go dance.” Angela said thatrising form her seat.

“Oh, I'm not really much of a dancer.”

“Come on! Don't be a prude.”

Soon, Angela convinced her and managed to pull her out onto the floor. Normally Jessica would feel a little inhibited, but the alcohol was really starting to get to her. She noticed every male in the place had his eyes glued on her as the two young women danced. Angela was mesmerizing, swaying her hips to the music.

“So do you see anything you like?” Angela asked that inching closer to Jessica.

“What do you mean?” The music was quite loud, so Jessica was forced to lean in close to talk.

Angela moved even closer, rubbing up against her as she spoke. Jessica could feel her large firm breasts pressing up against her own tits.

“I mean do you see any guys in here that you would like to fuck?”

“But I'm here with Jay!”

Angela just smiled and kept dancing. Jessica looked back at the table to see Jay talking to another handsome, well dressed man.

“Who is that?” she asked.

Angela glanced over.

“Oh, that's Zack. Not bad huh?”

“He's gorgeous!”

Angela let out a small chuckle. “You should see his cock!”

Jessica looked into her eyes. “You mean, you and him have…”

“Oh yes! Just last weekend in fact. He's not as good as Jay, but he's close. Oh, don't look! They're coming over here.”

Jessica continued dancing until Jay and Zack walked up to the pair.

“You know you girls have the whole club drooling over you.” Jay said.

“Of course.” Angela said with a smirk.

Jay smiled back at her, then turned to Jessica.

“Jessica this is Zack.”

The man took her hand and pulled it to his face, gently kissing it.

“How do you do?” he said in a deep voice.

Jessica was suddenly stricken with a bout of shyness as she stammered out some response. The two started dancing as Jay and Angela paired off as well. Zack moved behind her and placed his hands on her hips, pressing himself against her body. Jessica rested her hands on his and wiggled her ass into him. She could feel him getting harder as they danced. Her eyes closed as she let the music move her body.

“You look very sexy.” he whispered into her ear. “Jay told me you were hot, but that was an understatement.”

Jessica spun around and kissed him. He seemed surprised at first, but warmed up soon enough as she began to grind into his leg. His hand moved down and cupped her ass as their tongues entwined. Feeling a little adventurous, Jessica then brought her hand up to his crotch feeling his massive cock through his pants. Zack moaned into her mouth as she groped him.

“Bathroom. Now!” Zack gasped.

* * * * *

Jessica couldn't believe what she was doing. She was supposed to be getting married in five days and here she was waiting for some strange man in a bathroom stall. She closed her eyes and ran her hands over her thighs in anticipation. Her fingers touched the fishnets and worked their way up under her skirt. Her panties were soaked as she touched them, rubbing her fingers against her mound. Just then the stall door swung open and Zack stepped inside.

“Starting without me?”

Jessica didn't say anything, as Zack stepped forward pushing her up against the wall of the tiny stall. His mouth immediately found hers as her hand went to his crotch. She unzipped his pants, undid his belt and pulled his cock free. She felt a sense of urgency as she then pulled her own panties down to her knees. Lifting one leg, she grabbed Zack's dick and guided it to her wet slit.

“Ohh Fuck me!!” she moaned as he entered her. He was much bigger than Jay, and his cock filled her pussy completely. Zack held her leg aloft against his hip as he pushed forward, grinding his pelvis into Jessica's small body. His strong hands mauled her tits through her dress as his cock pumped in and out. The row of stalls was shaking violently as the two fucked away. Jessica's hands were everywhere: Running wildly through Zack's hair, clawing at his back and grasping his ass, trying in vain to pull him even farther into her greedy little cunt.

“Oh my god! I'm going to cum!” Jessica moaned.

Her body shuddered and convulsed as Zack repeatedly pounded her tight little pussy. She came on his cock, while getting slammed against the wall of the stall. When she was done, she pulled his head close.

“I want to suck that beautiful cock of yours.”

Zack pulled his dick from her soaking wet pussy and allowed Jessica to fall to the floor in front of him. She looked up into his eyes as she parted her lips and allowed his wet cock to slide into her mouth. He pushed his dick to the back of her throat, trapping her head between his pelvis and the wall. Jessica had to relax her throat, to prevent herself from choking. Zack reached down and held her head immobile as he slid his thick pole in and out of her mouth. He was actually fucking her face! He cute little mouth formed an “O” and Zack proceeded to fill her throat with cock as his balls slapped against her chin. Jessica remembered how Jay asked her to stick her finger up his ass, so she figured Zack might like it as well. As he pumped his meat into her face, she reached down and wetted her finger in her pussy. Taking the finger, Jessica slid it into Zack's asshole. He bucked his hips forward, as a creamy shot of hot cum hit the back of her throat. Zack moaned as he emptied himself into her mouth.

Wiping her mouth, Jessica rose to her feet.

“Thanks babe!” Zack said that pulling his pants up. “Maybe we can do this again sometime.”

Jessica smiled. “You can count on it!”

Zack left and Jessica began to straighten herself up. She was about to put her panties back on, then decided against it. The alcohol had hit he hard and she was now feeling very frisky! Leaving the black G-string on the coat hook, she opened the stall door and started to leave.

“Did you have fun?”

Jessica spun around to see Angela standing at the sink with her arms crossed.

“You know you two shook the whole building!!”

Jessica blushed a little as she pushed a strand of hair from her face.

“Was it that bad?”

Angela sauntered over to her.

“I think the question is… Was it that good?”

Jessica was shocked beyond belief as Angela stuck her hand under her skirt and felt her pussy.

“Did he come inside you?”

Jessica wanted to pull away, but something held her there, allowing this woman to inspect her pussy.

“No…He came in my…my mouth.”

“Ooooohhh”, Angela said with a smile. “You dirty girl!”

With that she leaned in and kissed her! Jessica's eyes opened wide as Angela's tongue entered her mouth. It was strange having a woman kiss her. Her mouth was so soft. Angela then pulled away.

“Mmmmm. I can still taste him,” She said.

When the two women walked back out into the club, Jay greeted Jessica with another drink. A slow song was playing so he took her out onto the dance floor once again. She pressed close to his body as they slowly swayed to the music.

“How did it feel?” he asked her.


“How did it feel to be fucked in the bathroom like some cheap slut?”

“I don't know what came over me. Are you mad?”

“Of course not.”

“I'm beginning to think that I can't control myself.”

“Good. Are you ready for some more fun tonight?”

“I'm always ready,” she replied, kissing him lightly on the lips.

Angela, Jay, and Jessica soon left the club and got into the limo. Zack made plans to meet back at the hotel later. Jessica and Angela were both intoxicated and were giggling and joking as they entered the car. As soon as Jay sat down, Angela was on him, kissing him deeply as her hands grabbed at the bulge in his pants. Jessica was a little surprised at Angela's lustful aggression, and watched with growing interest as the two continued their kissing and groping.

Soon Angela had Jay's cock out and was down on her knees before him, sucking it into her mouth. Jay looked over at Jessica.

“Do you like watching her suck my dick?”

“Y. .yes.”

“Good. I want you to play with yourself while Angela and I fuck.”

Jessica was more than willing to comply. Spreading her legs wide she gave Jay a good view as he sat across from her, enjoying Angela's blowjob.

“No panties, huh Jess?” he said that noticing her lack of undergarments. “You are becoming quite the little slut.”

Jessica smiled and brought her finger to her mouth, sucking it slowly as if it was a cock. She then slid it along her pussy lips and pushed it up inside.

Meanwhile, Angela was going to work on Jay's balls, licking them as her hand stroked his hard shaft. His hand was resting on her head, guiding her mouth as she sucked his balls. Jessica could see Angela's other hand was under her skirt, obviously playing with herself. Her lips moved back up to Jay's cock, and her hand dropped to his balls. Her head bobbed up and down coating his shaft with saliva. His eyes, however, were on Jessica as she sat across from him rubbing her clit.

Angela then stood up and pulled her panties down. She turned, smiled, and then tossed them to Jessica. With that she pulled her skirt up and climbed up onto Jay's lap. She wasted no time in impaling herself on his wet cock, which slid easily into her hot hole. Rocking back and forth, her hips rose and fell. Jay was reaching around, pulling her ass cheeks apart as she fucked his dick. From Jessica's vantage point she could see her little pink asshole, and her pussy getting filled with Jay's beautiful cock.

“Put your finger in my ass baby!” Angela said in a pleading voice.

“Jessica.” Jay said. “Lick my finger.”

Jessica crawled forward and took his digit into her mouth, sucking it gently. Angela then reached back and took Jay's hand, guiding it to her ass. She pressed it between her ass cheeks as she started to bounce on his cock.

“Oh yeah! Shove it in!” she moaned.

Jessica could see Jay's finger worming it's way up Angela's asshole as his dick stretched out her wet pussy. Her mouth was watering at the site!

“Fuck yes! Fuck Yes! Yes!”

Angela held herself close to Jay and pressed his hand into her ass as she came. She then whispered into his ear.

“Baby, why don't you cum in Jessica's mouth? I know she'd like it.”

Angela then pulled her well-fucked pussy off his rigid pole.

“Come here Jess. Don't be shy.”

Jessica was a little apprehensive about sucking Jay's dick after it had been inside Angela, but she was still feeling very horny. Angela swept a strand of brown hair out of Jessica's eyes and gently pushed her face down on the rigid cock before her. Jessica opened her mouth and allowed the cock to pass through her sweet lips.

“That's it baby.” Angela cooed as she softly pushed Jessica's face up and down on Jay's swollen member.

Jessica could feel Angela's hands roaming her body. It was a little strange having a woman touch her that way, but it was very erotic. Her touch was so soft as her fingers ran up Jessica's stockings, over her thighs and up to her waiting pussy. Jessica was rubbing Jay's balls and stroking his dick as Angela slid a finger up her wet cunt.

“Suck that cock baby!” Angela whispered into her ear as she stroked Jessica's pussy.

Jessica started to loosen up under Angela's touch and sucked Jay's cock with renewed passion. Her hips were gyrating into Angela's hand, as the other woman sunk two fingers deep into her pussy. Just then Angela grabbed Jessica by the hair and pulled her head back off Jay's dick.

“Shoot it in her mouth baby!” she said that holding her head with both hands.

Jay grabbed his cock and started jerking, aiming at her face. Jessica opened her mouth in anticipation. A few moments later a stream of hot cum spurted from the end of his cock and landed on Jessica's outstretched tongue. The rest hit her in the mouth and lips. She immediately closed her mouth, savoring the taste. Angela then pulled her face to the side and kissed her hard. Jessica could feel Angela's tongue pass through her lips and swirl around inside her mouth. Jessica responded by pushing her own tongue outward, sharing Jay's cum.

* * * *

The trio arrived at the hotel soon after. They immediately made their way to the bedroom after grabbing a few more drinks.

Jessica sat on the bed and Angela soon joined her, placing her hand on her leg.

“Jessica.” she said. “I want to eat your pussy.”

Jessica was a little surprised, but not completely shocked.

“Angela, I'm not a…You know.”

“A lesbian?”


She leaned in and stroked her face.

“Honey, neither am I.I just like to have a little fun now and then. There's nothing wrong with that now is there?”

“No…I guess not.”

“And haven't we had fun so far tonight?”


“Then tell me you want me to lick your pussy.”

“I…I want you to lick my pussy.”

Jessica could see Jay setting up a video camera out of the corner of her eye.

“Lay down.” Angela ordered.

Jessica did as she was told, laying back on the large soft bed. Angela pushed her skirt up around her hips and then lowered her head, lightly kissing Jessica's inner thigh. Jessica moaned as her mouth traveled up, finally coming to rest on her sensitive little clit. It was strange having a woman licking her there. Her mouth was so soft and her skin was so smooth!

“Enjoying yourself?” Jay asked her, climbing on to the bed.

Before she could answer, he pressed his lips to hers in a slow, sensual kiss. Angela now had a finger in Jessica's pussy as she licked her clit. Jay pulled Jessica's dress down and started groping her firm breasts. She started to moan uncontrollably under Angela's tongue. She really knew how to eat pussy! Soon Jessica was fighting through a magnificent orgasm as Angela worked over her hot little cunt.

Sitting back and wiping her mouth, Angela smiled.

“Did that feel good?”

“Oh fuck yes!!”

“Good. Now it's time to switch.”

Jessica's heart dropped. Getting licked by another woman was one thing, but actually doing the deed herself was quite another!

Angela was already sprawled out on the bed with her legs spread wide waiting for Jessica's sweet little mouth. Reluctantly Jessica placed herself between her legs and stared down at Angela's wet cooze.

'James, if you could only see me now.' she thought to herself and lowered her face down into Angela's waiting cunt.

She could feel Jay moving around behind her on the bed as her little pink tongue flicked out and tickled Angela's clit. She swirled it around a little before poking it into her wet pussy. Her lips enveloped her hole and she kissed it as if it was a mouth, pushing her tongue deep inside.

“Ohhhh, that's it baby! More!” Angela moaned.

Jessica could feel Jay's large hand slipping between her legs. She moaned into Angela's pussy as Jay ran his fingers between her lips and over her asshole. Feeling adventurous, she slid a finger into the pussy in front of her as she started to lick her clit faster.

“Lick her pussy good you little slut!” Jay said that before lowering his mouth to her ass. Jessica was starting to get really turned on.

“Oh yeah, Jess! Oh my god! You're so fucking good!!”

Jessica surged forward as Jay's tongue touched her butthole and his fingers plunged into her tight little cunt.

“Fuck! Oh fuck baby! I want you to lick my asshole now!”

Before Jessica had a chance to respond, Angela flipped over and spread her ass cheeks in her face. Jessica hesitated only long enough for Jay to push her head forward into Angela's waiting ass. He crammed his fingers hard into her cunt, pushing her even harder. Jessica's lips were mashed against Angela's exposed butt hole and Jay had a handful of her hair.

“Lick it.” he said. “I know you want.”

She forced her tongue out of her mouth and pressed it against Angela's tight rim. She noticed that Angela had her hand fast at work between her legs as Jessica tongued her pulsing asshole. As she started to lap at the puckered anus in front of her Jay moved back and resumed his licking of Jessica's pussy and ass.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Fuuuucccccckkkkkkkkk!!”

Angela reached back and grabbed Jessica's hair as she became overwhelmed with a massive orgasm. As it subsided, she collapsed on the bed.

“Did I miss all the fun?”

The three turned their heads to see Zack hanging up his coat. Angela hopped up off the bed and strolled over to him.

“Well, you missed little Jessie eating her first pussy!” She said that kissing him hello.

“Sorry I missed it,” he said. “Maybe you can reenact it for me.”

Angela let out a laugh. “Maybe later. Right now I have plans for that cock of yours!”

With that she grabbed his crotch and led him over to the bed. Jay helped Jessica out of her dress, so that she was wearing only her stocking and choker. He commented on how sexy she still looked. He then began to undress himself as Angela wrestled Zack out of his clothes. Soon, all four were naked and Angela was wasting no time in including Zack in the evening's events.

“I really need a cock in my pussy!” She said that laying back on the bed.

Jessica's mouth was watering as she watched Zack spit in his hand and rub his dick, until it was glistening wet. He then positioned himself between Angela's legs and slowly pushed that monster cock into her freshly licked cunt. She moaned like a whore as he filled her, sliding his tool deep inside. Jay held his own cock out in front of Angela's face, and she turned her head to take it. Jessica was feeling a little left out, so she crawled over and took one of Angela's nipples into her mouth. Zack was holding her legs out wide as he repeatedly impaled her with his cock. Jay was sliding his dick into her mouth and Jessica was working over her large firm tits.

'This little slut is getting quite the treatment,' Jessica thought to herself. She was having fun but there was a part of her that wished she was the one getting the attention.

Jay then flipped his leg over Angela's face. She tilted her head back and parted her lips as he lowered his balls into her mouth. His dick was now free, so Jessica quickly took it in as Angela sucked his balls. Her chin was bumping against Angela's as her lips moved over Jay's mouth watering cock. Jay ran his hand through her hair as she sucked him.

“Jessica, why don't you come over here and lick Angie's clit while I fuck her.”

Jessica pulled herself away from Jay's dick as Zack spoke to her. She then spun around, and flipped a leg over Angela's body, putting the two women in a 69 position. From this view she could see Zack's cock sliding in and out of Angela's wet pussy. Licking her lips, she lowered her mouth to her clit and started licking. She could feel Jay's hard dick pressing into her ass cheeks from the other side and her pussy drooled in anticipation. Suddenly the dick was gone and Jessica could feel Angela's warm mouth on her pussy once again. She shivered as she felt a long finger nail graze her asshole. Her tongue was licking at both Angela's clit and Zack's cock as the two fucked.

Jessica then felt something pressing against her swollen pussy lips. She moaned as Jay's dick entered her body. His hands were grasping her ass as he began to build up a rhythm, fucking her wet cunt with long slow strokes. As she felt Angela's tongue on her clit, Zack pulled his cock out of her pussy and offered it to Jessica. Jessica wasted no time in gobbling up his perfect dick, sucking Angela's pussy juices from the rigid pole. He then replaced it in Angie's hungry hole and began pounding her with renewed vigor. Jay, taking a cue from Zack, began fucking Jessica harder as well. A few moments later Zack pulled out of Angela's pussy and started to stroke his cock. Jessica found herself looking right into his dickhole as a gob of hot jism blasted her in the face. She closed her eyes as another shot landed in her hair. A third splashed off her chin and dribbled down onto Angela's cunt. Zack redirected the rest onto Angela's well-fucked pussy.

Almost reflexively, Jessica started lapping the warm cream off of Angela's shaven mound.

“Damn Jay! You've taught her well! She's a regular little cumslut!”

Zack's words made Jessica smile, as she finished cleaning the cum from Angela's pussy. She then looked up into his eyes.

“Why don't you let me have a turn with that gorgeous cock of yours!”

Jay pulled out of Jessica, and she got off Angela. Zack laid back on the bed.

“If you want me to fuck you, then you had better get it hard again.”

Jessica was on his limp cock like a starving animal, sucking and licking, trying to blow some life back into his impressive member. Angela soon joined her, focusing on his balls. She licked and kissed them before moving up the shaft to meet with Jessica's sweet little mouth. The two women started kissing as Jessica pumped his cock with her hand. Soon enough Zack's dick was back in full form.

“So how do you want it?” he asked Jessica.

“I want it from behind! Fuck me like a dog!”

“Ooooooo, Jess.” Angela said. “I like it when you talk dirty!”

