Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Country In-Laws (Father-in-law takes absent husband's place)

Jill was in the second day of a three-day trip from Florida to Montana. She had finally stopped crying after the first day on the road. She had had plenty of time to think about the changes that would take place in her life over the next year. Six months before, she had married Scott in Florida. It had been the happiest part of her life. She was the only child in a single-family home. She had never known her father. Her mother said that he had left when she was just a baby, but over the years she had found out that her mother probably wasn't sure her self just who the father was. That was basically the type of home she grew up. That she was beautiful was an understatement. At twenty she was tall, 5 feet 10 inches, with a figure that made everybody turned to look when she walked down the street. Her legs were long, shapely and firm, right down to her trim ankles. Her hair was a light brown that she kept cut short. She had a few freckles across her nose that highlighted her face. She had full lips that covered perfect teeth. Her breasts were high and firm, with nipples that were constantly hard. Over the years they had caused her a lot of embarrassment. Jill knew that her mother constantly changed boy friends the way other kids mothers changed clothes. She made sure that she didn't turn out like her mother. Boys didn't stand a chance with her. The few men that she may have been interested in enough to let them go farther spoiled it by being so clumsy. They couldn't wait to get their hands on her body and this was a turn off for her. At twenty she was still a virgin when she met Scott. He was different from anyone she had ever met. He was well over six feet tall with a hard six-pack stomach and well built muscles from many days in the weight room. He had black hair and his eyes were almost as dark as his hair. He was any woman's dream of tall dark and handsome. He worked full time with the National Guard unit in town. Scott was smart when it came to women. He had heard about the hands off approach Jill carried around. One look at her and he knew that she was the woman he wanted. He was everything the others weren't. He was the perfect gentleman. Always opening doors for her, and never touching her where she might even think he had another agenda. It was only on their second date that he even kissed her. Even then he was careful to make sure it was not a lustful kiss. He had a hard time controlling his desire because every thing about her said sex. Had he not known her reputation he would have bitten the dust like all the others before him. Weeks went by and over that time the kisses had become deeper and the touches more frequent. Still he watched carefully each move he made. At times she left him so up in knots that he found other woman to relieve the pressure. He just knew that once he had her it was all going to be worth the wait. After six months of this he finally came to realize that he actually loved her and that he wanted her to marry him. What had started out, as a contest of his control over her will had turned into love. It wasn't just him but her also. He would never know how many times she had been tempted to let him have his way with her. When he asked her to marry him she said yes at once. A month later they were married. Only her mother and his parents and a few close friends were at the wedding. It was her first time to meet his parents since they lived back home in Montana. Scott's mother was a small woman but very beautiful. She was forty but she looked to be thirty. She was a teacher and Jill wondered how she kept the older boys in check. At the school Jill went to a teacher that looked like Ann would have boys hitting on her every day. One young teacher had lost her job because the senior boys wouldn't leave her alone and she finally had sex with one of them. Her father-in-law was an older version of his son. He was even a little taller but was just as well built. The many hard days on the ranch had him just as toned as the weight room had Scott. His hair was black like his son's with a little gray beginning to show around the edges. Both of them were nice to her and welcomed her into the family. They were just as nice as Scott had been to her. Away from her Phil asked his son how he had ever found such a beautiful woman. “I was just looking for someone as beautiful as mother.” His father had to agree; he had certainly found her. A friend of Scott's had a condo on the beach and he let them have it for a week. It was only a few hours drive and they were in the room before dark. After all this time he was finally going to get to see and touch what he had only dreamed about the last six months. He could hardly wait. Jill was as nervous as she had ever been. No man had ever touched what she was about to give her new husband. Very few had ever even touched her perfect breasts let alone anything else. She was ready to give up her virginity to Scott. She just hoped he was as gentle with her as he had always been. Once in the room he asked that “do you want to go get something for dinner?” She shook her head no. “I'm not hungry right now.” He reached out his hand and she took it. He pulled her close to his body. “I want to make love to you now.” “I want you too. Just be easy. I have heard how much the first time can hurt.” “I love you and it want hurt much and then not for long.” He kissed her and held her tight. For the first time he let his hands roam freely over her body. He could feel her tremble at the new feeling that was coursing through her. He broke the kiss and stood back. He lifted her face to look straight in her eyes. “I want to undress you now.” She just nodded yes and his fingers moved to the buttons at the back of her dress. He reached around her and found the buttons and slowly released them one at a time until the last one above her hips was finally loosened. He stepped away from her again and saw her eyes were closed. “Open your eyes and look at me. Jill what we are about to do is wonderful. I know I am your first and I want to make love to you in such a way that you will