Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mark & Mary

Mary Clarke lived next door to 19 year-old Mark and his parents Cissy and John. She was divorced after thirty years married to her childhood sweetheart who, at fifty-five, had discovered that even if money could not buy him happiness, it could buy a lot of pleasure from a younger, more adventurous woman. Even then Mary might still have been married, except that he began stopping out all night and spending large amounts on gifts for his mistress, while Mary just accepted her lot. Then, one night, he rolled in drunk and admitted his affair, telling her that he had made his mistress pregnant. Mary lost her, somewhat fiery, temper and threw him out. The next morning, as soon as her lawyer got into her office, Mary was filing for divorce.Mary was more than a neighbour to Mark and his parents. She had been their friend ever since they had moved in and, when the divorce was finally settled, Mary invited the families who had supported her through an exhausting and messy episode in her life, to a huge 'freedom party'. Almost the while block turned up and the party graduated from a fairly subdued collection of friends to a riotous session of hair letting. Loud music blared and everybody seemed to be in a huge competition to prove who could have the noisiest good time.Even the best parties wind down, however, and Mary's was no exception. Soon the only people left, apart from Mary, were Cissy, John and Mark. Mary saw the three of them to the door, exchanging brief hugs with John and Cissy. They asked if she needed a hand putting the furniture back and clearing up but Mary told them she would leave it until morning. Mark surprised everyone when he spoke up;“I'll come and give you a hand, if, you want. I've finished school and I'm not starting University until September.”“Mark, that's so kind. I'd be very grateful for your help.”“I'll be over at about half-past nine, if that's ok?”“Thank you Mark that'll be just fine.”Mary closed the door and turned off the lights, climbing the stairs to her bedroom and sprawling across the bed. As she drifted off to sleep her, slightly boozy, thoughts turned to Mark and she idly imagined what his body would be like beneath his baggy t-shirt and denim jeans. Sleepily she shook her head and admonished herself.“What would a young man see in an old woman like me?”Turning on to her side with a sigh, she closed her eyes and drifted into sleep. Mark, on the other hand, couldn't sleep. He was wondering why he had volunteered to help Mary clear up. It was not as if she was anything more than a neighbour to him. She was a friend of his parents, certainly, and she had helped him with his English and Math from time to time, but that was about it. The more he thought about her, the more he found himself imagining touching her. He closed his eyes and pictured his hands cupping her breasts, the soft flesh spilling out of his fingers. Mark's sleep was restless that night and, for the first time since starting senior school he mumbled in his sleep.Promptly at nine-thirty, Mark tapped on Mary's door. There was no response to his first, gentle, taps and he was tempted to walk back down the garden path. Instead he tapped the door again, harder and louder this time.“The door's open, come inside, I'll only be a minute.” Mary called from her bedroom.She had watched Mark walk up to her door from behind her curtains. In the back of her mind she had decided to see if he would knock and wait or if he would take the opportunity to duck out of his offer of last night. She smiled at the second knock on the door and went to sit in front of her dressing table. She had already showered and was wearing only her silk bathrobe. Now, knowing that Mark was downstairs, she undid the belt and let it fall open. Her breasts full and swelling spilled out and she cradles them, first one, then the other, in her hands. She was generously endowed, her breasts overflowing the50D cupped bra she normally wore. Closing her eyes, she kneaded her soft curves caressing herself and imagining teaching Mark how to caress and manipulate them to please her. Her fingers swirled around the base of each nipple, drawing the brown puckered circles out into stiff hard points. They felt rubbery and elastic as she tugged gently on them with her finger and thumb. The bushy curls between her thighs were becoming damp again, this time from the sweet juices flowing out of her pussy rather than the warm soapy water of the shower.“Mark, yes, touch me Mark, just there, just like that”The sound of her own voice blocked the slight scuffing of Mark's shoes on the carpet as he climbed the stairs. He stood looking through the gap where Mary had left the door ajar, looking across the room at Mary's reflection in the dressing table mirror. He watched through the crack as Mary took her breast in her hands and kneaded the smooth skin between her fingers, squeezing and releasing rhythmically, moving her hands over the skin, lifting the mass of her breast and letting it fall back towards her rounded belly with a soft slapping sound. His eyes widened as she took hold of her breast and lifted the nipple to her own lips. His hand crept into the front of his jeans as he watched her taking the tip of her hard pink nipple between her lips and suckle upon it noisily. His ears seemed to fill with the sound of her sucking and tonguing her nipple and he could not take his eyes off the pink bud as it hardened and swelled with every lick. Mark's hand rubbed the bulge in his jeans, matching the rhythm of Mary's fingers and tongue as