Jessica assumed the position, on her hands and knees, and Zack moved up behind her. Angela licked her fingers and rubbed them along Jessica's slit, priming her for her upcoming fucking. She then took Zack's cock and guided it into Jessica's waiting pussy. Jessica gasped as his massive dick filled her, then moaned when she felt Angela's tongue between her ass cheeks. She had almost forgot about Jay until, he started dangling his cock in front of her face. She looked up at him.

“Do you want it?” he asked.

“Yes! Give me your cock! I want to suck it while Zack fucks me!”

He held it just out of reach and Jessica flicked her tongue out, just touching the tip. He then moved forward a little, allowing the head to pass through her lips. It was hard for Jessica to concentrate on Jay's dick as Zack fucked her and Angela was probing her anus with her tongue. She was now officially in heaven!!

“Does is feel good hon?” Angela asked.

Jessica couldn't answer, due to the fact that her mouth was full of cock. Jay pushed his dick all the way into her throat, fucking her face as Zack pounded her pussy.

“I bet I know what she wants!” Angela said with a grin.

Jessica looked up at her.

“She wants it in the ass!”

Zack ceased his thrusting.

“Is that what you want Jess?”

“Jessica pulled her mouth from Jay's cock and turned to him.

“Oh yes! Shove that thing up my ass!”

Zack slowly pulled his cock from her pussy. Angela immediately took it into her mouth and started sucking. She then shoved two fingers into Jessica's wet cunt, swirling them around. Jessica was a little confused until she removed the fingers and started rubbing them over her asshole. Angela then pushed her fingers up Jessica's tight butt hole, lubricating it with her own pussy juices. She then spread Jessie's cheeks, grabbed Zack's wet dick, and pressed it against the small anal opening.

Jay was smacking her lightly in the face with his cock as Zack pushed his dick up Jessica's ass tunnel.

“Oh Fuck!! Yes! It's sooooo big!”

Angela was fingering Jessica's clit and licking Zack's shaft as it slowly slid into Jessica's butt. The feeling was intense, and Jess thought her ass was being torn apart. Once Zack's dick was all the way inside her, he began moving his hips causing his shaft to wiggle around inside her.

“Oh shit I love it! I love being a slut! Fuck me all night long!”

“You are a slut!” Jay said that shoving his cock back into her mouth. Jessica almost choked as it hit the back of her throat. Zack pulled his cock out almost all the way before pushing it back up her ass. As the two men fucked her from both ends, they slowly began to build up speed. Jessica's body shuddered and she let out a muffled moan as she experienced one of the most powerful orgasms of her life.

“Hey Zack!” Jay said. “Want to switch?”

Jessica bit her lip as Zack pulled his engorged cock from her asshole, and moved over to her head. Jay took his place facing her pert little ass. Jessica opened her mouth in ecstasy as Jay started to force his saliva-soaked cock up her tight butt hole. Zack was sitting in front of her holding his dick in his hand.

“Open up Jessie!” he said.

“But it was just in my…”

Her words were cut off as Zack simply put his cock into her mouth. Meanwhile Jay was wasting no time in pumping her ass with hard long strokes. Each thrust caused her mouth to slip further down Zack's shaft.

Angela was feeling a little bored so she got down on the floor, facing Jay's ass. Reaching up, she spread his firm ass cheeks apart and started to tongue his butt%20hole. This caused Jay to groan and push forward one last time. Jessica could feel her insides being sprayed with hot cum as Jay filled her up. She was still busy sucking Zack's dick, however, and paid no notice as Jay pulled his slick cock out of her well-fucked asshole. She could feel the jism dribbling out of her ass as a few more drops fell from Jay's dick down onto her hole.

As Jessica continued to run her lips down Zack's long hard shaft, Angela took in Jay's quickly softening dick and started to lick it clean of his sticky fluid. Jessica was then surprised to feel her running her tongue over her ass. Zack pulled his cock from her mouth and watched intently as Angela's tongue dipped down between Jessica's ass cheeks and began lapping up Jay's spent cum.

Wiping her mouth, Angela sat up and smiled at her three companions.

“So when is it my turn to have a cock up my ass?”

Zack laid down on the bed and Angela crawled up his body, kissing and licking him along the way. She then lowered herself onto his waiting cock, allowing a lustful moan to escape her lips. She looked sexy, grabbing at her own nipples as she started to gyrate her hips on Zack's swollen cock. Reaching back with a slender finger, she lightly rubbed her asshole. The site looked tempting so Jessica crawled forward and kissed Angela's hand. She then ran her tongue down her finger to her tight little anus.

“Oh yeah, baby! You dirty little slut! Lick my asshole!” Angela moaned as she began grinding on Zack's cock.

Jessica's little pink tongue stabbed at Angela's puckered asshole, then moved down and sucked at Zack's balls. Jay was watching, stroking his dick, which was starting to regain it's hardness. When he was back to full size, he coaxed Jessica out of the way and pressed the head of his dick against Angela's asshole.

“Oh yeah! Fill me up boys!!” she moaned.

Jessica watched in awe as Jay slid his cock up Angela's anus. She crawled over and started kissing Jay's neck, moving in sync with his body as he fucked her ass. Angela was moaning uncontrollably as the two men filled her holes. Jessica lowered her hand and started to rub Jay's asshole as she sucked his neck.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkk!!” Angela screamed as she came hard between Jay and Zack.

“Ugggghhhh!” Zack groaned. Jessica guessed that he had just came inside Angela.

Soon, Jay pulled out and sent a few steams of white jism arcing over Angela's ass. Jessica wasted no time in licking the cream off her soft skin. The four companions then collapsed on the bed. Angela crawled over and kissed Jessica on the lips.

“Maybe we can do this again sometime?”

Jessica felt pretty groggy when she woke up. She yawned and ran her fingers through her tangled, matted hair. Her body was stiff and she had a mild headache.

“Morning sunshine!” A feminine voice rang out.

Jessica sat up to see Angela standing at the mirror, putting on a pair of earrings.

“I thought you were going to sleep all day.”

“Where's Jay?” Jessica asked that rubbing her eyes.

“Oh, he went out for the day. He asked me to take you out and show you a good time.”

Jessica yawned one more time and then pushed the covers off her tired body. She then promptly pulled them right back after noticing that she was completely naked.

“Oh come on now Jess!” Angela said. “After what we did last night you can't be embarrassed!”

Jessica slumped back onto the soft bed and covered her face with her hand.

“I can't believe I did that!” she groaned.

Angela laughed.

“Hurry up. We have a lot to do today.”

“Yeah, I can imagine.” Jessica said under her breath.

* * * * *

Jessica took her time in the shower, enjoying the feeling of the hot water on her naked body. She gave her legs and pussy a quick shave, before getting out and drying off. She then dried her hair, before getting dressed and applying her makeup. She put on her new white leather pants and complemented it with a small light-blue top with spaghetti straps that exposed her midriff. She noticed that Angela was dressed in a short red latex dress that showcased her beautiful breasts. Over top she had a small black jacket on. Her hair was up in a makeshift bun, and her ears were adorned with silver hoop earrings.

“Ready to go?” she asked.

“I'm ready.” Jessica replied. “Where are we going?”

Angela smiled and headed for the door.


* * * *

The two women soon found themselves in a small cafe, sipping cappuccinos and nibbling on a muffin.

“So you're getting married huh?” Angela asked.

The question caught Jessica off guard.

“Umm, yeah. Yes I am. How did you know?”

“You mean besides that rock on your finger?”

Jessica looked down at her hand. She had hardly noticed her engagement ring that last few days. It made her feel naughty to know that she had done all that kinky stuff, with the symbol of her devotion to James still placed on her finger.

“So do you like it?” Angela asked.

“Like what?”

“The infidelity. Cheating. Whatever you want to call it.”

Jessica dropped her muffin and stared into her cup.

“I hate to say this, but… Yes. I love it. I love the freedom of being able to do whatever I feel. Just letting loose with no inhibitions.”

“Do you feel guilty?”

“All the time. I think that's what I like the most. It's a thrill. I've never felt anything like it before.”

Angela took a sip of her coffee.

“Well, since you're getting hitched next week, you should have as much fun as possible. Explore all of your fantasies.”

“ALL my fantasies?”

“Sure. If you see something you want, take it! You have to be more demanding.”


“That's right. For example, I've been noticing you eyeing up our waiter.”

“No I haven't!”

“Jess, you've had your eyes glued to him from the minute we got in here! You can't fool me.”

“Well, he is kind of cute.”


“Angela, keep your voice down.”

“Answer me!”

“Okay, okay. Yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I would like to fuck him!”

“Then do it?”


“When he brings the bill. Do it.”

A few minute later the waiter came to the table.

“Can I get you ladies anything else?”

Jessica looked up at him. “Well…Umm. I. Would you like…”

Angela giggled to herself as Jessica blushed a deep shade of red. It was time for her to come to the rescue.

“What my friend is trying to say is that she would really like to fuck you!”

Jessica's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. The waiter seemed just as surprised.

“Well… I have a break in fifteen minutes.” he stammered.

“Perfect!” Angela said. “Name the place!”

“How about my car? It's the black SUV out back.”

“Sounds good! She'll be there.”

* * * *

Jessica was a little nervous as she made her way though the parking lot. She looked around before spotting the waiter standing by his car. She made her way over to him, trying to force a smile.

“Hi,” he said. He seemed as nervous as she was.

“Hi,” she replied.

In order to avoid any uncomfortable small talk, Jessica stepped up and kissed him. He returned the kiss, allowing her tongue to slip into his mouth. After a few moments, she pulled away and made her way towards the door of his vehicle.

Sitting down in the back seat, Jessica pulled him to her and resumed her passionate kiss. He started to loosen up and his hands began to roam her body. Jessica grabbed his hand and placed it forcefully on her breast, Getting the hint, the waiter gave her tit a strong squeeze as he thrusted his hips into her. She dropped her hand to his crotch and unzipped his pants.

“This must be my lucky day!” he moaned as Jessica fished his cock out of his pants.

“Sit back.” she ordered, becoming more forceful by the second.

The young man did as he was told, slumping back in the seat, spreading his legs. Jessica lowered her head and looked into his eyes as she let his dick pass between her lips. She let her lips slide down his shaft, as her tongue teased him from the inside, swirling around his head. Pulling it out again, she started running her tongue along his sensitive skin, getting it nice and wet. She then swallowed up his glistening pole, taking it deep into her throat. She was enjoying sucking this strange man's dick, but she couldn't wait to have him buried up to the balls in her pussy!

A string of saliva connected her tongue to the head of his cock as she pulled away. She looked up at him and smiled.

“I want you in me!”

It took a little work for Jessica to peel her tight leather pants off, but soon she was clad only in a pair of sheer black panties as she straddled his lap. They started kissing again as he rubbed her pussy through the thin fabric. Jessica reached down and pulled the underwear to the side to give him better access. She moaned as he slipped a couple fingers into her hot, wet cunt. As Jessica was enjoying his touch she reached over and grabbed her purse. Reaching, she removed the condom that Angela had given her.

In a lust filled frenzy, she ripped the package open and rolled the rubber device down his erect cock. Jessica then lowered herself down onto the rigid pole. He wasn't incredibly large, but filled her up nicely. He pushed her shirt up and was playing with her tits as she began to grind on his cock. It felt a little weird fucking with a condom, after all the “bareback” action she had been receiving lately.

He started to thrust up into her, as he grabbed her asscheeks with both hands. Jessica wrapped her arms around him and sucked his neck as she bounced up and down. The more they fucked, the wetter her pussy got as it slid along his shaft. Neither said anything. The only sounds were the quiet moans of pleasure that escaped Jessica's lips.

“I'm going to cum soon,” he said in an anxious voice.

Suddenly Jessica lifted herself off his dick, and in one lighting quick movement she rolled the condom off his dick. Jessica then lowered herself back down onto his rod.

“Cum in my pussy!” she hissed through clenched teeth.

Almost instantly the man jerked forward as he unloaded a huge torrent of cum into Jessica's hot little cunt. She continued bouncing on his dick until he started to go limp.

Sliding off her moist panties, Jessica used them to wipe up some of the excess cum that was dripping down her legs. She then tossed them to him and started to get dressed. She kissed him one last time on the cheek, said “thanks”, and left the vehicle. She didn't even ask his name.

* * * * *

“I feel like such a slut.”


Angela and Jessica were walking down the street talking about the events of the past hour.

“So you let him cum inside you?”

“Yes, I don't know what came over me. I had to have it!”

“You are a slut!” Angela giggled.

Jessica gave her a playful shove.

Suddenly Angela stopped and turned to her.

“I want to see!”


“Come here!”

Angela grabbed Jessica and pulled her into a nearby restaurant. They made their way to the bathroom and Angela immediately dropped to her knees in front of Jessica. Reaching up, she unzipped her pants and began to pull them down.

“Ooooh, no panties!”

Yanking down the tight leather pants, Angela saw the waiter's cum dribbling down the side of Jessica's leg. Sticking out her tongue, she licked up a small amount of the warm cream from her leg.

“Mmmm. Not bad.”

Angela then buried her face in Jessica's freshly fucked cunt, shoving her tongue inside. She was pushing her face into Jessica's mound licking at the cum she found there. She then flicked the tip of her tongue across her clit, teasing her a little, before rising back to her feet. Angela then pressed her lips to Jessica's, pushing her tongue inside her mouth. Jessica could taste the waiter's cum on Angela's lips.

Breaking away, Angela smiled.

“Let's go.” she said. “We have shopping to do.”

The two women made their way down the busy streets, stopping in now and then, to browse in certain stores.

“Here we go.” Angela said that stopping before a small shoe store. “I think I could use some new shoes. How about you?”

I don't think I can afford it. “Jessica replied.

Angela was shaking her head.

“Jess, Jess, Jess. Watch and learn.”

Jessica followed her new companion into the store.

The were greeted by a man wearing a light gray suit. He was about 35, with glasses. Not unattractive by any means that but quite skinny.

“Hello ladies. How may I help you today?”

Angela gave him a big sexy smile and walked over to him.

“Well why don't you show us what you have.” she purred, running her finger down his chest.

“Uh… Sure! I mean… yes, of course.”

Jessica laughed to herself as the man stammered on. Angela picked out the most expensive pair of shoes in the place and sat down to try them on.

“I think I'm going to need a little assistance.” she said that gazing up at him.

Like a flash, the man was on his knees helping Angela off with her shoes.

“You have beautiful feet.” he said.

“Thank you.”

She lifted her leg, pointing her toes out straight as the man slid the new shoe onto her foot. He started blushing, and Jessica realized that Angela was not wearing any panties!! The man seemed a bit embarrassed and averted his eyes, eliciting a quiet giggle from Angela.

“A perfect fit!” Angela exclaimed, taking a few steps. “I'll take them.”

As she sat back down she smiled at the man.

“So now, what kind of discount are you going to give me?” she asked.

The man seemed flustered.

“Well, actually, as much as I'd love to give you a discount, I really can't…”

His voice trailed off as Angela spread her legs giving him a good view.

“I'll tell you what.” she said. “If you let me walk out of here with these babies on my feet, my friend Jessica here will suck your cock!”

“Angela!!” Jessica said that surprised at her friend's proposal.

“Just look at those lips.” Angela continued. “Wouldn't you just love to have those wrapped around your cock?”

“Angela! Stop it!”

“Well, what do you say buddy? Is it a deal?”

The man looked a little confused.

“I…I guess so. If she's okay with it.”

“Oh, she's okay with it.”

“Angela! I am not okay with it!”

“Jess, remember what we talked about?”

“Yes, but…”

“Shhhhh. Let's get this show on the road.”

Jessica just shrugged her shoulders. The salesman walked over, locked the door and then returned. Angela prompted Jessica to get on her knees, which she did obediently. The man walked over and stood before her.

“What are you waiting for Jess?” Angela said with a smirk.

Jessica gave her a playful look of mock contempt as she unzipped the man's pants.

“What's your name hon?” Angela asked as she walked up behind him. “


“Hmmm. Nice name.”


Jessica pulled down his pants. He was wearing boxers and the head of his dick was poking through the hole in the front. She leaned in a gave it a flick of the tongue, tasting the small drop of pre-cum that sat there. Angela bent down and helped slide Roger's underwear down his legs. Jessica could hear him whisper the words “thank you God”.

As Jessica ran her tongue along his less than average sized shaft, Angela rose back to her feet, biting at his ass cheeks along the way.

“Doesn't she look hot sucking your dick?” Angela whispered into his ear.

“Oh yes!”

Her hands were running over his body.

“Would you like her to lick your balls?”

“Uh huh.”

“Tell her!”

Jessica looked up at him.

“Lick my balls.”

She smiled, then lifted his dick up against his stomach. Parting her lips, her little pink tongue shot out and lightly licked his sac. His balls were covered in a light hair, and she continued lapping away, getting them thoroughly wet. Angela was moaning into Roger's ear.

“I have my finger in my pussy.” she said with a breathy gasp. “Here, see?”

With that she brought her finger to his face.

“Suck it!” she ordered in a quiet, but dominant voice.

Roger did as he was told, taking her finger into his mouth as Jessica took his cock into hers. He moaned as her mouth slid up and down his dick, leaving it glistening and wet. She began to increase the speed of her sucking as Angela pulled her finger from his mouth.

“Do you want to cum in her mouth?” she asked that flicking her tongue out, licking his ear.

“Oh yes.”

Angela then took her wet finger and began working up into Roger's asshole as Jessica sucked him. He seemed a little surprised at first but relaxed quickly as she slid it further up his ass.

“Oh shit, I'm going to cum!”

Angela began pumping her hand back and forth, finger fucking his asshole.

“Do it hon! Fill that little slut's mouth with your hot cum!”

“Fuuuuccccckkk,” he moaned as he filled Jessica's mouth with sperm. She kept sucking until he had shot his last drop. She then pulled away, holding his cum in her closed mouth, not wanting to swallow.

“Give her a thank you kiss now Roger.” Angela said as Jessica rose to her feet.

Angela gave her friend a knowing smile as Roger reluctantly pressed his lips to hers. As she parted her lips, a flood of warm cum flowed into his mouth. Jessica used her tongue to push the creamy fluid out of her mouth. She then pulled away, and wiped her chin.

“All right then!” Angela said that lightly smacking Roger on the ass. “It's time for us to go.”

“Bye baby.” the two women said in unison as they departed the store.

“I can't believe you did that!” Jessica said as they continued down the street.

“Oh, come on! You had fun didn't you?”

“I was not attracted to that man!”

