Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Following Through

Sylvia just lay on her sofa, Robert's cum oozing out of her bruised and tender pussy. Her breasts were sore, the nipples bruised and swollen where he had nipped at her tender flesh. She sobbed silently, her whole body shaking as though she were gripped by a raging fever. Eventually, she pulled the tattered rags of her blouse together and kicked off her laddered pantyhose. Standing she made her way unsteadily to the bathroom. Locking the door, she dropped her clothes into the laundry hamper. She turned the bath faucets on and poured a thin stream of bath foam under the water, filling the room with warm steam. As the bath filled, Sylvia looked at her body in the mirror. Her pussy was tender, red and swollen, with ropes of sticky cum matting her bush. Her breasts were peppered with tiny bruises, where Robert had sucked and bit at her skin. The points of her nipples were still raw and swollen, standing hard and erect from the pink circles of her aureoles. Sylvia closed her eyes and slid her hand down, over the curve of her belly, until her fingertips touched her swollen, aching clit. She blushed, even though there was no one to see, as she felt the wetness of her pussy. The slime of Robert's thick sperm had mingled with her thinner, sharper pussy juice. Sylvia could not help thinking about the feeling of his cock inside her pussy and how it had made her wet, despite her protests. She knew that one call to the police would make his life hell and part of her mind wanted to punish him for the violation he had committed on her body. Her body itself remembered the sensation of him stretching her pussy and plunging his young, hard cock deep into her womb. Her fingertips circled the tip of her hard clit and she moaned, like a wounded animal, as they brushed against the sensitive bud. She ran her fingers along the swollen lips of her pussy, pressing them into the wet opening and feeling the slime that still coated the walls.Sylvia knew that with every minute she waited, it would be harder for her to call the police and that once she stepped into the steaming bath, much of the evidence would be washed away. She reached over and turned the faucets off, then climbed into the tub, lowering herself slowly into the hot water. The warm water soothed her aching breasts and lapped gently at her gaping pussy. Gently, she stroked the scented water over her body, moistening her breasts before moving her hand lower, over her belly, to dig her fingers roughly into her pussy. It only took a few thrusts with her fingers for her to cum hard, her juices mingling with the bathwater and Robert's sperm that oozed out of her.As the ache in her pussy eased, Sylvia pondered what she should do about Robert. She knew that by now, the best evidence that he had raped her had been washed away. Even the bruising to her pussy lips and the soreness of her nipples would have subsided by morning. Slowly, she began to realise that she had almost enjoyed him taking her. “If only,” she mused to herself, “I had been ready for him and he had been gentler.”The realisation that she had become aroused helped Sylvia to make up her mind. She would not be calling the police. In fact, she would be calling Robert. She needed to feel him inside her again, to take his cock as he plunged it deep inside her. She levered herself to her feet and climbed carefully out of the tub, wrapping herself in the soft terry robe that she hung on the back of the bathroom door. Wrapped in the soft material, she made her way back into the bedroom and lay upon the bed, letting the robe soak the drops of water from her body. Slowly she drifted into a deep and dreamless sleep although her hand, as though possessed of its own will, slipped inside the front of her robe and rested lightly over her swollen pussy.Sylvia was woken the next morning by bright sunlight, pouring through her bedroom window. She stretched carefully, smiling as the ache in her pussy appeared to have completely gone. Her breasts were still scattered with tiny bruises from Robert's mouth but even they had begun to fade. Sylvia swung her legs out of bed and moved over to the closet. She chose her outfit very carefully, laying the items on the bed, one by one. The blouse she chose was made of heavy, pale blue, Chinese silk. It was completely opaque, but slick and sensuous to the touch. A row of tiny pearl buttons fastened it from the high neck to below her waist. A darker blue skirt, silk lined, in fine wool and a matching jacket went to join the blouse, laid across her bed.Sylvia smiled to herself, knowing that the combination would be imposing, possibly even intimidating. She opened a drawer in her dressing table that had remained closed for a very long time, since her husband had died, in fact. Reaching inside she slid out a white box made of stiff card. Inside, carefully wrapped in tissue, was an ivory coloured corset, lightly boned, with laces down the back and hook and eye fastenings all the way up the