Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kendra's Ass

My girlfriend Tina and I decided to move in together and were out apartment hopping. We narrowed down our choices based upon the apartments that had the amenities we wanted and we came across the Apartments on the Run. They had everything we needed wanted and seemed perfect. So we walked in and were greeted by Kendra. Clad with a huge diamond on her left ring finger, this brunette's hair ran half way down her back. She was about25 years old, 5 ' 7 " tall and weighed no more then 130 lbs. Her tits were perfect, my guess was around a 36 C and her ass was just the way I like it…not small and boney nor huge and the size of Texas. There was the perfect amount of cushion and as she walked in her skirt, you could see one ass cheek rub the other with each step. Kendra took Tina and I on a tour of some available apartments and did her best to convince us why her property was the best in the area. Tina seemed impressed and we agreed we would rent apartment 300. Tina seemed to notice that I was overly flirty with Kendra and got a little steamed at me. Tina is a great girl, 5 ' 1, 125 lbs 36 D chest. But as she has gotten older (since she graduated college) she has been growing much more conservative. Gone were the days of sex in public places, public displays of affection and a regular dose of oral sex & anal sex. I loved her and the sex was great, but hey I am only a man. I stand about 6 ' 1, 220 lbs. Have a decent build and a rather well endowed cock. It's about eight inches long and very thick. Tina & I signed the papers and had to comeback in three days for a walk through/inspection so we could make sure the items we found wrong with the apartment were fixed before we moved. When I arrived without Tina for the inspection, Kendra was no longer polite and friendly, but now seemed like a total bitch. I guess since she had our money she felt we did warrant professional courtesy. On the walk through I pointed out that just about every item we asked to be repaired had yet to be done. She told me it would get done and she really did not have time to deal with such minor complaints. I was rather steamed and gave her a cold stare and said that “Listen little girl, I don't know what kind of game you are playing, but have over $1500 of my money in escrow, pending my approval of this inspection. As of now I do not approve and I want my money back.” Kendra shot back that I better never call her a little girl again. Her fiancĂ© lived on site and if I wanted the year to be pleasant I better mind my manners. My better judgment told me I needed to walk away from this place, but there was something about Kendra. I kept arguing with her and was ready to walk away from the deal, but she promised everything would be fixed by our move in date which was Saturday. This was not good enough for me, so we went back to her office, it was 6 Pm by now and everyone else was gone. I told her I wanted my money back and she said that she would not give it to me. The more she denied me, the more turned on I was getting by her and the bulge in my pants was fairly obvious. She noticed it and laughed at me saying I had no chance of getting in her underwear. I told her that was debatable. At this point I felt our contract had been violated as the apartment was not ready upon my inspection and I wanted my money back. Seeing I was serious she asked me what she could do to change my mind. I stood up with my 8 inch cock practically ripping open my pants, walked up to her and kissed her. She slapped me across the face so I grabbed her by her arms pushed her against the wall and kissed her deeply, my tongue totally exploring her mouth and my cock bulging pressing firmly against her crotch. Her hands immediately found my cock and she could not get my pants off quick enough. As she pulled my boxers down my thick 8 inch cock just popped into her hands and just rubbed it. Telling me that her fiancĂ© was half my size, she dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick as hard as she could. Her left hand cupped my balls as she had her right hand firmly around my base as she sucked me harder and harder. While Tina gives a great BJ, Kendra had no problem with me grabbing her head and pushing it as far down on my cock as possible. Kendra was able to deep throat me without any problem. Before I came, I had to teabag this girl so I pulled out of her mouth, pushed her lower to the ground and had her hold her head back as I dipped my balls right