always remember your first time as the best thing to happen to you. It will only get better with experience.” She opened her eyes and a smile came across her pretty face. “I love you and know you will never hurt me.” He kissed her again and pulled the top of the dress forward. She lifted her arms so it could slip over them. He let the dress drop on down and uncovered her bra clad breasts. They were rising and falling from the excitement building in her body. On down he pushed until it slipped past her hips and down her long legs to drop to the floor. He knelt and picked it up as she stepped from it. He folded it and laid it on the chair. Scott had all he could do not to just grab her and make wild love to her as she stood before him with her bra, panties and her hose. He reached for the hose and rolled them down her legs one at a time. Her legs were hot to his touch as he let his hands caress them. Each time she lifted her leg so he could take the hose off. Each time he leaned forward and kissed the toes on that foot. When the second hose had been sat aside he stood up slowly. His hands moved up her long, firm legs as he stood to face her. He worked hard not to touch her crotch as he stood. There was nothing he wanted to do more than touch her where no other man had ever been. Standing he once again kissed her. This time her eyes were open but her breathing was coming faster. He had enough experience to know that she would be ready shortly. “You are so beautiful.” His fingers went to her bra-clad breasts. He lifted them gently in both hands. He let his fingers gently squeeze them before reaching around and unsnapping the bra. Once the snaps were loose he pulled the shoulder straps down from her shoulders. As they slid from her shoulders he pulled it down and off. Her naked breasts now were bared before his eyes. His fingers went back to touch them. She was trembling so hard but it was not from fear, it was from the excitement he was bringing to her body. Nothing had ever felt this way before. Then he leaned forward and kissed each one. Nothing rough; just the touch of his lips on her naked tit. Her large nipples were hard as he sucked on them. Jill felt a rush come over her like never before. She felt like she was about to fall as the feeling went from her breasts to her pussy. Her knees buckled and only Scott catching her kept her from falling. He held her tight in his arms as she regained her strength. “What happened? I felt like I was about to faint.” “You just had your first climax.” “That couldn't be what happened. We haven't even started yet.” “That is what happened, and yes we have started. The foreplay is just as important as the sex it's self. The best is yet to come.” With that he knelt before her and kissed her flat stomach lower and lower until his mouth reached the top of her panties. His hands were on each hip as he pushed them lower. As the panties dropped his lips continued to kiss downward. When the panties cleared her cunt he didn't waste any time pushing them on down her legs. She stood before her new husband completely naked. Scott ran his hands from her feet back up each leg and back down again. He never took his eye from her wet cunt. The soft brown hair that covered her cunt matched perfectly the hair on her head. She had trimmed it some, but she still had a beautiful patch covering her opening. Scott was glad, he liked his women to have hair around their cunts. He looked forward too later helping her trim it closer for the bikinis he would want her to wear. This time he did let his fingers touch her opening briefly as he rose up again. He could feel the heat coming from her body. He knew that she was going to be something special once the first time was over. It was up to him to make sure she wanted it again and again. He stood and let his fingers trial from her pussy up across her flat stomach on up to her heaving breasts. When his lips touched them she had her second climax. He was holding her tight against his body when she recovered this time. “See, I told you the best is yet to come.” He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bed. He laid her back on the bed and stepped away. “Do you want to undress me or let me do it while you watch?” She could hardly find her voice but nodded for him to go ahead and she would watch. From the moment they came through the door. Jill had wanted him. As afraid as she was, she knew that Scott was the right man for her. She was ready to give her body to him completely. Just as she had hoped he was slow and gentle with her. The first climax took her by surprise. She had never had an experience like that before. She liked his hands on her body. They were hot to the touch. When his lips touched her tits she knew everything was going to be perfect. When she finally stood naked before him she was not shy about him seeing her. She was proud of the way she looked and she could see from the expression in his eyes that he was well satisfied with what he saw. Now she lay back on the bed to watch him undress before her. She had never seen a naked man before. Her mother had been careful to make sure the door to her room was always closed when one of her boyfriends slept over. The excitement in her was just as much about seeing him as it had been for him to undress her. He unbuttoned his shirt first. When he pulled it off he tossed it over with her dress. She had seen his bare chest but before knowing that he wasn't going to stop now made it seem even more exciting. He stood on one leg and pulled off a shoe and the sock on that foot. The next soon followed. He wasn't taking as much time undressing himself as he had with her. Next his pants were opened and he pushed them down and off his legs. They joined the other clothes on the chair. Scott stopped and turned full face towards her. All he had on was his jockey shorts. His cock was hard and pushing against the pants. He watched Jill as her eyes discovered his cock. For a moment a brief look of fear crossed her face before she raised her eyes to him and smiled. “Let me see the rest!” He laughed as he pushed the shorts down and this time he kicked them across the room. His cock was standing hard as a rock