front. She had worn this beneath her wedding dress when she had married and again when they had renewed their vows. Sylvia laid the corset on the bed, next to her other clothes and lifted out a pair of matching silk panties. The material ran through her fingers like ice, sliding sensuously over her skin. Opening the other drawer, she took out a pair of sheer silk stockings, gossamer fine and so light that they almost floated through the air. From the bottom of her closet, Sylvia chose a pair of heels, deep blue to match the skirt and jacket she had decided to wear.Sylvia walked, naked, across the landing into the bathroom and showered under a warm gentle spray. She carefully trimmed the soft curls covering her pussy, so that the pink of her lips showed through. Freshened up, she patted her skin dry, watching herself in the mirror and lifting her fingers to pull, slowly, at her erect, pink nipple. She chose a bottle of scent from the bathroom cabinet, something light and flowery but with a musky undertone, and dabbed a few drops behind her ear and on her wrists. Then, smiling wickedly to herself, she tilted the bottle, so that a few drops fell into the shallow valley between her breasts and trickled slowly over her skin.Moving more swiftly now, she crossed back to her bedroom and began to dress. The corset went on first, nipping her waist and pushing her breasts upwards and together, so that the cleft between her breasts was deepened. The she slid the panties up her legs luxuriating in the whispering caress of the silk against her skin. The silk clung to her body, outlining her pussy lips and pressing against her almost bare mound. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Sylvia rolled the silk of the stockings along her legs and clipped the tops to her suspenders. Standing, she looked at her reflection in the mirror on the dressing table. She knew that her figure was still striking, especially so with her breasts lifted by the half-cups of her corset. Reaching to her breasts, Sylvia eased the cups a little lower so that a thin sliver of her pink aureoles showed. Reaching for her blouse, she slid her arms into the silk and carefully fastened the buttons. Sitting at the dressing table, Sylvia brushed out her long ash-blonde hair, working the bristles through her locks until they hung straight down her back and glistened like spun silver. Then she quickly collected it into a ponytail, secured with a simple clip.It only took a moment to slip into the skirt and jacket and to ease her feet into the matching heels. She stood and smoothed the front of her skirt, before casting a critical eye over her reflection. An intimidating, very proper, lady looked challengingly back at her. She nodded to herself, once, briskly and turned to straighten the bedclothes.Closing the bedroom door, Sylvia went downstairs into the kitchen and started the coffee maker dripping. As she waited for the coffee to brew, she looked out of her kitchen window and saw Robert's parents, as they prepared to leave for the day's work. Robert's car was still parked in the driveway and there was no sign of him leaving. His parents backed their cars onto the street, waved at the house and then sped away. Sylvia turned back to her coffee and poured a large mug for herself then picked up the telephone.Her fingers were steady as she pushed the buttons for Robert's phone number. The ringing tone burred harshly over the line and Sylvia had to take a deep breath, steeling herself not to hang up and break the connection. She counted off the ringing tones, one by one as she looked out of the window, willing him to pick up the receiver.“Hello?” Robert's voice sounded through the earpiece, “Hello?”“Robert, It's Mrs Greene.” Sylvia said in a neutral voice, “I haven't told anyone about what you did but we need to talk. Come over right now and we'll sort this mess out.”Sylvia hung the phone on its hook before Robert could reply. She crossed back to the table and picked up her coffee mug, sipping the dark liquid and planning her next move. She felt sure that Robert would come. His voice had sounded strained, as if he had been wound to breaking point all night, waiting for a rap on the door. She imagined that he had been restlessly lying in his room, starting at every sound, wondering if she had already been to the police, as soon as he had run out of her door.Her thoughts were interrupted by a tapping on the glass of the back door. Sylvia looked up and saw Robert's face at the window, looking pasty and drawn from his sleepless night. Sylvia stood and crossed to the door. Turning the key to unlock it she swung the door open wide and gestured for Robert to precede her through to the lounge. Robert looked at her through haunted eyes and, dragging his feet, made his way into the lounge. He stood between the two sofas, eyes cast down towards his feet, shuffling nervously through the carpet pile.“Robert,” Sylvia commanded, “look at me. Do you realise what you did? How much trouble you are in?”