Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A New Tutor

Kat watched the limousine purr down the driveway and around to the garages at the back of the house. The chauffeur had been silent, efficient, but a little sinister and forbidding as he drove from her apartment, across town and out into the countryside, until they had drawn up to the gates of this secluded house, no mansion, about an hour and a half later. Her suitcases, holding enough clothing and personal necessities for her first month here, were still in the trunk. She only carried a light jacket and a purse with a lipstick and compact of foundation, her cell phone and a handkerchief inside.The door swung wide and Charles, the butler and personal assistant to the master of the household smiled warmly at her. With a courtly gesture, he ushered her through the great door and into an echoing, stone-flagged hallway. Closing the door, Charles gestured for her to follow him along the hallway and into the master's study. The door opened on silent hinges and Charles showed her into a brightly lit room, lined with bookshelves reaching to the ceiling. A huge bay window looked over the gardens and a large, leather topped desk almost filled the bay.James, the master of the house, rose from behind the desk and strode briskly towards her. He smiled, genially, displaying slightly crooked teeth and lighting up his pale blue, piercing eyes. His hand was firm and slightly rough, warm and dry, as he shook hers. She felt his fingers linger a little as he brushed a fingertip across the inside of her wrist.Kat could smell the subtle spice of his cologne, light and lemony. The English cut of his suit emphasised his slender athletic build and the breadth of his shoulders. James spent a long moment looking her over, inspecting her minutely, as though she was a particularly expensive purchase. She felt her face redden as he gazed at her chest, covered by the heavy silk of her blouse. She drew a deep breath and felt the points of her nipples harden and prickle against the silk of her bra. She looked into his eyes and, for a moment, felt as though her every thought had been poured out for him to study. Her throat tightened and she could not find the voice or breath to speak.James smiled, a hint of foreknowledge in the easy curve of his mouth, and Kat wondered how it would feel to have those lips pressed against her skin, to feel the caress of his kiss on her mouth, or her nipple. A rush of moisture stained the silk of her briefs and she was sure that he had smelt her arousal.James crossed the room and opened the door to the hallway, gesturing politely for her to precede him from the room. Kat passed by him, catching another hint of his cologne and, beneath, a breath of his maleness.“Now, my dear,” James said that “Let me show you to your quarters.”With long, loping strides, James led her along the corridor, the only sounds their breathing and the swish of their footsteps through the plush of the carpet. The pale wooden panelling on the walls seemed to stretch forever in front of them and Kat began to wonder how big the house was really. She had to quicken her usual pace to keep up with James and her breasts rose and fell, pushing against her blouse, as her nipples brushed against the smooth silk of her bra. James was describing the house, gesturing to the left and right, as he indicated each room that they passed. Kat was starting to feel dizzy and disorientated when James stopped, so suddenly that she almost ran into the back of him. Opening the door he gestured for her to step into the room.She stepped into a light, airy sitting room, with a wide bay window looking out over the fields behind the house. An open doorway led to a luxuriously appointed sitting room with fitted closets and a large chest of drawers. Kat could just see a doorway in the far corner of the bedroom, leading to a private bathroom and shower. The sitting room contained an entertainment console, a large couch and a leather chair with high arms. Kat stood in the centre of the room and slowly surveyed the room in the bright sunlight. Between the couch and the chair a large occasional table supported a vase of perfect roses and, against one wall was a modern bureau with a cupboard beneath.James watched her surveying the room, waiting, his expression almost predatory. Kat felt his eyes on her and blushed at the intensity of his gaze, wondering if he could see the hard points of her nipples pressing against the fabric of her bra and blouse, or smell the dampness on her panties. She swallowed, a little nervously, and opened her mouth to speak. James raised his finger and shook his head, indicating that he wished her to remain silent. Then he closed the door and turned the key in the lock. Kat's eyes widened a little, as she realised that they were alone and that she had seen no sign of any other staff. The room was eerily silent, not even the ticking of a clock to be heard. James stepped closer, his eyes locked upon hers like lasers.“These will be your quarters while you serve me.” James told her, “I trust that they are satisfactory.”“They're very comfortable and I am most impressed.” she replied.