“What does that have to do with it?”

“I don't like giving blowjobs to just anyone!”

“Just strange waiters, in the back seats of cars?”

“That was different.”

“Listen, I'm sorry. I got some shoes out of it though. I just wanted to show you how us women can get whatever we want.”

Jessica was silent as they continued on their way. After a few minute Angela turned to her once again.

“So you didn't like it at all?”

“Well, maybe a little.”

“I knew it,” Angela laughed.

Jessica cracked a smile as she shook her head.

“What are you doing to me Angie?”

“I'm just helping you live out your fantasies. Speaking of which, what are they?”

“What are what?”

“Your fantasies.”

“Do you think we should be talking about this out here?”

“It's fine. Come on, fill me.”

“Well, I never really had many until I met Jay. Over the last couple days my head has been filled with all kinds of dirty little thoughts.”

“Ooooo, sounds juicy! Let's hear.”

“No, you'll think I'm some kind of pervert.”

Angela laughed.

“Look who you're talking to!” she said. “I don't think you could shock me.”

“Okay, here it is. On our way here, Jay fucked on the hood of his car. It was right out in the open, and a truckload of teenage boys pulled up and watched.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“Since then I've been thinking a lot about what it would have been like if all those young men had their way with me.”

“Damn, Jess! That's not so bad.”

“Yeah, I guess not.”


Angela appeared to be deep in thought. Jessica turned to her.

“What are you thinking?” she asked that a little worried.

“I think I know how you can live out your fantasy.”

“Oh, I don't think I could ever do that!”

“Well I bet you could! And I know just the place to go.”

Jessica followed Angela through the streets until they reached their destination. Jessica looked up at the building.

“A strip club??”

“Not just any strip club. It's an underage club!” Angela explained.

It all started to come into focus for Jessica.

“We're going to steal some customers from this place?”

“I guess you could put it that way.” Angela replied. “Let's go.”

Jessica was a little hesitant.

“I'm not going in there!” she said adamantly.

“Fine. Just wait here.”

With that Angela turned and entered the club. Jessica waited ten, then twenty minutes before her friend emerged from the building.

“Let's go.” Angela said.

“Aren't you going to tell me what you did in there?”

“It will be a surprise.” she said walking away.

* * * *

Jessica sat on the bed waiting patiently. In her hand was a glass of wine. She had changed clothes and now was dressed in a long red skirt with slits up either side. She had touched up her makeup and fixed her hair. Her whole body shivered in anticipation.

“Now here's the deal.” Angela said. “I'm going to have some fun with them out here and send them in one by one. Okay?”

“Hey, You're the boss!”

A knock at the door alerted both women to the presence of their guests.

“I'll get it.” Angela said. “You wait here.”

With that she left the room closing the door behind her. Jessica sat waiting.

* * * *

“Hi boys,” Angela said with a smile as she opened the door. “Come.”

The five teenagers walked into the room, looking a little unsure.

“Sit down. Relax. Would anyone like a drink?”

“I thought we were going to fuck?” One of the boys blurted out.

Angela walked over to him, swaying her hips in a sexy manner.

“Patience hon,” she said. “You'll get your turn.”

She reached down and gave his crotch a playful squeeze.

“I thought there was two of you?” another boy asked.

“My companion is in the bedroom waiting. Now who wants to go first?”

No sooner had she asked the question, than the five eighteen year olds were arguing about who should be the first.

“Boys, boys, boys!” Angela said that trying to calm them down. “I think I have a way of deciding.”

The guys all quieted down and listened intently.

“I want all of you to drop your pants and show me your cocks.”

The teens just looked at each other.

“Maybe this will help you.”

With that Angela sat down on the couch and pulled her skirt up, exposing her hairless pussy. The teens had their eyes locked on her as she ran her finger lightly along her soft lips.

“First one to have their pants down first gets to fuck Jessica first!” Angela said that stroking her cunt.

Like lightning the boys' pants fell to the floor. They were all rock hard, with erections at full attention. Angela sat back.

“Hmmm. To close to call.” She said. “You can go first.”

One of the boys smiled, pulled up his pants and made his way promptly into the bedroom. As he closed the door, Angela smiled at the remaining boys.

“Now the rest of you will get your chance, but first you have to keep me company!”

Kicking off her shoes, she extended her feet outwards.

“Now who wants to suck my toes?” She asked.

One of the teens stepped forward.

“I will,” he said.

“Good.” Angela responded. “Now pick one of your friends to do my other foot.”

The boy turned and pointed to one of his companions.

“Kyle,” he said. “Let's do it.”

The two boys knelt down and took Angela's sexy feet into their mouths, sucking her toes gently.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned. “Now my pussy needs some attention.”

Another one of the guys jumped at the chance, and quickly positioned himself between her legs. Angela grabbed his hair and pulled his head forcefully into her hot little cunt. He immediately began lapping away, running his tongue up and down her pussy. As Angela enjoyed all the attention, she looked at the remaining boy.

“I guess my tits are yours.” she said.

Soon Angela had two eighteen year olds sucking her toes, one working over her tits and one with his tongue up her pussy.

* * * *

“Hello,” Jessica said that eyeing up the Sandy haired boy that had just entered her room.

“Hi,” he said.

He seemed a little nervous. Jessica was sitting on the bed, with her legs spread wide. The front part of her skirt was hanging down, just covering her pussy.

What's your name? “she asked.

“Shawn,” he said that walking towards her.

“Hi Shawn. I'm Jessica.”

“I can't believe this is happening.”

“Believe it baby.” she said that motioning for him to sit beside her.

He sat down, staring at her body. Jessica leaned over and kissed him.

“You don't need to be nervous,” she said. “I'm all yours. I'm your little whore tonight.”

“Holy shit! I think I'm gonna cum if you keep talking like that.”

She reached down and grabbed his crotch.

“Well we can't have that now can we? I guess I'll just have to quiet my dirty little mouth.”

She slipped a hand into his pants, feeling his rock hard cock.

“Mmmmm. Nice.”




“Will you do something for me?”

He swallowed hard as her delicate hand closed around his shaft.


“Will you eat my pussy for me?”

“Fuck yes!”

With that Jessica sat back and spread her legs wide. She then lifted her dress, exposing her tight little cunt to the strange boy.

“Come on,” she prodded. “It won't bite.”

Shawn knelt down and placed his head between her smooth legs.

“I've never done this before,” he said that looking up into Jessica's eyes.

“That's okay, baby.”

She placed her hands on either side of his head and gently pulled him into her. He stuck his tongue out and gingerly touched her soft lips. As he moved around her tight little cunt started to get wet. Pressing his face into her, he shoved his tongue inside her hot hole.

“Mmmmm, that's it. You're doing fine.”

Jessica spread her legs a little farther apart. Shawn's tongue was working frantically on her slit when she pushed him away. he looked up at her, confused.

“You said you would do anything right?”

He thought to himself before responding.

“Yes. Anything! You're so hot!”

Jessica gave a giggle and laid back on the bed. Pulling her legs up to her chest, she placed a finger on her tight little asshole.

“Will you lick me here?” She asked with a sweet smile.

Shawn nodded, licked his lips and leaned. Jessica couldn't believe her actions. Just last night Angela was trying to convince her to give a rimjob, and now here she was asking the same of this strange young man! She was starting to wonder if she could ever go back to a normal life.

“Oh yeah, lick it! Lick my ass!”

Shawn was working over her asshole with the same enthusiasm that he had applied to her pussy. His tongue would circle her tight hole, before stabbing at the entrance. Her whole anus was soon a glistening mess of saliva as he tongued her butthole.

* * *

“Let's play a little game,” Angela said that now starting to feel extremely naughty.

All four of the boys stopped their licking and listened.

“I want each of you to whisper your dirtiest thoughts into my ear. The one with the dirtiest mind will get his cock sucked by me! The second most dirty will get to go into the room.”

“I'll go first!” One of the boys said as he jumped up from Angela's pussy.

The other three made their way over to the other side of the room and waited, as their friend whispered into Angela's ear.

“You fucking whore! I want to shove my cock up your ass!”

Angela tipped her head to the side.

“Not bad,” she said. “Next!”

The next boy that took his turn was a little more nervous.

“I. I want you to suck my cock and swallow my cum.”

“Hmmm. Maybe I will. Next.”

The next guy was less reluctant.

“I want to run my tongue all over your body.”

“Oooooh, smooth!”

The last teen made his way over and leaned.

“I want you to stick your tongue up my ass!”

“We have a winner!!” Angela exclaimed. The other guys looked a little disappointed.

“So who got second?” The first guy asked?

“Umm, you did stud! Have a ball.”

The boy grinned and left the room, closing the door behind him.

“Now,” She said to the winner. “Drop those pants and receive your prize!”

* * * *

Kyle was a little surprised to find his friend licking the woman's asshole, when he entered the room.

“Whoa, buddy! Are you eating her ass?”

“He sure is babe!” Jessica answered. “And he's doing a fine job too!”

Kyle walked over and unzipped his pants. Jessica watched as he pulled his cock into view.

“And what are you going to do with that?” she asked.

“I was hoping you would tell me,” he said with a smirk.

Jessica smiled.

“Why don't you let me suck that for you?”

Kyle needed no further convincing. He hopped up on the bed and straddled Jessica's pretty face.

“I see you're not shy!” she joked.

“Not at all,” he said that lowering his dick into her open mouth.

She let him slide his cock down her throat until his balls rested against her chin. Shawn was still working feverishly, licking her asshole and cunt as his friend stuck his cock between her lips. Jessica grabbed Kyle's ass and began moving him in and out of her mouth. Suddenly, he twitched and a stream of cum poured into her throat. Jessica was surprised he had cum so quickly, but swallowed it all down.

“Damnit,” he muttered, pulling his limp cock from Jessica's face.

“Awww,” she said. “Now you have to jerk it and watch while your friend fucks me!”

Shawn looked up. Jessica smiled at him.

“Do it babe! Put that cock of yours in me.”

Shawn quickly removed his pants and climbed up onto her prone body. Jessica grabbed his cock and guided it into her wet hole.

“Oh fuck!” He moaned as he slid inside her.

“Don't cum yet honey,” Jessica whispered.

“I. I'll try.”

Slowly he began to move his hips, grinding his cock into her. She put a hand behind his head and another on his ass, pulling his body against her. He was going very slowly, trying not to cum, so Jessica thought she might just get it over with. Her hand started to wander over his ass, then dipped down between his cheeks. No sooner had the tip of her finger penetrated his ass, than he was spurting warm fluid into her pussy.

* * * *

Ryan and Tim watched with painful erections as Angela took their friend's cock into her mouth. Will was sitting down on the couch as she knelt before him, running her tongue up his shaft. His eyes were transfixed on her bright red lips and tongue as they worked their way over his cock. Suddenly she turned to the other two.

“Hey you!” she called to Ryan. “You said you wanted to run your tongue all over my body so get started!

Ryan smiled and made his way over. Angela hiked her skirt up and stuck her ass out as she continued to suck Will's dick. The boy put his mouth to her soft skin and started licking her ass cheeks with large, wet laps. By-passing her asshole he moved to her pussy, licking and sucking at her swollen lips. The feeling of his mouth at her moist hole, caused Angela to quicken the pace at which she sucked Will's dick. Her hand was massaging his balls as her mouth slid up and down his pole.

“I'm going to cum soon!” Will stammered.

Angela pulled her lips from his cock and looked up at him.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Oh fuck no!”

“Do you want to cum in my mouth?”

“Oh yes! Please let me cum in your mouth!”

Her eyes fixed on his face, she began stroking his dick. As soon as the first stream of cum shot out, she lowered her face and closed her lips over his cock, sucking down his jism. When she had sucked him dry, she turned to Tim, who was standing at the wall watching the action.

“You look a little anxious,” she said. “Why don't you go on inside.”

The young man's face lit up as he started off towards the door. Angela waved to him as he left the room, then sat up. Will started to pull his pants up, but Angela stopped him.

“Uh uh,” she said. “Leave them off.”

Angela then turned around and pulled Ryan away from her pussy.

“Now it's your turn,” she said seductively.

* * * * *

When Tim entered the room, Jessica had his two friends' cocks in her hands as she took turns sucking each one. His eyes were transfixed on her ruby red lips as they glided along the dick in her mouth. Her other hand was lightly stroking the dick in her hand. Kyle turned to Tim.

“Come on,” he said that waving to his friend. “Join the fun.”

Tim dropped his pants and shoved his way between Kyle and Shawn, positioning his erect cock in front of Jessica's face.

“Oh good!” she exclaimed. “Fresh meat.”

She then took his dick into her mouth, causing Tim to let out a deep moan. Her hands kept stroking the cocks at each side of her face. Her saliva coated his pole as she slid her lips along his shaft. Pulling her face from him, she looked up.

“Would you like to fuck me?”


Sitting back, Jessica got on her hands and knees. Kyle and Shawn resumed their positions in front of her face as Tim began bumping his dick clumsily against her pussy. With a smile, Jessica reached back and pulled his tool into her waiting cunt. As soon as he was, she started to suck the cocks in front of her. At one point she even tried to shove both into her mouth at once. 'If only James could see me now,' she thought to herself as her mouth stretched around the two dicks.

“Fuck, you feel good!” Tim muttered as he fucked Jessica's wet pussy.

As she reached back and stroked his balls, Tim froze. She knew he was about to cum.

“It's okay baby. You can cum inside me.”

Right away he pumped hard into her a few more times, before spraying her insides with yet another load of hot jism.

* * * * *

Angela listened to the moaning coming from the bedroom as she sucked the cock in front of her. Will was sitting on the floor a few feet away trying to stroke some life back into his cock. That task was getting easier as he watched Angela sliding a finger in and out of her tight little asshole.

“Damn you're a slut!” Ryan moaned as she took his dick all the way down her throat. Angela pulled herself away and smiled.

“Just wait until you meet Jessica,” she said before running her tongue across his balls.

“That reminds me,” she said. “You can go in now if you want.”

Ryan was a little hesitant to leave Angela and the fabulous blowjob she was giving, but he managed to haul himself to his feet and go into the bedroom. That left Angela alone with Will and his flaccid cock.

“So do you really want me to lick your ass?”

Will started to blush a little. “I. I don't know. If you want…”

“Bend over!”

The teen did as he was told, bending over the couch.

“Mmmmm. Cute ass!” Angela remarked, getting a little closer.

Will swallowed hard as he felt her hot breath on his ass. He had never even had sex before and here he was about to get a rimjob by a hot older woman. He was in heaven!

Angela pried his cheeks apart and planted a soft kiss on his asshole. Will was moaning and muttering to himself as her tongue poked out, teasing his rim. His flaccid cock turned rock hard instantly and Angela reached around to grab it. She started to stroke him as she tongued his asshole.

* * * * *

Ryan entered the room just in time to see Tim pulling his cock from Jessica's soaking wet pussy. Before he could reach the group, Kyle assumed a position behind the prone woman.

“Can I fuck your ass?” he asked hopefully.

“You can do anything you want hon!” Jessica replied. “Just be gentle.”

As Kyle tried to work his dick into her asshole, Ryan walked around to feed his cock into her mouth.

“Welcome to the party,” Jessica said as she allowed his meat to slip past her lips.

Shawn was starting to overcome his shyness as he began to grope Jessica's tits.

“It's so fucking tight!” Kyle moaned as he forced his cock through Jessica's muscular ring.

She was moaning on Ryan's dick as the boy's cock entered her anus. Shawn increased his molesting of her breasts as Tim started to smack the side of her face with his limp, wet cock. Jessica was starting to feel extremely slutty and used.

“Suck it bitch! Suck it!” Ryan ordered as he pulled her head onto his dick.

She was having a hard time paying attention to his cock due to the pain of having a dick shoved up her ass. Instead she formed an “0” with her mouth and allowed the teen to fuck her face by sliding his hard dick in and out. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Tim jerking his cock. She was also enjoying the feeling of Shawn's gentle hands manipulating her nipples.

“She's so fucking tight, I think I'm gonna cum soon!” Kyle groaned.

“Me too!” Ryan added.

* * * * *

Angela stood up, keeping her hand firmly wrapped around Will's cock. As she started to whisper into his ear she dropped her hand to his freshly licked ass. Slowly, she began to stroke his dick as she gently massaged his butthole.

“Oh my god!!” he moaned.

Angela cupped her hand around his cock as he started to spurt his hot liquid. Spinning him around to face her, she raised her fingers to her mouth and sucked the warm cream from her hand. Seductively she licked until they were completely clean.

“Ready to go in there?” she asked.

Will just nodded as he tried to catch his breath. Angela smiled and took him by the hand, leading him into the bedroom. When she opened the door she was just in time to see Kyle pull his cock out of Jessica's ass and shoot his cum all over her tanned skin. Ryan soon followed suit, blasting her face with white cream. Angela squealed with delight and skipped over to her friend.

“Jess, I see you've been having some fun!” she said that falling to the floor, pressing her lips to hers.

She moved her mouth from Jessica's lips to her face, licking at the cum that was dripping down her cheek. She then went to her ass, lapping at Kyle's jism as it dripped down into her ass crack. Pulling apart her cheeks she ran her tongue down to her tiny asshole and licked the cum she found there.

The boys were enjoying the show and showed their appreciation by cheering on the two women. Tim even stepped up and started to stroke Angela's pussy as she licked Jessica's ass.

“Let's see some serious lesbo action!” Kyle said.

The two women needed no further prodding as the soon arranged themselves in a sweet and sexy 69 position on the bed. Jessica was laying down and Angela was on top of her licking and fingering her cunt. The guys were all standing around, watching in amazement.

“Does anyone want to fuck this pussy?” Angela asked that raising her face from Jessica's cunt.

Tim jumped forward, climbing up on the bed. Angela gave his cock a few quick licks before guiding it into Jessica's pussy. Jessica looked up through Angela's legs and saw Shawn standing there with a look of lust on his face. She invited him to fuck her friend and he climbed onto the bed as well.

Jessica had a close up view of Shawn's cock sliding into Angela's wet cunt. As he began to fuck her, Jess tickled his balls with her tongue. Meanwhile, she was enjoying both the dick in her pussy, and Angela's mouth on her clit. Periodically, Tim would pull out of Jessica's hot hole and offer his cock to Angela to suck off. He would then slide it back in her waiting cunt. After a few minutes of this, Shawn unloaded into Angela's pussy, sending his hot cum oozing down onto Jessica's face. When it was Tim's time to cum, he pulled out and offered his dick to Angela one last time. She eagerly took it, sucking down his sperm hungrily.

