Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Kat hurried into the bedroom and quickly stripped out of her work suit. Hanging the jacket and skirt in her closet, she unfastened her blouse and dropped it into the laundry hamper. She glanced at her reflection in the mirror, wincing as a cramp gripped her belly, and saw the tell-tale stain on the pale silk of her panties. Sighing, she reached behind her and unfastened the clasp of her bra, allowing her full, tender breasts to tumble out of the cups, into her hands. The ripe berries of her nipples were swollen and aching, the rings piercing the base hanging clear of the puffed aureoles.Kat dashed into the bathroom and stepped into the shower, then eased her panties away from the smoothly shaven mound of her cunt. Sticky, congealed blood gummed the lips of her cunt to the silk of her panties and she almost swooned at the tugging of the material on her clit as she gently freed it. She dropped the stained panties on the bathroom floor and started to roll her stockings down her legs, one by one, pleased that she had managed to avoid staining them with her discharge. Dropping them next to her panties, Kat turned to the shower and twisted the faucets to direct a warm caressing spray against her face and body.She gently caressed her skin with a handful of shower gel, cupping her breasts and directing the streams from the showerhead against her swollen nipples. Slowly, she moved her hands downwards, over her tender belly, to the bare mound of her cunt. Parting her cuntlips with her fingertips, she gently rinsed away the mess of tacky, congealed blood, the clots splashing around her ankles and staining the water a rusty brown. Taking the showerhead in her hand, she aimed the jets between the swollen puffy lips of her cunt and flushed herself clean, the stained water running down the inside of her thigh. The air was heavy with the coppery tang of fresh blood as she rinsed herself clean of the discharge. Shutting off the faucet, Kat stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a huge, fluffy robe, patting herself dry with the soft material. The touch of the cloth against her breasts made her tremble and her erect clit throb. Tying the cord around her waist, Kat opened the bathroom cabinet, looking for a tampon to stem the discharge from her sensitive cunt. Kat frowned at the empty space on the shelf; sure that she had left a pack there for her next period. Closing the cabinet door, she made her way back into the bedroom, sighing as she realised that she would have to dress again and go to the mall.Andrew was sitting in the armchair across from the bed, naked beneath his silk robe, his ankles crossed, with a leather bound desk diary open on his lap. Kat recognised it as the diary that he had used to record her early training, the punishments that she had endured. She blushed, recalling the way she had disobeyed him, only to discover that she needed his control, the humiliation and pain that he dispensed igniting a consuming need inside her. She hugged herself more closely as the memory of his hands on her body made her tremble in a delicious anticipation.Then she glanced towards the arm of the chair and realised that she had not been able to find the tampons in the bathroom cabinet because he had taken them out. She knew that he had calculated the date of her period and was exercising another aspect of his control over her. He closed the diary, the pages slapping together loudly as he pressed the book between his palms. “Looking for something?” he asked that “These perhaps?”“Yes, Sir,” she whispered, “Please, Sir, may I have a tampon?”“Why?”“Sir, I started my period this afternoon and I need a tampon so that my discharge doesn't dirty your bed.”“Fetch one of the large towels and spread it on the bed,” he ordered.Kat hurried into the bathroom and returned with a large, soft towel, of Egyptian cotton. Carefully, she spread it across the bed and then turned to face Andrew, biting her lips as she stood upright, the cramps gripping her belly. Andrew took her hands and turned her to face the bed, gently pushing her forwards, so that she lay, face down on the soft cotton. Kat felt a thin trickle of fresh blood, seeping between the lips of her cunt and groaned softly as another cramp squeezed relentlessly at her belly. Andrew took her foot in his hands, bending her leg at the knee and cradling the arch of her foot as though it were some wounded bird.Gently he began massaging the sole of Kat's left foot, stroking his thumbs firmly but tenderly along the sole. Kat sighed as a wave of relaxation welled up from the line of his caress and flowed through her aching muscles. His fingers and thumbs pressed and kneaded, stroking firmly against the nerves beneath her skin until her whole body was enveloped in a relaxed glow. Gently lowering her left foot, he cradled the right and began deftly stroking, his fingers a continuous caress against her skin. Kat felt the cramping in her belly ease, and then her tender breasts softened a little as the effect of his gentle, teasing caress upon her feet relaxed her tormented body. Kat could feel her blood flowing from between the lips of her