as he stood before her. Jill never had any idea about what size he might be. She had wondered, but she didn't know what size men's cocks were. She had heard some of her girl friends talk about how big or small certain guy's cocks were. A four-inch cock would have looked huge to her. Instead before her was a hard cock that would easily push eight inches or better. Was not only it long but really big around. “How will I ever take all of you?” “I will take it easy. Believe me, you can take all of me.” Scott moved to the bed and lay down beside her. He pulled her over to him and held her in his arms as he kissed her sweet lips. Her body was trembling as he held her. His cock was resting between her long legs and against her cunt. Her breasts were burning holes through his chest. His hands were all over her body. He touched every inch of her. He pushed her back on her back and moved over her. Jill knew that the time had come and she wanted to get this first time over with. Scott moved over her and lay on her body. She could feel every inch of him touching her. He kissed her again before moving down to suck on her tits. He had already found that this was one of her most sensuous zones and he was taking advantage of it. He kissed down to her flat stomach and ran his tongue around and through her belly button. He moved back and spread her legs where he could move between them. For a moment he was tempted to suck on her beautiful fresh young cunt. He thought better of it since she had never had an experience like that before. He did let his fingers play up her legs and spread the lips of her cunt. She was wet and as ready as she would ever be. He reached for a pillow and tucked it under her hips. Now he was ready to introduce his new wife to a life of sex. He moved forward until his cock was lined up with her opening. His cock had never been harder than it was at that moment. He hoped he could last long enough this first time to bring her another climax. It was going to be all he could do to hold back. Jill knew he was in position and she looked down to see his cock at the entrance to her body. She jumped slightly at the first touch. He laughed. “Relax and it will be much better.” “Relax, how do you expect me to relax when you are trying to put something as big as my arm in my body.” This brought a smile to both of them. If she could joke at a time like this then every thing was going to be all right. He pushed forward and she felt the pressure as the head of his cock moved to part the lips of her pussy. It pushed pass the opening and she felt tightness but it wasn't that unpleasant. She let her legs spread even farther apart as he moved deeper. Then he was at the final obstacle to making her a full-fledged woman. Up to this point it hadn't been at all bad. She had just begun to think that it wasn't going to hurt when he push extra hard and the hymen gave way. The pain was so great that she screamed and pushed against his chest to get him off her. She was pushing and crying at the same time. “Get off! Get Off! Take it out! You are tearing me apart.” Her reaction was worse than he had expected. He had been with number of women but she was his first virgin. He did know that it would get better if she would just relax. “Jill, wait honey.” He held her tight and wouldn't let her push him off no matter how hard she tried. “Relax, it will feel better soon.” He hoped it would be quick or he was going to lose this battle. The hurt was even worse because she had thought the worse was over and it hadn't even begun. She fought to push him away but he wouldn't bulge. During all the pushing and crying his cock had worked it's way deeper. Scott hadn't tried to keep entering her put with all her moving it was slowly but surely reaching the bottom of her young cunt. It was about the time his cock reached the depths of her body that the feeling began to improve. He was in her as far as he could go. He was rubbing the opening to her cunt with his body. His huge balls were resting on her upturned ass. He was kissing her and trying to talk to her. He kissed down and took her nipple in his mouth and sucked hard on it. The pain from the sucking brought her attention away from his cock stretching her cunt to her tits. As she reached for his head to move him away from her tit he eased up and gently kissed it. Instead of pushing him away she pulled his head tight to her tit. She had already found she like how he played with her breasts. It made her feel good to have his mouth on them. It was then she realized that he was all the way in her. And the hurt was gone. “Are you in all the way?” “Yes. Is it feeling better now?” “Yes. I thought you were killing me.” “I am sorry, but I was as gentle as I could be.” “What happens next?” “Just rest easy for a moment until you get use to the feeling then we can start the fun part.” “I hope it is more fun than the first part.” “Trust me it will be.” H e lay full upon her until he could feel the moment in her cunt. He slowly began to move a little at a time. Back out an inch and move back. The top of his cock was rubbing her clit each time he moved. That soon had her feeling much better. As she began to move under him he would pull out farther each time until he was working the full length of his cock in and out of her. She was so hot that he thought he would not be able to last long. He had never been in a cunt that fit his cock so tight. He tried to think of anything that would help him last. By the time he was working a full stroke in and out of her cunt Jill began to feel that feeling she had before forming again. This time she recognized it for what it was. She was about to climax again. In a move as old as sex itself her legs circled his back. As long as they were she could pull him in her more on each stroke. Scott knew that she was about to cum when she started pulling him deeper. He moved faster and she moved with him. Then it happened! She screamed and came. Her hips were bouncing up at him as each stroke brought her closer and closer. Then it was over for him also. The months of wanting her finally paid off, as together they had a mine-blowing climax. Later they showered together. Both took the opportunity