Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Rebecca sat bold upright and looked around her bedroom. Silvery moonlight cast black, inky shadows across the floor and plunged the corners of the room into impenetrable darkness. She strained to isolate the sensation that had shocked her awake, was it a sound, a sudden draught? She did not know. Straining her eyes, she peered into the corners of the room, trying to identify the shapes she saw. A shiver ran along her spine and she clutched the neck of her filmy nightgown more tightly around her throat.“Who's there?” she called hoarsely.There was, of course no reply and she silently cursed herself for thinking that there might have been one. Both of her parents worked late shifts, leaving Rebecca alone most nights. For an eighteen year-old college student, Rebecca was level-headed and independent but that did not mean she liked being woken in the night by a strange feeling. Swinging her legs over the side of the bed, Rebecca stood up and slid her feet into a pair of tatty, but much loved, moccasins and padded quietly to the door. Putting her hand on the door handle she frowned, trying to remember if she had pushed the door closed, or left it ajar when she had retired for the night.As she twisted the handle, Rebecca felt a sudden rush of air behind her and a damp, smelly cloth was held over her mouth and nose, almost suffocating her. She tried to reach back and scratch her attacker, to claw at him but his grip felt like iron and she seemed to melt as the noxious fluid soaking the cloth over her face made her woozy. She wobbled weakly for a moment and then her knees buckled and she slid, gracelessly sliding to the floor.Rebecca was unconscious for nearly a quarter of an hour as her attacker prowled quickly through the house, making sure that they were alone. When he returned to the bedroom he was carrying a pair of dressmaking shears that belonged to Rebecca herself and five lengths of nylon clothes line. Rebecca was still groggy but beginning to come round as the effects of the drug he had soaked the cloth with wore off. The intruder pulled his ski mask, with slits for the eyes and mouth, securely down, over his face and made a loop in one of the lengths of rope, fastening it around Rebecca's wrist. Her other wrist was tied in the same way and something seemed to pierce the fog in her brain. She shook her head violently, partly to clear it and partly to put up at least a show of resistance. She cried out as her assailant grabbed a handful of her hair and started to drag her across the room towards the bed. The pain was excruciating, making her eyes stream with tears and she had to struggle to her feet, so that her scalp did not tear. He threw her roughly onto the bed and wound the ropes around the opposite uprights of the headboard, pulling them tight so that her arms were securely fastened above her head. The tension on her shoulders was agonising, and she desperately wanted to scream, but fear had paralysed her. She watched, helplessly, as he looped more rope around her ankles and pulled it taut, spreading her legs wide. She shook her head, unable to believe that a stranger had broken into her house and now had her helplessly fastened to her bed. She smelt a dirty musty smell of unwashed clothes and stale sweat as he knelt on the edge of her bed and looped the last length of rope around her neck. She could feel the rope like a snake against her skin and closed her eyes, revolted by the stench of his body and the feeling pf the rope around her throat.“Now honey,” he hissed, “Be a good girl and we'll have a little fun together, then I'll be gone. Try to escape and I'll pull this rope tight.”Rebecca just looked at him, her eyes filled with fear and her tongue still as she wracked her brain to try and devise a plan of escape. She shuddered as the moonlight glinted on the blades of the shears he had picked up and her belly tightened as he lifted the hem of her nightdress and began to snip through the flimsy fabric. Her breath caught in her chest as the icy steel brushed against her skin, moving higher, across her belly and along the cleft between her rounded, pert breasts. The cloth parted and he laid the shears to one side, spreading the ruined nightdress with his fingertips and pausing, for a moment to stare at her breasts.Rebecca closed her eyes, desperately praying for her attacker to go away and leave her. Even with her eyes closed, she imagined that she could see him watching her. The bed shifted and she flinched as she felt a damp, cool palm cupping her breast and fingers pinching at her nipple. Turning her head as far as she could, Rebecca bit into her lip to keep from crying, determined that he would not see her pain and fear. A strong hand clamped around her jaw and forced her head round. She felt his breath on her cheek and smelt sour whisky and stale tobacco, almost strong enough to make her gag, and then he was pressing his lips against her mouth, thrusting his tongue between her lips, the taste of his breath making her gorge rise in her throat. Instinctively she bit down on the flesh invading her mouth and tasted blood as he jerked back, snarling.