Angela rolled off her friend and Jessica sat up, wiping her face.

“Oh no you don't!” Angela said that pushing Jessica back down onto the bed. “I don't think they're done with you yet!”

She then had Jessica bend over and the remaining boys took turns fucking her pussy and ass, until they had all cum one last time. Angela helped out by guiding their cocks into Jessica's holes. A few times she would give Jess's asshole a lick, or stroke the balls of the guy fucking her, just to help move things along.

When all was said and done, the boys dressed and left without saying much. Jessica lay on the bed, exhausted and sore, her ass and pussy a mess of 18 year old cum.

“So did you have fun?” Angela asked that sitting down next to her friend.

Jessica looked up and smiled.

“It was fun, but those boys just don't compare to Jay.”

“You go that right,” Angela responded.

As the two women talked, Angela began cleaning up Jessica's messy hind end by wiping it with a cloth. After a few minutes they changed and went out for dinner. After the meal, Angela said that she had some things to do, and so left Jessica all by herself in the room. Slumping down on the bed, she flicked on the TV and promptly fell asleep.

She was awakened a couple hours later when Jay came. She sat up, rubbed her drowsy eyes and smiled.

“Where have you been?” she asked between yawns. “I was starting to miss you!”

Jay smiled, walked over and kissed her on the forehead.

“You should get some sleep,” he said. “You look tired, and you have a very busy day tomorrow.”

Jessica snuggled up under the blankets and went back to sleep, dreaming of the events Jay had planned for her the following day.

Jessica trembled with anticipation as she rolled the fishnet stockings onto her freshly shaven legs. Taking a pair of high black pumps, she bent over and slipped them onto her feet. She was beginning to get a pretty good idea of what Jay had in mind for her that night as she inspected the maid's outfit he had bought for her. It was black and white with a criss-crossing pattern down the front, that slightly exposed her breasts. When she put the thing on, she noticed that the skirt barely came down to her top thigh. To finish off the look, she placed the maid's hat on her head, careful not to mess her hair.

“You look beautiful,” Jay said with a grin as Jessica came out of the bedroom.

“Thank you,” she said.

Compliments from Jay still gave her butterflies inside.

“So what exactly are you wanting me to do at this party tonight?” she asked.

“You're going to be a maid. You'll do what ever I or my guests tell you to do.”


“Yes. You will also be serving drinks.”

“Serving drinks?”

“That's right. What do you expect? You're a maid.”

Jessica was a little miffed. She never thought she would be serving drinks, but she would do anything for Jay.

“I see you took left your engagement ring on,” he stated.

“Yes,” she said. “Do you want me to take it off.”

“No. I want everyone to know what kind of slut you are.”

Jessica was really starting to love hearing those words. She was becoming a slut. And she loved it! Jay stood up and walked over to her. She looked up at him adoringly, as he made his way over. He then leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. Jessica closed her eyes and opened her mouth accepting his kiss with passion.

* * * * *

About twenty minutes later the first guests arrived.

“Jessica! Nice to see you again,” Zack said as he handed her his coat.

“Likewise,” she replied with a sexy smile. She couldn't help but get turned on when she though about the time she had spent with Zack, Jay and Angela just a day before. Zack was accompanied by a young looking woman with dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He introduced her as “Amy”. She was dressed in a cute little blue dress with matching shoes. As they sat down, there was another knock at the door.

Over the next hour many people began showing up. Most were well dressed and attractive with less than a few exceptions. There were couples and single men and women, all seeming to be friends of Jay. Jessica was so busy, meeting new guests and fetching drinks, that she hardly noticed the large hotel suite fill with people. As the night wore on, and the guests consumed more and more alcohol a few became more and more brazen. The men would grope her tits or slip a hand under her skirt as she made her way through the room. There was even more than a few comments shouted her way. Soon Jay started up a card game in the main room, that Jessica though was sure to be trouble.

“Hey baby!” she heard someone say.

She turned around and saw a very large man sitting in an armchair with a glass in his hand.

“Why don't you come over here and keep me company.”

He was very intimidating, and Jessica was reluctant to go to him, although she remembered Jay's orders earlier in the evening. She had to do whatever the guests said.

He smiled as she made her way over and patted his thigh.

“Why don't you have a seat?” he said that prompting her over.

Jessica tried to keep her skirt from riding up as she climbed up into his lap. As she sat down his hand immediately went to her ass and gave it a feel with his large hand. She could feel his hard cock through his pants as he continued to feel her up.

“Let's just see what you have under here,” he said that sliding his hand under her skirt.

She felt strange, letting him touch her with so many people around. She felt as though everyone was watching her.

“Oooo,” he whispered as his hand touched her bare pussy. “No panties! You must be a fun girl.”

Jessica remained silent as he slipped a finger inside her. His thumb found her clit and rubbed it as he finger fucked her. Jessica closed her eyes and the room faded away as she shifted her ass around. Her juices began to flow under his touch as she started to get turned on. When she opened her eyes she could see Zack's friend Amy smiling at her from across the room.

“Maybe this will turn out to be a good night after all,” Jessica thought to herself as the man under her continued his invasion of her pussy.

“Jessica!” she heard Jay shout from the other room. “Come here!”

She pulled herself from the man's lap and gave him an apologetic smirk as she walked away.

When she entered the room she was surprised to see her image on the large television set. It was the video of her, Jay, Zack and Angela from the other night. She was mortified to see everyone watching her get fucked. Jay was seated at the table with three other men playing cards and watching the television.

“Okay guys, here's the deal,” he said. “The winner of the next hand gets to do whatever he wants with Jessica here.”

Jess wasn't the least bit surprised. She knew something like this was bound to happen. As the men played, she looked over them. They were all reasonably good looking, so she wasn't dreading spending time with any of them. After a few minutes a winner emerged. He was a man of about thirty years old wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

“Fuck yeah!” he yelled, pulling his chair out from the table. Jessica could see that he was already quite drunk.

“Well I guess I'm all yours,” she said that walking over to him.

“You got that right baby!” he said that unzipping his pants.

“Should we go to the bedroom?”

“No fucking way! I want this slut to suck my cock right here!”

With that he pulled his dick out of his pants.

“Get on it baby!” he said leaning back.

Jessica had done a lot of new things over the past few days, but never with an audience like this. She felt a little strange as she dropped to her knees and inched her way over to the man. Taking his dick in her hand she began to run her tongue over his shaft.

“Don't just lick it. Suck the fucking thing!”

The man's words hurt a little, but Jessica knew that he was drunk. She obeyed, taking his cock deep into her mouth.

“Yeah, that's it. Suck it baby!”

Jessica felt a hand grab her ass as she continued to bob her head up and down on his dick. She was stroking him as well, pumping her hand in conjunction with her busy lips and tongue. The crowd was cheering and the man was muttering obscenities at her as she sucked him. She locked her lips around his dick and began to stroke faster. Then to her surprise he pushed her face away from his cock.

“Jerk me off on your face!”

Jessica did as she was told, holding her pretty face in close to his dick as she continued to stroke him.

“Oh yeah. That's it. Fuck. Fuuuucccckkkk!”

Jessica closed her eyes as her face was splattered with the man's cum. The crowd went wild as the sticky fluid dripped down her cheeks. She then sat back as the man put his dick back in his pants.

“Thanks,” he said. “Maybe later I'll come back for some more.”

Jessica just smiled as she got up and made her way to the bathroom to clean herself up.

“Damn that guy had a lot of cum.,” she said to herself as she wiped the slimy mess from her face. She then reapplied her makeup and walked back out into the party.

She scanned the room for Zack, hoping to find someone to talk.

“Hello Jessica!”

She spun around to see Pete standing before her. She silently cursed. She was in no mood to deal with the rude man. On his arm was a trashy looking blonde who looked as if she was high on something. She was dressed in a tight black leather miniskirt, and could barely stand on her own.

“What a slut,” Jess thought to herself. She then remembered the way she herself was dressed, and realized the woman must be thinking the same thing about her.

“This is Candy,” Pete said that introducing the two women.

“Charmed.” Jessica said dryly. Her eyes roamed the room, looking for Zack to save her from the situation.

“Petey,” the woman said in a slurred voice. “Can you get me a drink?”

“I'll give you something better than that” he responded, ushering her towards the bedroom.

As he walked away, he turned and smiled a Jessica.

“Don't go anywhere Jess. You and I are going to have some fun tonight.”

Jessica managed a smile, although she despised the thought of doing anything with the obnoxious asshole. She then went back to serving drinks to the guests.

“Having fun?”

Jessica smiled as she turned to see Zack's companion, Amy, leaning up against a wall. She was smiling, stirring her drink with her finger seductively. She then took the wet finger and sucked it off.

“Where's Zack?” Jessica asked that suddenly feeling quite uncomfortable.

“Oh, he just went to talk with Jay.”

Amy started walking towards Jessica.

“You know,” she began. “You make a very sexy maid.”

“Thank you.”

“So you're supposed to “entertain” the guests?

“Uhh, Yeah. I guess so.”

“Good. Meet me in the bathroom in five minutes.”

Without another word the woman turned and walked off, leaving Jessica standing alone holding a tray of drinks. She quickly distributed the drinks and went to the bathroom. Amy was waiting for her inside.

“Nice of you to make time for me,” she said before walking over and kissing Jessica fully on the lips.

Jessica melted at the woman's touch, and opened her mouth to allow their tongues to meet. Amy's hands slid up Jessica's body as she moaned into her mouth. Her soft fingers slid over her smooth skin, under her skirt. Amy kissed her way along Jessica's face, down to her neck, nibbling it gently. She then slowly lowered herself down to her knees, and planted a soft kiss on the inside of her knee. Jessica let out a deep breath as Amy kissed her again, this time a little farther up her leg. Jessica then watched as Amy's head disappeared under her skirt. She could feel her hot breath on her bare pussy, and put her hand on the edge of the sink to brace herself. She almost fainted with pleasure as Amy's soft feminine mouth made contact with her swollen pussy lips. She licked and nibbled, before sucking gently on Jessica's clit. As she lightly grazed her asshole with her finger, she slid another finger up her tight pussy. It took all of thirty seconds for Jessica to reach climax. She was so lost in her orgasm she hardly noticed the bathroom door open and then close again.

“You naughty girls. Are you having fun without me?”


Zack smiled as he made his way over and gave Jessica a deep kiss, reaching up to grope her breast.

“Are you enjoying my new girlfriend?” he asked.

“Oh yes!”

Zack bent down and kissed Amy, running a hand up Jessica's leg. Amy then broke away and moved around behind her. Zack immediately replaced his girlfriend, thrusting his tongue into Jessica's tight wet pussy. As Jessica moaned, Amy placed a hand on her back and gently bent her over. Spreading her ass cheeks, Amy started rimming Jessica's asshole as Zack continued eating her pussy. Her nimble tongue traveled up and down Jessica's crack before nestling into her puckered rosebud. Jessica was moaning uncontrollably, while getting eaten from both sides.

Zack then stood up and began to take his pants off, while Amy continued to probe Jessica's butt hole with her tongue. Jessica's mouth watered at the sight of his gorgeous cock. At that moment she wanted nothing more than to take that thing into her mouth, but Amy had other ideas.

“Now it's your turn,” she said that pulling up her dress and laying back on the floor.

Jessica turned and knelt down between her legs. She lowered her head and gave Amy's clit a few quick licks, teasing the young woman with her tongue. Zack walked over and lowered his dick down into Amy's waiting mouth. Jessica looked up to see his large cock sliding into her hot little mouth as she played with his balls. Jess went back to eating her newfound friend, running her tongue down her wet slit all the way to her tight anus, which was soaked with her pussy juices. Amy was moaning around Zack's fat cock as Jessica continued her oral assault on her cunt. Soon her moans increased to a loud scream that was muffled by Zack's dick in her mouth. Jessica smiled to herself. She was actually giving another woman an orgasm!

Then, almost in sync with Amy's climax, Zack shuddered and unloaded his balls into her greedy little mouth. Jessica could see his white fluid spilling from her mouth as she attempted to swallow it all down. As soon as he pulled his dick free, Jess covered her mouth with a long, wet kiss, tasting Zack's delicious cum.

The three then fixed themselves and walked back out into the party. Amy gave a quick thank you before heading of into the crowded room.

“There you are!” Pete said that taking Jessica by the arm. “Let's go have some fun.”

Jessica silently cursed.

“Come on! Don't get frigid on me now baby!”

He guided her into the bedroom and closed the door. Jessica could see his “friend” Candy lying facedown on the bed, with her skirt pushed up over her ass. She was unmoving and appeared to have cum all over her ass. The white fluid was covering her cheeks and dripping down her crack.

“Is she okay?” Jessica asked.

“She's fine. She just had a little too much to drink. Now get on the bed.”

“You know, I think Jay wants me to be out serving the guests so I…”

“I don't think so!” he snapped, cutting her off. “You're mine! Now get on the bed.”

Jessica restrained herself as she climbed onto the bed with the unconscious girl. Pete sat down next to her and looked over at Candy's unmoving body.

“Oh look. Candy's all messy. You had better clean her up slut.”

“Pete, I don't want…”

“Do it you little whore!”

Jessica knew it was futile to argue, and so leaned over and licked up the first drop of cum. Her mouth traveled over Candy's ass cheeks, sucking up the stray splattering of jism.

“That's it you little dirty bitch,” Pete said. “Get it all now.”

Jessica noticed that Pete had taken his cock out and was stroking it slowly as he watched her lap up his cum from Candy's ass. Her tongue finished clearing her cheeks of the white fluid, then dipped down between. She pulled her cheeks apart and ran her tongue up the unconscious girls ass crack, licking at the cum she found there. Of all the things Jessica has experienced this was by far the most nasty. She felt like the dirtiest slut in the world.

As she continued, Pete began stroking her pussy, pushing his fingers deep inside her. Jessica could see a tiny rivulet of cum trickling from Candy's ass, and so poked her tongue into her tight hole tasting more of Pete's nasty juices.

“That's it! Lick that ass, you dirty fucking slut!”

Pete sat up and pulled Jessica's hips back to him. She could feel the head of his cock stretching her pussy lips as he entered her. He slammed into her, pushing her face into Candy's ass.

“Yeah! Suck my cum from her ass, then go home to your sweet little husband, whore!”

Pete's hands were grasping Jessica's thighs, as his cock slid forcefully into her tight, wet pussy. The sounds of the party were drowned out by the sounds of skin slapping against skin, as his hips made repeated contact against her ass. Jessica pushed Candy's legs apart and lowered her face to eat the cum she found there.

Slap!! Pete brought his hand down on her ass. Jessica bucked her head back as he spanked her hard. He then grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head towards him.

“Jay's not here now!” he said. “That sweet little ass of yours is all mine tonight!!”

Jessica gritted her teeth and looked back at him.

“Do it then! Fuck my ass! Show me what you've got!”

Pete pulled his dick from her cunt as Jessica began to lubricate her anus with her saliva and pussy juices. As much as she despised Pete, she realized that if he was going to have his way with her, she might as well make the most of it.

“You've turned into quite the little slut now haven't you?” Pete commented, as he watched Jessica's finger slide in and out of her ass.

“Are you going to talk or are you going to fuck me?”

Pete needed no further convincing as he started to push his cock into Jessica's wet little asshole.

“Owww. Fuck! Go slower!” Jessica groaned.

“You wanted to be a slut, so I'm going to fuck you like a slut!”

With that Pete shoved his dick up to the hilt in her tight little butt hole, ignoring Jessica's yelps of pain. Her face was still hovering over Candy's unconscious body as Pete reached around to grab one of her breasts, squeezing it hard. Jessica moaned as her tight muscular ring fought against Pete's invading cock.

“Fuck, you have a tight ass babe!”

Jessica soon felt her head being pulled back, once again as Pete grabbed a fistful of her hair. He was pumping into her harder with each thrust, reaming her ass. She was relieved when he finally started to withdraw, relieving the pain he had been causing her.

“Get your face down here and suck my cock now, whore!”

As Jessica turned around, Pete pushed her body to the bed and rolled her over to her back. He then straddled her chest, putting his cock in front of her face. As she opened her mouth to take it, Pete lightly slapped it on her lips.

“Beg for it.” he said bluntly.

“Oh, please let me suck your cock! I want your cum in my mouth.”

Pete then shoved his dick past her lips into her throat, almost choking her in the process. Jessica fought the gag reflex and relaxed her throat to accommodate his invading cock. He yanked at her hair as he fucked her face, drawing her head to meet his dick. She was frantically sucking, slurping at the cock in her mouth as Pete slid it in and out. Suddenly, Jessica was taken by surprise as a shot of hot cum hit the back of her throat.

“Ahhhh, fuck,” Pete moaned. “Swallow it all bitch!”

She gulped the bitter liquid down, as it spurted into her mouth. Pete pulled his cock from her lips and smacked her lightly across the lips with it.

“See, that wasn't so bad was it?”

Jessica wiped her face, and sat up. Pete was already putting his clothes back on. She remained silent as she straightened herself up. When she was done, she walked out of the room without a word.

As she stepped through the doorway, someone grabbed her by the arm. She turned to see Jay standing there, grinning.

“Are you having fun?” he asked.

Jessica nodded.

“Good. Come with me.”

Jay led her back into the main room. She could feel everyone's eyes on her as she entered. She also noticed a video camera on a tripod standing there.

“Jay, I think this is getting out of hand.”


Jessica felt someone grab her ass. She turned to see a man smiling at her. She managed to force out a smile as the stranger groped her. She then felt his hand drift to her pussy, slipping a finger inside her. Another man walked over and started to undo he top. Once her breasts were free, he leaned down and sucked on her nipple. Jessica closed her eyes and tried to ignore the fact that the room was filled with people, leering at her. She widened her stance to allow the man behind her better access to her pussy. As he fingered her, put his mouth at her ear.

“I bet you're a dirty little whore aren't you?” he whispered.

Jessica opened her eyes and saw the camera staring back at her.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Then bend over and show me.”

Jessica pulled herself away and got down on all fours. She looked back over her shoulder with a smile.

“What are you waiting for?”

The man promptly undressed and took position behind her. She closed her eyes again as his hard, thick cock slid into her little wet cunt. When she opened her eyes again, the man that had been sucking her tits had his dick out and was wagging it in front of her face. She opened her mouth and looked up at him. He grinned back at her as he grabbed her head, pushing his cock past her lips.

The man in her pussy was pumping quite fast, as he pried apart her ass cheeks.

“Mmmm, you have a beautiful asshole. Why don't you play with it for me.”