“Good,” he continued, “I shall expect you to be punctual, precise, efficient and obedient.”“Obedient?” Kat repeated.“Yes, do you have a problem with that?” he asked.Kat looked into his eyes and wondered what sort of obedience he meant. The thought of surrendering herself to him and becoming enslaved to his whim brought a hot flush of desire to her body, making her belly flutter. She felt the silk pressing against the smooth mound of her sex clinging moistly to her skin as sweet nectar seeped from between her tender lips. Her throat dry, and her heart pounding in her chest, Kat nodded mutely, then shook her head.“No Sir.” she murmured, hoarsely.James did not speak in reply; he just reached out and, using just the tips of his fingers, unfastened the button at the collar of her blouse. Kat lifted her hand, as if to push his away, but then let her it fall to her side. James' hand moved lower, to the next button, and his fingers deftly unfastened that one as well. Slowly, he slid his fingertips under the cool, slick material of her blouse and brushed them lightly against her skin. Button by button, James unfastened her blouse, pushing the fine silk aside to expose her ripe breasts, cradled in the lace cups of her bra. Gently, James slid the silk out of the waistband of her skirt and pushed the blouse off her shoulders, letting it tumble to the floor around her ankles. Kat knew that the hard points of her nipples were thrusting against the flimsy material of her bra and she blushed as she realised how obvious her excitement must be.James reached into the pocket of his jacket and took out a small, gleaming clasp knife. Opening the blade, he reached out and took hold of the narrow strip of lace between the cups of her bra and sliced through it. Kat shuddered as the cold blade slid over her skin and the front of her bra fell open, spilling her lush breasts out of the cups. James curled his fingers, cupping the tender globes in his palms and brushing the balls of his thumbs across the sensitive hard points of her nipples. Kat whimpered in the back of her throat as the sparks of pleasure shot through her body. James slid his hands down the curve of her belly and rested them on her waist, holding her still. Leaning forward he brought his mouth so close to her ear that she could feel the caress of his breath against her cheek.“You're doing very well, so far.” James murmured, “Are you afraid?”“No Sir,” she replied, “Well, a little.”“You have nothing to fear,” he continued, “provided you are obedient.”Kat just swallowed and lifted her head a little. The silk of her panties was sodden with fragrant juices from her oozing pussy. James slowly circled behind her and, a moment later, she felt his fingers unfastening the waist of her skirt and easing the zipper down. The skirt dropped to the floor in a pile of material, around her ankles and Kat felt the back of his clasp knife against the skin of her hip as he sliced through the waist of her panties. The damp material clung to her shaven mound as James slowly peeled it down dropping the scrap of silk onto the carpet in front of her. Kat blushed furiously as she felt the slick droplet slowly snaking down the inside of her thigh as her pussy oozed copiously. She knew that she would do whatever he wished now, that the very thought of her enslavement had her trembling with lust. James stepped away and ran his gaze from the shining cascade of her hair, over her breasts with the hard points of her nipples jutting at him, down her legs, still sheathed in the sheer silk of her stockings. Opening the bureau, James took out two thin leather bands and then stepped back in front of Kat. Reaching up, he passed one band around her throat and buckled it snugly. Kat shivered, her whole body trembling, as she felt the coolness of the collar against her skin. “Kneel.” James ordered her, curtly. Kat dropped to her knees in front of him, her hands folded demurely in her lap and her head bowed. James stood in front of her, slowly removing his jacket and tossing it onto the couch. Kat heard the faint rattle of a buckle, as James unfastened his belt and lifted her eyes fractionally. She saw the swollen bulge pushing at the front of his trousers and immediately lowered her gaze again, swallowing nervously. There came the soft stutter of his zipper being unfastened and a rustle of cloth as he pushed his trousers and briefs down to his ankles. Kat felt his hand grabbing her hair and lifting her head, then the velvety tip of his cock, slick with an oozing pearl of pre-cum, brushed against her lips. His hand twisted in her hair and she gasped as her eyes watered. James thrust his hips forward, sliding the head of his cock between her lips. Kat closed her mouth around James' cock and felt the head sliding over her tongue. His grip on her hair slackened as she slowly swirled the tip of her tongue around the head of his cock, teasing the foreskin back to expose the sensitive glans. Lifting her hands, Kat cradled the tight sac of his scrotum, as she guided the length of James' cock into her mouth and, over the back of her tongue, into her throat. James released his hold on her hair, feeling the ripple of her muscles, as she gulped the tip of his cock into her