Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Kat turned onto her side and reached out for the shrilling telephone on the bedside cabinet. The room was dark, the luminous digits on her bedside clock showing that it was a little after two in the morning. Kat's heart was stilled for a moment as she wondered what could be so urgent that someone would phone her. Sleepily, she lifted the receiver and held it close to her ear. The receiver was silent, save for the slightest hiss of an open line.“Hello. Hello?” Kat said into the mouthpiece.Still the only sounds in her ear were the whisper of an open connection and the throb of her heartbeat. She swallowed, and lifted herself into a sitting position. The room felt cold, as though a window had been opened, letting a cool current of air into the room. Her eyes slowly widened and she looked around, picking out the glimmer of starlight on the dressing table mirror and the glint of the handle on the door to the landing. “Soon.” a voice whispered from the earpiece in her hand.There came the metallic click of a disconnection and the low burr of a dial tone. Nervously, Kat replaced the receiver and looked around the room again, reaching for the switch of her bedside lamp. Before her fingers could push the button, a blinding shaft of light stabbed out from the corner of the room, dazzling her painfully. Kat lifted her hand to shield her watering eyes from the beam. A voice, that she recognised from the telephone call of a moment ago growled from behind the torch that was being shone into her eyes.“Don't move.” the voice commanded.Kat froze, her hand halfway to her face, and screwed her eyes into slits. The light moved closer, bobbing a little, but still blinding her. Prickles of fear made the hair stand on the back of her neck and beads of icy sweat formed at the base of her throat and slid slowly between her breasts. The chill air made her nipples tighten, pressing against the silk of her red pyjamas. She could feel the air move, as a hand and arm appeared in the backwash of the torch beam, and smell a mixture of dust and cheap cologne. She sat, paralysed with fear, as the hand lifted a bag and pulled it down, over her head. She felt a cord being tightened around her throat, not tight enough to strangle her, but closing the bottom of the bag, so that all she could see was the wash of light on the cloth.“W-w-what do you want?” Kat stuttered.“Just do as you're told and everything will be fine.” the voice whispered in her ear.Kat trembled as she felt the bed sink a little from the weight of somebody lowering themselves onto the mattress. Unseen fingers plucked at the buttons holding her pyjama jacket closed and she felt the silk sliding over her skin. Rough, calloused hands pushed the jacket off her shoulders, so that it fell in a heap on the bed behind her. Kat bit her lip and tried not to cringe away as the hands reached for her and ran over the rounded, velvety skin of her belly, moving upwards until she could feel his fingers caressing her breasts. Kat shivered as his hands curved about the taut globes, lifting them and kneading them in his palms. His touch was gentle, contrasting with the rough calluses on his palms and, despite her fear, Kat found her nipples hardening, poking erectly from the puffy islands of her aureoles. The fingers slid over the swell of her breast, tracing circles around the base of her nipples, moving closer to the hard points. Kat moaned into the cloth over her face, as the fingers closed around her nipples, pulling on the hard points and twisting them until they felt bruised and tender. Kat moaned into the cloth over her face, biting her lip to keep from crying out.The hand moved lower, his fingers gripping her waist firmly, and she felt hot breath warming her nipple and moist lips gripping it firmly. The tip of his tongue lashed against the hard point, flicking it and Kat shuddered, feeling her pussy starting to moisten. She felt him sucking on her nipple, drawing it into his mouth and stretching it, almost painfully, then nipping the point with the edge of his teeth. Kat groaned in the back of her throat as her pussy flooded with her juices again, staining the crotch of her pyjama pants. He took hold of her hands and pulled them forward, pushing her back onto the bed, so that she was laid flat. She felt his weight shift on the bed and her hips were pinned, as he straddled her. He guided her hands towards his body and she felt something thick and hot brushing against her fingertips. Closing her hands, she took hold of his cock, feeling the heat and hardness of his erect shaft. Kat closed her eyes and slowly moved her hands along the hot, hard flesh. The swollen tip was slippery from the pre-cum that had oozed from the eye and she could feel his shaven balls heavy and tight, beneath the base of his shaft. His fingers hooked in the waistband of her pyjama pants and he tugged at them, trying to work them under the cheeks of her ass. After a moment he stopped and Kat heard a strange, metallic click in the darkness. A moment later, she felt an icy touch of steel against her skin and heard the whisper of a knife blade, slicing through the silk covering her pussy and thighs. She felt the tattered ruins of her pyjama pants being pulled down, leaving her naked, except for the hood. Kat's mouth was dry and she could taste her fear, like a hot penny on her tongue. She felt another shift in weight, as her attacker moved off her and gripped her thighs, just above her knees. His fingers dug cruelly into her soft flesh, squeezing, as he pushed her knees apart. For a moment Kat struggled, but he was too strong and she felt his knee being forced between her thighs. The grip on her knee was released and he swung his hand in a stinging slap against the side of her face. Stars burst in her head and she tasted blood from a split lip as her head snapped to the side. Kat sobbed as she felt his stubby fingers rubbing at the mound of her sex, the tip of his finger thrusting roughly between the lips of her damp pussy. Kat moaned as he explored the wetness of her opening, the thick fingertip stretching her and scraping across the base of her erect clit.“Please,” she begged, “take the hood off. I won't tell anyone and you can do anything you want.”“I can't let you see my face.” he replied, doubt in his voice.“Why? I've promised not to tell anyone.” she begged. “Why do you want to see my face?” he demanded.