cunt, soaking into the towel beneath her and making it cling stickily to her shaven cunt.Andrew cradled her foot in one palm and drew the tips of his fingers along the outside of her foot, just in front of the ankle bone, lightly, a bare touch of his fingernails against her skin. An electric thrill shot through her nerves and the muscles of her cunt tightened spasmodically pumping a little blood, from between the lips, to soak into the towel. Her nipples hardened, pressing against the soft material beneath her, and she made a tiny mewling noise at the back of her throat, like a playful kitten.Andrew moved his hands higher on her calves, kneading the tension out of her muscles, massaging gently, sensuously. Kat felt his fingers pressing, probing against the knots of taut muscle and sinew, coaxing them into relaxing. She closed her eyes and sighed as his fingers cleverly unknotted her muscles and soothed her jangling nerves. Kat moaned quietly when his hands cupped her buttocks and he gently spread the cheeks of her ass, slipping his fingers around the base of the plug that he insisted she wear all day and was still firmly embedded in her anus. Kat's breath hissed between her clenched teeth as Andrew pulled on the plug and she felt it stretching her asshole slowly, relentlessly. The thickest girth of the tapered rubber reached the tight ring of muscle and she bore down, trying to ease the passage, tears stinging her eyes as she whimpered softly, first with the pain of having her anus stretched almost to tearing and then in relief as the widest girth passed through her sphincter and she was able to relax again. Dropping the anal plug on the floor, Andrew began gently but firmly massaging the length of Kat's spine, pressing his fingertips over the sensitive clusters of nerves that sent a thrill directly to her clit. His fingers traced patterns along her bones and across her skin, touching her gently, then firmly, the pressure of his fingertips exciting her. She could feel the tight walls of her cunt contracting and squirting fresh blood onto the towel beneath her hips, spreading the sticky, glutinous stain across the material. A deep moan, almost a growl of lust slid past her lips as he reached around to cup her breasts and trap her swollen, aching nipples between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing gently, then tugging at the gilded rings through the base of her excited flesh.Kneeling beside her, Andrew slowly rolled Kat onto her back and gently spread her thighs wide. Her bald cunt was smeared with runnels of fresh blood and, as he looked down, another sticky dribble appeared between her cuntlips to trickle down, between the cheeks of her ass, onto the stained towel. Unfastening the sash of his robe, he shrugged the silk off his body and tossed it carelessly over the arm of his chair, his thick erect cock jutting straight out towards her. Leaning over her, so that the tip of his cock brushed against the blood covering her skin, Andrew took her nipple between his lips and suckled gently on the swollen bud, nipping it softly with the edges of his teeth. Kat writhed beneath him, gasping as he caught the tip of her nipple between his teeth, tugged gently and then released it, before catching it between his teeth again and drawing it into his mouth.Kat was panting and gasping, arching her back so that the tip of Andrew's cock slid along the crimson, slippery clot of her cunt. Her swollen nipple was a hard point between his lips as he sucked it into his mouth and lashed the tip with his tongue. Reaching down with one hand, Andrew nudged his cock into her, guiding it between the lips of her cunt and into the opening to the deeper passage, already filling with the blood shed from her womb. Arching his hips forwards, he edged the bulbous head of his erect, swollen cock, past the tight opening, just into the start of her blood-soaked passage. Grinning devilishly, Andrew released his lips from her nipple and blew gently on the point, still moist from his mouth. He watched the aureole crinkle and retract a little, thrusting the meat of her aching nipple higher, as she rolled a little to the side to offer him a better mouthful. Andrew dipped his head again, catching the nipple between the edges of his front teeth, just in front of the golden ring that penetrated the flesh at the base. He could feel the hot slime of her blood, discharged over the head and shaft of his swollen, aching cock, as he took a deep breath and then bit, hard, into her tender flesh.Kat screamed, half in pain and half in a transport of lust, bucking her hips beneath his, impaling herself on the rigid length of his cock. Her body was wracked by violent spasms as she clung to Andrew, trying to drag his cock deeper into her pulsating cunt. Her eyes rolled up into her head and her whole body vibrated, like a plucked string as Andrew pinned her beneath his hips, holding her spasming body down as her cunt gripped his cock and rippled along the shaftKat slumped back onto the bed, her nipple sliding out of Andrew's mouth and quivering erectly, bright red where his teeth had marked her. Her body was covered in a light film of sweat, the round fullness of