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Annie hated this backward part of Alabama that was known as the black belt. Located in West Alabama it wasn't close to any big city like she was use. The land was known for its rich farming land, which was why she and her husband, Paul, found themselves living here. The land had been in his family for years and now that his father was no longer able to work it he had turned the operation over to Paul and his younger brother Jim. Paul had a good job in Knoxville making plenty of money for them to live off and enjoy the things the larger town had to offer. Jim had never left the farm and he and Judy, his wife, were happy with the life they had here. As far as Annie cared they could have the whole place to themselves. The old farmhouse was huge. It was more like a duplex than a single-family house. Annie and Paul had half and Jim and Judy the other half. It even had two kitchens and separate bathrooms. It wasn't sound proof and she and Paul could hear Jim and Judy fucking away all hours of the night. Fucking was about the only thing Annie enjoyed about living here. There was plenty of time for that with nothing else to do. Annie and Paul were both twenty-six and Jim and Judy were twenty-four. Both brothers were about the same size with dark hair and blue eyes. They were quite an eye full to the girls they had grown up with. Now those girls had married and left town as soon as they could. Annie was tall and slim with a beautiful head of blond hair. It was all natural as Paul could attest. Her breasts were high and firm even if they were not quite a c cup. Her hips were nice and her ass attracted a lot of attention in the jeans she constantly wore. Judy was short and better endowed in the breasts department than Annie. She was also a blond and her ass looked just as good in jeans as did Annie's neither husband had anything to be shame. At the swimming pool the two women were hard to ignore in the skimpy bikinis they wore. Both husbands didn't mind looking at either wife. Annie hated to go into town alone. It was mostly blacks that stood around on the corners and made comments as she went about doing her shopping. Back in Knoxville she was use to this type behavior but not from young black men that made it clear what they could do for a long legged blond housewife. Judy had grown up around most of them and they kidded her the same way. She just laughed and joked with them. “Eat your heart out guys, this all belongs to Jim.” Annie tried to only go into town when Judy could go with her. During planting season the men were in the fields from dawn till late afternoon. The women fixed lunch and would take it to the field for them and the crew they had working. Most of the time there would be at least a dozen men to feed; all of them black except Paul and Jim. Annie could feel their eyes on her each time she was around them. Where most white men at least were sneaky about looking at women, the blacks didn't make any bones about noticing the women and their shapely asses. Annie couldn't believe how open they were with their comments. She had talked to Paul about that several times. He didn't see any problem with it. “Men have hit on you all your life. Just act like Judy and don't let them know it gets to you.” That was easier said than done. She had been living here almost a year and it wasn't getting any better. If she had not loved Paul so much she would have gone back home and left him here with his beloved farm. One day she finally talked to Judy as they were getting lunch ready for the men. “I don't see how you can take all the talk from the black men. I just can't get use to them being so open.” “Jim and I were talking just the other night about how unhappy you seem here on the farm. Is it all of us or just the blacks that causes you problems?” “Oh, I'm sorry if you think it is you and Jim. I love being around you both. It's all the blacks and the lack of other white women around here. Where I grew up in the mid-west there weren't many blacks at all. What few there was stayed to themselves. I have never lacked from males hitting on me but these men don't just hit they make offers as to what they would like to do to me in bed, and Paul just blows it off as no big deal.” “Jim and I grew up with these same men. They have been offering to take me to bed from back in High School days. They do not frighten me because I know most of them and their families. I have even dated some of them as well as Jim with the black girls.” “You went out with black men? I could never do that. What did you do on dates?” “The same thing I did with the white boys I went with, which wasn't much more than a hamburger, a movie and then a little making out down by the river.” “You made out with the blacks? What did Jim think about that?” “He did his own share of making out. He went farther than I did. I was a virgin when we married but he wasn't so I am sure he got to more than first base with at least one of them. All I got was a lot of kisses and my tits squeezed and sucked from time to time.” “I could never let one of them touch me like that. It would totally freak me out.” “The only reason I was still a virgin was because I was afraid of one of the guys I went with and liked the best had the biggest cock I ever felt. It was fear that stopped me from having sex with him. If I had known Jim was so big I might have given in back then.” “Jim must be like his brother. Paul is huge and it took a while for me to take all of him.” “Well you must have managed very well. Jim and I can hear you and Paul at night and you sure don't have much of a problem then.” “You can hear us? We also hear you and Jim.” She laughed and said that “Lack of size is not one of Paul's problems. In bed we don't have any problems.” “Annie, they are just men. Try treating them like you would any other man that has made a pass at you. They may pick at you at make lewd suggestions but they are really harmless. They aren't going to rape you like you read about in books that happened years ago. If the truth were known the women that claimed to have been raped probably wasn't but was caught and they yelled rape. Hammer is always telling Jim that he is going to take me to bed and teach me what a real man is like.” “Hammer? Isn't he one of the field hands?” “Yes, he has worked here on the farm all his life. His father worked here and now he is here. He is also one of the black men I dated in school. That big cock I was telling you about; it belonged to him.” “Judy he must be at least 250 pounds and black as night. He is always looking at me when we take them lunch. I can feel his eyes just undressing me. He makes me nervous.” “Look, if it makes you feel any better, he does me the same way. I am surprised you haven't noticed it before. I would like to undress him and see just how big his cock is in the day light. All I ever did was feel it through his pants.” “Judy! You wouldn't do that!” “No, but I sure would like.” “You said Jim went with some of the black girls. Did Paul ever go with any of them?” Judy shied away from that question. “We better hurry and get this food to the men or they will think we aren't coming.” They packed the food in the truck along with the iced down drinks and headed to the backside of the farm where the men were in the last couple of hundred acres of corn. Judy drove and Annie hung on for dear life as she bounced across the old cotton roads that lead to the fields. Annie was still thinking about their conversation back at the house. “You didn't answer my question which makes me think Paul did go out with a black girl.” “If you want to know why don't you ask him yourself? If he is anything like Jim he will tell you what you want to know.” Annie let it drop as they were pulling into the field. The men saw the truck and one by one they made the way to the shade trees at the edge of the field. There were six tractors and each driver had one man helping keep seed and fertilizer in the planters. It was a hot job and the men had all stripped down to just their pants. There was a lot of muscle showing in that corner