to touch each other and explore their bodies. She held his cock for the first time. He had lost most of its hardness and she wondered how it could be so soft to the touch now and be so large earlier. A little bit of playing and she soon found he was back the way he was. They made their way back to the bed. Soon he was buried deep in her again. This time the pain was very little and they climaxed together again. About midnight they went out for a late dinner, which turned out to be an early breakfast at Waffle house. As soon as it was over they were back in bed. After the next time they had to stop as her cunt was now too sore to touch. The next morning they were in the shower together and he touched her cunt with his fingers. She jumped, “Man am I sore this morning.” “Come on and dry off. I know just how to take the soreness out of you.” He led her back to bed and lay her down on her back. As he spread her legs she said that “I don't think I can take you now.” “I am going to do something else that will make you feel all better.” He crawled between her legs and kissed the lips of her cunt. She reached down to stop him. “What are you doing!” “I am going to kiss you and suck on your sweet cunt. Haven't you ever heard of oral sex?” She had but didn't believe people really did that. “Jill just trust me. Have I lied to you yet?” “No.” “Then lie back and enjoy.” He proceeded to give her her first climax by oral sex. After that she was open to any suggestion he had when they made love. When the week was over he had sucked her cunt several times. She had even sucked on his cock but he didn't let her finish him off in her mouth. Her cunt was no longer sore and they made love several times a day. Jill began to understand why her mother had so many boyfriends. Jill found she liked sex; no she loved sex. She found herself thinking about it most of the times. She even asked Scott how he knew so much. She had never doubted that he had other women before her but now she wondered how many. He just laughed and said it was natural talent. Back home the sex continued to get better and better. They tried anything they knew at least once. Scott brought home some porno tapes to watch. Together they would watch the actors until they did something new then they would go to bed and try it. Some of it they liked and others they didn't but it was always worth trying. The movies let Jill know what she liked and didn't like. She found out that she didn't care for the women on women and men on men movies. As long as it was male and female she was more than willing to try it. One position they tried that Scott liked was anal sex. Jill didn't care for it. It usually hurt her when his big cock would stretch her little ass. Scott didn't press the issue and they didn't do it very much. By the time they had been married a month Jill was a completely different woman. Before a man could not touch her, now she couldn't wait for Scott to get home from work. Scott had a lot of ideas about how he wanted her to dress. He brought her jeans that were low cut like the new styles. They came just above her cunt and it was easy for a man to fantasize what lay only a couple inched below the waist of them. At first she was reluctant to wear them out but again Scott told her to trust him. He could get her to do anything he wanted. As she looked at herself in the mirror she had to admit that with her long legs and ass the jeans really made her look good. She was the type of woman they jeans were invented. She no longer wore a bra. That was the hardest of to get use. Her nipples still got hard at any thing and without the bra they were easy to see poking through the thin material. She asked Scott why he wanted her to leave off the bras? “I like to see you when your nipples are hard.” “Everyone else sees the same thing you do.” “I like the men to see you. I want them to get a hard on when you walk by, and the women to all be jealous of you.” “Why do you want men to see me?” “It turns me on to know that my wife has such an effect on them.” So the bras went the way of the high waisted jeans. Jill finally relaxed and enjoyed the stares she got from other men. Her dresses were shorter and the tops cut lower than ever before. The tops she wore with her jeans were cut high at the waist, leaving her stomach and belly button bare. The tops were low cut and she had to be careful not to bend over very far or she would show everything. She even quit wearing panties when they went out. For all the clothes he bought for her you would expect him to find the skimpiest bikini for her to wear to the beach. He brought home a one piece for her. “What is this? I have never wore a one piece in my life.” “Just put it on and I think you will like it.” She went to the bedroom and slipped on the suit. One look in the mirror and she knew that a bikini could never be as sexy as the one piece. The material was soft and clingy. Her full breast were left half exposed and the cloth so thin that her nipples were easily seen through it. It fit her shapely body completely. Even though it was not cut very high at the legs her ass was on full display. It was covered with the thin material but it only made her look hotter. Her pussy was easily made out through the soft material. She turned and knew that she was going to attract a lot of stares at the beach. All this times the sex just got better and better. She now would give Scott a blowjob and swallow every drop. She learned this watching another one of the porn movies. She saw a woman do this to a man and she dropped down on her knees and pulled out Scott's cock. She watched the woman and did just what she did. Soon both the man in the movie and Scott were shooting a load of cum down the women's throat. She found out that she like this as much as anything else. Scott continued to bring home the porn movies. Jill liked them as much as he did and even though they found something new less often they still would act out the sex acts with the actors. Scott had been very selective about what movies he brought home. He started off with the ones that were mostly of single men and women. When he found out Jill didn't care for the Homo movies he quit bringing