Friday, February 19, 2010

Spying on the Neighbours

I didn't intend to spy on my neighbours - it all came about in a rather haphazard way. They are a mid-30ish couple with two kids in primary school. They moved in next door to me a couple of months ago and we struck up a very casual acquaintance. Laura is a forthright red headed woman with very pale skin and a dress sense that shows off her full figure to advantage. She has a wide mouth and her blue eyes crinkle when she smiles - which seems to be a lot. Even though she wears make-up, her freckles can't be obscured. She is a sexy woman who looks at men knowingly. Guy is a big man with dark tousled hair and a quick wit. He is olive skinned and thickset, quite a contrast to his wife. Together they are always laughing and horsing around. They are both professionals and work pretty much full time. I helped them out with a couple of settling-in things - Guy is pretty awkward when it comes to anything practical - and introduced them to the other neighbours. In return, they invited me to dinner once they'd got into a steady routine. It was a good night and we drank way too much. Laura got me talking about myself and was most sympathetic when I told them about being widowed and bringing up a daughter on my own. I tried not to let on how difficult it was now that my girl had got a job and moved into her own place, but I could tell Laura understood. Eventually I excused myself, feeling a little guilty at how long I'd stayed. It was a balmy night and I strolled around the block to clear my head a bit. Approaching home I needed to relieve myself. I walked down the side path, stopped by the lemon tree and undid my fly. As I began to water it a light went on a window in the neighbours' house just a few feet away, startling me. I cut short my pissing and started to tuck myself when I saw Laura come into view, tugging Guy by the hand. She pulls him close and they kiss. He ducks his head to her breasts and mauls them through her top. She laughs and pushes him back then says she needs to close the blind. She reaches up for the cord and leans forward at the waist as she pulls the blind down. I see her bum wagging and Guy steps up behind her and gives her a smart smack. She oohs and aahs then continues pulling the blind down and wagging her butt. Another smack and she grunts and puts both hands on the window sill. She has lowered the blind most of the way and I can only see her forearms. But I can see past her to Guy. He flips her skirt up over her backside, grabs her panties in one hand and yanks them tight up her crack, then gives her a steady spanking. I can hear her grunts and gasps and see her arms shake slightly as she endures the barrage. Guy pauses and Laura stands and turns to him, her skirt dropping down over her butt. I can tell they are kissing hotly and can see his hands stroking her bum under her skirt. Then they turn and move out of my view. I hesitate only a second then creep up to the window and look. It is their bedroom and they are standing at the foot of the bed kissing again. Laura says her poor bottom is all hot and sore and Guy says he'll kiss it better. She kneels on the bed and Guy flips her skirt up again. Her white briefs are still jammed up high in her crack and both buttocks are displayed. They are magnificent - full heart shaped globes - glowing pink with a dozen or so red splotches from the spanking. Guy caresses them for a moment then bends forward and slowly kisses and sucks each red mark. Laura is sighing and swaying her hips a little. Guy tugs her panties out of her crack and lowers them down her thighs. He pulls her buttocks apart and I see her pinky brown anus before his head dips forward again. `Yeessss', Laura hisses as he laps the length of her cleft. Guy's head moves up and down a little then steadies as he zeroes on her starfish. `Stick your tongue in deep, 'she says after a moment, then stiffens a little and moans. `God, you do that good, 'she gasps and starts swaying her hips a little. `Yeah, chew out my tight little bummy. Mmmmmmm. Lick me deep. Taste my little poop hole. Mmmmmm. God, yeah, finger my cunny. 