of the field. Both women couldn't help but take notice of them. Before Annie had only paid attention to Jim and Paul in hopes that they would leave her alone. Since the talk with Judy she managed to sneak a look at the black men as they helped their plates. She had to admit that there was a bunch of nice male flesh, both black and white setting under the trees. She saw Paul setting next to the black she thought was Hammer. The two were in deep conversation as she went around refilling their plates. Annie and Judy made quite a nice pair with the tight jeans they wore, the men took notice. As he usually did, Hammer thanked her for the food as she added more to his plate. His eyes took in all of her as she leaned over to serve him. Her top wasn't low cut but when she had to bend that far over she knew he was getting an eye full of her chest. She blushed and straightened up as soon as she could. Her eyes met his and she could see the flicker of lust pass over them. He just smiled and winked at her. She turned away as soon as she could to stop him from seeing her blush. It was the same as all the men she served, including Jim, and Paul. Men, they were all alike. She wondered why Paul didn't do something to stop the men. He didn't even say anything to Jim when he would make some sexists commit. That night Paul was ready for sex, which wasn't unusual. He was always ready for sex and she was just as eager for him as he was for her. She wanted to ask him about the girls he dated back in school. She wanted an answer before she gave to sex for the night. Once they finished he would be asleep in minutes and the question would never be asked or answered. Paul was in bed first. The cover was tossed to the foot of the bed and he lay on his back with his hard cock sticking straight up. There certainly wasn't anything reserved about Paul. One look and Annie knew she was in for good long night of loving. Jim and Judy might really hear the bed shake tonight. Annie undressed in the bathroom and came naked to the bed. Paul watched each move his sexy wife made as she moved towards the bed. He was one lucky man to have such a beautiful wife that loved sex as much as he did. He couldn't wait as he reached up and pulled her down in his arms and kissed her. Annie pulled away and leaned back from him. She propped up on one arm so she could see his face when she was talking to him. He couldn't lie when she was looking him eye to eye. Paul's hand was on her naked tit as he worked his thump over her erect nipple. It felt good to her and she didn't make a move to remove it. “Paul, I want to ask you something and I want the truth.” “What have I done now?” He couldn't remember anything that would have him in trouble. Since she was letting him play with her tit it couldn't be very bad. “Nothing. I just had a talk with Judy today and she told me about her and Jim's school days. She said that she had dated black boys and that Jim dated black girls when they were all in school. Did you ever date black girls?” His first impulse was to lie but he knew that he would never get away with it with her looking him in the eye. “Yes. A few times.” “You never told me about them. All you ever told me about was some girl named Gloria.” “The way you feel about blacks I didn't think you would want to hear about them.” “Did you fuck them?” “Hell Annie, I never asked you about your old boyfriends. Why are you asking me about someone I dated eight years ago?” “I told you about the only boy I had ever been with. I was as close to being a virgin when we married as possible. All he did was try to get it in and shoot his load. He managed to take my virginity before he lost it. I missed being a virgin bride by a total of ten seconds. You were much more experienced than I was for sure.” “What do you want to know? I had rather keep it to myself but if you are just dying to know then I will tell you everything.” Her hand slipped down to his cock that had grown soft while they had been talking. She cupped his balls and felt his cock start to rise again. “I want to know everything you did growing up. Maybe it will help me get over my fear of the blacks that never leave me alone.” He started. “Life here is different. The rich people send their children to private schools to keep them away from the blacks. The rest of us went to school where we were out numbered 5 to 1 by the blacks. It didn't bother us since we had grown up with them anyway.” “A lot of the people, even the poor, frowned on mixing up the blacks and whites when it came to dating. So we just slipped around and went out together. I told you about Gloria. She and I dated some but most of the time I picked her up and she ended up with one of our black classmates and I was with a black girl. If anyone saw us they just thought we were with each other.” “I know that Jim and Judy did that some but they loved each other and finally married.” “What was the girl's name you went with? Is she still living here in town?” “Yes, she is still in town. Jim and I both went with her at times.” “Dam, she must have been a really good fuck for both of you to keep her happy? Have you seen her since we moved back?” “If you are asking me if I have slept with her the answer is no. Was she a really good fuck? The answer is really, really good. I see her every day are two, She married Hammer.” “Judy said that she dated Hammer.” “That must have been after I left for school. What did she say about him?” “She said that he has a huge cock that she was afraid of back then but is now having second thoughts about not seeing it then. She feels like she must have missed something.” “Well, I am sure that Hammer would be more than happy to let her see the real thing.” “Paul!” “Hey, Jim has fucked Shauti. I am a sure Hammer think he should at least get his cut at Judy.” “You just said that you fucked her also. Do you think he feels I owe him something for what you did back then?” “That is not what I meant.” “That is what you said. Is why he looks at me like he wants to throw me on the ground and fuck me?” He squeezed her tit he had been playing with. “No, he just would like to fuck you because of the way you look. Shit, you and Judy are the hottest women in the county. Every man here, black or white would like to get the two of you in the sack.” “I didn't know you felt like that about Judy.” “Look Judy is Jim's wife. I like to look at her and think about what she might be like in bed but that is as far as it goes. I am sure Jim looks at you the same way. I am not a jealous man and neither is Jim. We both know we have hot wives and other men looking at them are not going to stop. Makes us feel good to know we have wives other men would love to have. Now are you going to shut up and fuck or talk all night?” She moved over his naked body with his now hard cock. “Why don't you just slide this little bitty cock here in my hot cunt and show me how you fucked the black girl.” “You are asking for it!” He flipped her over on her back and moved between her legs. Just as quick he was deep in her hot wet cunt. The first time didn't last long as they both were to excite to wait. The next time and the next lasted longer and longer until they heard Jim yell from down the hall. “Would you two hurry and get through so we can get some sleep.” The tone of his voice told them that he was only joking. Soon they could hear the bed in the other room bouncing on the floor. After that Annie made an effort to be more relaxed around the black labors. She even joked back with them when they made some remarks about her looks. It was Hammer that caused her the most problems. He didn't say much more than he had but before his looks were all over her. She had even caught herself glancing down at his crotch. Lately it seemed to be getting larger when she was around. She had met Shauti and liked her. She was a tall light skin girl that had to have some white blood in her history. Annie could see why Paul would have been attracted to her. The spring planting season was over and the lazy days of summer were on them. The temperature had moved into the nineties and low hundreds. The humidity