she kneaded the round globe of her breast and tongued her nipple. His hand went to the buttons of his fly and he popped them open one by one, reaching inside to take hold of his burgeoning cock through his white boxers. As she sucked herself, Mary's other hand crept lower and lower, down her belly to the lush expanse of soft curly hair. Her fingers weaved through the fuzz, like snakes through sodden grass, until she was able to touch the hard bobbin of flesh guarding the entrance to her pussy. She gasped as she touched herself, feeling the nub of sensitive flesh harder and more sensitive than she could remember. Mark raised himself on tiptoe, to see where her hand was stroking, trying to look over her shoulder in the mirror. The sound of Mary's fingers dipping into the wetness of her pussy is loud in the quiet of the room and her ears are filled with the sound of her own excited panting as she strokes the base of her hardened clit. Mark pushed his boxers down to release his aching cock, taking hold of his shaft and stroking slowly, toying with the swollen purple knob, smearing the glistening pearls of pre-cum over the shiny head.Mark shifted his weight on one foot and accidentally caught the door handle, pushing the door a little wider. The hinges creaked and Mary opened her eyes with a start. For a moment she could not focus, still distracted by her pleasure. Mark froze like a rabbit in car headlights, panicking that she had caught him. Mary's gaze tracked to the mirror and she caught Mark's eyes with her own. All he could do was lower his gaze. Mary turned a little to face him as he stood in the doorway. Her eyes slowly travelled from his feet up to his face, pausing to gauge the size of his erection. Her mouth went dry and her pussy flooded, for a moment, as she took in the size of him. She was pleased to see that his chest was smooth and almost hairless and, save for a narrow triangle of paleness over his groin he was lightly tanned. She swallowed and managed to find her voice.“How long were you watching Mark?”“Not that long Mrs Clarke, honest. I heard a noise and came to see if you were alright.”“You must have been watching for a while to get that big and hard.”“No, honest!”“Well you'd better come in and shut the door, seeing as you've seen this much.”Mark stepped inside, his cock still hard and protruding from his boxers. The door swung closed behind him as Mary stood up crossing the room to stand in front of him. She made sure that the bathrobe fell open so that he could see her nude body underneath. Closer and closer she approached until the shint tip of his cock was almost touching her.“Did you like watching?”“Y-yes Mrs Clarke.”“Even though I'm an old woman with saggy tits?”“No Mrs Clarke, I-I mean you're not old and I think your tits are fantastic.”“I think you should call me Mary, if we're going to talk about my tits - and your cock.”“W-What about my cock Mrs - Mary?”She reached down between their bodies and curled her fingers around the base of his shaft. Slowly she moved her hand back and forth along the length, feeling the heat of him and the way his velvety skin slid, like a silk glove, over the hardness underneath, gripping it firmly, then running her fingers lightly over the head, catching the drop of liquid oozing from the slit. She released his cock and lifted her fingers to her mouth, sliding them between her lips and licking the salty-sweet liquid from her fingertips.Mark shivered and closed his eyes as the pressure in his balls increased and his sac tightened. Biting his lip he fought down the urge to spray cum all over Mary's hand and into her soaking pubes. His breathing grew ragged as he fought against the sensation of her cool fingers playing along the length of his shaft. She grasped him again and began to move her hand up and down his shaft, squeezing and stroking him. It was too much and Mark felt the pressure building again.Mary's hand stroked him faster and faster feeling his cock swell in her fingers. She knew that he was very close to cumming in her hand and she wanted to feel his sticky seed splashing against her body. She also knew that he would soon be hard again and this time would take longer to cum, giving her time to pleasure herself with his body.“M-Mary, I'm going to cum!”“Good, spurt all over me, let it out.”“OH MY GOD! UGH! UGH!”Mark's cry and grunts were accompanied by thick strings of creamy coloured sperm shooting from the slit in his cock and splashing over her belly and the matted curls of her pubes. Mary lifted her hand to her mouth and slowly licked the cum from her palm and fingers, while Mark watched spellbound. Then she reached down and undid the button at the waist of his jeans, pushing them and his boxers to the floor. He had already taken his shoes off to creep up the stairs and just stepped back to leave his pants and boxers in a heap on the floor. Reaching out, she lifted the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it off over his head, leaving him naked in front of her. Throwing her head back, offering her breasts to him she let the bathrobe slide down her arms to the floor in another heap of material.Now that they were both naked, she led him over to her bed and lay back, pulling him down beside her. She took his hands and guided them over her belly to her breasts, curling his long fingers around the globes. She guided his hands, stroking herself with his palms and then pressing his fingers against herself, leaving bright crimson marks. Slowly he began to learn what she found pleasurable and began to knead and caress her breasts, pinching her with finger and thumb occasionally, making her gasp and her nipples harden like bullets.Mary stretched an arm out to the bedside table and picked up a bottle of body lotion. Lying back she flipped the cap open and held the bottle high above her breasts. Squeezing the bottle gently, she directed a thin stream of cool liquid into the valley between them as Mark watched, mesmerised. Mary took Mark's hands and used them to spread the slippery liquid over her ripe bosom, leaving a puddle between her swollen breasts. Reaching down with her hands, covered in the slick liquid, she took hold of his stiff cock and pulled him closer and closer.