“Bitch!” he grated, “I told you to relax and we'd have fun but you had to spoil it. Now I'm gonna have fun and you're not gonna like it honey.”He punctuated his words with a flurry of slaps to her face, rocking her head from side to side, followed by even harder, and more vicious slaps to her bare breasts. Rebecca bit her lip until it bled, determined not to make a sound as his hand left angry red prints across her face and chest. He reached down again and pinched her nipple, squeezing it and pulling on it until it swelled and hardened, despite her revulsion. He sniggered and lowered his mouth onto her breast, sucking on her nipple with wet, slobbering sounds, moving his mouth from one to the other until they were both wet and slimy with his spittle. Rebecca screwed her eyes tight shut and strained against the ropes, holding her down, until the cords bit deep into her flesh, drawing blood. Her nipple still in his mouth, He closed his teeth and bit hard into her flesh, pinching the tender nugget and biting down until, unwillingly, Rebecca moaned in pain. He opened his mouth, releasing the tender, bruised flesh of her nipple, angrily reddened where his teeth had compressed the delicate tissues and nipped at her other nipple, crushing it between his teeth and grinding them from side to side until she moaned again in pain. He released her nipple, a trace of her blood on his lips from where his teeth had broken her skin. Rebecca strained against the ropes again, pulling until her muscles burned and the pain in her over stretched joints was unbearable. Then she collapsed against the bed, her breath coming in great heaving pants. She heard the grate and click of the blades as he opened and closed the shears and stiffened, wondering what fresh depravity he had in mind. Her skin crawled as she felt the icy kiss of the blades against the mound of her pussy and heard the distinct 'snick' as he squeezed the handles together, slicing through the front of her white cotton panties and then pulling them aside to bare her tender young sex, the lips almost undeveloped and the hood over her soft clit prominent.Rebecca's back arched in pain as he thrust a finger between the lips of her pussy, probing roughly inside her dry vagina. She turned her head, so that he would not see the shame in her eyes, at this brutal and intimate violation. “Please,” she begged in a whisper, “No, not that.”He ignored her hoarse, tortured words and pushed his finger deeper inside, rough and uncaring of her pain. Her passage was dry and tight with fear, and she could feel his finger, thrusting inside her, like a bar of hot metal. He snorted; a sound comprised of disappointment and anger, and then thrust his finger into her mouth, squeezing her cheeks with his other hand to stop her from biting into it.“Suck it, you dried up bitch!” he snapped.Tears filling her eyes, Rebecca sucked on his finger, tasting his rancid sweat and the sweater, fainter flavour of her own pussy. He worked his finger back and forth, over her tongue, as he coated it in her spit, moistening it and lubricating it for a further assault on Rebecca's pussy. Sliding his finger out of her mouth, he laughed into her pleading eyes as he pressed his finger between the lips of her pussy. The slipperiness of her spit eased his way a little, this time, but she was still clenched tightly in fear and his finger felt like hot iron as he pushed it into her pussy, making her eyes go as round as saucers. She tried to shake her head, to beg him to stop, but the words would not come and her gaze was fixed on his eyes, hypnotised by their manic glare. She could hear his breath, ragged and whistling a little through the mask, smelling tobacco and whisky as his arousal increased. Suddenly, the pressure in her pussy eased and the bed shifted as he stood upright. Rebecca tried to lift her head and then let it flop back onto her pillow as she saw him unfastening the zip of his pants and pushing them down to allow his erect cock to spring free. A strong smell of musk and sweat assailed her nostrils and she closed her eyes, sobbing silently, all thought of resisting this monster forced from her mind by the glimpse of his swollen cock. Rebecca had only ever glimpsed one erect cock, her daddy's, and, where his had been slender and smooth, jutting proudly above the tight sac of his balls, this was thick and ridged with throbbing veins. She thought that this thing would surely be too big for her virgin pussy to cope with and that this beast would rip her open. Rebecca heard a snapping sound and a crackling and, lifting her head, she saw him rolling a condom down the length of his cock. Rebecca felt tears burning her eyes as she finally accepted that this intruder was going to take her to, she cringed as she thought the word, fuck her. The bed dipped again and she felt his fingers between her thighs, parting the lips of her pussy, spreading them wider and then something hard and blunt, covered in cool slime nudged between them. She felt the hard meat of his cock pressing at the opening of her pussy and stretching her, making her delicate tissues burn as he pushed forward and then eased back, time and again. She turned her head and squeezed her eyes tightly closed, tears trickling from the corners of her eyelids and running down her cheeks. Her lips parted in a soundless 'Aaaah' of pain and he grunted on top of her, his foetid breath hot on her face.“Relax, honey,” he grunted, “and it'll be much easier for you. Let your cunt loosen up, then it won't hurt - not as much anyway.”Rebecca wanted to beg him to stop, to tell him that she was still a virgin and he was hurting her, but she knew, somehow, that it would only excite him more and make him even more determined to plunder her sweet, unbroken pussy, with his hideously swollen cock. He grunted again and pushed harder, this time the pain becoming so intense that she had to whimper as his cock thrust a little deeper into her pussy, butting against the delicate membrane of her cherry. He felt the resistance and his lips curled in an evil grin.