was awful. The wives spent most of their spare time in the pool just trying to keep cool. The men worked on fences and baling hay for the winter. There was more free time for the men during the summer. They all took off for a week and went down to the Gulf. The women worked on what tan they didn't already have and the men went fishing. The nights were full of sex and more sex. One hot summer afternoon the men had gone back to the pasture fences and the women headed for the pool. They had been out side cutting the grass and both were hot and sweaty. Judy spoke up. “Let's take a dip in the pool and cool off.” It sounded like a good idea to Annie as well. “Let me get my suit and meet you back here.” Judy spoke, “I am not waiting for a suit.” She started pulling off her clothes and throwing them on a chair. Soon she was naked. Annie looked around, “What if someone come by?” “So what? I'm not ashamed of my body.” “Neither am I but that isn't what I was thinking about. What if Paul or Jim shows up?” “They would probably just join us.” Annie was hesitant but she soon joined Judy in the cool pool water. It felt good on her hot body. The time got away from them. Neither one thought about the time until a shadow passed over them. Paul was standing next to the pool watching two of the hottest women he had ever seen swimming naked in the pool. He watched for several minutes before they saw him. He was watching Judy and her big breasts when she saw him and screamed. “Paul!” She ducked under the water to hide from her brother-in-law. Annie looked to see her husband watching them. “What are you doing back here?” He laughed and didn't bother to look away. “If I had known this was going on I would have come back sooner.” Judy said that “If you will go back to the barn Annie and I can get in our clothes.” “I was just thinking about joining the two of you.” Annie shook her head. “You wouldn't dare.” That was like red to a charging bull to Paul. A minute later his clothes had joined theirs and he was naked as he dove into the pool. As he broke water he looked to see Annie with a shocked look on her face. She didn't know it but it wasn't the first time Judy and Paul had swum naked. Many summer days were spent on the river swimming when they were younger and most of the time the boys and girls were all naked. Both black and white. “Paul how could you?” “It wasn't very hard.” He looked down at his cock now growing. “But it is getting that way.” He laughed and soon both Judy and Annie were laughing with him. Jim found them that way and joined them. Annie found herself looking at Jim and his cock more than at her husband. The brothers were truly a lot alike. They passed the rest of the day in and out of the pool. Annie was the only one that had trouble adapting, but as the evening went on she found herself having as much fun as the rest of them. The rest of the summer suits were only worn when they had company. This way of life could only lead to one thing; sex. After each time they went back to their own rooms and fucked like crazy. It became a contest to see which couple could climax the most. It turned out to be a draw. Being naked in the pool together soon gave way to touching. First husband and wife and then to the others spouse. Just when they decide to take it farther no one knew. Annie found herself on her bed with Jim moving over her. For a second she had reservations about going this last step. These all disappeared when he moved her legs apart and his mouth covered her hot pussy. He was skilled with the use of his tongue and all thought of right are wrong went out the window as she reached down and pulled him up over her. “Fuck me now before I change my mind.” “Honey, when I get through with you, you will never change your mind again.” His fingers spread the lips of her pussy. He could tell that she was ready and he didn't hesitate. His cock found the opening and he pushed into his sister-in-law's hot body. His cock was strong and hard as he plowed ahead until he was completely in her. He rose up on his arms and looked down at her pussy with his cock buried in it. Annie had her eyes shut as he entered her. Just as Paul did he filled her completely. If she kept her eyes shut she would have thought it was Paul and not his brother that was in her now and it was feeling so good. She opened her eyes when she felt him lift up. She saw him looking down to where their bodies were joined. Her eyes followed his until she saw his cock buried to his balls in her blond cunt. She looked up to see him staring at her. “Now that is truly a beautiful sight. I have wanted to see this ever since you moved down here.” Annie pulled him down to her and his mouth closed over hers. His tongue made its way in her mouth as she open to receive it. Soon they were in a passionate kiss that drove them higher and higher as his cock worked her cunt like a well-oiled machine. Annie climaxed but he kept pounding her cunt like there would be no tomorrow. Soon they came together as one. It was a totally fucked out pair as she lay under him holding him close to feel him draining the last of his hot juice in her body. It was only after he was completely soft that she let him roll away. She looked at him. “I haven't thought about this as long as you have but it couldn't have been any better.” “I agree whole heartily. I can't wait until the next time.” “Next time?” Annie hadn't thought about there being a next time. She had just thought about how good it felt to be with one new. What made it better was it being the first time with him. “Next time? I think I will like that.” She hadn't thought about Paul and Judy since Jim had moved over her on the bed. Now they came back to her. It wasn't an every day occurrence but they swapped several times a week. During the monthly period for one of the wives the other found her being wife to both men, something they found exciting as four hands worked over their hot bodies. Not one of them was complaining. Fall was coming on and the hands were back at work in the fields. The crops had to be gotten in and Judy and Annie were back supplying the food and entertainment to the men. Annie still wasn't comfortable around them but she was much better than before. She didn't run now each time one of them offered to take her to bed. Her usual reply, “Dream on.” And she would walk away feeling their eyes on her ass. Once again it was Hammer that caused her the most uneasiness. If she got to close to him she would feel his hand touch her. This brought a tremble through out her body. As often as he could he made sure she got a look at his huge cock buried in his pants. She couldn't help but think about it since Judy had told her how big he was. She began to wonder, as Judy did, what something that big would feel like in her cunt. When she had these thoughts she would think about him being black and that would make her vow never to find out. A while later Judy had to go into town for shopping and Annie was left to fix lunch for the crew. Judy had the truck so Paul sent Hammer to the house to get Annie and the food. She had just finished packing the last box when she heard the truck in the yard. She was shocked when she saw it was Hammer that was coming through the back door to the kitchen. Paul knew that she was uncomfortable around him and he had sent him anyway. “I have it ready to go. You can start loading the truck.” When he didn't move she looked up to see him staring at her. A moment of fear went through her body. She thought about what Judy had said about being raped and that she didn't have to fear that. Looking at him she wasn't so sure. “You can take this to the truck.” She said it with all the conviction she could muster. “I would rather take you to bed.” She was shocked that he just came out and said that he wanted to take her to bed. She tried the usual line she used with the others, “Dream on. Now get this food loaded.” He just stood there with his hand on his cock. “It will be you dreaming of this big cock when I get you in bed.” She tried to bluff her way by him by picking up a box of food and walked by him to the truck. He