into her mouth and draped my cock over her face. About two minutes later she put my cock back in her mouth sucked as tight as she could and just bobbed and bobbed until I could not wait longer and I blasted a hot load of cum down her throat. Ever since I could remember I came in very large quantities and this time was no different. I counted Kendra swallowing at least 10 times. Kendra thought her deal was safe, but I was not done with her just because of a blow job. So I pulled her up and ripped her blouse off of her and did the same to her bra and took her big chew nipples into my mouth. I lifted Kendra onto her desk and turned her around so she was on her knees with her head down. I lifted her skirt up over her ass only to see she was not wearing any panties and only her black pantyhose were in my way from having both her holes. But rather then take the hose off, I wanted her to feel like a slut so I simply ripped the entire ass section of her hose out so I now had easy access to her pussy, her asshole and her ass cheeks but her hose were still around her waste and down her legs. I spread her ass cheeks open and buried my face in her pussy and started to eat her shaved wet pussy like it was thanksgiving dinner. Her juices tasted so sweet and her clit was huge and throbbing. It didn't take long before she came and she almost fell right off her desk. I could not resist at this point and immediately stuck my tongue right in her asshole and she pulled away saying nothing goes in her ass. I slapped her ass check hard and told her if she wanted my business she should shut up and enjoy the rim job. Between my tongue rimming her sexy asshole, my thumb massage her clit it was only a few seconds before she came again and as soon as she did I stuck my lubed up middle finger right up her ass and she came again almost instantly. At this point I was rock hard again and stood up and plowed my cock into her hot wet pussy. Holding her hips I adjusted her so her feet were on the ground and her tits and arms could rest on her desk and I could easily get my entire cock inside her. Her clit was so thick that the bottom vein of my dick was rubbing it on each stroke. Holding her hips I just pounded her pussy as hard as I could. I am surprised no called the police because Kendra was a screamer. “You're fucking my pussy so good.” “It's so nice to have a cock fill me up for a change.” Feeling her pussy really tighten around my cock I felt as if she was going to cum again and immediately stuck two fingers in her ass as I fucked her pussy…That was it for her. She let go of everything and I could feel her pussy juice squirting out of her as she came a fourth time. Almost passing out she begged me to ease up as her pussy could not take anymore. I did not have to be asked twice, so I pulled out of her pussy and pushed the head of my cock right up to her puckered little asshole. She asked what I thought I was doing so I just pushed harder and told her to shut up yet again. I felt her asshole expanding and I popped right. Slowly working my way, I kept moving slowly until her ass was fully surrounding my entire cock. For anal virgin she took the whole thing in there. She slowly started wiggling her ass back and fourth and seemed to be enjoying her anal invasion. Her ass was so tight. I loved being in it. She really started moaning and begging for it harder and before long I was fucking her ass almost as hard as her pussy. I noticed a trace of blood on my cock from her ass. But I did not care. I fucked her even harder. She was reaching under herself playing with her clit and soon began to cum again. The second I felt her warm cum on me I pulled out of her ass, admired her gaping asshole for just a second pull her off the desk pushed her to her knees and shoved my cock in her mouth. We had not been using a condom so I could tell she did not quite enjoy the taste of her ass at first but she kept rubbing her clit and was cumming again with my cock in her mouth and seemed to forget it. With her left hand on my nuts I was ready to explode. I pulled out of her mouth and showered her with a massive load of cum. Her face and hair had cum all over it as the last amount dripped down her tits right on to her black skirt. We got dressed and I quickly signed the papers. She stated that I should not expect this to happen on a regular basis. Out of my pants pockets I pulled out a small tape recorder which recorded the whole thing the inspection, the negotiations and the fucking. I told her it will be