throat.Kat sucked slowly, tasting the salty-sweet tang of his cock, and slurped sluttishly on the swollen, sensitive head. She could feel the throbbing beat of his pulse as his cock swelled in her mouth and she opened her lips wider, grazing the delicate skin of his shaft with the edges of her teeth. The smell and taste of his cock excited her and she could feel the lips of her tight pussy gummed together by the sweet juices oozing from deep inside her.James stepped back, sliding his cock from between her lips with a loud plopping sound, as she sucked harder to try and keep the head inside her hot mouth. Kat moaned softly, in disappointment, as she saw his cock, still hard, slide glistening, out of her mouth. When James spoke, his voice was blurred by the rough edge of his lust.“Well, you are an educated and most talented little slut, aren't you?” he said.“Thank you, Sir.” Kat simpered.“Now go and sit in the chair.” James ordered her.Kat rose to her feet and sat carefully on the edge of the leather chair, her hands clasped in her lap. James kicked his feet free of his briefs and trousers, moving quickly behind the seatback. Catching her wrists in one hand, he used the second leather strap to fasten her wrists together, behind her back, before pushing her back against the upholstery. Kat looked trustingly up at him as stood in front of her, his thick cock pointing towards her breasts. In a single, smooth sweep, James hooked his hands around her ankles and lifted her legs so that they were spread wide, her calves draped over the arms of the chair. Satisfied that Kat was helpless; James crossed the room to the bureau and opened the cupboard. He returned with a fur palmed glove, a large balloon glass, with a generous measure of very old Armagnac in the bowl, and a long thin wand, no broader than a pencil, that would vibrate gently at a touch of a switch in the handle. Kat watched, wide eyed, as he knelt in front of the chair and pulled the glove over his right hand. Slowly, his eyes holding her gaze locked upon him, James ran the soft fur over her bare belly. Kat felt her skin rise in myriads of tiny goosebumps as thousands of tendrils caressed her body. Her nipples were hard, swollen points and a low moan slipped from between her lips. James' lips curved in a knowing smile as he leaned over her spread pussy and kissed the bare skin of her mound. The touch of his lips was electrifying and her back arched, thrusting her swollen clit towards his mouth, as the fur slid over her aching nipple. Reaching up with his bare hand, James pinched Kat's bare nipple, pulling and twisting until dark sparks of pain mingled with the jolts of pleasure shooting down to her belly.Kat mewled softly, like a kitten, as James alternated long slow strokes of his gloved hand with harsh pinches from the finger and thumb of his other. Kat felt the slick nectar oozing from between the lips of her puss to make them glisten wetly as his fingers drifted over her skin. Tiny gems of sweat gathered and ran down her forehead, stinging her eyes as she opened her mouth in a low, trembling moan. She sobbed as James slipped the glove from his hand and laid it to one side. Her lips formed an almost soundless plea as her body, taut as a bowstring, arched, trying to press her breast, her belly, any part of her, against his diabolically knowing fingers.James picked up the balloon glass and tilted it over Kat's breast, watching the deep amber liquid collecting into a drop on the rim. The swollen droplet clung, bulging, to the glass and then fell, almost in slow motion, to splash against Kat's erect nipple. The impact of the droplet seemed to ignite a fire in her belly as the liquid spread over the dark circle of her aureole. Slowly, he tilted the glass over her other nipple, watching the spirit collect on the rim of the glass and then fall to splash against her tender flesh. Kat groaned as the liquid felt like fire and then ice on her sensitive tissues. James leaned forward and gently lapped at her swollen nipple, tasting the dark spirit mixed with the tang of her excited sweat. The hard point jutted up from the dark circle and James gently nuzzled it between his lips suckling gently and drawing the hard nub into his mouth. Panting and moaning, Kat thrust her breast upwards, trying to force more of her nipple into his mouth, to feel him suckling on her swollen teat.Releasing one nipple, James brushed his mouth across Kat's swollen globes, until he had the other spirit-moistened teat between his lips. Nipping gently at the hard point with the edges of his teeth he held fast to the hard bud and lashed the tip of his tongue against the tender flesh. Kat groaned and writhed beneath him as he nibbled and suckled on her aching aureole, his tongue slithering over her skin like a devious snake. Kat's pussy gushed wetly onto the leather under her ass and she could feel her lips clinging together. Her breath rasped in her throat as she tried to plead with James to undo her hands, that she might at least touch her clit. James ignored her pleas but released her nipple from between his lips and blew gently onto the hard point.Kat groaned as she felt James' fingers gently opening the lips of her