watched as she passed him. “You sure have a nice white ass. It will sure look good stretched over my black cock.” She kept walking until she was at the truck. She set her box in the truck and as bad as she hated to she went back for another one. He helped load the rest of the food and she got in the truck with him. She sat as far from him as she could. The drive back to the field took about fifteen minutes. The longest fifteen minutes of her life. It started as soon as he started the truck and moved down the cotton road. Instead of her usual jeans she had on shorts. It wasn't the first time she and Judy wore shorts but they usually wore jeans. No sense giving the hands more to talk about. She had not been thinking when she dressed that morning. She was just thinking about how hot it was going to be and that shorts would feel a lot better. Bad decision. Hammer was looking at her tan legs standing out of the shorts. “Pretty legs, just like the rest of you.” He reached across and lay his hand on her leg about halfway from her knee to her thigh. “No! Don't touch me!” “You still don't like us black men do you?” “It's not that. I am married and you shouldn't be touching me like that.” “If I was white you wouldn't mind me touching you.” “It would still be wrong if you were white.” “I bet you think the black might come off on you. You need to talk to Judy, she knows better.” She knew what Judy had told her and she couldn't imagine Judy making out with this huge black man. She didn't say anything, just hoped the ride would be over soon. Then he moved his hand over on her leg again she reached to pull it away but he gripped her bare leg and she couldn't move his hand. “Don't.” Chill bumps were all over her body. She had never been so scared and excited at the same time. She gave up trying to pull his hand away but she still held him. 'Look at the difference in our skin. It is a real turn on for me to see my black hand on your white leg. “ In spite of herself she had to look down at his black hand in her tiny white one. It was quite a contrast between the two. She could see where it would be exciting to see the difference between them. “You like my black hand on you?” “No.” “I think you do. If you didn't you would have remove my hand before now.” Annie looked down and saw she was holding his hand and he wasn't making her do it. She quickly moved it away. She blushed at the thought that he was touching her and she wasn't trying to stop him. He put his hand back on her leg where she caught it again. Some how she didn't try to push him away but she made sure it didn't move any higher. She could feel his fingers working on the soft inner part of her thigh. This was a very sensitive area for her. Jim and Paul both knew that she liked to be kissed on the inside of her legs. Hammer was fast finding out, on his own, that she liked to be touched there. “Why don't you move over closer? You may fall out the door way over there>” “I think I will stay where I am.” He reached for her arm and pulled her closer to him. She tried to pull back but he wouldn't let her. She finally set up closer but not nearly as close as he would have liked. She was now in easier reach for his hand to drop back down on her bare thigh. All Annie could do was hold his hand and watch as he stroked up and down her leg. She wasn't doing a lot to stop him. Nothing like this had ever happened to her. She was always the one who controlled things. With Hammer he was doing the controlling. His hand moved slowly and sensual on her leg. He liked the feel of her soft white skin under his hand. “Would you like to see what a big black cock looks like?” “NO!” Even as she spoke she couldn't stop herself from looking down at him. The bulge in his pants was huge. “I think you want to see what you will be fucking soon. Maybe we will have more time when I bring you back to the house and I will show you what you will have in your pretty white cunt.” Thankfully they were at the meeting place and as soon as the truck stopped she hoped out and started handing out the food. She set down next to Paul while he eat. “Paul, can you take me back to the house when you finish?” “I can't Annie. If I don't stay here with them we want get finished. I will have Hammer drive you back.” Annie shuttered at the thought. “I just feel so uncomfortable around him.” “He want bother you. Just relax.” He thought she was still just nervous about being around black men and that it would help her to be around them more. Annie thought about telling him how Hammer had touched her but for some reason she didn't and the moment passed. The men went back to work and Hammer helped her load the dirty stuff in the truck. She had set the last drink box in the rear of the truck when he moved behind her and shut the tailgate. He had her pinned between him and the truck. He had a hand on each side of the truck with her in the middle. Like the other men he was shirtless and she could feel the heat from his body radiate to her. “Why didn't you tell Paul about me?” “I didn't want to get you in any trouble and for him to lose a friend.” “I don't think that is the real reason. I think you want to see what I promised you coming over here.” He moved closer and his lower body pushed against hers. She could feel the huge bulge pushing against her. What was more disturbing was she wasn't trying to get away. His hands moved from the tailgate to each side of her hips. His hands were large and covered a lot of her hips. He pulled her up and closer to him. His head was next to hers now. “Feel that? That is what you are going to have up you white pussy.” “No, Please turn me loose.” “I bet you never kissed a black man either.” He wasn't expecting an answer and didn't get one. He reached down and lifted her face up. She tried to turn her head but he was much too strong for her. His mouth came down and covered hers. Annie twisted and turned trying to get away from his mouth on hers. She kept her mouth tightly shut but the twisting had her closer to him. His naked chest was pressing against her tits and she could feel them getting hard. Her body liked what she was trying with all her might to stop. His tongue was working on her mouth but she wasn't giving an inch. Then she felt his hand on her breast. She jumped and her mouth opened to protest. It was the only opening he needed. His tongue pushed through to her mouth. Before she knew it she was letting him kiss her at will. It wasn't nearly as unpleasant as she had feared. Soon she was kissing him back. Her arms came up to wrap around his neck and pull him closer. Judy had said that he could really kiss and Annie was finding out for her self that she was right. The kisses went on and on with her getting more and more excited. She wasn't giving much thought that it was a black man that was kissing her with so much skill. She just knew that she like the way it made her feel. She could feel the juice running down her legs from the excitement he was causing. At some point he had unbuttoned her top and when he stopped kissing her he pulled it from her shoulders. She had on her sexy bra but it didn't hide much of her hard nipples. He reached behind her and with experienced fingers had the snap opened in a moment. He pulled it from her shoulders. “Your tits are beautiful.” His mouth dropped down to take one hard nipple between his lips. Annie was pleased to hear him say her breasts were beautiful. She liked his mouth on them even more. It came to a sudden stop when he pushed her hand down to touch his huge cock. Annie jerked back in fright. Like Judy years before, fear made her stop before she went too far. She pushed him back. “NO, NO STOP!” She broke away and griped her top. She didn't bother to put on her bra. She pulled the top on and started walking back to the house. She heard the truck start and then pull up beside her. She didn't look at him but kept on walking. “Get in the truck.” “No thanks, I will walk home.” “Get in the dam truck. It will take over an hour for you to walk home.” He pulled forward and stopped in front of her. She didn't have anywhere to run. “Now get in the truck. Paul