“I didn't want to hurt you, Mrs Greene.” Robert mumbled, “It was just like I couldn't help it. I didn't really know what I was doing until I couldn't stop.”“You raped me, Robert.” Sylvia continued, “and you should be in serious trouble. I ought to call the police right now and have them pick you up.” “Please, Mrs Greene, I'll do anything, just give me a chance.” Robert pleaded.“Sit down and be quiet.” Sylvia ordered, “I need to think about this.”Sylvia pretended to consider the situation, watching the tension building within Robert. A fine dew of sweat was already beginning to bead his forehead and he swallowed nervously as his eyes searched her face, trying to read his fate in her expression. She looked back at him, her eyes cool and appraising. Robert had the hem of his t-shirt twisted around his fingers and he wrung his hands together nervously. Sylvia reached out and ran her fingertips along his jaw. Robert leapt back as if he had been stung, the touch of her fingers seeming to burn his skin. Sylvia smiled.“Yes Robert,” she murmured, softly but clearly, “I won't tell anybody, providing you do something for me.”“Anything Mrs Greene, you don't know how grateful I am for a chance.” Robert gushed.“Good. Now I want you to make love with me, properly this time. You will come to me whenever I want and satisfy my needs. If you do this, no one will ever know what you did. Now come on.”With her last words, Sylvia stood up and took Robert's hand, leading him through the lounge and into the hallway. He followed, stunned and compliant, as she led him up the stairs and into her bedroom. The room was brightly lit with sunlight streaming through the blinds. Sylvia stood by the bed and lifted Robert's hand to her breast, guiding his trembling fingertips to the tiny pearl buttons. Robert swallowed and then, hesitantly, fed the tiny pearl through the buttonhole. The slick material felt icy cold beneath his fingers, and he felt incredibly clumsy as he struggled to undo the delicate buttons.Sylvia lowered her arms and allowed her jacket to slide to the floor, falling in a crumpled heap behind her. Robert had managed to undo the buttons from the neck of her blouse to just below the curve of her breasts and the silk opened out like a flower, slowly blooming. Robert just stared, for a moment, at the creamy mounds of her breasts, spilling over the cups of the tightly laced corset. The pink crescents of her aureoles peeked over the lace edging and the hardening points of her nipples pushed arrogantly against the satin of the cups. Robert gulped and tears stung his eyes when her saw the yellowish, fading, bruises, where he had bit and sucked at her sweet flesh. Entranced, he hardly realised that his hands were moving lower and lower, unfastening the rest of her buttons and sliding the silk out of the waistband of Sylvia's skirt. He slid his hands around her waist and moved them higher and higher, until they were cupped beneath her breasts. Sylvia could feel the hard points of her nipples, as they swelled, pressing harder and harder against the satin cups of her corset. She took hold of the lace edges and peeled the cups slowly down over her breasts, freeing her nipples, so that they jutted out. Placing her hands on his head, she guided Robert's mouth to the pinkly swollen points. “Suck them,” she ordered, “Suck my nipples, I want to feel your mouth on my tits.”Robert lowered his mouth to her nipple and gently took the hard, swollen point between his lips, swirling his tongue over and around the sweet nub. Sylvia gripped his head more tightly, forcing more of her into his mouth and moaning deep in her throat as his tongue lashed against the sensitive, quivering bud. She reached behind her and unfastened the waist of her skirt, letting it slide to the floor. The cool air on the cheeks of her ass made her belly tighten and Robert slid his hands lower, onto the bare skin of her thighs. Sylvia could feel the silk of her panties clinging moistly to the lips of her pussy and, taking Robert's hand, she guided his fingers underneath the soft material to the moist thatch of curls that decorated her aching mound.Sylvia pressed Roberts hand against her pussy, guiding his fingertips to the hard bud of her clit. Slowly he slid his ginger along the tender lips, teasing them apart, gently this time. He could feel the stickiness of her pussy gluing them together as he pressed his finger between the lips of her pussy, to the base of her clit. It felt like a pearl beneath his fingertip, hard and smooth, as he rolled it between his finger and thumb. Sylvia felt hot fluid gushing to fill her pussy as he fingered her clit and sucked on her throbbing nipple. Pushing the material of her panties down past her knees, Sylvia shoved Robert back onto the bed and straddled his torso. Her pussy dripped slowly onto his t-shirt, darkening the soft white material, as she slid herself over his body, until she was kneeling astride his head, her oozing pussy almost touching his lips. She lowered herself slowly onto his face, pressing the dripping gash of her pussy against his mouth, smothering him in the wet folds of her sex.