Jessica brought a hand back and lightly stroked her rim, as she sucked the man in front of her.

“Mmm, good little whore!”

He started fucking her faster, smacking himself against her ass. The other man grabbed her hair, shoving his cock hard into her mouth. She could hear the man in her pussy groan as he spurted his load inside her. She felt like such a slut, having him cum in her unprotected pussy. With everyone watching no less!

When the man in her mouth started to moan she expected a load of hot cum down her throat, but he instead pulled away. She looked up at him as he plastered her face with the creamy liquid.

“What a whore!” she heard a woman's voice say.

Those words echoed in Jessica's head as she wiped the sperm from her face, and scooped it into her mouth. She was a whore and she was loving it.

“Come here you dirty little cumslut! Get over here and sit on this!”

She turned to acknowledge the man that was talking to her. He was laying on the floor, looking up at her as he stroked his cock. She made her way over to him, smiling seductively. Standing over his body she reached down and lightly touched her clit. Jessica wanted to show these men the best time of their lives, and she was now willing to whatever it takes.

Prodded on by the man's insistent slandering, Jessica turned around and bent over, showing him her tight little rosebud.

“Oh yeah, let's have that ass on my cock babe!”

Jessica then lowered herself down onto the man. She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart allowing his cock to rub against her asshole. She was enjoying the feeling of the soft skin of the man's dick head rubbing on her butt so much she closed her eyes and imagined how it would feel, pushing it's way up inside her. Spitting into her hand, she then reached back and slicked her asshole, as well as the man's cock. SHe then grabbed his shaft and placed it at just the right spot, before dropping her hips down. Her eyes closed and her mouth formed a cute little “o” as her anus stretched around his dick. The crowd watched in lustful awe as the young woman filled her asshole to the brim with cock.

“Mmmm, baby. You're dick feels so good in my ass!” Jessica moaned.

The man under her responded by pulling her down close to him, groping both her tits as he thrust his dick farther up her ass. Jessica was so lost in her own pleasure that she almost didn't notice another naked man walking towards her. She opened her eyes just in time to see his dick heading straight for her exposed pussy.

Suddenly she was scared. Jessica had just taken it in the ass for the first time only a day earlier. Now she was going to experience double penetration!

The man had a serious look on his face as he positioned himself just inches away from her wet, waiting cunt. Slowly, he pressed his cock against her soft folds, pushing his way inside her. The feeling Jessica felt inside her was incredible. She felt so full!

After a short adjustment period, the man began to pump in and out. Jessica was moaning like a whore as both men fucked her. The one in her pussy was thrusting harder, pushing her down onto the cock in her ass. The act of double penetration was obviously too much for the man in her ass as he groaned, filling her butt hole with jism. She could feel his hot cum squishing around in her ass as his cock continued to fuck her. The man in her pussy then pulled away and helped pull her off the man's dick.

Spinning her around, he then forced her to get on her hands and knees. Jessica was looking right at the dick that had been up her ass. It was still slightly hard, but slimy with cum. The man behind her slid his cock up her wet ass, pushing her forward. Jessica grabbed the glistening dick and took it into her mouth, eliciting more gasps and comments from the jeering crowd. As she licked the sticky jizz from his shaft, the man in her ass began to fuck her mercilessly. Even though she had already been taken up the ass twice that night, the man's unrelenting thrusting was causing her ass to burn with intense pain.

“Ahhh fuck!” she screamed.

The man continued his unyielding assault on her tiny hole as the man in front of her got up, only to be replaced by another. This guy had a cleanly shaven set of balls and his dick looked slick and wet. Jessica wasted no time in taking it into her mouth. He had just fucked someone else! She could taste the sweet flavor of pussy on his cock. The one in her ass pumped one final time before exploding up her butt hole, filling her insides with his creamy seed.

She moaned as the man came inside her. Her hand went to the pair of balls that were bouncing off her chin, and she began to stroke them lovingly, even venturing so far as to tease the man's asshole with her finger. When she slid the finger right past his muscular ring the man grabbed her hair and unleashed a torrent of cum into her mouth. She tried to swallow it all, but the load was simply too big and it leaked out of her lips and dribbled down her chin. Jessica was really starting to enjoy herself, and she knew that the night was far from over.

She sat up and saw Amy staring at her, smiling wide. Suddenly someone grabbed her from behind and spun her around, forcing her to her knees. She looked up to see two incredibly large cocks standing at attention before her. Jessica bit her lip as she looked up at the two men.

“Do you want me to suck those?” she asked with an innocent smirk.

“Yeah baby. Do it.”

Jessica grabbed both cocks and inspected each one. Then she leaned in and took one into her mouth, as she stroked her hand up and down the shaft of the other one. She then switched and began to suck the dick in her other hand. She continued switching off like that until one of the guys shuddered and shot his cum into her face. Jessica pulled her lips away, as the sticky ropes of cum hung from her face and his dick. Immediately she turned and gave full attention to the other man, sucking his cock with lust. As he came, Jessica did a much better job in taking it all into her mouth.

As she sat back Amy walked over and took her hand. She looked into Jessica's eyes as she brought her face down and started to lick a small the cum from her hand. Her soft lips and tongue explored Jessica's small hand, coming to rest on her engagement ring, which was also covered in white cream. Amy opened her mouth and took Jessica's finger into her mouth, gently sucking the jizz from off of her ring.

Jessica smiled at her new friend, but their tender moment was cut short as someone grabbed Jessica by the hair, yanking her head back.

“Come over here, you filthy whore!” the stranger said as he pulled her towards the couch.

Jessica scurried along, allowing herself to be taken across the room. He then pushed her over and grabbed her hands. Taking a soft nylon rope, the man began tying her hands together. Jessica was starting to get exited. He then tied the rope to one leg of the sofa, stretching her arms up over her head. She scanned the room for Jay, he was nowhere in sight.

“Okay slut. Are you ready for some real fun?” the man asked.

“Do your worst,” she replied. And she meant it! At that moment she was willing to do absolutely anything.

“Lick my balls!” he said that as he swung a leg over her face.

As she pursed her lips around his balls, she could feel someone else spreading her legs. She started licking and sucking, as a cock entered her well-fucked pussy.

“Lower,” the man ordered.

Jessica guessed that he wanted her to lick his ass, so she set her nimble tongue to work on his crack, licking her way towards his hole. Meanwhile the man in her hot little cunt was pounding away with abandon, holding her legs out wide.

“Oh yeah. Lick my asshole slut!”

Jessica's tongue prodded and probed his most private area as he pushed his ass into her face. She could feel the man in her pussy pull out and push legs up, lifting her ass off the floor. He then began to push his cock, slick with pussy juices, into her ass. Just as he entered her, the man straddling her face jerked his dick, sending streams of hot cum splashing onto her tits. As he dismounted her, Jessica found herself looking right into the camera. She was straining against her bindings, as her asshole was getting fucked, but she still managed a kiss for the camera.

With “pop” the man pulled his cock from Jessica's ass and moved up her body. She opened her mouth in anticipation, but the guy only teased her with his dick, lightly tapping it against her outstretched tongue.

“Gimme, gimme,” Jessica begged as she lapped at the tip of his cock.

She was then rewarded with a mouthful, and she took full advantage, sucking the lucky man dry.

Over the next hour Jessica got fucked in every hole, in every position. She sucked cocks and licked assholes, and by the end of the night, was literally filled with cum. She was so exhausted, that by the time the last guest left she was already fast asleep. Jay decided not to clean her up and just let her sleep.

The next day, Jessica left early on her way home. Jay bought her a plane ticket and drove her to the airport. She almost felt sad leaving the man that had taught her so much. The past few days had been the best days of her life. She had gone to Vegas a frigid prude, but was leaving a dirty little slut. She knew it would be hard for her to put this experience behind her, but it was now time for her to get on with her life. James was waiting. She kissed Jay one last time and walked down the long corridor towards the plane without looking back.

It was her big day. In less than a couple hours Jessica was getting married to the man she loved. Her soon to be sister in law had done an amazing job in planning the wedding, while Jessica had been away. When she had returned from Las Vegas everything was done, and Jessica had enough time to relax and think things over. The feelings of guilt had overcome her at first. When she first saw James, all she could think of was all the dirty perverted things she had done in Vegas. Every time she said “I love you,” her voice would crack with shame. James, fortunately, had been too exited with the upcoming wedding to notice. Now, however, Jessica was attempting to push back all that guilt, locking it up deep inside. She was getting married, and that was all that mattered to her now.

“How are things going?”

Jessica turned to see her maid of honor, Kim, poking her head through the door.

“Fine. I'm just a little nervous. Have all the guests shown up?”

Kim walked into the room, looking her best friend up and down.

“Pretty much. You look great Jess!”


“Well I'm going to go check on the seating arrangements. I'll let you finish getting ready.”

Kim walked out and closed the door behind her, leaving Jessica to her thoughts once again. She picked up a pair of diamond earrings and started to put them on. As she did this she looked at herself in the large mirror before her. Jessica had to admit that she looked good. She was covered head to toe in white, which she found quite ironic, after what she had done hardly qualified her as a virgin. Her family had wanted one of those big fluffy wedding dresses, but she had opted for a smaller, tighter fitting design with lace around the bottom, and around the top, which came down below her shoulders. Underneath she had a lacy white bra, and matching panties attached by garters to matching white stockings. Her feet were adorned with white heels. Her beautiful brown hair was pulled back, tied up with a few stray strands hanging sexily about her face. She was the perfect bride. She was so lost in admiring herself, she didn't even notice the door open.

“You make a very sexy bride!”

Jessica froze. That voice was all too familiar. Slowly she turned around.

“Jay!” she exclaimed. “What the hell are you doing here?”

Jay was leaning up against the doorway, dressed in a black suit.

“Well, nice to see you too!” he said that closing to door behind him.

Jessica was flustered.

“What are y… You can't be here!”

“Calm down Jess. Aren't you happy to see me?”

“No! I'm getting married in an hour! You shouldn't be here!”

Jay walked over and raised a hand to her face. Jessica slapped it away.

“Aww, don't be like that” Jay said in mock sadness.

Jessica sat down on the bed folding her arms.

“Look. If you're looking for sex, then you came to the wrong place. I'm done with that now.”

“Oh come on,” Jay replied moving to the bed next to her. “You're not married yet.”

He then leaned over touching his lips to the soft skin of Jessica's neck. She closed her eyes as shivers raced through her body.

“No,” she said suddenly, standing up again. “You can't do this to me.”

Jay stood up behind her. She felt his hands touch her, running down her arms.

“I know you want this baby.”

She could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck.

“I…I can't.”

“Yes you can.” Once again she felt his lips touch her skin. “You can do anything you want. And you want this.”

“N…No. I mean I want… But I can't.”

His hands slid along the soft fabric of her wedding dress, around her hips.

“Tell me you still want to be my little whore,” he whispered into her ear.

Jessica moaned as his mouth traced a line down to her shoulder.

“Tell me.”

His hands moved around to her stomach, slowly moving down.

“Tell me.”

She brought a hand up grabbing at the back of his head.

“I. I…” she moaned.

“Tell me.”

“I want to be your whore!”

With that Jessica's head spun around. Her mouth found his, tongues entangling as her hands clawed at his shoulders. She moaned into his mouth as he grabbed at her ass. In a lustful burst of strength, Jay lifted Jessica up, her legs wrapping around his waist. He staggered a few steps before sliding her onto the desk, knocking makeup and accessories all over the floor. In a frenzy, Jay threw his jacket off and began undoing his shirt. Jessica broke away from their kiss to help. Her fingers were frantically working at the buttons on his shirt, trying desperately to get at his bare skin.

Jay ripped the shirt off, exposing his well muscled chest and stomach, which Jessica immediately began exploring with her mouth. As she kissed his body her hands pawed at the bulge in his pants. She could feel his hard cock, straining, fighting to break free. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face back up smothering her mouth with another horny kiss. She sucked his tongue into her mouth as his hand pressed her breast, groping like a horny teenager. His other hand slipped up under Jessica's wedding dress and found her panties wet.

“You're wet, you horny little slut!” Jay hissed into her ear.

Jessica just moaned and pushed his hand against her mound, urging him on. His fingers quickly found the rhythm and began working her sensitive clit through the white lace panties. Jessica moaned again and spread her legs wider. Bunching her dress up around her waist, she reached down and pulled her panties to one side, exposing her wet pussy to Jay. He responded by slipping a finger inside her, sliding it all the way up her moist hole. Jay then pulled his mouth from hers and dropped down to bring his mouth to Jessica's leg. She could feel his hot breath through her stockings as he kissed his way up her leg. When his lips touched her skin she let out another quiet moan. Soon his mouth was planted firmly on her swollen pussy lips as his tongue went to work in her clit.

“Fuck yes! Lick my pussy!”

Jay pushed her legs farther apart and shoved his tongue deep into her wet cunt.

“Bend over babe,” he suggested coaxing Jessica onto her hands and knees.

Jessica swiveled around and pulled herself up to her hands and knees, knocking more of the desk's contents onto the floor in the process. Jay grabbed her thighs and pushed his face into her, gliding his tongue along her crack from her pussy up to her tight little asshole.

Jessica found herself staring into the mirror at herself. What was she doing? She was an hour away from being married, and here she was in her wedding dress getting her ass eaten out. She felt horrible but she also felt soooo good!

Jay was spreading her ass cheeks and dipping his tongue down into her tight hole, causing her to moan even louder.

“Jess, are you alright?” James' shouted from the other side of the door.

“Oh shit!” Jessica muttered sitting up straight.

“I'm coming in okay?” The doorknob started to turn.

Jessica had never moved that fast in her entire life. She jumped down from the desk and slammed her hand against the door.

“Jess? Is everything okay?”

“Yes, I'm fine. But you can't see me before the wedding. It's bad luck.”

Jay was smiling to himself as he walked over to her. Her dress was still bunched up around her waist as she talked to her fiancée through the door. He started to kiss the back of her neck.

“I just wanted to tell you how much I love you,” James continued.

Jay dropped his hand to Jessica's smooth butt, and started to tease the rim of her asshole with his finger.

“I. I love you too James.”

Her mouth opened in a silent gasp as Jay slid his finger up her ass.

“Okay, I'll see you in a while.”

“Bye baby.”

As soon as she heard James' steps trailing off she turned and pulled Jay close, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. He smiled as he pulled her towards the bed. She followed submissively, unzipping her dress as she went. She pushed it down, letting it drop to the floor. Eyeing her veil on the night table, she pondered for a moment before snatching it up and putting it on her head.

There she stood. Heels, garters, stockings and a veil. Jay's smile widened at the beautiful sight. Jessica looked down at him and began to seductively unzip his pants, pulling them down. As she rested her mouth onto his silk boxer shorts, she could feel his cock growing harder. She breathed heavily through the thin fabric, before pulling the boxers off as well. Jay's cock and balls were there for the taking. As much as Jessica wanted to suck his cock, she wanted it in her pussy more.

Like a cat she crawled up his body, pressing her tits against his chest. She smiled through the veil as she felt the tip of his cock touching her tight little white panties. Reaching down, Jessica pulled her underwear to the side and allowed his dick to enter her pussy. She moaned as he slid inside her. It had only been a few days since she had his cock inside her, but it felt like an eternity. She nestled down on his thick rod and stared seductively at her lover. As she began to rise and fall, she mouth the words: “Fuck me.”

Jay pushed his hips up to meet Jessica as she descended on him. She started bouncing faster and faster, impaling herself on his large, hard cock. She could feel her pussy lips widen and stretch around his dick. Harder and harder she slammed her small body down filling herself completely.

“I want your ass!” Jay moaned, grabbing Jessica by the waist.

Jessica pulled herself off of his cock and turned around. She then slid off her panties, showing Jay her pert little ass. He put a finger into his mouth and placed it onto her tight little puckered hole, rubbing it along her crack. Jessica looked back over her shoulder, smiling through the veil as Jay moistened her ass.

“Go on baby,” she cooed. “Put that thing up my ass. Fuck your dirty little whore's asshole.”

Jay grabbed one of her ass cheeks and pulled it to the side exposing her tiny hole. Jessica put her head down and bit her lip as the large cock forced it's way inside her body.

“Mmmm. Oh yeah. Fuck yes! Fill me up!”

Inch by inch, Jay's dick slid into her most private of holes, until he was fully planted inside her. His hands clutched Jessica's hips as he began to retract his dick from her ass. When it was almost all the way out, he slowly pushed it back.

“You like that don't you slut?” he said that as he forced his cock back.

“Fuck yes! I love your cock. Fuck all my holes! Use me like a whore!”

Jessica even amazed herself by her nasty words. This feeling was intensified by the fact that her soon to be husband was only a few doors away.

By this time, Jessica was working on her clit trying to make herself cum. It didn't take long however as she soon groaned and bucked her head back wildly. Her asshole clamped down on Jay's dick as a deluge of pussy juices flowed from her cunt.

Jessica's orgasm subsided as Jay's began. His cock thrusted painfully into her butt hole as she could feel her ass being filled with hot cum. Jay gave her a few more pumps before pulling his dick from her well fucked asshole.

Jessica turned and pushed Jay down onto his back. She then stared at him as she lifted the veil from her face, and lowered her head to his softening cock. Wrapping one of her small, delicate hands around his shaft she took it into her mouth, sucking the last remnants of cum from the tip. His dick stopped shrinking, but stayed in its flaccid state, as Jessica pushed it all the way into her mouth. He put his hand on the back of her head and coaxed her along, although she didn't really need any coaxing at all. She pulled her mouth from it, leaving a sticky string of spit and cum. Jessica then pushed his cock up and started to flick his balls with her tongue. As she licked him she began to tease his asshole with one of her perfectly manicured fingers. Gently, she grazed his hole as she sucked his balls into her mouth.

“You dirty little girl,” Jay said. “I guess I taught you well.”

Jessica just moaned in response as she poked her finger tip into his ass. As she took his cock into her mouth once again she could feel it growing. Jessica had never been this horny in her life. She wanted him. She wanted all of him.

Pushing his legs wide and lifting up his balls, Jessica lowered her face and started licking. Jay knew what she wanted and lifted his hips to give her a better position. After licking the area under his balls, she ran her tongue down to his ass.

“You fucking whore! Lick it!”

Jessica needed no further convincing as she pressed her face between his cheeks. Her wedding veil was brushing against Jay's legs as her tongue found his hole. She circled it a few times before poking the tip of her tongue into it. She was having a hard time, so she prompted Jay to roll over to his side. As he did this, Jessica immediately buried her sweet face into his ass, kissing and sucking at his asshole. As she came for air, she licked her lips and clenched her teeth.