“I never would have thought a hot piece of ass like you were a virgin,” he crowed, “Well just be glad that the first cock fucking your cunt belongs to a real man and not some college pansy.”Tightening his hips and buttocks, he thrust hard, pinning her to the bed, as his cock head burst through her hymen, tearing her and making her gush blood over the head of his swollen cock. She felt as though a blowtorch had been thrust inside her and was burning her as he held her down with his weight of hr hips. She tried to bend her back and push him off, but the ropes around her wrists and ankles were too tight and she could only tighten the noose around her neck, choking herself. Pulling back, he rammed his cock back inside, with a wet, squelching noise, filling her again and pistoning his cock into her pussy. The blood from her torn maidenhead did not discourage him, although it made it easier for Rebecca to take his pounding cock, as it lubricated her dry, tender passage.Rebecca felt his cock stretching her and the grinding of his hair pubic mound against her clit which, to her self-disgust, started to harden and swell, just as it did when she touched herself and dreamed of some handsome young boy gently taking her. Her breathing shortened and her pussy started to contract as his cock thrust in and out of it. Rebecca felt her belly tighten and the mounds of her breasts swell, her nipples aching and a dirty whisper in her mind telling her to let go and cum on his cock. Her thighs tightened and suddenly she felt as though she were swooping through the air barely able to breath and her whole body wracked by spasm. Her face flushed in shame as she felt him inside her and felt her pussy squeezing his cock.“Yes!” he growled, “Cum on my cock you cunt!”Rebecca flopped back onto the bed, her own blood oozing around his cock and staining the sheets under her crimson, filling the air with the smell, like hot pennies of her own blood. She could feel his cock, still hard and swollen inside her hot and throbbing as he pulled back and eased the head from between her pussy lips, letting a reddish stained gush of fluid spill onto her bed and down the cleft between her buttocks. Rebecca groaned softly, her chest sweaty and heaving and her mind clouded with the shame of cumming while this beast raped her. She felt exhausted; her limbs leaden and unresponsive so that even when he unfastened the ropes around her wrists and ankles, she could not fight or move.Rebecca felt rough hands grabbing her and turning her onto her belly and then shoving pillows under her hips to lift her ass high in the air. She moaned weakly, and tried to push herself away from him, but the strength seemed to have drained from her limbs like water and they felt like sacks of lead shot, heavy and unresponsive. She shook her head, weakly, as he spread the cheeks of her ass with his fingers, brushing his fingertips over the pucker of her asshole and watching it clench and then relax, winking at him. She shuddered as she felt the blunt head of his cock pressing against the dark ring, then sobbed as he pressed forward, stretching her, her own blood, smeared over the cock, lubricating her opening and making it easier for him to penetrate her.Rebecca felt him pushing her harder into the mattress, crushing her breasts against the bedclothes and pressing the head of his cock further into her asshole. She felt the swollen head forcing its way past her tightly clenched pucker and tried to push down and force him out but only succeeded in opening the tight ring of her anus and making it easier for his cock to slide inside her. She screamed, a weak, reedy cry, as the head of his cock slid past the pucker of her asshole and he drove his cock into her ass. His fingers dug into her hips and he pulled her roughly back onto his cock, making her grunt in pain as he filled her back passage. She sobbed, her tears staining the sheet beneath her cheek as he slid his cock slowly but forcefully in and out of her ass, grinding his hips in slow, lazy circles as he cock sank deeper and deeper.Rebecca could feel the prickle of her attacker's hairy ball sac, pressed against the smooth cheeks of her tight, rounded ass, and the weight of his body pressing her onto the bed. She felt helpless as he pinned her down, beneath his gross, foetid body and grunted with every thrust into her tender, bruised asshole. Rebecca sobbed in pain and humiliation as he plunged his cock into her ass, one hand beneath her, frigging her slit as he pounded her ass. She could feel the burning heat of every thrust and felt the shame flood through her as the fingers on her clit and the mingled pain and excitement of feeling his cock plunging into her bowel made her treacherous body betray her by tightening in readiness for another reluctant orgasm. She felt his cock jerking in her ass and, involuntarily, thrust her ass back towards him, impaling herself on his cock. Releasing her clit, he pulled her hard against him and began to spurt hard into the condom, the thick wads of his cum stinging the tender walls of her ass, even through the sheath of rubber.He seemed to cum forever, spraying thick goo against the walls of her ass. Rebecca groaned softly as she felt his cock jerking in her ass and then, triggered by one flick of his fingernail against her erect clit, she screamed orgasmically as spasms wracked her body and he forced her to cum again, his cock, still buried in her ass, beginning to shrink and soften slowly. Slowly, he eased his cock out of her ass, smiling as he noticed the flecks of blood on her ass cheeks where he had torn her anus and on her thighs, where it had dripped from her violated pussy. Then he pulled his pants around his waist and fastened the zipper, buckled his belt and left Rebecca, barely conscious, for her parents to discover, bloody and shattered, when they returned home.


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