them. Each month they seem to get more and more outlandish sex scenes. Scott had done his scheduling well. Jill never complained about what he brought home. They always meant great sex for them that night. They always talked about the movies. At least Jill talked about them. Scott asked most of the questions and would answer when she directed the talk to him. He liked to know what she thought of what the actors were doing and what she thought of the actors. There were some that she liked better than others as there were some of the women he liked to see better. Then he started bring home movies of couples of two men and a woman. Sometimes it would be two women and a man. Jill had never thought about all the things two men might be able to do to one woman. It amazed her that a woman could please two men at the same time. During their talks about the movies they never lied to each other about what they thought. Scott had her convinced that all sex was good and then went to bed and proved it. When he asked her what she thought about the two men and woman she answered truthfully. “I think she really like it.” “What about you? Did you like it?” “It looked like fun. They did things two people can't do alone.” “Would you like to do that with two men? ' Jill hesitated; he had never asked her something like that before. Always it was just the two of them, and when they went to bed it was just them. She had never wanted anyone else before she married and she didn't want anyone else now. That was her answer to him and he let it drop. From the movies Jill knew that Scott was well endowed in the cock department. He was actually bigger than a lot of them. One night they were watching a movie and these two men were fucking away at a bleached blond. This time it was her that asked the question. “Would you like to be one of the actors in the movies?” “Sure, but only if you would be with me in it.” “I wouldn't want them to see me fucking a bunch of strange men.” “What if it was me you were fucking.” “I still wouldn't want people to be watching me.” Another month went by and they were out celebrating their fifth month of marriage. They stopped at a bar that had a dance floor and had a few drinks. Jill was dressed to please, as she was always when they went out. All the men in the bar were keeping an eye on her. Even the waiter kept coming around because he could get a good look down the neck of her blouse at her nearly bare tits. Both Jill and Scott knew what was going on. “You seem to be the center of attention to night.” Jill had grown accustom to the stares and looks and had actually begun to enjoy them. “It is all your fault. You bought me these clothes.” “You look extra sexy tonight.” “Thank you, I think.” She laughed. They had a few more drinks and one of the guys that worked with Scott came in the bar. He saw them and came over. He had seen Jill a few times and knew that the beautiful woman was Scott's wife. He got a good look at her tits when he first came to the table. Scott asked him to join them and he was just too happy to set down. All of them had two much to drink and Jill and Scott danced several times. Dan then asked Scott if it was all right if he danced with Jill. “Sure.” Jill took his hand and he led her to the dance floor. Jill hadn't danced with another man since she married. She never expected to have him pull her up so tight to his body. Her breasts were pressed tight to his chest and she knew that he could feel her nipples. His cock was hard and pressed over her cunt. Each time they took a step she could feel it pressing against her. Jill's body had become use to the touch of a male against her and she reacted much the same as she did with Scott. Gone was the old girl that never let a man touch her. His hand dropped down and pulled her ass tighter against his cock. He was huge and it felt good to have him rubbing against her. She let him pull her tighter without resisting. Soon his other hand had moved between them and was cupping her tit through her blouse. If the nipple hadn't been hard before it would have been then. “What do you think you are doing?” “Feeling the nicest tit I have had in my hand in a long time.” “You best stop or my husband will see you.” “He already has.” Jill looked around and Scott sat watching them smiling. She knew that he knew what Dan was doing. It made her mad. She walked off the floor. As she went by Scott she said that “I am going home. If you want a ride you better be getting in the car. Scott didn't argue, he had never seen her get mad. He looked back at Dan and srugged his shoulder. Neither man knew what had pissed her off. Both thought she was right in there with them. Jill sat on her side of the car and didn't speak at all on the way home. Scott tried to talk but she just ignored him. Finally he stopped trying and drove on home. Once at home she beat him in the house and went straight to their bedroom and slammed the door. He at least had the good sense to leave her alone. He fixed another drink and sat down to watch TV. He popped in one of the porn movies he had brought home the day before and they hadn't had time to watch. He had planned on watching it with her tonight. The movie was two men and one woman. It was easy to see that one of the men was the husband and the other his friend. The friend had come to visit and soon the husband left the room and the man started working on the wife. Soon she was naked and the friend was fucking her on the couch. The husband came back in the room and he watched them fucking with a big smile on his face. Soon the husband joined them and they fucked her together. Scott's cock had gotten hard as he watched the two men fucking the wife. He almost jumped out of his skin when Jill spoke up behind him. He didn't have any idea how long she had been standing there. “Is that what you wanted me to do with Dan tonight?” When he had regained his voice from the shock he answered her. “What are you talking about?” “You kow damm well what I am talking about. Dan joining us at the club was planned. You knew he was going to be there and you let him dance with me. You knew he was going to feel me up. I could tell from the look in your eyes that you