told me to take you home and that is what I am going to do. Paul might not care if I long dick you but he would raise hell if something happened to you because you walked home alone.” Annie saw she didn't have a choice so she got in the truck where he held the door open for her. She sat as far from him as possible as he started the engine and moved towards home. She was pondering what he had said a moment earlier. “What did you mean about Paul might not care if; what did you call it, long dick me?” “Fuck. Long dick is just another term for fuck.” “What make you think Paul wouldn't care?” “Look, I am sure you already know but Paul and Shauti dated back in high school. He has had is cock in my wife's cunt as much as I have. We dated together, him and Gloria and me and Shauti. Now that was a white girl that could really fuck. Paul must have thought the same about Shauti. We would go down by the river and fuck till we had to take the girls home. Annie couldn't believe what she was hearing. She had thought it was a once or twice thing when Paul had confessed to her that he had dated the black girl. “I don't believe you.” “Believe what you want. I really liked that white pussy I was getting on a regular basis. Her folks found out about me and they packed that white pussy up and they moved away. Paul left for college and us black men were glad to see him go. All the girls that slept around were always after him.” “Then here comes Jim. He was worse than Paul. The next thing I know he is bopping Shauti more than Paul did. I dated Judy and she was a lot of fun. She dated several of the black boys as well as Jim. They all thought she was a lot of fun but none of them ever got in her panties. She likes to make out with plenty of kissing and even get her blouse off and suck on her tits but she was still a virgin when she married.” They were back at the house and he cut off the truck but Annie didn't make any motion to get out. She wanted to hear the rest of the story. “Then what happened?” “Jim and Judy married. Shauti and I married but that never stopped her from fucking around. As far as I know Jim has been straight since he married. That Judy must be some hot gal to calm down an old cock hound like him. I could say the same about you. Paul looks pretty pleased with what he has at home. At least he hasn't been fucking Shauti since you move here.” Annie was speechless. At least Paul wasn't screwing around on her. “Can I ask you something?” Annie was afraid of what he might ask but with all he revealed she didn't think it could get any worse. “What.” “Why do you hate us blacks so much?” “I don't hate you or them.” “You act like you can't stand to be around any of us.” “I am sorry to be that way. Back where I came from there were very few black and they didn't just stare at me all the time. It is more fright than not liking blacks.” “They say the same things to Judy and she doesn't get up tight about it.” “She grew up with you, that makes it a lot different. I have had my share of men hitting on me and that never bothered me. You people are different. You don't just flirt; you just come right out and ask me to sleep with you. You are always bragging about what you can do for me in bed. I am not use to that kind of talk. I know Paul and Jim both hear all of you and they don't even seem worried about the way you approach Judy and I.” “Jim is not worried about Judy. If she had wanted to sleep with any other man she could have her choice. He knows that none of us would dare lay a hand on her that she didn't want. She may be white but she is one of us. You, on the other hand came down here acting like you are better than us. The guys all hit on you because they know you don't like them. I have saying that you have changed a little this pass summer. You didn't do a lot to stop me back there.” Annie turned red because she knew he was right. His kisses and his hands on her were exciting and it was only touching his huge cock that stopped her from letting him go farther. “Why do you keep hitting on me? Go hit on Judy; I am sure that she might like it even better than when you dated her.” “I will get Judy one day when she is ready and I feel like that might not be long. It is you I want now.” “Why? Is it because Paul has been with your wife and you think you should be with me in return? Paul said that you hit on Judy because Jim had slept with Shauti.” “No. I am going to fuck you because you are the hottest white woman I have ever been near. Judy runs a close second and only because you or a stranger and with you high acting ways. I want to put a smile on your face you can't take off. I am not bragging when I say that I have the cock to do it. Would you like to see it?” “NO!” She opened the door to the truck. “We need to get these things unloaded and you back to work. What will Paul think about you taking so long?” He had got out and come around to the back of the truck. He had his hand full of dirty dishes. “He will think I am here hitting on you like he would do if it was Shauti he was with. He has behaved so far and that is really surprising. I never thought one woman would ever be enough for him or Jim.” Annie followed him in the house. Hammer knew them quite well. He didn't know that they were swapping around nearly every night. The men weren't content to be with just one woman, and right now the women were just as satisfied with the arrangement. Variety didn't just work for men. They unloaded the last of the stuff from the truck. When he set the last of the coolers down he turned to her. She was backed up to the kitchen table and with nowhere to run when he moved towards her. “No Hammer, don't start this all over.” “Hey, I just told you that you had nothing to fear. The black want come off, and I am not going to rape you. When I fuck you, you will be the one asking for it.” He moved closer until his body was touching hers. His naked chest was barely touching her breasts through the thin blouse. He reached into his pocked and pulled out her bra. “You didn't take time to put this back on.” He tossed it over on the table. He put both hands on her hips and pulled her closer. She tried to back away but the table prevented her moving away from the contact with him. She could feel his huge cock touching her as he moved her hips back and forth over it. Her nipples were getting hard and she knew that he could feel them against his chest. She willed them to stop getting hard but it wasn't working. Her body liked what he was doing to her. His hands moved up to her waist and on up till he was under each arm. The palms of his hands were touching the sides of her sensitive breasts. His thumbs moved over her hard nipples that just made them even harder. She could feel her self losing complete control. His hands were doing things to her that Paul or Jim had never done. She thought for a moment what Judy had said about them playing with her breasts. How had Judy ever managed to stop them from going farther? “ Annie was breathing faster and Hammer took it all. This white woman was just as hot as he though she would be. All he had to do was take his time and he would be between her legs with her asking him to fuck her. He set about getting her even hotter than before. His hands moved around and covered her breasts completely. He squeezed them just hard enough for her to know what he was doing. His hips were moving against her lower body keeping his hard cock in close contact with her. His mouth was against her neck as he blew his hot breath against it. Everywhere he touched moved her to a higher plateau. Her breath was coming in gasp. Her nipples were rock hard, and her pussy was soaking wet. He moved his hands enough to open the buttons on her blouse. When he finished he peeled it back from her shoulders and pushed it down her arms. Annie didn't put up any resistance at all as she just stood there and let him undress her while she kept her eyes shut. Once he had her out of her top he moved his hands back to touch her naked tits. They were high and firm with big nipples just begging to be sucked. He didn't disappoint her. His mouth covered each of