“It's not that Sir.” she replied, almost whispering, “It makes it hard for me to breathe and, and I want to suck your cock.” She finished in a rush.The hands moved away from her thighs and pussy, and she felt the cord around her neck being loosened. The light was shut off and she felt the bag being pulled over her head. The room was still dark, but she could breathe freely again and she gulped great whooping draughts of the cooler air. The wait shifted on the bed again and she felt his hairy thighs pressing against the underside of her breasts as she was straddled again. She heard a slap as his slick, hard cock hit her breast, before he thrust it along the shallow cleft between her full breasts.“Open your mouth then, bitch!” he snarled.Kat meekly parted her lips and he thrust the tip of his cock between them, filling her mouth with the swollen head. Kat licked at the hot flesh sliding back and forth on her tongue, gagging as he thrust to the back of her mouth and into her throat. Tears filled her eyes and she choked on the hardness of his shaft as he forced her mouth wider. Desperately she sucked and swallowed, gasping around the meat filling her mouth. The room seemed filled with the slurping sounds of her sucking his hard cock as he drove it in and out of her mouth.“Suck it slut!” he ordered.Kat could not speak, only suck on his cock as he fucked her mouth, ramming the head over her tongue to the back of her throat. He held her head still as he thrust into her hot, wet mouth, her spittle making his cock slick and slimy. Kat's eyes were filled with tears and her nose ran, lubricating the shaft of his cock as he worked it in and out of her mouth, bruising her lips with his thrusts.His cock stiffened in her mouth and he pulled away, sliding the head from between her lips and leaving her sprawled on the covers, gasping for air. The swell of her breasts was bruised and tender from the slapping of his thighs against the taut globes, as he thrust into her mouth. Kat moaned through her bruised lips as he grabbed her knees and wrenched her thighs apart. She could feel him spreading her legs and kneeling between her thighs, leaning over her until the tip of his cock rubbed against her belly, leaving a thin ribbon of slime on her skin. Even when he released his grip on her thighs, Kat could not summon the strength to push him off and she trembled as she felt him rubbing the head of his cock along her pussy, pushing it between the swollen, tender lips, until he had the tip poised at the tight entrance to her passage.Grabbing her shoulders and pinning her, motionless, to the bed, he rammed his cock, violently, deep into her pussy. Kat screamed and bucked against him, as she felt his cock filling her. His hands gripped her shoulders tightly, holding her down as he pulled his cock back, then rammed it hard and deep, so that his balls slapped against her ass. Pinning her beneath his hips, he reached down and lifted her knees, draping her calves over his shoulders, lifting her ass and pussy so that he could ram even deeper. “There you are, bitch, can you feel my cock ripping your cunt open?” he snarled in her ear.“God yes! You're splitting me open, you bastard!” she sobbed back.He thrust deep inside her, long strokes that felt as though her tender pussy was being torn open. The top side of his shaft rubbed against her erect clit with every stroke, exciting her, against her will and driving her closer to cumming. Kat had given up any pretence of resisting the man who had broken into her room and all she could think about now was the sensation of his cock filling and stretching her pussy. She bucked against him, driving upwards to meet his thrusts and take the length of his cock deep inside her.“Fuck me, please Sir, fuck me hard.” Kat begged.“Shut up, cunt.” he snarled.Kat just grunted as he rammed harder, their bare skin slapping wetly together with every thrust. She could only pant and grunt as he pounded into her dripping pussy, loud squelching noises and the tang of her slippery juices filling the air. The rubbing of his cock against her clit and the feel of her breasts crushed between them, her nipples rubbing against his t-shirt drove every thought out of her brain as she became a slut for him to use in every way he wished. Suddenly, he pulled his cock out of her pussy, leaving it, wet and gaping, while he grabbed her and flipped her onto her belly.“Get your ass in the air, bitch!” he commanded, “Your cunt is too slack and sloppy for a real cock.”Kat lifted her hips and he grabbed her, pulling her back towards him and using his thumbs to spread the cheeks of her ass. The dark ring of her asshole was clenched tight, as she waited, fearfully, for him to take her. She shook her head as he placed the tip of his cock against the dark opening, realising that her bowels were full and not sure that she could cope with his cock rammed into her tender back passage. She felt the pressure against her tightly clenched anus increase, gradually at first, but more and more quickly as he gripped her tightly and pulled her closer. She felt her asshole stretching, until she thought he would tear her open. She had taken a cock in her ass before, but not often and not recently, so her ass was hot and tight. Kat heard him working his mouth and then with a hawking sound, he sprayed her ass with spittle, lubing the head of his cock. With a hard jerk of his hips, he rammed his cock home and Kat screamed into the pillow, as his thick meat, thicker and harder than any cock she had had before, slid into her back passage. She could feel his cock inside her bowel, pushing the contents back and stretching her. She could only pant and groan as he worked his cock in and out, deeper and harder, until his cock was sliding in and out of her ass, streaks of her filth smeared along the length.His cock stiffened and swelled, sending sparks of pain shooting through to her pussy and, even as she began to cum, it felt as though her ass was tearing open. Her pussy showered heavy thick drops of cum onto the sheets as she felt his cock begin to jerk inside her, squirting thick slimy jets of his cum into her ass. He held still and grunted in time with the spurts that splashed into her ass as she gasped and sobbed, her legs giving way as she sprinkled the sheets with her cum. He shuddered, and pulled his softening cock, smeared with muck from her ass, out of her, letting her fall onto the bed.Kat just lay across the bedclothes, bruised and tender, as he slid off the bed and pulled his pants back on. She tried to turn, to speak, before he escaped, but the movement set of a ripple in her pussy and her bowel. Sobbing in shame, Kat came on the sheets as her bowels emptied, covering her bed in stinking filth. All she could do was cry out after him as her attacker stepped onto the landing and raced down the stairs and out of the door.

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