liked to watch him and me. What did you expect? For us three to come home and watch this movie and both of you fuck me?” She didn't know how close she was to the truth. He started to lie to her but she stopped him. “Scott, don't lie to me. We have always told each other truth and how we felt. Don't start lying to me now.” He knew lying was not going to work. “Something like that but not like you think.” “Well tell me what your plan was.” “I got my orders yesterday. My unit will be shipping out to Iraq at the end of the month.” Her anger was forgotten as soon as the words left his mouth. She flung herself into his arms with her arms around his neck. “Oh Scott, Why didn't you tell me then?” “I don't want to leave you here alone for at least a year and it could be even longer. My not so smart idea was for you to get with Dan while I was gone. I know I could trust him and as soon as I leave all the men we know will be knocking on your door.” “I told you that I don't want anyone but you. I can wait for you for a year. I went twenty years keeping men at bay. I can do it another year.” “Jill, you never knew what loving was then. Now you do and do you really think you could go a year without sex now?” She knew he was right. She looked forward to each night of sex with him. She didn't try to even deny that he was right. “So it would be Dan's job to keep me happy and away from your other friends? That has to be the dumbest plan I ever heard.” “I know, but I was desperate for an idea. I saw you tonight while you were dancing with Dan. You liked the way he was touching you. I thought the plan was working out quite well until you bolted for the door.” The movie had continued to play as they talked. Jill looked up and the wife had her husbands cock in her mouth as the friend fucked away from behind. “Could you have shared me with Dan like that?” Scott looked at the screen and saw the two men fucking the wife. “It looks better in the movies and my imagination than it would in actuality.” The anger was over. They made love several times that night. After each time they would talk about him having to go away. It only made them want each other more. Towards dawn Scott finally came up with the idea of her staying with his parents while he was gone. Jill hardly knew his parents. She had met them only at the wedding. She had liked them then and they had been very friendly. Scott usually talked to them at least once a week. Sometimes she would have a few words with his mother before he hung up. “I don't know if they would want me in their way for a year.” “I am sure they would be glad to have you. I will call them today and see what they say.” Since Jill didn't have any other options she agreed to let him ask them. He called later in the day, since Montana was in a different time zone. He had just told his mother that he had to go to Iraq for year when she broke down and started crying. His father took the phone and wanted to know what was wrong. When he heard, his first question was what was Jill going to do? Scotted answered, “We are trying to work that out now.” “Well send her up here with us.” Scott laughed, “I was hoping you would say that.” The call went on for most of an hour while they discussed Jill living with them. Jill said that she could get a job and work until Scott came home. Ann spoke up then. “I'm afraid there isn't any jobs up here. Has Scott told you how small this town is? You can stay with us and help with the house work and cooking while I am at school.” It was agreed that she would leave to drive up the day Scott left for Iraq. The next three weeks went by in a blur. They had sex every spare moment. It was like they were trying to cram a whole year's worth of sex into three weeks. It was during these sex sessions that he told her about his family and the small community he was from. The small town was Ida. He joked that the city limits wasn't as big as its name. His folks ranch was ten miles from Ida and his uncle's ranch was the nearest to them and he was five miles away. The school where his mother taught had only ninety children in all twelve grades. Some of them rode over twenty miles just to go to school. Ida, it's self only had four hundred people living there. One gas station, one restaurant, and a church made up the town. The next largest town was thirty miles away. It was a special occasion when they went to the city. Jill stayed with Scott until his bus pulled out. The car was already loaded with her stuff. The rest was put in storage until he returned. The first day she cried most of the day. She didn't even stop to eat as she headed west. That night she slept alone for the first time since she married. It was very little sleep she got that night. The second day went a little better. She actually started noticing the country around her. Jill had never been out of her home state until now. She was making good time as she turned north and headed to Montana. After looking at a map she saw that there were very few towns around the area where she was headed. The third day she knew that she would be in Ida by the middle of the afternoon. As she had agreed with Ann, she would call when she knew what time she would be in Ida and she could meet her and let her follow her home. That would be better than to try to tell her how to find the dirt road that led to the ranch. She arrived in Ida as Ann was leaving school. Jill was parked at the gas station and filling up the car when Ann found her. The owner of the station was enjoying the view as she walked around the station while she waited on Ann. Not many women lived in the area could hold a light to her unless it was Ann. Every man in the small town over the age of ten would have liked to get in bed with Ann. Jill wasn't going to be an exception. Jill saw Ann as she pulled. She ran to her and they hugged as both cried. Ann as Scott's mother and Jill as his wife clunged together in shared misery. Finally Ann pulled away. “Enough of this, Scott wouldn't want us to spend all our time crying. Let's have a good time this next year.” Jill followed her mother-in-law home. She was already thinking of the ranch as home. The pavement gave away to gravel and soon to