more regular then she realizes. If it wasn't then Luke was going to find living in the complex unpleasant. I smiled and asked her how she was going to explain the ripped panty hose and she said that she would just throw them out. I then smiled and pointed to the front of her skirt and asked that “How will you explain the cum stain?” “You fucking slut!” Tina screamed as she barged into Kendra's office. Kendra's client staring confused at Tina, seems stunned. “Lady, the woman you are about to sign a lease with felt the need to fuck my boyfriend in order to close a sale.” The client got up from her chair and left. Kendra looking furious, slammed her office door shut and gets in Tina's face and blurts, “What the fuck is your problem you bitch?” [SLAP] Tina blasted Kendra across the face and told her not to play dumb because she heard the whole tape of me (Jon) getting laid by her when the apartment failed inspection. “He sedeuced me,” Kendra stated. Kendra explained how it happened and reasoned if Tina had listened to the tape, she would have heard that I sedeuced her. “You're right, he did come on to you, but you did not throw him out. Instead you did it just to make a sale…your nothing more then an over priced whore. And I am going to treat you like one right now, or else I am going to go find your fiance Lucas and play him my tape,” Tina snarled. What do you mean? “Kendra asked with a puzzled look. “Bend over your desk like the whore you are and you will find out…or I go to apartment 686 and tell Lucas all about how my boyfriend filled you up for a change,” Tina stated. Kendra, knwoing she had no choice bent over her desk, much like she did for me the day before and lifted her skirt up. Tina, walked behind her and ripped Kendra's G-string out of her ass and literally ripped the string off of the panties. Tina got down on her knees so Kendras pussy and asshole were right in her face and asked if she had ever been eaten out by a woman. As Kendra answered no, Tina slid a dildo out of her coat pocket and with no lube pressed into Kendra's ass. Crying out in pain, Kendra yelled, “What the fuck?” Tina just pushed the dildo in harder. A dry dildo with no lube penetrating Kendra's ass was painful. To be nice Tina began eating out Kendra's pussy which was wet instantaneously. “You like me eating your pussy don't you you whore?” Tina boasted rhetorically. “That dildo hurts,” Kendra replied. With that Tina used her left hand and slapped Kendra's ass so hard there was a small red hadn print on Kendra's ass. Tina told her to shut up as she extended her tounge directly into Kendras now wer hot pussy. The dildo was now almost entirely in Kendra's ass. Tina pulled the dildo out and lubed it up with Kendra's juices before inserting back into Kendra's bung hole. Relaxing more and now feeling pretty good Kendra began moving her ass back and fourth and up and down on the dildo that Tina had in her ass. Tina licked her pussy and clit faster and harder before Kendra had her first orgasm. Tina, realizing that Kendra was enjoying this treatment more then she should be instructed Kendra to roll over while keeping the dildo in her ass. Unable to do so Kendra slid her skirt off so she could obeythe coomand. Tina, who had slid her pants and panties off over the course of this action scooted up on Kendras desk and began to straddle Kendra's face. “Listen you greedy, selfish cunt, you I am gonna sit onyour face and you better quickly have your tounge in my ass or else,” Tina ordered. As Tina squatted down, Kendra's tounge immediatly began working over Tina's asshole. Tina spread her cheeks so Kendra could litereally get her tounge deepinside her ass. Tina meanwhile was working Kendras ass real good with the dildo. Kendra, who seemed to be an orgasm machine came again and as she did she pushed her face deeper into Tina's ass. Kendra was also now using a hand to play with Tina's pussy. At this point Tina, dropped the dildo and leaned forward leaving her and Kendra in a 69 postion. They went to town on each other eating each others pussies's, assholes and sucking on each others clits. Tina, exploded into a massive orgasm and squirted hot cum out of her clit all over Kendra's face (Tina is amajor squirter). It was at this point the girls rolled off the desk and a loud commotion was made. This was my cue. I quietly opened the door just enough to slide into the landlords office. What I saw was Kendras hot sexy as straddling Tina's face as Kendra was now ontop in the 69 position. Tina smiled