“Mark, get on top of me and put your cock between my tits.”Mark obeyed, wondering if he was in the middle of some impossibly erotic dream. The length of his cock slid between Mary's breasts and she squashed them together around his shaft. The cool lotion bathed his cock and he closed his eyes, groaning as he arched his back. The movement of his hips, as he leaned back, slid his cock through the slippery lotion that filled the valley between Mary's breasts. The bulb of his cock head peeked out from between the swollen globes, aiming directly at her face. Mark couldn't help himself and began to thrust between her breasts. The heat of his cock thinned the lotion over her chest and Mary could feel his velvety skin rubbing against her hot globes. Mark stiffened and swelled with every stroke until his sac was tight against the base of his cock. He could hear the slap of his balls against her sagging breasts and she could feel the soft hair on the front of his thighs pressed hard against her nipples. The slit of his cock was already oozing slippery pre-cum as she crushed her swollen breasts around his cock. Tilting her head she opened her mouth, just as the first rush of cum boiled out of the slit, spraying the base of her throat and her face, thick sticky drops landing in her hair and across her cheeks. A huge globule landed in her mouth and reflexively she swallowed her first taste of sperm. She shivered in delight as she felt the creamy fluid sliding down her throat.Mark moved to lie beside her, but Mary took hold of his still-firm cock and stroked it gently bringing it back to its full hardness. She curled her fingers around the base of her shaft, smiling when she could not make her fingers meet. She needed to feel that hard meat inside her pussy. She tilted her face to speak to Mark, cum glistening in her hair and across her face.“Mark, fuck me, push your hard cock deep inside my pussy.”As she spoke, Mary relaxed her thighs, so that her knees fell apart. Mark looked down at the thick bushy thatch covering her dripping pussy. Mary pushed him down her body, until he was kneeling between her trembling thighs. Taking hold of the tip of his cock with one hand she spread the lips of her pussy and guided him inside her wet passage. Her year of abstinence had tightened the walls of her pussy so that she could grip his cock tightly with the muscles of her passage. He drove deep inside her with his first thrust. She spasmed beneath him and arched her back, almost throwing him off. Her ankles came around his lower back locking and pulling him deeply into her. Mark felt her hot passage caressing the length of his shaft, rippling against the hardness inside her. Drawing back he paused to catch his breath and then rammed hard and deep. Rhythmically he ground his hips against her, his balls slapping against her buttocks with every thrust. Mary was grunting and squealing with every thrust, her pussy oozing cream down the cleft of her ass and onto the bedclothes. Mark seemed to be lost to this world, concentrating on holding back the hot jism in his balls. Every thrust makes Mary's squelchy pussy contract and squeeze the shaft of his cock tighter.Mark was covered in sweat, his body sliding wetly against Mary's breasts and belly as his cock plunged deeply into her pussy. He could feel the tightening of his balls as he prepared to shoot another stinging load of cum into her pussy. He rammed deep and held himself rigid as the tremors rippled down his hard cock. Mary began to buck wildly under him, grunting and screaming as she came again and again on his cock. “Mary, OH GODD I'M CUMMING!”“YESS! YESS! Cum in my cunt! Fuck me! FUCK ME!”Mary shouts and screams filled the room as Mark spurted deep into her womb filling her to overflowing. The comforter became slimy with his cum and her pussy juice as it oozed between the cheeks of her ass to form a sticky puddle underneath her. Mark's breathing slowed from the roaring gasps he had been dragging into his body as he pounded his cock into her and he rested his head on her sticky breasts, the hardness slowly ebbing from his cock. Mary cried out softly and shivered, quivering all over as his cock slid out to rest, limp and dripping wet, against her thigh. Slowly he rolled off her onto the bed and lay there as she reached out to toy idly with his soft wet cock.“My darling Mark, you have a beautiful cock. I hope you don't think I'm disgusting and perverted for wanting you to fuck me.”“No Mary, I don't think your disgusting or perverted.”“I'm glad. Would you do something for me?”“What?”“Come back again tomorrow. Then I'll do whatever you want - Anything and everything.”Mark wisely stayed silent and just nodded his head. Already he was thinking to the porn his Dad kept hidden and wondering if he could get Mary to try some of the things those girls had done.However, as they say in the movies, 'Tomorrow is another day. “And another tale.

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