“Talk to me!” she ordered. “Tell me what a slut I am.”

With that she lowered her face back to his ass and continued licking and probing.

“You're the dirtiest fucking whore I've ever fucked! You're such a little slut, shoving you're tongue up my ass! You're an ass licking little whore and your husband doesn't even realize it. He doesn't know that his sweet little Jessica is a cock sucking cumslut!”

Jessica started to jerk his cock as she raised her face from his ass.

“Yes, I am a slut,” she said that reaching back and sliding a finger into her ass. “Your slut.”

As she brought it out, Jay could see it was glistening with his cum. Jessica stared into his eyes as she brought the finger to her mouth and sucked it seductively. Jay smiled at the slut he had created.

Jessica was overflowing with lust. She fell back onto the bed, her legs splayed wide. Jay positioned himself at her pussy, then stopped. After a brief moment of contemplation he lowered his cock to her ass.

“Oooo, baby. You gonna fuck my ass again?”

“Only if you beg for it.”

Jessica smiled.

“Please do it baby. Please fuck your little whore's tight asshole. I want your big cock up my ass!”

Jay loved hearing her talk like that. He spit into his hand and wetted his cock before pressing it back into her puckered asshole. Jessica groaned with pleasure as his thick rod stretched her out. Biting her lip, she grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs back to her head. Jay continued to push his way into her tight hole muttering profanities to his little whore. Jessica reached down and started rubbing her clit. it didn't take long for her to reach orgasm for the second time as she clenched her teeth and squeezed her ass around Jay's cock.

As her orgasm subsided, Jay pulled out. Jessica lowered her legs and smiled at her lover.

“Would you like to tit fuck me?” she asked in a cute, innocent voice.

Jay nodded and slid up her body, straddling her chest. They both spit into their hands and lubed up her tits and Jay's cock. She then placed his dick between her tits and mashed them together. Jay started to move back and forth, sliding his cock through the fleshy tunnel. With each passing, Jessica opened her mouth to allow his cock head to slip past her lips. Jay started to groan and she knew he was close to cumming.

“Cum all over my face baby,” she begged. “I want your cum!”

Jay grabbed his dick and started stroking. Jessica gave a sexy smile and opened her mouth. His jizz splattered her face, covering her lips and cheeks with the warm white cream. After he had emptied his balls he offered his cock to Jessica to suck off. She took it, cleaning it lovingly.

After getting off Jessica's chest, Jay gave her a deep passionate kiss as he worked his dick back into her tight little cunt.

“Oh my god!!” she said. “Don't ever stop fucking me!”

Immediately, Jay started fucking her, as his cock grew hard again. He was pounding her harder and harder as her body shuddered with another orgasm. He did not relent however, and fucked her with renewed lust. She started clawing at his back and grasping his hair. His hips rose and fell, each stroke eliciting mass amounts of pleasure from Jessica's firm little body. His hands and mouth were everywhere. Sucking her tits, kissing her neck, touching and groping. They were like two animals fucking wildly in the small room. After an unknown amount of time Jay started pouring his seed into her tight cunt. Jessica moaned one final time as she felt herself being filled up with the hot liquid.

* * * * *

“Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Jessica pondered the priest's question, as a wave of unbearable guilt flowed through her body. Just minutes ago she had concluded the single most sexy experience of her life. But that was over now. It was time to return things to the way they had been before that handsome stranger had walked into her life. She only hoped she could be a good wife to James.

“I do,” she muttered, squeezing her ass together to prevent Jay's cum from leaking out. Her panties were soaked with cum as well.

“Then I know pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.”

James smiled and leaned, kissing her tenderly, oblivious to the fact that just minutes ago, millions of another man's sperm had passed through her lips. Jessica opened her mouth, accepting the kiss, secretly hoping that the single piece of chewing gum she had chewed, was doing to job in masking the taste of Jay from her new husband.

“Yes,” she thought to herself. “This is going to work.”

Jessica looked out over the beach at the breath taking view before her. The sun was setting and the sky was a beautiful pink, reflected against the calm Caribbean waters. She closed her eyes and listened to the gentle lapping of the waves against the shoreline. She was in heaven. She heard someone walk up behind her and softly kiss her shoulder.

“I love you,” James said.

Jessica smiled and accepted his embrace.

“I love you too.”

“Should we go soon?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

The past couple days had been everything Jessica had ever hoped her honeymoon to be. Just her and her new husband in a tropical paradise. The events of the last week were like a dirty memory, snuffed out by the incredible romance she now experienced.

The couple moved from the patio back into the room, and got ready for their night out. They were going to a club for drinks, which made Jessica a little nervous. She hadn't had a drink of alcohol since her “vacation” with Jay and the thought of bringing back those memories frightened her terribly.

Twenty minutes later the couple entered the club. It was surprisingly busy for such a small place, with mostly newly weds. There were a few people dancing, but most were sitting around at tables drinking and talking. Jessica and James found a table and sat down. A man soon came and asked if they would like anything to drink. Jessica looked up at him and had to close her mouth as her jaw dropped open. He was gorgeous, with dark skin and dark penetrating eyes. He wasn't very tall, but she could tell that he was in shape, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. She silently scolded herself for checking him out. She was married now, and had vowed to remain faithful.

James ordered a couple drinks, and the man soon left, only to return a few minutes later. As they sat and talked, another couple approached the table. They were a little older that Jessica and James, probably in their late twenties.

“Hi,” the woman said. “I'm Alyssa, and this is my husband Shane. We were just wondering if you would like to join us for drinks.”

Jessica smiled.

“Sure,” she said. “I'm Jessica, and this is James.”

They were both attractive and well dressed. Alyssa had blonde hair that was tied back in a casual manner. She was wearing a small blue dress that matched her bright eyes.

Shane was blonde as well. He was wearing a tight black shirt that showed off his muscular arms and clung tightly to his body. Jessica had to force herself to pull her eyes away.

The couple sat down and immediately started on conversation. They were quite friendly and interesting, and the four of them had little trouble getting along. Jessica learned that they were there for their fifth wedding anniversary, and were both personal trainers at a gym. James seemed to like them as well.

After about an hour, Alyssa suggested that they all go back to their place. As they stood up, Jessica noticed that James was a little tipsy. That was strange, since she had never seen him drunk before. The four walked to the beachside resort and made their way to Alyssa and Shane's room.

“Nice place,” Jessica said as they entered.

“Wait until you see the view,” Alyssa said that pulling her towards the balcony.

James sat down as Shane fixed some drinks. The two women went out through the glass doors, out of view of the men.

“It's beautiful,” Jessica said looking out at the lapping waves.

“Do you want to go for a walk?” Alyssa asked suddenly.

Jessica thought about it.

“What about our husbands?”

“They will be fine without us for a while. Come on let's go. We wont take to long.”

With that she grabbed Jessica's hand and led her down a set of stairs out onto the beach. As they reached the soft sand Jessica expected Alyssa to let go of her hand, but to her surprise she held tight.

“Do you find my husband attractive?” Alyssa asked out of nowhere as the two strolled down the shoreline.

Jessica had no idea what to say.

“Uh, I guess he's attractive,” she stammered in reply.

“Because I'm sure he thinks you're beautiful. In fact, so do I.”

Jessica was starting to feel very uncomfortable. Alyssa stopped walking and turned to her new friend. Jessica remained facing forward. She felt the woman's hand stroke her hair.

“Do you find me attractive?”

Jessica slowly turned towards her. Suddenly her mouth was covered as Alyssa leaned in and kissed her. Her eyes widened in shock. She had been kissed by a woman before, but now she was being totally seduced!

Jessica gently pulled away.

“I can't,” she said. “My husband…”

“I'm sure he wouldn't mind,” Alyssa countered quickly.

Jessica looked at the woman. She was very sexy, with the warm ocean breeze blowing her hair gently about her beautiful face.

“I just can't. It would be cheating. When we got married, I made a promise to myself that I would always be faithful.”

Alyssa threw her head back and let out a laugh.

“Cheating?” she said. “You think that would be cheating?”

“Well…Yeah, I guess.”

“Are you kidding me? Most guys would love the thought of their wife getting it on with another woman!”

Jessica pondered the thought. Alyssa had a point. She had never asked James what he thought about that stuff. Maybe he would like it? She was definitely attracted to the woman standing before her. What was the harm?

“Well?” Alyssa asked that pushing a strand of blonde hair out of her face.

Jessica smiled and leaned forward letting her lips open slightly as she pressed them against those of her new friend. Alyssa accepted her kiss with enthusiasm, even pushing her soft tongue into Jessica's mouth. Jess sucked her tongue as their lips clashed in a passionate embrace. At that time the world didn't exist to Jessica. The only thing that mattered was her and Alyssa, sharing that special moment.

Alyssa moaned as her hand dropped to Jessica's skirt. Their tongues continued to dance as her hand slipped up under the soft fabric. Jessica gasped as she felt feminine fingers brush against her panties. Then she felt those same fingers pull her underwear aside and gently touch her soft pussy lips.

“Oh my god!” Jessica moaned. “We shouldn't be doing this here! What if someone comes?”

“Then they'll get one hell of a show!” Alyssa said that slipping a couple slender fingers into Jessica's tight hole.

Jessica pulled herself close, running her hands up through Alyssa's hair. Her lips kissing at her neck, as she enjoyed the feeling of a woman's fingers inside her.

“Lay down,” Alyssa whispered into her ear.

Jessica obeyed, wanting nothing more that to experience more of this woman's touch. She sat down on the soft sand and fell back closing her eyes. Alyssa dropped to her knees and pulled Jessica's panties down to her ankles. She then slid her whole head up under her skirt. Jessica could feel her hot breath on her most intimate area, as Alyssa's mouth closed around her clit. She arched her back and stretched her arms up above her head in ecstasy, as Alyssa's tongue toyed with her. She felt her face nestling down between her thighs and her tongue sliding down her wet slit. Jessica stared up at the stars as the woman under her skirt licked and sucked her pussy like a professional.

“Mmmm, you're good!” Jessica moaned.

Alyssa mumbled something in response but it was quite incoherent as her face was pressed tightly into Jessica's wet little cunt. Her tongue danced along her slit, then slid down to her tiny asshole. There it continued it's work, licking and poking at the tight hole causing Jessica to moan even more. She could feel a slender finger rub her clit as Alyssa toyed with her ass.

“Oh my god!”

Jessica bit into her own arm to keep from screaming as she came. The world became a blur as the incredible feeling rushed through her body. Alyssa gave her a few more licks before slumping down on the sand beside her. Jessica didn't even bother to pull up her panties as she lay there panting.

“That was great,” she said turning her head towards Alyssa. “Do you want me to…”

“Not yet.”

Jessica stared at her confused.

“Jess, me and my husband were wondering if you and James were into swinging. You know? Sharing?”

Jessica turned her head back to the sky.

“I'm sorry but I just don't think James would be into it. In fact I know he wouldn't. That's just the way he is.”

“I understand.”

There was a long silence before Alyssa spoke again.

“How about just the three of us then?”

“You mean you, me and Shane?”

“Yeah. It would be soooo fun!”

“I can't,” Jessica said beating her fist into the sand in frustration. “I made a promise.”

“What's the harm in doing it just once?”

Jessica then let out a little laugh.

“What's so funny?” Alyssa asked.

“I've cheated on James before. Just last week. Right before our wedding. I did things that I never thought I was capable. I felt so dirty and slutty, but it felt so good. I just can't bear anymore guilt now that were married.”

“I understand,” Alyssa said getting up from the ground and brushing the sand off. “Well, shall we go?”

Jessica got up as well, straightened herself up and headed back. Neither said much as they walked. When they reached Alyssa's room, they saw James passed out on the couch.

“He doesn't drink much,” Jessica explained.

Alyssa just smiled.

“Did you girls have a good time?”

Jessica turned to see Shane smiling from the bedroom doorway. Her mouth almost dropped open. He had changed into a tight white muscle shirt and she could see almost every inch on his tanned, muscular body. At that moment she wished she wasn't married.

“Well I guess we should go.” Jessica said that pulling her eyes away.

“Nonsense,” Shane replied. “Your hubby will be out for a while. Let's just hang out in here until he's ready to go.”

“No, I think we should get going. It's late.”

“Alright, well at least let me help you get him home.”

Jessica sighed. She knew she couldn't get James back to the room by herself, but she didn't want to be alone with Shane either.

“Okay,” she said finally. “Let's go.”

Shane hauled James up from the couch and helped him towards the door. James was barely conscious and Shane had to keep holding him up to prevent him from crashing to the floor. As they struggled out the door, Alyssa smiled.

“Have fun,” she said deviously.

It was a long walk home as Shane had to carry James pretty much the whole way. Jessica couldn't keep her eyes of him. His muscular arms, his strong back, his firm tight ass. She was torturing herself by staring at his body the whole way home. When they finally reached their destination, Shane slumped James' body down on the bed.

“Thank you very much,” Jessica said. “That was really nice of you.”

“It was my pleasure. It's just a shame.”

Jessica cocked her head to the side.

“And why is that?” she asked.

“Because now a beautiful woman has to go to bed without making love. It seems like such a waste.”

Jessica started to breath heavily. She found herself staring right into Shane's eyes. Then she took a step towards him.

Before she knew it they were locked in a deep passionate kiss right in front of her unconscious husband. Jessica knew at that point there was no going back. She had to have him! Then and there!

His strong arms held her tiny body close against him. She could feel his firm muscles pressing into her, touching her entire body. She could also feel the bulge in his pants. Subconsciously, Jessica dropped her hand and began to paw at his crotch as their tongues entwined in a long sensuous dance.

“I want you so bad,” she whispered as Shane's large hands grabbed at her pert little ass.

“Maybe we should go somewhere else,” he suggested that looking over at her sleeping husband.

“No!” she replied. “I want you here! I want to show you what a slut I can be. Fuck me on the same bed as my husband!”

Jessica knew it was a big gamble. If James woke up things would be very ugly. She was willing to take the chance, however, as he was so drunk he probably wouldn't even remember.

With that Jessica dropped to her knees and yanked Shane's shorts down to his ankles. His throbbing cock was staring her right in the face and she took no time in swallowing it down. It slid past her soft lips, over her tongue and down her throat. She then pulled Shane's wet cock back out and bathed it lovingly with her tongue, before taking it in again.

Shane was moaning softly as he rested his hands on the back of Jessica's head. Her hands reached around and grabbed his firm, muscular ass, pulling him. She then massaged his balls with one hand as she began to tease his asshole with the other. Lifting his dick, Jessica then surrounded his balls with her lips. Sucking his large sac into her tiny little mouth, she began to hum. Shane threw his head back in pleasure.

Suddenly he pushed her away. She looked up him, licking her lips.

“I want to taste that sweet little pussy of yours,” he said that kicking his shorts away.

Jessica smiled seductively.

“Lay down on the bed,” she said.

Shane did as he was told, laying down beside James' prone, sleeping body. Jessica then stripped down and climbed onto the soft mattress as well. She looked over at her new husband.

“Forgive me,” she whispered before straddling Shane's face.

She swung a leg over his head, facing down and positioning her pussy and ass in just the right spot. Immediately she could feel his tongue going to work. Jessica then leaned forward, grasping his cock in her hand again. She took it into her mouth just as Shane pushed his tongue up her hot little hole. Moaning on his cock, she rubbed his balls and ass as his tongue twirled her clit. His hands moved up to grab her ass, pulling her little wet pussy into his face. His mouth closed around her cunt, and he sucked at her soft pussy lips, before diving into her wet hole again.

With one hand, Jessica stroked Shane's thick cock as her mouth frantically bobbed up and down on the slippery shaft. Her other hand made it's way to her ass as she started to play with her own asshole. She smiled, knowing that Shane's face was only inches away as she slid a slender finger up her tight hole. As she finger fucked her own butt Shane started to lick around her finger, flicking at her rim.

Jessica continued jerking his dick as she moved her mouth to his balls. She lapped at them hungrily until Shane pulled her finger from her ass and replaced it with his tongue. Jessica nearly screamed in ecstasy as she was pushed forward. Lost in lust, she dropped her head down between Shane's legs and pushed her tongue out against his asshole.

Jessica silently scolded herself. She was on her honeymoon, and here she was sixty-nining some guy, licking his ass on the same bed as her husband.

“I'm such a slut,” she said that pulling her face away.

Shane didn't respond, but continued eating her asshole. He was alternating between her pussy and ass, licking and probing. Jessica went back to his cock and sucked hard. She wanted this man's cum!

She was licking his balls when the first shot went off. The creamy white fluid spurted from Shane's cock, flying into the air. He groaned into Jessica's ass as she closed her mouth around his dick eagerly sucking down his hot jism.

Wiping a strand of cum from her hair, Jessica got off Shane's face and turned around to give him a long deep kiss.

“I want you to fuck me!” she said that pulling her mouth from his.

Shane shook his head with a smile.

“Tomorrow. You, me and Alyssa. Then I'll fuck you.”

“But what about James?”

“I'm sure you can find a way,” he said with a grin.

With that Shane got dressed, gave Jessica one final kiss, and then walked out. Jessica slumped back on the bed beside her husband. Her thoughts drifted back to Shane and her hand drifted to her throbbing pussy. She fantasized about him as she fingered herself to a massive orgasm.

Sitting up, Jessica noticed a large gob of white cum on James' pants.

“That man sure can shoot it,” she giggled to herself as she scooped it up with her finger and slid it into her mouth.

* * * * * *

Jessica was exited when she woke up the next day. James was still lying in bed hung over, so she had time to think of a plan to get away for a while. Her pussy was getting wet just thinking about it. And it wasn't the fact that she would soon be fucking Shane, or eating Alyssa's pussy, although those thoughts turned her on as well. It was the fact that she was cheating on her husband! Every time she thought about it she would get even more horny.

The day wore on and Jessica still hadn't thought of a plan. James was up, but still had a headache. He was just lying there watching tv, as Jessica paced around the room. She was dressed in a pair of white shorts and a tight little tank top. She had also done her makeup and hair, but was hoping that James wouldn't notice. Just as she was starting to worry, there was a knock at the door.

Jessica walked over and opened the door to see Alyssa standing there holding a tennis racket. She looked hot, wearing a short tennis skirt with her shimmering blonde hair tied back in a pony tail.

“Hi Jess!” she said cheerfully. “I was wondering if you'd like to play some tennis. Shane's out scuba diving, and I'm bored out of my mind.”