'She talks almost constantly as he services her and it is a good five minutes before she announces that she is cumming and slumps forward on the mattress. Guy follows her down, his face still wedged between her buttocks and continues working on her arse until she begs him to stop.Guy stands up and undresses. His cock is hard as he steps out of his shorts - ah to be young again! - and Laura sits on the bed and blows him as he stands before her. I cannot see her face, but the clenching of his buttocks show that he is doing the driving and I imagine his cock sawing in and out of her mouth. Her hand comes around and grabs his buttock, pulling it and revealing his crack. I see her other hand squeeze his balls then reach up between his legs and stroke around his hairy anus. After a moment I see a red finger nail push at the clenched ring. Guy says it is too dry and they pause while she raises her hand to his face. Then I see her reach back under him and this time the finger slides in through his anus and disappears all the way to the last knuckle. Guy is grunting now and tells her that if she keeps pushing his prostate he's going to drench her tonsils. She doesn't desist and after a few seconds Guy wobbles at the knees and emits a loud drawn out grunt. He staggers back a little and sits down on the floor. Laura is smiling at him all bright eyed. Her hair is a bit mussed and her shirt is open, one breast out of her lacy bra, the flesh all blotchy and nipple hard. Clearly Guy has been busy. Her skirt is bunched around her waist and she is languidly stroking her gash. She opens her mouth a little and a trickle of semen appears at one corner. Guy comes to his knees and she leans toward him. They kiss long and I can see their jaws and cheeks working as they exchange the hot load.Then they break apart and Laura giggles. Saying she needs a smoke, she scoots across the bed and opens a drawer in the night table. She takes out a hand rolled cigarette and an ashtray. She lights up and from the way she inhales it appears to be a joint. In a few seconds I get a waft through the window of the unmistakeable smell of marijuana. Cigarette dangling from her mouth, Laura shrugs out of her blouse and gets rid of her bra and other clothes. Guy joins her and strokes her flank as they swap the joint back and forth. She tells him he had a lot of spunk tonight and he laughs and says that it's been nearly a week and anyway when she wiggles her finger on his prostate she knows she's going to get everything he's got. She pouts and says does that mean there's nothing left for later. He tells her she knows better than that and leans across to suck her breast, his hand going down between her thighs. I was about to leave, but the promise of more action keeps me rooted outside their window. Laura sighs and slowly finishes the cigarette as he licks and strokes. He then kisses his way down her torso, rubs his nose and chin around her auburn thatch and busies his fingers in her parts. They shift around a bit and end up with him between her thighs, lapping at her snatch. After several minutes she starts to get vocal again. She tells him to tug her labia as he licks her, finger her slit, suck on her clit and, as she approaches climax, to use his teeth a little. When she comes she bucks so hard she almost throws him off the bed. Her breath is coming in long wheezes and she curls up in a foetal ball while she rides it out, Guy hugging her and lightly kissing her shoulders and neck.Eventually she straightens out and turns to him, her brow sweaty and hair in disarray. `God, I love you! 'she says intensely and kisses him hard. He holds her close and strokes the hair back from her face. After a moment she asks him to pass her another cigarette. As she smokes they talk and her free hand goes to his groin and plays with his limp cock. `When you were licking my butt, 'she says, `how did it taste? '`A bit rank, 'he said. `When did you last go to the toilet? '`Yesterday morning. '`Hmmm, you must be pretty backed up. '`Yeah, I guess, but I don't feel like I need to go. '`How about I stick my cock in there and loosen things up a bit? Punch a bit of fudge? '`Ooohh, you nasty man! 'They kiss and I can see his cock is now semi-hard as she continues to lightly tug and wank it.`And after you've loosened it up, 'Laura resumes. `What then? '`A hot sperm enema. '`Oooooh baby! 'and they kiss again. `But what if you've punched the fudge so deep that it won't budge? '`Well, then I guess I'll have to give you a two litre bag full of warm soapy water. '`Like last time? '`Uh huh. '`Well honey, I expect you to do the best you can with your cock. I don't want that horrid water treatment again! 'More kissing, Laura's hand busy on his now hard cock. They part and she twists to the side, butts out her cigarette and reaches in the drawer of the bedside table. She hands Guy a tube and gets up on her hands and knees, telling him in a little girl voice to be gentle.He kneels behind her but instead of greasing up her butt, pulls her cheeks apart and dips his head between them. They are almost side on to me and I can see his lips kiss her anus then his tongue wash around it. She moans lowly when he pushes it in through the ring. As he burrows away, she throws her head back, lifts a hand from the mattress and clenches one swinging breast. He rims her for a good couple of minutes, then pulls back. Her anus is all wet and distended. Laura is looking back at him still massaging her breast, eyes hooded in lust. `Fuck my arse! 