them, one after the other until her hands came up to hold his head on them. “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes yes, yes, yessss.” Never had her breasts been as sensitive to a kiss and touch as they were now. She stood it as long as she could before moving his mouth to the other one. The same feeling started all over again. Hammer knew that he could make her climax with his mouth on her tits but that wasn't what he wanted. He wanted all of her and he wanted her to beg him for it. He pulled away from her tits even thought she tried to keep him there. When he pulled back it left an empty feeling that she really liked. It didn't matter that it was a black man that was making her feel so special. “Don't stop.” “I don't intend to stop. Open your eyes. Keeping them shut is not going to make me white. Look at this black face while I suck your white tits.” She didn't open her eyes. “I am not going to do anymore until you open them.” Annie knew that she was naked to the waist as was he, but it was a shock to see his black body touching her white one. The contrast was unreal. It was also the most exciting thing she had ever seen. She had seen interracial couples on the streets and wondered why a woman would be with a black man. The woman was usually blond and very attractive. A woman that could have her pick of many white men and she was living with a black man. Now she could feel the same attraction herself. He saw her eyes open. “Now watch as I suck this white tit.” He proceeded to do just that. She watched as his black face moved down and his lips covered her tit. She was trembling and about to cum when he pulled back. “NO, NO, don't stop. I was almost there.” “Don't worry pretty one, you will get yours before I am finished. He brought his mouth to hers and this time there was no forcing her to kiss him. When his lips touched hers, her mouth opened and her tongue met him half way. Her arms were around his neck and pulling him closer. The kisses lasted for several minutes while his hands were all over her body. From her nipples down her flat stomach to the top edge of her shorts. The waist was tight and he unsnapped the catch to release the waistband. One hand slid under the edge of her shorts to her abdomen. His finger tips only a fraction of an inch from her golden cunt. Annie knew what he was doing. The feel of his hand slipping inside her shorts was nothing short of miraculous suddenly she wanted to feel his hand over her sex more than anything. She lifted her hips to him and let her legs spread as much as she could, backed up to the table, opening her body for him. Her movement gave him freedom to move farther down her stomach until his hand was cupping her wet cunt through her panties. He could feel the heat coming from her pussy. She was wet and slick. He had to get her undressed. His hands left her pussy to come back up and with a hand on each side pulled her shorts down and off her ass. Her panties came with them. From his knees he looked up to see the golden hair covering her wet cunt. This was a sight he had anticipated for a long time. When he pushed at her shorts she raises her hips to help him get them off. All thoughts of modesty were long gone. She wanted him touching her all over and not have anything in the way. The first night with Jim had been really exciting because it was a new man for her. It was the same now only more so that she was naked with a black man between her legs gazing at her naked cunt. Her father would kill both of them if he knew what was going on. She didn't give Paul much thought. Hammer stood back up and lifted her to the edge of the table. He pulled up a chair and set down facing her cunt. He lifted her legs apart to see her cunt opening for him. Like a bitch in heat her cunt was opening and closing before he even touched her. He had never seen a woman so hot and wanting to be fucked. All in due time. First he pulled her legs over his shoulders as his mouth went to work on her pussy. He had intended to stop before she climaxed but he didn't have a chance. His tongue hit her clit and that was all it took. Annie screamed as she climaxed. She pulled his head tighter to her pussy as she worked it against his mouth and tongue. He never slowed down when she finished. He kept licking and sucking until she was crying for more. At that point he stopped and stood up. “Don't stop. What are you doing?” “I am going to fuck you, but not here. I want to fuck you in your bed.” He picked up the naked woman and carried her down the hall to her bedroom. He lay her down on the edge of the bed. Annie was still on a high from the climax and his continuous licking of her cunt and didn't have complete control over her actions. She remembered him picking her up and telling her he was going to fuck her. It was only when she was lying on the bed that it hit her that he was going to fuck her with what must be the biggest cock in the county. The fear that she had before came back to her. Hammer saw the look. “Don't worry; I am not going to do anything you don't ask me. You say stop and I will stop, but I want you to see what you can have.” He loosened his pants and pushed them down his thick thighs and off his feet. He left them lying on the floor where they fell. He stood back up to see Annie staring at his cock with eyes as wide as saucers. Never in her life had she even heard of a cock so big. She moved back on the bed. “I could never take that.” “Plenty of women have taken all of it and came back for more.” He moved up on the bed and she backed away from him. “Don't be afraid, just touch it. It is just like any other cock you touched except it might be a little larger and black.” Her hand reached out and touched him. Nothing in the world could have stopped her from touching him. He was so large and black, nothing like Paul or Jim and certainly not like the boyfriend that had taken her virginity. He had moved on the bed closer to her. His hands were all over her body as she felt his cock that her tiny hands could not even reach around. Annie didn't know just what she expected to feel when she touched him. He was hard but very smooth, just as Paul's was. Paul was more than a handful for her but Hammer was more than both hands could hold. She worked it back and forth until she could feel the pre-cum wet the tip. Her fear of him was gone and in its place was a determined desire to feel this monster of a cock in her cunt. “Ok. Let's give it a try but take it really slow. You promise to stop if I say it's too much?” He moved over her and between her open legs. His cock wasn't the only thing huge about him. His whole body was big. Not fat but huge muscled arms and legs. She lifted her legs and spread her knees as wide as she could to accommodate his body between them. Hammer took the tip of his cock and rubbed it against her pussy lips until she started moving her hips in anticipation of him entering her. With the tip centered at her opening he stopped. “Why did you stop? I am ready to try.” “You forgot something?” “What.” “You have to ask me to put it.” Annie remembered that he had told her she would have to ask him before he fucked her. “Just put it.” “That is not asking.” “If I don't ask you are just going to stop?” “Yes, I will get dressed and go back to the field and you can just dream about what you could have had.” “I don't believe you.” He lifted his body away from hers. The tip of his cock moved from her opening. “Maybe next time.” He moved to the edge of the bed. As he stood up Annie called him. “Don't go. Come back, I want you to fuck me.” “You sure?” “Yes, more than I ever thought possible.” “No backing out this time?” “No, I'll do all I can take you.” “Now that is what I wanted to hear.” He was soon back in the position he had left moments before. Annie had never dreamed that she would fuck such a huge cock. If she had it would never have been on a black man. Now she was naked beneath this black hired hand of her husbands and waiting for him to get the rest of his huge cock in her wet cunt. She was already stretched wider than she had ever been and he wasn't nearly finished. She