at me, seeing my video camera inhand. I dropped my pants as Kendra still had no idea I was in the room. Tina was really giving Kendras pussy a workout. All of this on tape, I kneeled behind Kendra, my 8.5 inch cock hard in hand and slid right into her already slightly loose asshole as a resultof the dildo. Stunned, Kendra tried to turn around and see what was up, when Tina wrapped her legs around Kendra's neck and said that “Slut, JOn is going to fuck you anyway he wants, and you are going to keep eatingmy pussy as he does it.” Kendra's giggled and began rocking her ass back and fourth on my dick and was really loving life as Tina ate her pussy, I made her asshole gape and she ate Tina's pussy and ass. Kendra came almost immediatly and begged for Tina to ease up on her clit. Tina sucked harder and Kendra nearly collapsed, except I held her up and stared really pumpin my cock ina nd out of her ass. Her asshole looked so sexy taking my cock in and out of it. Just seeing those sexy cheeks hug my cock and feeling the inside of her asshole almost made me cum. But I could not because Tina and I had a plan. I palce my camera on the desk in a position where it was taping everything. Pulling out of Kendra's ass, I pulled Kendra off Tina and maneuvered Kendra onto her back. Spreading her legs wide, I inserted the dildo back into Kendra's ass and then slid my cock into her hot wet pussy. Tina meanwhile squatted over Kendra's moutha nd Kendra continued to work on Tina's pussy. I could tell Tina was about to cum, so I pumped Kendra's pussy harder and used my left hand to pump her ass with dildo. Kendra came again, just as Tina exploded into another orgasm and her cum shot onto Kendra's tits and even some onto my chest. Tina winked at me as I exploded and came deep inside Kendra's pussy. Kendra seemed freaked out and I laughed at her and said that “Not on the pill huh whore?” As I pulled my dick out of Kendra's pussy, Tina started peeing all over Kendra. Kendra was degraded and devestated. As soon as Tina finished peeing all over Kendra's face and body (and some pee definietly got into Kendra's mouth). I pulled the dildo out of Kendra's ass. Tina and I got up and got dressed as Kendra just lay there. Asshole gaping, pussy dribbling out cum, Tina's cum mixed with Tina's pee all over her face and body. Tina and I started to leave and Kendra just continued to lay there, not knowing if she should be upset or in a state total fulfillment. “By the way Kendra, we are going ot be living here rent free or else your bosses at corporate will get a copy of this tape,” Tina said. “Also Kendra, I am having some friends over tomorrow night…why don't you come by our place around 8 and make sure Lucas thinks you will be out all night. If you don't show, then Lucas will see this video tape,” I said. Kendra nodded her head as she started to get up. Tina and I left and went to our apartment to take a nice hot shower. I fucked Tina's ass, came in her mouth and then bathed her up. As we got out of the shower, Tina asked that “Just what do you have in store for Kendra tomorrow?” I replied, “After tomorrow night, that cunt is going to no longer have a fiance, but at least take pride inthe fact that at least 8 guys fucked her in the ass in the same night. Tina laughed, “As long as you fuck me in the ass as I watch them, you can fuck her ass again as well.” “Deal.” There was a knock on the door at 8 PM. Kendra walked, wearing tight black pants and it was clear she had a thing riding up her butt. On top she was wearing a black tank top that definietly showed off her nice cleavage. Tina fixed Kendra a rum & coke and asked Kendra is she was ready for the nights festivities. Kendra nodded in approval. Tina then asked Kendra what she thought of yesterdays threesome and what to expect for tonight. Kendra replied, “I have been wet all day thinking about yesterday and tonight.” Tina who was wearing just a t-shirt and a thing satdown on the couch with Kendra and asked herif her first anal sex experience was really with me the other day. Kendra Nodded yes. Tina also asked if the first time she was ever with a woman, was yesterday. Kendra also noddedyes again. At this point i emerged from the bathroom, buck naked with a colossal hard on. Knowing full well wha the night had in store, I was ready to roll. Kendra's guests would not be over for about 30 minutes and I wanted her pussy and ass kept fresh. But, i definietly wated to feel her blow job again and shoot a lot of sperm into her stomach so i walked up