her breasts flushed and glistening, as though they had been oiled. Andrew moved back, easing his still erect cock out of Kat's cunt in a gush of her menstrual blood. Wearily, she lifted her head, exhausted by the constant arousal that she suffered at this time, followed by the vicious orgasm that had ripped through her. She gazed along the gap between their bodies, seeing her dusky skin splashed and stained with her own blood while it dripped from Andrew's erect cock, splashing onto her spread, trembling thighs. Andrew stood and with the speed of a striking rattlesnake, twisting his fingers into her hair and dragging her onto the floor at the end of their bed. Tears filling her eyes, Kat scrambled to her knees in front of him. Her face was level with Andrew's blood smeared cock and she could smell the coppery tang of her blood on his body. She felt the bile rise in her gullet as she looked at the glutinous smears along the length of his cock and her eyes watered as he closed his fist in her hair, pulling her closer to his cock and balls. The smell strengthened, threatening to gag her, and she tried, feebly to turn her head away. Andrew untwisted his fingers from her hair and waited as she swallowed the bile, her tongue suddenly filling her mouth and making her breath catch.“Clean me, slut!” he snapped.Kat took a deep, shuddering breath and reached out to circle the base of his cock with her fingers, then leaned forward and opened her lips, just wide enough to slip the head of his cock into her mouth. Slowly drawing the foreskin back from his glans, Kat slid her tongue over the velvety skin, swirling it over the tip of his bloodied cock. The metallic taste of her blood mingled with her cunt juices and Andrew's pre-cum in her mouth and she gagged, briefly, before forcing herself to swallow the mixture. Shuddering, she slid his cock further over her tongue, grazing the skin on his shaft with the edges of her teeth. She swirled her tongue over and around his cock, her jaw aching as she opened her mouth as wide as she could and bobbed her head back and forth, taking the tip further and further inside.Andrew's cock slid over her tongue and into the back of her throat, making her gag, for a heartbeat, until she could swallow him down. The taste of her own blood filled her mouth as she sucked him and swirled her tongue all over his shaft. Slowly, the taste of him changed, becoming sweeter, as she cleaned the smears of her blood from his cock with her busy tongue. At last, all she could taste was his cock and pre-cum, though she could still smell the smears of her blood on his heavy, charged balls.Kat moved her head back, sliding the tip of Andrew's cock out of her mouth with a soft 'plop'. Curling her slender fingers around the shaft, she gently lifted it upwards, exposing his balls to her mouth. His breath hissed between his teeth as she sucked gently on his left ball, slurping it into her mouth and running her tongue all over it to capture every drop of her blood from his skin. She could feel his cock jerk and throb against her cheek as she suckled greedily on the firmness of his ball in her mouth. She released his ball with a soft slurping noise and immediately sucked the other one into her hot, yielding mouth. Her tongue traced patterns of fire against his skin and she could feel his cock swelling stiffly against her face. The faint muskiness of his body seemed to surround her as she stroked his cock and caressed his balls with her tongue.At last, she could only taste his cock and pre-cum, she had swallowed every trace of her blood and Kat pointed the tip of Andrew's cock between her lips, then slid them down to the base, swirling her tongue over and around the hard shaft stretching her mouth into a lustful grin. She could see his fingers curling, out of the corner of her eye, as he fought down the urge to twist them into her hair and hold her face still while her fucked her mouth roughly with vicious, jabbing thrusts. His cock swelled in her mouth and she slid it to the back of her throat and sucked, suddenly, hard.His cock jerked and began to pump thick wads of his cum straight into her throat, then filling her mouth until it overflowed and dripped, messily from her chin to splash against her breasts. the hot splash of cum and the taste of him in her mouth excited her and the thought that she was just his slut, pleasuring her master, pushed her over the brink of her own orgasm and she came, groaning and sobbing around the cock filling her mouth, as he emptied his full balls and turgid cock into her eager mouth and belly.Kat slid down into a boneless heap at his feet, cum drying in a sticky mass across her breasts and on her chin. Andrew reached for the robe from the arm of his chair and fastening the sash around his waist turned towards the door. Pointing to the blood soaked towel, he gave her instructions.“Clean this up, then you may insert a tampon and dress for dinner. We shall be dining in 'The Four Seasons' so I expect you to dress accordingly,” he smiled.Leaving her to clean up her bloodied mess and select a suitable gown, he picked up the diary and took it to his study, so that he could record Kat's latest lesson.