looked down and saw that he was only half way in her. She also saw for the first time his huge black cock in her pink cunt. This was the most erotic sight she had ever seen. Never in her most far out dreams had she ever thought she would willingly be asking this black man to fuck her. Hammer saw her looking at them joined together. “You like looking at that?” “Yes. I could never have pictured you in me like this.” “I never get tired of seeing my black cock plowing white pussy. I am glad that white women like black cocks as well.” He pushed a little farther down in her until she pushed against his chest stopping him again. “Wait a minute; Let me get use to you.” “Take your time. Once I get it all in you are going to have more than you ever had before. You'll be crying for me to fuck you.” Annie had doubts about her crying for him to fuck her with much more than she had in her already and he was still moving deeper. He pushed a couple of inches deeper and she lifted her legs in the air around his fucking hips. She was moving her cunt as he pushed to try to find the path of least resistance. This helped as he gave a big push and she felt his body completely on hers. “OHHHH. STOP, STOP, STOP. Wait a moment.” She was stuffed with more cock than she had thought possible. Paul had been big and had to take his time when they first married to keep from hurting her. After all the fucking she had with Paul and lately with Jim she would have thought she was opened enough that he wouldn't have hurt her so. Hammer was in virgin territory. Neither Paul nor Jim could possible go where Hammer was now. It was gradually feeling better. “You can push again.” “You have it all.” “I do?” A smile came on her face. “I took all of you?” “Every inch. You ready to fuck now?” “Yes. Now I want to see what being fucked with such a huge cock will feel like.” Hammer went to work on her cunt with his cock and on her tits with his hands. His mouth was covering hers in a deep kiss. His tongue was half way down her throat as he tongued fucked her mouth with the same timing as his cock worked its magic in her pussy. It took her a few minutes before the tightness eased off. Her pussy was wetter than it had ever been and she was already reaching for the top of the hill where she knew the hottest climax she had ever had would be waiting. Her legs had long ago wrapped around his muscular hip and her arms around his huge shoulders. His chest was resting against her nipples and the very touch of him set off flames to each part he touched. The largest flame was in her pussy. Then she could stand it no longer. The flame ignited and her cunt boiled over. “OH FUCK ME. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!” From deep in her pussy where no man had ever been she felt the cum climbing up, up, up until it boiled over and she screamed his name as she pulled him close to her and dropped her legs to lift her cunt closer to him. She was trying to get even more of him in her as she climaxed like never before. As for Hammer he had never been with a woman so hot and wanting to fuck. Many of the women he had been with could not take all of him and he had to hold back. Was not only Annie taking all of him but also she was pushing for even more. Her pussy was tight and hotter than any he ever remembered. He normally tried to hold back until the woman climaxed and then he would fuck her again. It wasn't going to happen that way this time. He could feel himself about to lose it and he couldn't make him stop. “OH FUCK, I'm cumin too.” He drove deep and shot load after load deep in her white cunt. Annie had one climax and just as she was coming off the high from that he unloaded in her. The first shot of hot juice pushed her back higher than she had been before. She was twisting her head and crying for him to fuck her and not stop. Then they both had to stop. His weight fell on her naked white body. Her legs fell apart as she held his naked body with his still hard cock buried to his balls in her pussy. “Oh that was good!” He whispered in her ear. “You like this black cock now?” “I don't care what color it is, just keep it where you have it. I have never felt anything this deep in me and I am full of cum. You must have unloaded a gallon.” “I hope you are on the pill.” She was because she and Paul hadn't wanted children to quick. Even if she had not been on birth control she knew that she would not have stopped him. Once she had made up her mind that she wanted him she would have taken him knowing she might get pregnant. Hammer was late getting back to work. Jim saw him coming back and stopped him. “Where have you been and what took you so long?” 'I was doing a little public relations back at the main house. “ Jim looked at him. “Judy or Annie?” “Judy wasn't home.” “She finally gave in? “Oh yes.” “I thought it might be Judy.” “Due time old friend, due time. “I wouldn't tell Paul just now. I know he has been thinking about it for a while but the reality of it might be more than he wants right now.” “He is dying to get in Shauti's pants and knows it will cost him Annie. Now that she has already come through we just need to break it to him gently. Shauti might just be the one that could do that.” “I could take a little of that pussy you have in bed every night myself.” “She is ready when ever you are. I've been waiting for years to get between Judy's legs.” “I thought you were getting that back in high school. I had no idea she was a virgin until I married her.” “It want be long now. A few more times with Annie and then Judy. Shauti is all yours and Paul's.” That night it was Jim in bed with Annie. Paul and Judy were in her room and they could already hear the bed as it hit the wall. Jim was buried in Annie's cunt when he stopped to listen. “Sounds like my brother and wife are having a lot of fun.” Annie spoke up, “I am having fun too. I never thought it would turn out like this when we moved down here. I thought Paul would be jealous but he turned me over to you and hasn't shown any regrets since. I don't think any of us have any regrets, I sure don't.” “You have any regrets about this afternoon?” Annie froze. “What are you talking about?” “Annie, don't you know there are no secrets here in the South. Hammer told me as soon as he got back to work. I thought he might have been with Judy, but he told me it was you and he sure had a smile on his face.” He was fucking her slowly as he talked to her. “Does Paul know?” “Not now but I am sure it want be long before someone tips him off.” “Jim, what do you think he will do? I don't want to lose my husband. I know we sleep around between us but I being with Hammer might be more than he wants to hear.” “I wouldn't worry much about that. He use to like black pussy and once you have it you always want more. I am speaking from experience. Why don't you leave that to Shauti. She has been waiting to get back in bed with him ever since he has been back. Let her fuck him and then he can't say much about you and Hammer.” He was fucking her faster as they talked. The talk was getting them both excited. Annie had not really wanted to swap at first but it was plain that Judy and Paul wanted to be together. She went off to bed with Jim. It didn't take long before she was just as much in the mood as he was. She loved being with her brother-in-law. Knowing her husband was with Jim's wife was exciting to her as well. Then she found out Jim knew about her and Hammer. Actually she was glad that he knew. She didn't like secrets and slipping around. Paul had never acted jealous when the blacks were hitting on her. Most of the time it just made him hot. He had wanted her to change and not be afraid of them. Well she was no longer afraid. She was looking forward to the next time. Right now Jim was fucking her as good as she could want. “Fuck me Jim.” He did, over and over. Before they called it a night Jim turned over and told her, “Now you know why they call him Hammer.” “You mean because of his size?” “It takes a might big hammer to drive a nail that big.” She blushed; she liked being under that big hammer. Jim didn't waste any time telling Judy