in front of Kendra, stuck my dick in front of her and gently pushed her forward so Kendra would realize what was expected. Kendra gave me a violent blow job, sucking my cock hard and vsiously. Deep throating the hthing and using her hand to jerk my shaft, her tounge was in coantant motion and her lips were sucking my cock so hard. it was alsmot as if she was thristy for my cum. Tina meanwhile, satdown between my legs and leaned up and sucked my balls. It did not take long after that for my hips to buck, Kendra buried her face down into my pubic hairas I fired a hot load of cum down her throat. She swallowed most of it, but iwas a potent load so some dripped out of the corner of her mouth. Tina immediatley got up and licked my cum off of Kendra's face and smiled at her. Just then a knock on the door occured. It was time. We blind folded Kendra because we did not want her to know what was going on. At this point, five of our friends walked in: Larry, Tony, Mike, Dave and Steve all entered. Tina handed them all a beer as they walked. Kendra was sitting there, still fully clothed but blind folded. Just before Tina closeed the door, one more guest rolled, whom I did not recognize, but figured I knew who it was. He just sat down in the corner. I stated that “Guys, this here is Kendra. She is the slut bang whore who runs this apartment complex who tried to rip Tina and I off. When I called her bluff she decided to blow me, and even let me fuck her in the ass and cum in her pussy. She is enagaged and her fiance lives in the complex. To make along story short I have some evidence that Kendra would liek so in order to earn it she has agreed to fuck all five of you silly tonight. The rules are simple…any hole goes. Fuck her wear you want, cum where you want and DO NOT use protection. With that said that Larry walked up to Kendra, lifted her up and ripped her tank top off. Kendra was smart and not wearing a bra. Larry literally threw Kendra on the ground, lifted her skirt and started to tounge fuck her pussy. As Larry ate out her Pussy, Steve dropped his pants and revelaed a rather small Penis (5 inches) kneeld over Kendras face and buried his dick between her lips. Tony and Mike each started sucking on one of Kendra's nipples and Dave was now naked and stuck his dick in Kendra's ahnd. Dave was about 7 inches long, but very skinny. Kendra immediatly started giving hima hand job. Larry, at this point figured Kendra was wet enough so he unzipped his fly and plopped out his 11 inch dick. Larry motioned to the boys it was time to move. So while the rest of them undressed, Larry lied down and helped himslef into kendra's asshole after he quickly lubed his cock up. Kendra, whose skirt was now around her waist, was riding Larry's cock with her ass. Dave took the opportunity to split Kendra's pussy in half and the two of them dped her Kendra very quickly screamed that she was cumming. As kendra screamed Tony dipped his cock into kendr'as mouth and the whore had all three holes filled. I could not take any more, so I grabbed tina, bent her over on her hands and knees so she could watch kendra get banged and started fucking her doggy style. Larry started to buck his hips and screamed as he busted a nut up Kendra's ass. Larry slid out of Kendra and you could see cum oozing out of her ass. Dave fell backwards and pulled Kendra with him so she was now riding his cock. Feeling herself sit on 11 inches of man hood, Kendra came again just as Mike scooted behind her and slid his dick into her asshole. Tony meanwhile pulled his dick out of Kendra's mouth, and jerked off his spunk right onto her face and shot cum on her face and in her hair. Steve took tony's place, but not before kendra used a finger to slide the cum from her face to her mouth. So now Kendra was riding Dave's cock mIke was really holding her hips and punding her ass hard. As Kendra sucked off Steve. Slowly Mike annoucned that he was fucking Kendra's ass so hard there was some blood, but just as he said that kendra came again. Meanwhile Larry was getting hard again and Tony walked over to see if Tina would suck hima bit until he got hard. She looekd at me and I gave her approval. Our mystery man was hard as a rock but not moving. Mike and Dave both started grunting. Mike's thick dick was flying in and out of Kendra's bloody butt and Dave was literally splitting Kendra in half with every stroke. Kendra came again and squirted her clit all over Dave just as Dave and Mike both came deep inside of her. Tina, seeing all three