pussy and drawing the hood of skin protecting her clit down the tiny shaft. His other hand tilted the glass over the hard, swollen pearl and he poured a thin stream of the fiery spirit onto the sensitive kernel. The splash of the liquid almost drove Kat to orgasm but, just before the sensation became too much to bear, James tilted the glass back and halted the stream of liquid. Then, bending over her, he lapped gently, so as not to excite her any more, just to keep her at her current state of frustration, licking every drop of spirit from her clit and pussy James picked up the long narrow wand and flicked the switch in the base, setting the rod vibrating with a hum, almost too low-pitched to be heard. Reaching forwards, James touched the tip of the wand to Kat's breast, just on the edge of the puckered, tender aureole. Kat yelped as the buzzing made her swollen, aching nipple throb and she opened her mouth to plead with him again.Before she could speak, James moved the tip of the rod a little, pressing it lightly to the hard point of Kat's nipple. Kat arched her back and screamed as her pussy gushed wetly over the top of her thighs. Spicy fragrant liquid ran from between the lips of her pussy, seeping between the clenched cheeks of her ass, and her thighs vibrated as she flung herself into the air. The hard nub of her clit peeked from the hood at the top of her pussy, like a slippery pearl as Kat fell heavily back onto the cushions. James moved the rod lower down her body, sliding it easily between the lips of her pussy and teasing her slit open with the slender tip. Gently, he pressed the end against the base of her clit and then quickly whipped it away, before her excitement became too great. Kat sobbed chokingly, as her body betrayed her again, gushing hot slick juices over the tops of her thighs and down the cleft between her rounded buttocks. James moved the tip of the wand along the wet slot of her pussy, easing it between her buttocks until the buzzing tip danced against the dark ring of her anus. Kat gasped, her eyes widening into an astonished stare as she felt the hard tip of the rod slipping into her asshole. The vibrations seemed to fill her body, making her clit and nipples swell and ache. Before the sensations could build further and tip her over the edge of a climax, James moved the rod away from her body.“Oh God, don't!” begged Kat, sobbing in frustration, “Please don't stop now.”“What is the matter with you, my dear?” James whispered.“I want, no I NEED to cum.” she whimpered, “Please, make me cum Sir.”“And how would you like me to do that?” James asked that tormenting, “You have to tell me, to ask for what you need.”“Please, Sir, fuck me, fuck me until I cum.” she begged.James reached out and ran his fingers along the smooth skin on the inside of Kat's thigh, until his fingertips were gliding along the cleft between the cheeks of her ass. Kat lifted her ass from the leather seat, leaving a dark patch of wetness beneath her. James pressed the tip of his finger into the dark opening as her trembling legs collapsed, impaling her tender opening on his finger. Kat threw her head back and screamed as she felt his finger probing deeply, stretching her tight ring.James moved his finger back and forth a little, stretching her ass gently. Kat's breasts glistened in a sheen of sweat as she squirmed under his caress. Unable to relieve the pressure herself, she turned pleading eyes to James' face, her breath sobbing in her throat as he plunged another finger into the sodden crack of her pussy.“Please,” she begged, “Let me cum. Fuck me hard.”“Are you ready to cum for me, my sweet?” he taunted.“GOD YESSS!” she screamed.James stood, leaning over her, and grasped the base of his thick, hard cock in his fist, slowly feeding the swollen head between the lips of her pussy. Kat could feel the tip of his cock stretching her pussy slowly, filling her dripping pussy with his hard manhood. Kat arched her back to take James deeper inside her pussy, feeling the head of his cock probing further and further inside her. Taking a deep breath, James tensed and then rammed his cock hard into her pussy, driving the tip hard against the mouth of her womb. Kat felt as though her pussy were exploding, wave upon wave of sensation crashing through her shuddering body. She screamed until her throat was sore and her voice hoarse, then collapse, almost exhausted. James held her pinned to the leather of the chair as she shuddered and bucked against him throes of pleasure wrenching her this way and that until she was swooning beneath him. Gently, slowly, he pulled back, sliding his still hard cock out of her bruised and tender pussy.Kat groaned as she saw the thick rod of his cock still hard and his tight balls still full and heavy. She tried to protest, to offer him her mouth to cum into, but he ignored her and swivelled her around, so that she was laid across the arm of the chair, with her tight ass lifted high. Kat tried to shake her head, to deny him, as she felt his fingers parting the cheeks of her ass and dipping into the tight ring of her anus. She panted hoarsely as James slowly worked his finger into the hot, dark opening, probing gently deeper and deeper. Kat grunted as James thrust his finger firmly into her tight back passage, pushing back against him. She could feel her anus stretching over each knuckle as his finger sank into her rear entrance. James drew his finger out of her bowel, watching her face as she felt the cool air on her open asshole. Resting his other hand on the base of her spine to keep her still, James slowly pushed two fingers together into her puckered ring. Kat groaned quietly as James' fingers slid slowly into her tight asshole, opening her wider.