about Hammer and Annie. Judy didn't waste any time letting Annie know she knew about them. As they cooked and prepared lunch for the men Judy brought it up. Jim tells me you finally lost your fear of black men. “ Annie blushed but she had known that Judy would know about it as soon as anyone. “He just kept after me until I finally gave.” “You lasted longer than I thought you would. How was it? He is pretty large you know.” There wasn't any use deigning that it was good. “Good, better than good, it was great. I have never been fucked like that by Jim or Paul.” “I have been tempted for a long time to given to Hammer and that huge black cock between his legs. I know Jim wouldn't mind, he has wanted to fuck Shanti for a long time now. It sure wouldn't be their first time together.” “I am worried about what Paul might say when he finds out that I actually had sex with Hammer.” “I wouldn't worry too much about him. He knew that Hammer was after you from the first day he met you. Our husbands are just alike. Both like sex and lots of it. It doesn't bother either one that we are fucking his brother. I think they are a little surprised how quickly you and I adapted to the sex life they wanted. I know I like it when I am with Paul and hear you with Jim. It is just that bigger turn on for me.” “I feel the same way about Jim. I wouldn't stop doing it with him for nothing. Now that I have been with Hammer I don't want to not be with him again.” “Now I feel left out. I am going to bring Hammer back to the house after lunch and do what I wanted to do six years ago.” “Want they know what is going on if you just bring him back with us?” “They will know anyway. I don't want to wait any longer.” True to her word, Judy let Hammer know that he should return to the house with her and Annie after lunch. Annie and Judy loaded up the leftovers and drove off. Hammer stood and told Jim and Paul, “I think I am needed back at the farm house. I may be tied up all afternoon, I will see you tomorrow.” He got in a truck and left not waiting for them to say yes or no. Paul looked at Jim, “Judy or Annie?” “Both.” “They will have their hands full.” He was already thinking about the golden brown thighs of Shanti and how they were going to feel wrapped around his waist. Both brothers were having the same thoughts. The truck was barely unloaded when Hammer came sliding into the yard. He climbed from the truck with a smile on his face. “One big black cock reporting for duty.” He met Judy in the door way. He picked her up like he had carried her to bed a dozen times. Her tiny body was dwarfed by his huge one. When his mouth came down to kiss her she opened her mouth to receive his thick tongue just as she had before she married Jim. “Take me to bed and fuck me.” “That is just what I intend to do.” Annie watched as her sister-in-law was carried to her bedroom. She couldn't bring herself to let them leave her out of the action. She followed to see Hammer toss Judy back on the bed and reach for her pants. With one tug they gave loose and he peeled them down her hips and off her legs to throw them and her panties across a chair. Judy's naked pussy was wide open for him to see. He moved up on the bed and his mouth covered her cunt. His tongue was making time as his hands quickly stripped her blouse and bra from her. The little blond house wife was completely naked before the huge black man that she had once feared before. This time fear was the farthest thing from her mind. “Get naked and fuck me!” Hammer was already moving over her as he pushed his pants down around his ankles. His black cock exploded into view. Judy saw it and for a second she was afraid but that quickly passed as she saw Annie pull his pants the rest of the way off. Hammer saw Annie as she pulled his pants away. “Thanks don't go away. There is plenty for all.” He turned back to Judy's open cunt. He had wanted to see her under him for years and now she was more than willing. He felt her hand reach down for his cock as she guided it towards her hot wet cunt. The heat from her cunt let him know he was where he needs to be. He pushed and the head slid through the hot opening to her body. Judy took a deep breath as he entered her. She knew that he was going to be big but if Annie could take him she knew she could. Take him she did until he was completely buried in her ready cunt. “Oh Yes, This feel just like I thought it would. I wanted you right here a long time ago but I was afraid of how big you are. What a fool I was, I could have been having this all these years. Fuck me!” Annie watched as Hammer fucked Judy. It was her first time to see another couple fucking. With Paul and Jim they always went to their own rooms. She had never seen anything so erotic as the big black cock pushing its way into Judy's pink cunt. It made her wonder if she had looked like when Hammer fucked her the day before. By the time Hammer had brought Judy to two climaxes and then shot her full of his black seed Annie was as naked as they were. When he rolled away from Judy with his soft cock Annie moved up on the bed and quickly took him in her mouth. In no time he was hard again. This time it was Annie spread and waiting as his cock found its second blond cunt that day. The two women held their own and it was a well fucked black stud that finally pulled up his pants and left for the day. Paul and Jim would be home soon. It was just as Jim and Judy had told her, Paul wasn't upset about her finally fucking the black hired hand. In bed that night he told her he knew and that he didn't mind. He told her about Shanti and that he had been wanting to fuck her ever since they came back but wouldn't until Annie was ready for it. As much as Annie had fucked away the afternoon she was ready and welcomed her husbands cock back in her cunt once again. It was very good because he was the one she loved. Jim and Hammer made her feel good but it was only sex. Luckily she liked having only sex with them. It was planting time again and Judy and Annie were once again feeding the workers. Every one of them knew about Hammer and the two wives and the brothers and Shanti. Now the women not only got propositioned but they were constantly felt up as they moved around. Neither one objected. Annie and Judy had found out that Hammer wasn't the only black with a huge cock. Judy's old friends started coming around now that they knew Judy wouldn't stop them as she had before. She was willing to share them with Annie and she was happy to help out her sister-in-law. The brothers couldn't very well complain as Shanti couldn't satisfy the two of them. The black wives of the other men took up the slack. There still wasn't a lot to do in the small town but Annie was content with the recreation at hand.


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    प्रेम के अनमोल क्षण-2 (Prem Ke Anmol Khyan - 2)

    अब मैं तुम्हारी हो गई-2 (Ab Mein Tumhari Ho Gayi -2)
    फरेज़ को पता है (Pharenj Ko Pata He)
    कुड़ी पतंग हो गई (Kudi Patanga Ho Gayi)
    एक जल्दी वाला राउंड (Ek Jaldi Bala Round)
    Komal ki Komal Aur Reshma ki Reshmi Chut
    Ek Doctor Hi Ye Samaz Sakta Hai
    Pati Ke Batije Aur Ek Punjabi Loure Se Chudwaya
    Apney Customer Ki Biwi Ki Mast Chudai
    Kaise Main Ek Raat Mai Ek Shareef Ladki Se Randi Bani
    Maa Ke Saath Anokha Maza Bade Pyar Se
    Mast Makan Malkin Ki Chudai
    Meri Chudai Nanhe Se Bhai Ke Sath
    Chacheri Bahen Ke Sone Ke Bad Nanga Karke Sab Kuch Dekha
    डांस बार में एक रात (Dus Bar Main Ek Raat)
    एक शाम अनजान हसीना के नाम
    हरीयालो देवरियो (HarYalo Dewariyo)
    मस्त जिंदगी का अहसास-2
    मस्त जिंदगी का अहसास-1

    अपनी बाबू की सील तोड़ी (Aapni Babu Ki Seal Todi)

    विधवा की चुदाई की प्यास (Bidhwa Ki Chudai Ki Pyas)

    भाभी को दिखाई नई ब्लू फिल्म (Bhabhi Ko Dekhai Nai Blue Film)

    मामी ने दिखाया स्वर्ग का दरवाजा (Mammi Ne Dikhaya Swarga Ka Darwaja)

    बस में मिले लड़के से चूत मरवाई(Bus Main Mili Ladke Se Chut Marwai)

    बाथरूम में पंजाबन कुड़ी की चुदाई(Bathroom Main Punjab Kudi Ki Chudai)

    चूत मेरी बड़ी प्यासी हैं(Chut Meri Bdi Pyasi)

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