Just as Jessica was about to respond, Alyssa gave her a big wink, letting her know that tennis is not what she had in mind.

“Sure,” she replied with a smile. “Just let me ask James.”

She stepped back into the bedroom where James was lying. “

“Hon, I'm just going to go play some tennis with Alyssa, Ok?”

James just groaned and waved his hand.

“Thanks hon,” Jess said cheerfully, kissing him on the forehead. “See you in a couple hours.”

With that she skipped out and shut the door behind her. The door hadn't even fully closed before Alyssa was on her, kissing her deeply. At first Jessica was nervous, but soon melted under her friend's touch.

“Are you ready to have some fun?” Alyssa asked that pulling away.

Jessica bit her lip and nodded.

“Good. Shane's waiting back at our place. “Let's go.”

The two headed off and soon made their way to the nearby condo. Jessica trembled as she walked inside. She was exited and nervous, even though she had done stuff like this before. Alyssa closed the door and led Jessica into the bedroom.

Jessica's eyes nearly popped out of her head as she entered the room. Shane was lying on the bed completely naked, slowly stroking his large cock. A porno movie was playing on the tv, but his eyes were pulled away by the site of Jessica and his wife.

“I see you started without us,” Alyssa joked to her husband.

“I was just getting warmed up,” He said standing up.

Jessica just stared at his body, with his large muscles and dick swaying back and forth. Her mouth started to water.

Alyssa walked over and kissed her husband full on the lips, reaching down to grab at his hard dick.

“So Jess,” she said that turning back towards her. “I hear you sucked my husband's cock last night?”

Jessica nodded.

“And he ate your pussy?”

Jessica nodded.

“Come here.”

Jessica slowly sauntered over to the pair, trying not to be too obvious as she stole glimpses of Shane's dick. Alyssa reached out her arm and took her hand, pulling her closer. She then leaned in and parted her lips, allowing her tongue to poke out. Jessica closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out as well. Alyssa played with Jessica's tongue before sucking it into her mouth. Jessica started to moan. She felt Alyssa grab her hand and guide it to Shane's cock. Her fingers ran up and down, feeling the smooth skin, squeezing gently. She felt Shane's hand cup her ass cheeks and grope at her. Alyssa was caressing her tits through her shirt. She felt as if she would cum right there.

As Alyssa pulled away, she pushed Jessica's head towards Shane's. He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, pushing his tongue into her mouth. Alyssa circled around back and pulled Jessica's hair out of the way. She then kissed her gently on the neck, licking at her smooth tanned skin as her husband kissed Jessica's mouth.

“Lift your arms,” Alyssa whispered into her ear.

Jessica obeyed and both Shane and his wife pulled her tiny shirt over her head, exposing her firm tanned breasts. Shane immediately pulled her closer and took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking softly. Alyssa started planting small kisses on her back, working her way down, gliding her hands down her sides. A shiver went through Jessica's body and she moaned a little louder.

Alyssa dropped to her knees and hooked her fingers into the waistband of Jessica's shorts. In one movement she pulled them down her legs. Shane went back to kissing her as he slid a finger into her little white panties. Jessica threw her head back in pleasure as his finger slipped inside her. Alyssa was still on her knees, kissing her lower back and ass cheeks with her soft lips and tongue. Reaching up, she took a hold of Jessica's panties and slid them down as well. Jess kicked her clothes away and soon realized that she was totally naked!

Shane's dick was pressed up against her stomach and she caressed his balls with one hand while grabbing his muscular ass with the other. Alyssa was kneeling right down, kissing her calves, but working her way up. Jessica let out a little giggle as she kissed the back of her knee. When she got up to her ass, Alyssa began to run her tongue over Jessica's soft flesh. Shane reached around grabbed her ass cheeks, gently pulling them apart, exposing Jessica's most private area to his wife.

Jessica almost fainted as Alyssa touched her sensitive asshole with her talented tongue. She moaned and kissed Shane harder as she reached around, placing a hand on Alyssa's head. Shane moved down and started kissing her neck as his hands held firm on her ass cheeks. He was splaying them wide as his wife stabbed at Jessica's tiny pink asshole with her tongue.

“Oh god!” Jessica muttered as Shane continued down, kissing her tits then her belly button, poking his tongue inside. A few moments later she could feel his hot breath on her pussy, as Alyssa continued giving her anus long wet licks with her tongue.

Shane kissed her shaved mound all over before zeroing on her clit, which was already engorged and swollen. His tongue flicked at it for a while, then dove up inside her, causing her to gasp. Jessica moaned uncontrollably as Alyssa ate her asshole out and Shane licked her pussy. She grabbed both by the hair as she came.

It was the most incredible feeling to have two tongues exploring her holes, but Jessica's orgasm caused her clit to become very sensitive and she was forced to push Shane's head away.

“Come lay down,” Alyssa suggested that gently pushing her towards the bed.

Jessica happily hopped up onto the soft bed and laid onto her back. Shane and Alyssa kissed each other before joining her.

Alyssa crawled over and kissed Jessica, as Shane went back to work on her tits, sucking and licking. Seductively, Alyssa bit her lip and moved down her body. Jessica spread her legs, expecting her to go to work on her pussy, but she bypassed the whole region and started running her tongue down her leg. Jessica giggled as Alyssa took one of her toes into her mouth and started sucking. It felt a little strange, but also very good, so she just closed her eyes and enjoyed it.

Meanwhile, Shane pulled himself up to his knees at Jessica's head. She opened her eyes to see his large, erect cock staring her in the face. She opened her mouth and tilted her head to the side, eager to take in his mouth watering dick. Alyssa was staring at her as her tongue flicked around her toes.

“Do it,” she said. “Suck his cock!”

Shane took Jessica's head and pushed forward into her open mouth. She moaned in pleasure as his thick fleshy tool penetrated her lips. Her hands went to his ass as she started to suck.

Alyssa then began to move up Jessica's leg to her wet little pussy. Spreading her legs apart, she buried her face in her moist cunt, licking frantically. As she ate her, she slipped a finger inside, massaging the walls of her pussy.

Shane was muttering something quietly as he continued guiding his fat cock into Jessica's face. She could taste his pre-cum, as he held her head and slid himself in and out. Just then, Alyssa took her wet finger from Jessica's pussy and pushed it up her asshole, causing her to buck wildly. Shane tightened his grip on her head, as she thrashed. He then flipped one leg over, so he was straddling her face. Jessica hungrily pulled him in for more.

She was taking him down to the balls, as he forced his cock into her throat. Alyssa kept her finger firmly embedded in Jessica's ass as she took her face from her pussy. She kissed her way up her stomach, then moved to her husband's ass. Shane moaned deeply as his wife tongued his asshole, and Jessica sucked his cock.

He grabbed her head harder and started to shake. Then Jessica felt his steaming hot cum blast into her mouth. He pulled away and Alyssa grabbed his cock from behind and continued jerking. His white cream splattered Jessica's face as she attempted to swallow it all down.

“Good job hon,” Alyssa said that pushing Shane aside. “I'll take it from here.”

With that she crawled up Jessica's prone body and licked a large gob of cum from her cheek.

“Do you like the taste of my husband's cum?” she asked.

Jessica nodded.

Alyssa continued licking the white cream from her face, then grabbed Jessica by the hair and kissed her deeply. She pushed her tongue into her mouth, along with a fair amount of cum. Jessica savored the taste and kissed back enthusiastically.

When Alyssa finally pulled away she had a sexy smile on her face.

“Now it's my turn,” she said.

Before Jessica could say anything, Alyssa crawled up and straddled her face. She had nothing on under her skirt, so her wet, shaved pussy was right in Jessica's face. Jess opened her mouth and touched her tongue on Alyssa's clit.

“Oh yes, that's it. Faster! Lick my pussy!”

Her words spurred Jessica on more and soon she was lapping away at her little pink cunt, while her finger rubbed Alyssa's asshole.

“Ooooo, stick it in! Right up my ass!”

Jessica pushed it in slowly.

“Yes!” Alyssa groaned. “Get me nice and warmed up so my husband can fuck me there. I bet you like it up your ass too huh? Maybe if you eat my asshole I'll let him fuck you there too. I know you like it! He told me what a nasty slut you were last night. He told me how you licked his asshole as your husband slept beside you!”

It was too much for Jessica to take. As she shoved her tongue up Alyssa's wet hole, she reached down and shoved two fingers into her own pussy.

“Oh, you just can't get enough!” Alyssa teased.

She then got off Jessica's face and bent over onto her hands and knees. Shane walked over to her with his semi-flaccid cock in his hand. Alyssa looked up at him as he inserted it into her mouth. She reached up and took his balls in her hands as she sucked him back to hardness.

As this was happening, she stuck her pert little ass up in the air behind her. Jessica crawled forward and buried her tongue in her wet pussy again. She then slid her lips up and placed a deep kiss on her puckered asshole. Alyssa was moaning on Shane's cock and Jessica shoved her tongue out, worming its way up her friend's butt. She reached down to Alyssa's pussy to find that her own hand was already working frantically down there. She slid two fingers into her hole and continued eating her ass.

Alyssa pulled her husband's cock from her mouth and looked up to him.

“Our little slut is licking my ass hon,” she said nonchalantly. “Why don't you go reward her.”

Shane moved around behind Jessica as she continued tongue fucking Alyssa's asshole. He placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy and softly spread her engorged lips apart.

Jessica pulled her tongue from Alyssa's ass and turned to Shane.

“Fuck me! Please!”

Shane smiled and pushed his cock into her waiting cunt. Jessica moaned and threw her head back. Shane buried himself to the hilt in her wet hole, then grabbed her by the hair, forcing her face back between Alyssa's ass cheeks.

Jessica was moaning into her friend's ass, as Shane began to thrust. His dick slid in deep before retracting almost all the way out. He was so thick that her pussy was full and stretched around his girth as it traveled in and out. The force of each thrust pushed her harder between Alyssa's ass cheeks. Alyssa herself was moaning uncontrollably as Jessica tongued her tight butthole.

“Ohh, god! Lick it bitch! Lick my asshole!”

Her words made Jessica even more horny and she shoved her tongue in as far as it could go. Shane had one hand on her ass as his other grasped her hair. He was giving it to her so hard that Jessica thought he might cum soon.

It was then that he pulled out and yanked her head towards him, offering her his wet, glistening cock. Jessica sucked it in eagerly, tasting her own juices. She started stroking him as well, trying to get him to cum in her mouth, but Alyssa would have none of that.

“Slow down girl,” she said with a giggle. “Save some for me! I've been dying to have a cock in my ass all day.”

Jessica looked over to see her new friend prying her own ass cheeks apart as she sat bent over on the bed. She could see her tiny puckered butthole, wet with her saliva.

“Help him inside me,” Alyssa suggested.

Jessica took Shane's dick and pressed it up against his wife's ass. Alyssa moaned as he pushed forward. Jessica stared at the tiny hole as it stretched wide to receive the massive cock. As he started his slow descent into Alyssa's asshole, Jessica fondled his balls. He smiled at her then pulled her face up to kiss her. He shoved his tongue into her mouth as he bottomed out in his wife's ass. Jessica kissed him back harder, then moved lower to kiss his chest. But she didn't stop there. Lower and lower she went, until her tongue was at the base of his long hard dick. She licked at his shaft as it slid in and out of Alyssa's ass. She felt so dirty. She couldn't believe she was doing this on her honeymoon!

“Oh my God! Fuck Yes! Fill my ass!”

Jessica liked hearing Alyssa talk that way, and became even more turned on. Reaching under Shane's pulsing cock, she slid two fingers into her friend's pussy. She could feel his dick pressing against the inside of Alyssa's pussy wall. With her other hand she caressed Shane's balls, trying to coax the cum out of his cock.

Then she had an idea.

Moving around behind him, she lowered her head and started kissing his firm muscular ass. Pushing the taut cheeks apart, Jessica then stabbed his asshole with her little pink tongue. Shane's moans of pleasure told her that he liked what she was doing so she buried her face in his ass and ate his asshole like a sex crazed slut. As his thrusts became faster and faster, she pulled away and moved back around front. Shane was already cumming when he yanked his dick from Alyssa's well-fucked ass. Jessica watched the first few shots of hot white cream splash onto her friend's ass. Alyssa reached back and pulled her cheeks wide as her husband covered her butthole in cum. Jessica then dropped down and sucked the last of Shane's jism from his shrinking cock. She realized that it had just been up another woman's ass, but she didn't care. She just wanted to be as nasty and as slutty as possible.

As she pulled Shane's flaccid dick from between her lips she looked over at Alyssa. She was holding her ass open wide and Jessica could see the slimy liquid forming a sexy trail down her ass crack. She knew what she wanted, and she was happy to comply. Jessica started to lick the gooey mess from Alyssa's ass, paying close attention to her freshly stretched butt hole.

Mmm, that feel's so good, “Alyssa cooed as her friend ate her cum covered ass. “Now it's your turn.”

Jessica wanted badly to have Shane's dick inside her, so the women quickly went to work, trying to get him hard again. Jessica took his big soft cock into her mouth again and sucked frantically as Alyssa sucked his balls and poked a finger up his ass. Soon Shane was nice and hard again, and Jessica was ready to be fucked.

Alyssa gently pushed her back onto the bed, and assumed a 69 position. She then took her husband's cock, gave it a few licks and proceeded to guide it into Jessica's waiting cunt. Jessica moaned as her pussy stretched around his invading tool, taking him deeper and deeper. All the while Alyssa was working on her clit with abandon, licking and sucking at the soft fleshy button. Shane took her by the ankles and spread her wide as his hips pumped her full of cock. Jessica looked up into Alyssa's wet, dripping pussy and became so filled with lust she almost exploded.

Like a wild animal. she attacked, shoving her tongue into her friend's cunt. Her nose was pressed into her wet asshole as she tongue fucked her pussy. Every thrust of Shane's powerful hips jolted her firm little body and brought her a little closer to orgasm. She then began moaning uncontrollably as the intense feeling washed over her.

“I think our little slut wants it in the ass now hon,” Alyssa said to her husband. “Do you want to fuck that cute little ass of hers?”

Shane smiled and pulled out of Jessica's pussy. As he spread her legs wider and lifted her hips off the bed, Alyssa licked her fingers and began to slather Jessica's asshole in saliva.

Jessica took a deep breath as she felt her butthole begin to stretch. Alyssa hopped off and started to rub her friend's clit.

“You want it, don't you? She said. “You want to be fucked in the ass like a little whore!”

Jessica clenched her teeth. Shane's cock was quite big and the feeling of having it pushed up her tiny asshole was more than a little painful. She felt herself stretch as the thick meat traveled farther up her ass. Alyssa continued her barrage of filthy comments as her husband filled her asshole with his dick, making Jessica feel even more slutty.

“Oh god yes!” she moaned, thrusting her butt back against Shane's invading cock. “Fuck my ass!”

The minutes wore on and Shane became more and more aggressive as he pounded Jessica's asshole without mercy. Jessica shut her eyes and let the feeling flow through her body.

“I'm going to cum soon,” Shane said between breaths.

Alyssa smiled.

“Where do you want it Jess?” she asked. “Where do you want my husband's cum?”

“My face!” she answered. “Cum all over my fucking face!”

With that Shane pulled his cock from Jessica's well-fucked butthole, as Alyssa grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up. He was already spurting by the time Jess got her face in range. She smiled as the hot cream splashed across her lips. After he had spent his load, Alyssa moved in for one final deep kiss.

* * * * *

Jessica sat in the airport lounge waiting for her flight. Her loving husband James was beside her, holding her hand protectively. She wondered how long it would be before the temptation overtook her once again. How many more men would she fuck? Just how far could she take it without her new husband finding out? The thrill was building up inside her. She knew deep down inside that she would never be able to give up the new life she had found. She was tired of fighting it. She was ready to embrace it.

Jessica sat at the table, sipping at her morning coffee as she flipped through a a magazine. James had already left for work, and she had the whole day to herself. It had been nearly two months since her honeymoon, and she had been faithful to her new husband the whole time. The boredom was beginning to wear on her, however, and more than a few times she had found herself in a warm bubble bath with her hand between her legs, her thoughts taking her away from her marriage. She had considered buying a vibrator, but the thought of James finding it was absolutely mortifying.

Jessica sighed and leaned back in her chair. She had been meaning to go find a job, but just couldn't find the motivation. She had even stopped going to the gym. So far, her marriage had been a passionless prison, with the only high point being her daily excursions to the bath tub.

“Knock, knock.”

The sound of someone at the door, brought Jessica out of her reverie and she jumped up from her seat. Wrapping her robe tight around her body, she made her way over to the front door.

“Who could that be?” she muttered to herself.

Jessica turned the handle and pulled open the door.

Then she almost fainted.

“Did you miss me?” Pete asked with a arrogant grin.

As soon as Jessica regained her composure, she slammed the door, only to have Pete stick his foot in the way. She continued pushing, but her unexpected guest just pushed his way.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Jessica asked as she continued holding the door open, as if expecting Pete to leave.

“Nice to see you to Jess. How are things?”

“Fuck you!”

“Oh, come now. Is that any way to treat an old friend?”

“Listen asshole! You are not my friend, and I'd appreciate it if you would get the fuck out of my house! How the hell did you find me anyway?”

Pete smirked.

“I have my ways,” he said.

“Well, that's great but now if you'll excuse me…”

“Jess, Jess, Jess. You have to learn to relax,” he said that shutting the door.

With a smile he unzipped his pants.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Jessica yelled.

“I'm taking my pants off so you can give me a blowjob,” Pete said nonchalantly.

Jessica stared dumfounded.

“I am not giving you a blowjob asshole! I'm married now!”

“But you wont be for long if your husband finds out.”

Jessica's jaw dropped open.

“Y. You wouldn't!”

Jay let his pants drop to the ground with a smile.

“Let's see if that cute little mouth of yours still knows how to suck a cock!”

Jessica was stuck. She didn't put it past Pete to tell James her dirty secrets and if that happened, her life was over. He had her. She would have to do whatever he wanted.

Reluctantly, Jessica dropped to her knees, looking up at her blackmailer with contempt. He just stood there with that smirk on his face, his pants around his ankles, and his large dick hanging half-erect in front of him.

She shuffled over and reached out, grabbing his cock in her small hand. Pete smiled as she opened her mouth and took him.

“That's it!” he said. “Just like the good little whore you are!”

Jessica let his dick fall from between her lips.

“Don't call me that!”

Pete grabbed her head and shoved his cock back into her face.