“Eat me,” she commanded, “lick my cunt.”Robert's head reeled from the closeness of her pussy and the scent of her arousal. He could barely believe that the very proper neighbour, who he had left shattered and weeping the night before, was using filthy words and ordering him to pleasure her like she was a common slut. Lifting his head, he ran the tip of his tongue over the lips of her pussy, tasting the sharp tang of her juices, tainted with a faint ammonia tang, like the odour of old piss. Sylvia ground her hips onto his mouth, forcing her clit against his mouth, making him take it between her lips and suck it inside. She was grunting now, harsh guttural sounds, in time with her thrusting hips. Robert's jaw and tongue ached and his neck muscles felt as though they were on fire.Sylvia slid back down his body and clawed at his belt. Faster than he could move, either to help or to hinder her, she had undone his jeans and pulled them down to his knees, with his boxer shorts. His cock was swollen and hard, jutting straight upwards like a tree trunk. Without a word, Sylvia closed her long, cool fingers around the base of his cock and guided it into her dripping pussy. Slowly, she lowered herself, impaling her bubbling pussy onto the length of his shaft. She arched her head back and thrust downward, filling herself with his cock, taking him as far into her wet passage as she could. Robert could feel the bubbling juices from her pussy oozing over the head and shaft of his cock as he ground her hips against his.Sylvia leaned forward, lifting her ass and sliding his cock a little way out of her pussy, then rocked back, sheathing him deeply inside her again. Her wet pussy made a loud slurping sound in the quiet of her bedroom, as she slid herself back onto his cock. She leaned forward, her breasts slipping out of the restraints of her corset and the bright, swollen nipples rubbing against his t-shirt. Her breath was hot on his cheek as she brought her mouth close to his ear.“Isn't this better?” Sylvia breathed, softly, “So much easier to slip your cock into my cunt when I'm wet and ready for fucking.”Robert swallowed and nodded helplessly. Sylvia smiled and began to rock back and forward, revelling in the way she could feel her pussy opening up to let his cock slide deep, then the ripple through her belly as her tight passage clutched at the hardness inside her. Gradually she began to ride his cock faster and harder, sliding her wet pussy along its length until he filled her with his hot cock. Robert tried to buck beneath her, to drive his cock into her pussy, but she held him pinned to the bed.Sylvia threw her head back and, shuddering through her whole body, released a guttural howl. Robert felt her pussy tighten around his cock, a ripple caressing his shaft, and he began to jerk inside her. His swollen cock could hold back no longer and he began to spurt thick strings of cum into her pussy. Sylvia ground he hips downward, pinning him to the bed as she gyrated on his cock. He groaned softly as her pussy milked the length of his cock in long sensuous ripples. “Yesss!” Sylvia hissed, “cum hard, fill my cunt with your filthy spunk.”Robert just groaned as his cock pumped into her pussy. He could feel the slimy mixture of their juices mingling on the head of his cock and oozing slowly down the shaft to coat his balls and ass with a smear of their cum. Sylvia's grinding gyrations were milking every drop of cum out of his cock and balls, the blood pounding painfully through his cock as she rode him mercilessly, her pussy clamped hard upon the head of his cock.A last tiny shudder rippled through Sylvia and she slowly eased herself off Robert's softening cock. It slipped from between the lips of her pussy with a quiet 'plop' like a bubble bursting, and lay, limp and slimy on his thigh. Sylvia lowered herself gently to her knees between Robert's thighs and slowly ran her fingers over his wet, slippery cock.Then she leaned forward and, amazing herself, took Robert's cock between her finger and thumb and slipped it past her lips, into her mouth. She had never tasted a cock before, not even her husband's and now she was sucking on Robert's limp dick. She could taste thick salty sperm from his cock and a lighter, tangier flavour from her own pussy. She greedily ran her tongue over and around the head, feeling it filling her mouth like a sun-warmed plum. Instinctively, she closed her lips behind the head of his cock and sucked gently, feeling it twitch as he responded to the caress of her tongue and the hot wetness of her mouth. Robert groaned softly as he felt the blood rushing to his cock as Sylvia slid him deeper into her mouth. Slowly she ran her tongue over the head, feeling it swell and the skin tighten as the blood rushed into his cock. Her tongue wrapped around his shaft, coiling around like a warm snake, gliding over his hardening cock. Sylvia moved her head back and forth, holding him in her mouth