'she says urgently. `Do it now! 'Guy looks at the tube of gel for a second then tosses it aside. He gets off the bed and comes round to Laura's side. He presents his dick to her and tells her to get it good and wet 'cos spit is the only lubricant they're going to use tonight. She bends to the task with a vengeance, not just coating his dick with spit, but deep throating him and slurping around his balls. He's ready now and gets behind her. He mounts her and her eyes roll up. Half his dick is in her. He stops. They are both panting. He leans down, spits on his shaft, braces with hands on her hips, then drives the last inches into her arse. More panting and grunts. She tells him it feels good but he only pants in reply. He thrusts tentatively a couple of times and Laura lets out a low moan. He picks up the pace and lengthens the stroke. They are getting into a steady rhythm and he spices the action with a couple of resounding spanks on those luscious buttocks. They fuck this way for a while then Guy tells her he wants to suck her tits. He pulls out and lies on his back. His cock has a couple of greasy brown streaks on it. Laura retrieves the gel from the end of the bed and dabs a glob between her cheeks. Then she squats over her husband and, holding his cock steady, skewers herself. They both let out long sighs. She hunches forward so her tits dangle in his face. He goes at them with both hands and a growl. Once his mouth joins the action, Laura starts getting vocal again. She tells him to squeeze her boobs as he sucks, to change sides, to change back, to use his teeth on her nipples, and so on. What with the bucking of his hips and the hearty breast sucking, Guy is working up a bit of a sweat. Laura is beginning to throw herself about, moaning that she is going to cum. He increases his efforts and a moment later she stifles a cry and goes rigid. Her hands scrabble on the sheets for a few seconds then she slumps forward on her husband's chest. His cock falls out of her butt and I see the sphincter spasm a couple of times as the last of her orgasm washes through her. Guy pries himself out from beneath her inert body and stands up, his cock waving before him. He manhandles Laura so that she is still lying forward on the bed, her legs on the floor and her backside level with his groin. She protests weakly saying she has to go to the toilet urgently. He pushes her hands away and says that he's going to make sure that everything is loosened up. She continues to protest but he spits twice on her glistening brownie and pushes his cock back up her arse. They both moan, but Laura's has an edge of discomfort. Guy goes straight to hard fucking mode, making her buttocks and thighs jiggle with each thudding thrust. Laura is going oww oww oww and begging him to stop and saying that she needs to take a shit. Guy says that he's going to fuck her till he cums in her arse. Laura says her insides are getting all mashed up and she needs to get to the toilet fast. Guy pounds away and Laura continues to complain, but she has got a hand down between her legs and is rubbing her clit. Guy tells her he can feel her turds and she moans and strums her finger faster. He says they are all squishy and its like fucking a bowl of mashed potatoes. She looks back at him and says she wants to see it. He pulls his cock all the way out and shows her the helmet all yellowy brown. She gazes at it, panting, finger busy in her twat. He jams it back, causing a long brown smear across one buttock, and resumes pistoning into her. Laura asks him to spank her and he obliges as she gasps about the shit being churned around inside her and how she can feel it being forced back up her guts. Guy is getting close, his thrusting jagged and erratic. Laura looks up at him and tells him to spray her bowel with his jism, that she wants to see it coating her turds when she goes to the toilet. This tips him over the edge and going yaargh yaargh yaargh he strains and unloads, Laura making encouraging cooing noises.Guy's cock is still semi-hard when he pulls out. Laura rolls over on her back and they smile at each other. Guy leans forward and wipes his cock first on one of her thighs, then on the other, leaving muddy brown smears. Laura giggles and reaches for his cock, wanks it then wipes her dirty hand on his stomach. He pulls her up and they kiss. He rubs his groin against hers as their tongues duel. She tells him she really has to go to the toilet in a hurry and heads for the bathroom. He follows saying he'll get the shower going. I go to the next window down but it is frosted glass and shut so I can't see or hear anything. I head home thinking about my new neighbours and hoping I'll get another chance to spy on them.


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