dirt. They passed the road that led to Phil's brothers ranch. Another four miles and they turned down a dusty lane that led to the ranch house. She didn't know what to expect, as Scott never had shown her a picture of his home. The house turned out to be an old but beautiful place. Jill's room was on the opposite end of the house from where Ann and Phil stayed. The U shaped house wrapped around a nice swimming pool that Phil had built for Ann after Scott left home. Jill found out that during the hot summer the pool was the most used place on the ranch. She had just got moved when she heard Phil coming down the hall. “Where are you Jill?” She opened the door just as he got to it. She almost passed out. For a moment she thought it was Scott. Phil and his son were so much alike that her cunt got wet just thinking about Scott. She recovered just as he gathered her in his arms in a big hug that lifted her feet clear of the floor. Damm, her tits got hard just from the touch of a man's chest against them. Jill was so embarrassed by the way her nipples pressed against him. Not only that but she could feel his cock against her cunt as he hugged her tight. It seemed like forever but in reality only a few seconds before he but her back down. He cupped her face between the palms of his hard working hands and kissed her dead on the mouth. Jill was speechless as her father-in-law kissed her. She hadn't expected anything like this. He turned her loose and stood back arm length from her. “You are just as beautiful as I remember. Scott is sure going to miss having you around this next year.” Jill knew her face was flushing as he continued to move his eyes up and down her body. It was plain he liked what he saw. “Thank you.” “Don't thank me, it will be a pleasure to have someone as beautiful as you around here every day. Scott's lost is our gain.” Ann coming up behind him caused him to release her. “Phil, behave your self. Jill don't worry about him he is really harmless. He has only had me to look at for so long that a new female makes him act like Brutus (their bull). Just stay out of arms reach and you will be alright.” Phil put his arm around Ann and Jill could tell that he really loved his wife. She saw his hand drop down and caress her butt and Ann slapped it away. She could tell that Ann really liked that his hand was touching her butt. Scott's parents acted almost the same as she and Scott did. “Thank both of you for having me here. I want to be part of the family so don't treat me like a guest.” Phil spoke up, “Don't you worry, there is more than enough work to keep you busy for the next year.” The first week went smoothly. Jill fit right in with them. Ann left early each morning to teach and Phil left soon afterwards to see about the daily running of the ranch. The three of them were the only ones on the ranch. During the planting and harvest season he hired contract labor but the rest of the time he did his own work. If he needed help he called his brother and he would come over and help. Phil would return the help when his brother had a need. Ann was glad to have her with them. Jill took care of the cleaning and cooking so she didn't have to do when she got home. Besides the sex with Phil had really picked up since Jill came. Ann wasn't a fool; she knew where his mind was during the sessions. She didn't care, as she was the one reaping the benefits. Jill really liked being out here in the country. She had never been out of the city before and the wide-open spaces trilled her. She had never been one to party so she didn't miss that at all. She had really been missing Scott. He finally managed to call and let her know he was all right. “How or you getting alone with the folks?” “Great. They have really made me welcome.” “That's good, they can be a little different sometimes.” He didn't bother to tell her what he meant by different. The call, as welcome as it was, just made her miss him that much more. She hadn't realized how much she would miss have him loving her each night. Her body felt so empty without his big cock filling her up. Her fingers attempted to take his place but only made it that much worse. The one thing that bothered her at first, but she now looked forward to, was the morning greeting she received each morning from Phil. Each morning he hugged her tight to his body and kissed her. Each kiss was always right on her mouth. It didn't matter if Ann was in the room or not he was going to kiss her when she came into the room. He also did Ann the same way. Phil was in heaven having the two prettiest women in the county living under the same roof with him. Ann noticed the way Jill was uncomfortable with the hugging and kissing. “Don't worry about Phil. He thinks he is the ruler of this place and all females or under his control.” She laughed, “I just let him think that.” She turned away and then turned back to Jill. “I don't mind if he is kissing you, so if you don't care then just enjoy it. He is pretty good at it.” From that time on when ever he greeted her she lifted her mouth to his for her kiss. If Ann were around she would turn and wink at her. She loved being with Phil and Ann, even when his hand would slide across her hips as he passed through the kitchen. It was starting to be a fun year. During the day, after the chores were finished, Jill would go down to the barn and see if Phil needed any help. Often he needs someone just to hold a board while he cut it. She enjoyed being around him. He was so much like Scott that she often thought she was back at home. He picked out a horse for her. “This mare is real gentle. She is yours while you are here.” He showed her how to saddle the mare and helped her into the saddle. Jill thought he enjoyed touching her ass a little to much as he lifted her up. Like the kissing this soon became the normal way of doing things. She would ride with him across the ranch sometimes. He showed her the different pastures and watering holes. The one most interesting was the swimming hole that they had used for years before the pool was put. The streambed was dammed up and the water was neck deep at the deepest part. “We use to use this all the time but now we use the pool. The water