while she sucked on the swollen knob. Gradually, she slipped the head of his cock further and further towards the back of her mouth. She had heard other women talking about swallowing their men's cocks and 'deep throating' them, but this would be her first experience. She felt the head of Roberts cock sliding over the back of her tongue and she gulped it into her throat. Her breath hissed through her nose as Sylvia slid Robert's cock right to the back of her throat, swallowing so that he could feel the ripple of her muscles caressing the head as he slid all of the way into her mouth. Sylvia gagged a little and her eyes watered as she swallowed the hardening meat of his shaft but she steeled herself to carry on and, once the ridge of his cock head was settled in her throat, she found that she could breathe again. Robert bunched his fingers into fists, gripping the bedclothes tightly in his hands as Sylvia teased his aching cock back to throbbing erectness. She could feel the hot blood pounding through his cock as she sucked and swirled her tongue over and around the swollen head. Sylvia lifted her head, slowly, letting Robert's cock slide over her tongue and through her lips. The wet 'plop' as she released the suction she had been building around his cock head sounded loud in the stillness of her room. Robert's cock was an angry scarlet pole, jerking as though possessed by some mischievous demon. Sylvia straightened up in front of Robert and slowly unfastened the long row of hooks, holding the front of her corset closed. She bent forward a little, so that her breasts hung down, her hard, swollen nipples almost brushing the soft down that covered his sac. Straightening, she glanced down at his cock, stiff and swollen, standing upright and pointing to the ceiling.“Stand up.” she ordered Robert “and strip.”Robert slid off the bed and pulled his t-shirt over his head, revealing his smooth chest and narrow waist. His jutting cock swayed a little as he moved but he seemed not to notice, as he kicked his feet out of his jeans and boxers. Sylvia leaned back on top of the bed, spreading her legs wide and drawing her knees up, so that her feet rested flat on the bed and her pussy gaped at Robert. The lips of her pussy were swollen and puffy, the fine down that covered her mound matted with the mixture of their cum. “Now fuck me,” she commanded, “Push your hard cock as far into my cunt as you can and cum right inside me.”Robert almost fell onto the bed, clambering to his knees between Sylvia's spread thighs. Sylvia reached down and used the tips of her fingers to ease the lips of her pussy apart, releasing a gush of Robert's slimy cum from inside her. Robert moved closer, the tip of his cock nestling between the fleshy lips. Groaning softly, he leaned forward and felt the head of his cock slipping into the hot wetness of her pussy. Sylvia reached down, gripping his buttocks and pulled him further into her, arching her spine to take every inch of his hard cock. His smooth chest pressed against her nipples, squashing her breasts, as he thrust his cock slowly into her pussy. “Fuck me Robert,” Sylvia murmured, “Stick your cock into my cunt and fuck me hard.”Robert thrust deep into her, his balls slapping against the cheeks of her ass and the backs of her thighs. Her wet pussy made slurping noises as his cock slipped in and out, the ridge of his cock head rubbing against the base of her clit. Sylvia could feel the heat of his cock as he slid it in and out, the thrusts becoming harder and faster as his cock swelled inside her. She bucked against him, her pussy sucking him into her body and devouring the hard rod of his cock. The air seemed to be thick with the smell of sex and Robert could hardly breathe as Sylvia scissored her legs around his waist, spreading her thighs wider and dragging his cock deep inside her. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Sylvia screamed in his ear, “Oh Godddddd! I'm cumming! Fuck! Cum in my cunt! Fuck me!”Robert stiffened as his whole body arched and his cock shot a thin stream of cum into her womb, emptying the last dregs of sperm from his aching balls. Sylvia spasmed, as though she was being electrified and, for a moment, she did not even breathe as her body bucked beneath him while she clung to him. Then, barely conscious, she swooned beneath him, falling back to the bed. His cock, still dribbling slid out of her pussy to leave a thin trail of slime across the top of her thigh. Panting, he rolled onto his side, his chest heaving, and his skin slick with sweat. Sylvia lay gasping beside him, cum seeping from between the lip of her pussy and smeared on her chin from sucking his cock clean. Turning onto her side, Sylvia looked at him for a moment that seemed to capture a lifetime between heartbeats.“All you had to do was ask nicely,” she whispered, “and you could have fucked me just like this.”Robert said nothing, just lay there and contemplated the silken trap she had set for him.

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