“I'll call you whatever I like! If you don't want your husband to find out what a slut his sweet little wife is, then I suggest you do what ever I say. You're my personal whore now! Do you understand?”

Jessica remained silent.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she answered quietly.

“Good. Now tell me what a dirty slut you are.”

“I'm a dirty little cocksucking whore!”

To her surprise, Jessica found her panties become a little damp. She was turned on by having Pete dominate her!

She began bobbing back and forth, coating Pete's shaft with her saliva as he took a handful of her hair. Even though James had left for work less than an hour ago, Jessica was still worried he might come home so she wanted to finish Pete off as soon as possible and get him out of her house.

Reaching up, she started caressing his balls coaxing him to cum in her mouth. Her lips slid back and forth along his slick cock.

“Look into my eyes when you suck my dick!” Pete demanded.

Jessica stared up blankly as she continued sucking. She was stroking him faster and faster, eager to make him cum. The minutes passed before Pete grabbed her by the back of the head and shot a massive load of hot cum against the back of her throat. At first, she considered spitting it out, but she knew that Pete would just make her lick it back up, so she swallowed it down like the slut he wanted her to be.

Wiping a small gob from the corner of her mouth, Jessica stood up feeling very used and embarrassed.

“Well I guess you'll be going now?” she said that turning her back on Pete.

“Oh I think I'll stick around for a while.”

Jessica's heart dropped.

“You can't!” she pleaded. “If my husband comes home…”

“He won't be home for hours,” he said. “Now I think I'm going to relax.”

Jessica watched as Pete strolled through her home and took a seat on her living room sofa.

“Why don't you get me a drink babe!” he said slumping down in his seat.

“Asshole.” she muttered under her breath as she walked into the kitchen.

A few minutes later, she returned with a drink, setting it down in front of Pete. She then sat down in an armchair as far away from him as possible and crossed her arms.

“Take your clothes off honey.” he said that taking a sip of his drink.


“I think you heard me.”

Jessica gritted her teeth as she slipped off her bathrobe, tossing it aside. She was wearing a pair of plain white panties with no bra.

“Jessie! I'm disappointed in you. No sexy lingerie? Oh well. Take off those panties and come over here.”

Jessica did as she was told, pulling down her underwear and kicking them off. She then walked over to stand before her unwanted guest.

Pete looked up at her, inspecting her body as he took another sip.

“Why don't you have a seat on the floor there babe,” he said.

Jessica sat down in front of him holding her knees tight against her chest.

“Now don't be shy. Come on, spread those legs.”

Jessica swallowed her pride and let her knees fall open, exposing her tight little shaved pussy. She couldn't believe what was happening. This was her and her husband's house! This is where her children would play and grow up, and here she was showing her pussy to another man.

“Play with yourself, my sweet little whore.”

It sent shivers through her body when he talked like that but she did as she was told, sliding her hand down to her cunt. After stroking her clit, she slipped a finger into her hole and closed her eyes as she fucked herself.

Pete quickly downed the rest of his drink, and stood up. Jessica looked up at him, nervous about what he would do next.

“Let's move into the kitchen,” Pete said that taking her by the arm.

He pulled her into the kitchen, grabbed her by the waist and picked her up, setting her on the table.

“Not here Pete. Please! Let's go to the bedroom, or better yet let's go to a motel!”

“No!” he replied sternly. “I'm going to fuck you like the slut you are right here on your dining room table! And you're going to love it aren't you?”

“Y. Yes I want it. Please fuck your whore.”

Each word she muttered stung Jessica like a dagger in the heart, but she knew it was needed to keep her marriage and her life in order. “

Pete grabbed a hold of her nipple, twisting hard as he leaned to kiss her. She felt a little sick as his tongue penetrated her mouth, but she returned the kiss as enthusiastically as she could. Pete then pulled away, and grabbed the bowl of fruit from the center of the table and tossing it on the floor. Jessica was about to say something, but bit her lip as he climbed up onto the table.

He roughly rolled her onto her stomach and stuffed two fingers into her pussy from behind.

“Jess! You're all wet! You love this don't you?”

“Yes! I love being your dirty little slut whore!”

She was just acting and Pete knew this, but he didn't care. Giving her a smack on the ass, he stuck his fingers farther up her cunt. He then pulled out and began to lubricate his cock with Jessica's pussy juices as she lay face down on her kitchen table.

“Beg for it slut!”

“Please fuck me! Fuck my hot little pussy with your big fat cock!”

Pete grabbed her hips, pulling them up from the table top.

“Put my cock inside your cunt!” he ordered.

Jessica did as she was told once again, and reached back grasping his huge erect dick. She then placed it against her swollen pussy lips and pushed her hips backwards. She was trying to go slow, but Pete would have none of that. After giving her one more hard slap on the ass, he pushed forward to the hilt, causing Jessica to yelp in pain and surprise.

“Put a finger in your ass bitch!” he said as he began fucking her.

Jessica put her finger in her mouth and sucking it before reaching back and sliding it into her tight butt hole. If she knew Pete, then he'd want to fuck her there too, and she wanted to be nice and ready for his violent ass fucking.

She moaned in mock ecstasy as she felt his cock penetrate her, pressing against her finger through her pussy. Pete grabbed her hair and leaned down on her body, driving himself deeper. Jessica then moaned again, this time for real, as she felt Pete's balls pressing into her pussy lips. She could feel his hot breath on her face as he lowered his head.

“Don't you feel like a whore?” he hissed. “Don't you like being a dirty cumslut?”

“Yes, I love it! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

Jessica was trying not to enjoy it, but it was getting harder and harder. Pete started slamming his hips downward, causing Jessica's small body to bang repeatedly against the table.

Pete pulled back, taking Jessica with him, lifting her hips off the table. When she was back on her hands and knees, he resumed fucking her. Jessica felt something wet drop onto her asshole, and she knew Pete had just spit. She then felt his thumb smear the saliva around her rim and press inside, lubricating her anus. He gave her another slap on the ass, as he pulled his cock from her wet pussy.

“Do you know what I want to do next?”

“You want to fuck my ass.”

Without a word, Pete pushed his dick into her tight little asshole.

“Owww! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

It had been a while since she had been ass fucked, so Pete invasion of her anus was not exactly welcome. Once he was all the way, he grabbed her taut ass cheeks and spread them wide, getting a good view of Jessica's ass stretched around his cock. He pulled it out a little, then pushed it back, eliciting another string of curses from Jessica's sweet mouth.

“You're ass is even tighter than I remember,” he groaned as he started to build up speed.

Jessica dropped her head into her arms and bit her hand to keep from screaming. Every thrust that Pete inflicted, caused her knees and elbows to rub along the table. He was overpowering her and dominating her as if she was a worthless whore. It had been a while since she had felt those feelings and was starting to realize how much she missed them. As much as she hated Pete, she couldn't deny that he turned her on!

“You fucking slut! Take it like the whore you are!”

Pete's verbal assault continued, as did his physical assault on her anus. Just as she was beginning to loosen up, he pulled free. Jessica turned and was just about to say something, he shoved his cock back into her pussy. Before she could say anything, Pete let out a groan. Jessica cold feel her insides being sprayed with cum.

As Pete pulled out, a river of cum poured out of Jessica's pussy, down onto the placemats her mother in law had given her and James for their wedding. She felt so used but she was glad it was over.

“You have what you came for,” she said that hopping down off the table. “Now you can leave me alone.”

Pete let out a laugh.

“My dear, this is not what I came. It was just a special bonus.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I'll be back tomorrow to pick you up.”

“What? No! I can't. I'm done with this stuff! You have.”

“I'll be here at ten.”

Jessica knew there was no point arguing, so she just started to get dressed. Pete gave her one more slap on the ass before leaving.

* * * * *

Jessica paced around her house, nervously biting her lip. It was ten o'clock but Pete had not shown up yet. She couldn't help but be a little excited as well, although she truly feared getting caught be her husband. She knew Pete had a devious, perverted mind and would make her do anything if it pleased him.

Suddenly the blare of a car horn tore her from her thoughts, and she ran out the door, not wanting any of her neighbors to see her getting into a vehicle with a strange man.

Pete was waiting, parked in a white BMW on the side of the road. Jessica ran up and hopped inside, ducking low out of sight.

“Go! Go!”, she urged.

Pete let out a quiet chuckle and sped away.

They drove through the city for a while, neither saying much. Pete looked serious and transfixed. Jessica was just nervous. She became curious when they entered an upscale neighborhood and Pete parked the car in the driveway of a large mansion-like house.

“What are we doing here?” she asked.

“You'll see”, Pete said with a grin as he got out of the car.

That grin always made Jessica sick to her stomach.

They walked up to the front door and Pete rang the bell. A few moments passed before it was opened by a large fat man. He said hi to Pete, then gave a quick look to Jessica. He turned back to Pete, smiled and invited the two of them inside.

“Boss! The talent's here!” the fat man bellowed.

Jessica wondered what he meant by that.

The man led them into a large dining room with a white tile floor. In the center of the room was a huge table surrounded by four chairs. Placed around the table were various lights and cameras. It looked as if someone was shooting a movie.

“Oh God no!” Jessica cursed under her breath.

A middle aged man with a limp walked over and shook Pete's hand. He then glanced over at Jessica, studying her body. Pete introduced him as Hal.

“So this is the one,” he said that looking her up and down. “Not bad. Not bad at all. How does she look naked?”

“Even better,” Pete said. “And she'll do anything you want. This one's a real slut!”

“Is that true honey?” he said that stroking her face. “Are you a slut?”

Jessica swallowed hard before answering.

“Y. Yes.”

“Good! Then let's get right to it! Your clothes are in the bathroom. Go get changed and get your makeup on.”

Slowly, Jessica walked into the bathroom and shut the door. She was trying hard to fight back the tears. She was about to become a porn star!

A few minutes later she reemerged, after composing herself and putting on her “costume” which consisted of a light blue top and a black miniskirt. She noticed two men standing around naked. One was black, and the other white. Both were well built, although the white man was a little shorter and stockier. They were both decent looking so she was relieved at that.

“Jessie,” Hal said. “These are your costars Lex and Vince.”

The three of them exchanged smiles.

“Alright people, Hal shouted let's get this show on the road. We'll start off with the blowjobs and just take it from there. Jessie, get down on your knees in front of the table.”

Jessica did as she was told, kneeling down on the hard floor. As she did, she gave Pete a contemptuous look. He just smiled back.

The two men strolled over, hanging their semi-flaccid cocks in front of her face. Jessica closed her eyes and secretly begged forgiveness from her husband. She then tried to wash away all thoughts of him from her mind. If she had to do this, then she might as well have fun doing it!

“Action,” Hal shouted, and the cameras started rolling.

Jessica looked up at the two men and their dicks. Reaching out, she took one in each hand. She then opened her lips and took in Vince's meat into her mouth. She stroked it as she sucked him and jerked Lex's large black cock with her other hand. One of the camera men was right in her face as she sucked. She then began to moan around the dick in her mouth, trying to put on a good show.

Jessica then switched over and swallowed up Lex's cock, sucking him down to the balls. taking it that deep almost made her gag, but she fought the reflex and continued her fine work. After a few sucks, she switched back and downed Vince's dick as well. As she pulled it free, a string of sticky saliva clung to the head of his cock. She wiggled it around with her tongue for a few seconds before slurping it back up into her mouth.

Back and forth, she switched between the two dicks, sucking one then the other. She was taking each one deeper than the last, fighting back the gag reflex. Both cocks were soon dripping with her saliva, and she looked up into Lex's eyes, giving him a slutty stare. Jessica then proceeded to rub his wet cock all over her mouth and face, before taking it back.

Switching back to Vince, she gave him the same treatment, letting some of the saliva drip down onto her shirt. As she was sucking, Lex reached down and pulled her top down, exposing her tits to the camera. He then began to caress and fondle her breasts as she stroked his glistening cock. He then grabbed her by the hair and pulled her away form Vince, shoving his own dick into her mouth. A few minutes later Hal yelled cut and the two men stepped away.

“Okay guys,” Hal began. “Good work. Take a breather. Back in five minutes.”

Jessica wiped off her chin and looked over to see Pete giving her the thumbs up.

“Fuck you!” she mouthed silently.

“Damn girl!” Lex said. “You're good! Maybe we could get together sometime for some private fun.”

“I can't,” she replied. “I'm married.”

He gave her a confused look, but didn't press the issue. Jessica got up and had a glass of water. It was then time to start shooting again.

“Okay,” Hal shouted. “Let's do the rim job scene. Vince, get up on the table. Lex, you start fucking her.”

“Rim job scene?” Jessica asked.

Nobody said anything as Vince hopped on the table and brought his knees to his chest, exposing his asshole.

“Action!” Hal shouted.

Lex immediately came up behind Jessica and bent her over the table, so that her face was mere inches away from Vince's puckered ass. One of the camera men came right up close and zoomed on her face. Tentatively she poked her tongue out and touched his rim. She could feel Lex behind her, spreading her pussy lips for his cock.

Without any urging, she started lapping at Vince's asshole, running her tongue from his crack up to his balls. She let out a small squeal as Lex penetrated her pussy with his dick, pushing her face right into Vince's butt. Soon he began to thrust back and forth, and Jessica had to try hard to keep her tongue against the asshole in front of her. She could feel Lex pull out all the way and then slam back to the hilt. She wanted to tell him to slow down a little but, her mouth was busy at the moment.

She finally did let out a yell as Lex pounded her pussy. Raising her face from Vince's ass, she turned and looked into Lex's eyes. As she stared at him, she felt Vince grab her hair and pull her back. This time he guided her to his cock and she eagerly sucked it down once again.

Meanwhile, at her other end, Lex lifted her leg to gain better access to her pussy and pounded her deep. Jessica moaned loudly as she slurped on the dick in hr mouth. She was rubbing his balls as she sucked, but had a hard time paying attention to Vince, while Lex fucked her pussy.

As Lex picked up the pace, Jessica couldn't take it anymore. She lifted her mouth from the cock in front of her and settled for stroking it instead.

“Fuck! Fuck yes! Fuck me! Oh, Yeah! Fuck my pussy!”

Her words only encouraged Lex to continue his merciless barrage and he fucked her harder than ever.

“Change it up!” Hal ordered.

With that Lex lifted her small body up onto the table and laid her on her back. He kept her hips dangling off the edge so he could continue fucking her, while Vince straddled her face, dipping his cock down to her mouth.

Jessica grabbed his dick and jerked it back and forth as his balls bounced against her face.

“I want you to cum in my mouth!” she said as her tongue lashed out.

Lex was spreading her legs wide and pummeling her tight little pussy, groaning softly to himself. Jessica leaned her head back and took the tip of Vince's dick between her lips as she continued stroking him.

Lex then put her legs up on his shoulders and thrusted deep inside her. She let out a shrill shriek, but continued sucking the cock in her mouth. A few seconds later, Vince pulled back and started furiously jerking his meat over Jessica's face.

Jessica opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out, hungry for cum. Her body rocked gently as Lex fucked her, and her moans encouraged Vince to fill her mouth with jism.

A few seconds later he came, shooting the hot creamy fluid down onto Jessica's lips and tongue. She could feel the goo pooling at the back of her throat as Vince squeezed the last drop from his penis. The camera zoomed in as Jess used her finger to wipe the jizz from her lips. She opened wide, showing the camera the cum in her mouth, then swallowed it all down.

Vince took a breather as Lex continued fucking her. The taste of cum in her mouth intensified her lust and she gritted her teeth as she encouraged Lex to give her his load as well. It didn't take long, before he pulled his long cock from her ravaged pussy and came around to stroke himself over her face. He got there just in time, and released a fair sized load into her mouth as well. Jessica swallowed it all, and then licked her lips, smiling into the camera.

“Cut,” Hal yelled.

Jessica sat up, thinking the whole ordeal was over. As she went to get dressed Pete walked over and slapped her on the ass.

“It's not over yet babe!” he said. “We still have the anal scene to shoot.”

“Anal scene?!”

“You bet. We just have to wait a while for the guys to get ready again.”

Jessica's shoulders slumped in resignation. Her pussy was already sore from the pounding and she could just imagine the work those two could do on her poor little ass.

About twenty minutes later Vince and Lex were ready to go again. Jessica resumed her position on the table. And the cameras started rolling.

Vince took his dick and started working it into her asshole, as Jessica widened her legs to give him better access. He went quite slow, pushing it in inch by inch as Jess clenched her teeth.

“Fuck my ass!” she moaned, now unable to control the words coming out of her mouth.

Lex sat up on the table and lifted her head, placing it on his thick. His long black cock was rubbing up against her face as Vince butt fucked her.

“Oh yeah! Fuck yes!” she groaned, before turning her head to take Lex's dick into her wet little mouth.

Jessica lost count of the time that passed, as her ass was plunged by Vince's dick. Soon he pulled out and Jessica was coaxed to change positions.

Vince stood up on one of the chairs, and Lex bent Jessica over, priming her asshole for his monstrous cock. She took Vince's dick into her mouth and sucked furiously as her tight little ass stretched wide to accommodate her new lover's thick shaft. After a few minutes, Vince was ready to blow again. His body shuddered as another thick load of hot sperm flooded Jessica's mouth.

The gooey fluid spilled out of her mouth, dripping down her chin. Cupping her hand, she reached up catching most of it before sucking it back into her mouth.

Lex continued fucking her until he started to groan. Jess knew he was about to cum so she pulled her ass off his cock and spun around, dropping to her knees. As he began to shoot, Jessica locked her lips around his shaft and took it all into her mouth. When he had finished, she pulled away and opened her mouth wide for the camera, showing off the pool of white jism on her tongue. She then swallowed it all down, before showing the camera her empty mouth.

“That was fucking great!” Hal exclaimed after the cameras stopped. “You have a real future in the business baby.”

Jessica managed a smile, before the guilt began to set. She rushed off to the bathroom and locked the door. Then she began to cry. What had she become? What else would Pete force her to do?

She took her time getting dressed, before emerging from the room. She hardly said a word as Pete drove her home. She fully expected him to make her give him a blowjob or something like that but to her surprise he did nothing of the sort.

As he parked outside her house, Jessica quickly got out.

“Hey Jess!” Pete yelled after her. “I'll be back friday, so you had better be ready for some real fun! Bye bye my little whore.”

Jessica's blood boiled as Pete sped off. How much more humiliation would she have to endure just to save her marriage? She knew this was only the beginning.

Somberly, she walked into her house to take a shower. She had to clean off the smell of sex before James got home.

The End