“Please, fuck me Sir.” Kat pleaded“Patience, my dear.” James counselled, “I want my cock to slide right into your ass.”“Please, sir, I'm ready for you any way you want.” Kat begged.Even as she spoke, the memory of James' thick, hard cock filled her mind and she shivered, as she imagined him forcing it roughly between the cheeks of her ass and into her bowel. Her stomach churned, for a moment, and she opened her mouth to plead with James to be gentle as he took her. She felt his hands gripping her hips tightly as he lifted her ass higher and she lowered her head further. Kat gasped as James used his fingertips to spread her tightly puckered anus and guided the head of his cock between her cheeks, pressing it firmly against the opening to her back passage. Kat pushed back, feeling her anus opening to grip the bulbous head of James cock. James grunted and thrust harder, looking down between Kat's buttocks and watching the head of his cock stretching the dark ring of her rear entrance. Kat whimpered as the rim of James' cockhead reached the tight ring. James paused, teasing her with his hard cock, and then gripped her hips tightly as he lunged forward, ramming his cock deep into her ass.James' cock slid easily into her ass, slick with the juice that had run from her pussy between her ass cheeks. Kat moaned and James growled deep at the back of his throat as his slick manhood sank deeper into her bowel. Kat's belly churned as she felt his cock piercing her, his fingers sinking into her soft flesh and pulling her back onto his cock, until his balls slapped wetly against the backs of her thighs.“Oh god yess!” Kat moaned, sobbing, “Fuck me, sir, fuck my ass.”“You are a dirty slut, aren't you my dear?” James crowed.“Yes Sir, I'm a dirty slut and I only want to please you.” Kat replied, meekly.James held her tightly and began to thrust his cock in and out of Kat's ass. She could feel the burning friction of his cock diminish as she relaxed and allowed his cock to slide through the tight ring of her anus. Juices rained from her clammy pussy as she felt waves of pleasure, rippling through her belly, concentrated on the tightly stretched ring of her ass. James' cock swelled and stiffened and he grunted like an animal on heat as he drove his cock hard into her ass, pinning her to the leather of the seat. Her sweat-sheened skin stuck to the hide, rubbing painfully as he worked his cock in and out, then stopped, his cock buried deep in her bowel.Kat moaned his name as she felt his cock swell and jerk in her ass and she screamed, softly, as she felt stinging jets of his cum splattering inside her rectum, filling her and oozing out around his cock before they slid between her buttocks and onto the tops of her thighs.“Yes, Kat!” James growled, “Feel my cum in your dirty ass, you slut.”“Fill my ass, Sir,” she begged, “Fuck me until you finish cumming.”“God yess, Kat.” James ordered, “take my cum deep in your ass, you dirty whore.”Kat felt his cock spit and squirt oceans of his thick, gooey cum into her tender ass and smiled to herself as she felt the first drops oozing down to cling to her dripping pussy. She squealed as she felt the head of his cock sliding out of her anus and a sudden draught of cool air caressed her sensitive cleft. James turned her onto her back and swivelled her around, so that her feet could rest on the floor while he straddled her heaving breasts. Kat looked down her trembling sweat-stained body and saw his cock, still large and thick but now limp and his balls shrivelled and drained. James took his cock in his hand, guiding it between her breasts, and wiped it clean of the mixture of cum and filth from her ass, leaving creamy brown streaks on her milk-white skin.James stood upright and moved over to the clothes piled on the floor. Dressing swiftly, he allowed her a few moments to compose herself and recover from the shattering orgasms that had wracked her body. Kat moved gingerly, her nipples, pussy and ass aching and throbbing. James fastened his trousers and, tucking his shirt into the waistband turned to speak to her. “Dinner is in forty-five minutes.” he informed her, sternly, “I shall expect you in the drawing room ten minutes beforehand. And you shall be on three months trial. If you prove satisfactory at the end of that time, I shall be offering you a permanent contract.” Then he unfastened her arms, leaving the collar around her neck. Obediently, she knelt, her eyes on the floor, until she heard the door click shut behind him. Smiling to herself, she rose to her feet and headed to the bathroom, wondering if she would find all of her service to James as intensely pleasurable as her introduction.