of them cum, clenched her pussy ahrd and came all ovr my cock just as I fill ed her up with a big load of cum. MIke pulled out of Kendra's ass, as dave slid her off his cock. Lying on her Back, Steve slipped his little dick to Kendra's pussy. “Kendra stated that “God if I di not know any mbetter I would suggest my little dick fiance was fucking me.” Meanwhile, larry walked over Kendra's head and straddled her face and literally forced her to lick his ass. Gaging she tried to refuse but Larry weighed 260 lbs and literally just opened his ass onto her mouth so she did as she was told. Meanwhile, I leaned down to Tina and started tossing her salad as she blew Tony Harder. Tony was hard as a rock just as Steve annoucned he was cumming and pulled his dick out of Kendra's pussy to cover her with cum. Tony pulled out of tina's mouth and went and stuck his dick in Knedra's pussy. Larry and Mike meanwhile were now each getting a bj from kendra as she alternated. Tina tunerd around ad started getting me hard again by blowing me. I toold all the boys to make sure they did not cum as I had an idea. AT this point, Steve started jerking himself off ass Dve started to fuck Tina's pussy to get good and worked uyp. One I could tell everone washard I said for everyone to circle around Kendra. Kendra was overly excited, still blindfolded but wsa cumming almsot every mintue was rubbing her clit as the six os uf circle jerked around her. I told the boys when they felt they were ready to cum to stick there dick in her pussy and give one shot of cum in her pussy then pull out and shoot th rest anywhere on her they wanted. Steve went first, because he was about to blow and yelledas he shot into her cunt and then pulled out and shot the rest of his junk on her face. He leaned into her and called her a cum covered slut. Then made Kendra Lick his ass as Larry moved in and came in her pussy as well Lary decided to cover her big tits wih the rest of his cum but at least told Steve to move so he did not get any on him. Tony was next and shot a bit in her pussy before pulling out and adding his cum to Kendra's face. Tina, all worked up straddled Tina's Face as I fucked Kendra's pussy. Tina's thickk clit shot a wad of hot pussy juice and covered Kendra's face, jsut as I shot off my sperm deep into kendra's pussy. I pulled out and shot some on Kendra's tits before cumming on her face. Mike quickly stuck his dick balls deep into kensra's pussy and came instantly, then pulled out and used the rest of his cum as shampp for kendra's hair. Dave was last and decided to impale Kendra's ass as she was laying downa nd blood covered his cock as he fucked her pussy hard. Kendra came again just as Dave pulled out and skipped cumming in her pussy and just covered Kendra in cum. All of us feeling good. .looked over as the now naked stanger walked up. He kneeled down between Kendra's pussy and stuck his dick in her. Kendra made a face knowing almost instaly who it was. He fucked her pretty ard for about 90 seconds and pulled his cock out and fucked her ass. Fucking her hard she screamed as she came again. He pluleld out of her ass and made her ATM (ass to mouth) him and shot his spunk down her throat. She looked to be gagging from the taste he held her head in place making her taste her own bloody covered shit. Standing up he looked hard at the slut beneath him and stareted to pee on her. WHile peeing he kneeled to her mouth, pried her mouth opena nd peed in her mouth. As he did this he pulle dher blind fold off as she seemed like she saw a ghost when she came face to face with Lucas. Her fiance whi just fucked her in the ass, made her suck her own shit off his dick and then peed in her mouth. He took her hand, looked at her ring and said that “Were through.” he took her ring off her finger. Got dressed and left. Tina pulled Kendra; s skirt off her and now Kendra was naked. The six of us guys lifted Kendra up and carried her over to the door and thre her out of the apartment. leaving Kendra covered in cum, possibly pregnant, with a bloody butt and pee in her mouth. She had to figure out where to go, and how to get home as the rest of us got drunk. When the boys left later, Kendra was no where to be found. Tina kissed thanking me for reinvigerating our sex life. I kissed her back and told her I got a taste of her ass but before hnow I wanted to fuck it. She walked over to the table, bent ovre spread her cheeks and said that “Fuck me in the ass baby.”

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