is warmer than this spring fed pool.” Phil surprised her by riding his horse out in the middle of the lake. “What are you doing?” “Just cooling the horse down. Come on out here.” Jill looked at Phil and he had his feet up on the saddle so his boots wouldn't get wet. She headed Maude towards Phil and picked up her legs, as the water got deeper. The water was up on the mare's stomach when she reached Phil. Jill had never done anything like that before. “We usually just strip off and ride the horses out here and go swimming.” “Without swim suits?” “Sure, now who is going to see way out here. Want to strip and go swimming?” Jill was shocked that he had said it so casual; like it was something they did everyday. “I don't think so, but if you like just go ahead.” Phil reached for his shirt and started unbuttoning it. It flustered Jill to think he was about to undress. She turned the mare and with her feet up she loss her balance and fell into the cold water. The water took her breath away as she came back to the top. The next thing she knew Phil was next to her in the water. He pulled her up and helped her back on Maude. Of course he managed to cop a feel of her tits while he helped her. Jill was setting back in the saddle shaking as Phil stood in the water and laughed at her. “What do you think is so funny?” “The way you decided to go swimming all by yourself.” “I didn't go swimming, I fell.” “You should have left your clothes on the bank, now you have to ride all the way back to the house in those wet clothes.” Jill realized that it was pretty funny after the shock of the cold water was over. She saw where Phil's eyes were looking and she glanced down and saw that the blouse did nothing to cover her wet breasts. Her nipples were rock hard from the cold water and the wet blouse let the shape of them show through. There wasn't anyway to hide them from him so she turned the horse and left the pool. Her face was red even with her back turned to him. He joined her as the horses left the pool. “What made you fall anyway?” “I thought you were going to strip and go swimming and I was getting out of there.” “I was only going to wet my shirt to help cool off. Now we are both wet and have to ride home all wet.” Back at the barn she dismounted. The ride back had dried the blouse some but it still didn't hide her hard nipples from him. He didn't even try to hide the look in his eyes from her. She couldn't wait to get to the house and some dry clothes. She tied up the mare and headed to the house. “Where are you going?” “To get on some dry clothes.” “The first rule around here is you have to take care of your horse first. Then you can go take care of yourself.” Angrily she stomped back to the mare and led her to the barn. Her tits were pressed against her damp blouse. She didn't care if he watch them are not. She unsaddled the horse and put her up with a hand full of hay. Phil was doing the same as his horse. He watched every move she made. Being mad she didn't try to hide the lovely tits from him. Those were about the nicest tits he had seen since Ann was her age. He finished before her and stood at the barn gate while she finished. Jill finished and came out the barn door. He fell in step with her as they walked towards the house. “Are you still mad with me?” She had long ago lost her feeling of being mad. She knew he had watched as she took care of the horse. He had gotten more than just a glimpse of her tits during that time. She found herself liking his interest as she had the men that Scott had her tease. “I'm not mad now, she added.” He laughed and moved closer to her. He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her next to him. Jill was only a few inches shorter than he was and she fit right under his arm. He bumped her hip with his and she returned the bump. They did it several more times, laughing as they neared the house. They were almost to the back porch when he spoke again. I sure am glad you fell in the water. “ “Why are you glad I fell in the water. Now we both are wet and cold.” She looked at where is eyes were looking and knew why he was glad she got wet. “You are a dirty old man.” She said it with a smile in her eyes. He knew that she was joking. He laughed and let his hand drop down and cover her tit over the wet blouse she had on. “Best view I've had in years.” Jill was surprised by his action, but she was even more surprised that it didn't upset her that he was touching her tit. She just reached up and took his hand in hers and removed it from her tit. She held his hand so he wouldn't be tempted to touch her breasts again. In the house she started to her room and he called her back. She turned back towards him. “Jill, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed being with you today. I would never do anything you didn't want to do.” “I had fun today also. Even getting wet wasn't that bad.” He pulled her tight to his body just as he did each morning. He leaned down to kiss her and she raised her face to him. She expected the kiss to be as usual but when his lips met hers his lips were slightly parted and his tongue pushed gently against her closed mouth. It had been a couple of weeks since Scott had been gone and she missed having him kissing her. When Phil pushed against her lips she let it slip open and let his tongue slide inside her mouth. The feeling from his tongue as he moved it slowly about her mouth went straight to her cunt. She could feel the heat from her cunt spread across her entire body. Her arms went around his neck and she pulled him closer and tighter to her open mouth. For a moment Jill lost all rational thought. It was Scott she was kissing and moving her hips against his hard cock. Then reality sat. She opened her eyes and found it was her father-in-law she was kissing. She was filled with conflicting emotions. She knew she had to stop but at the same time he was giving her something she had really been missing. It was his hands that caressed her ass that made her break away. “I got to get cleaned up.” She slipped out of his arms and went to her room. The warm shower felt good as she stood under the hot water. Her fingers felt even better as they slid in and out of her wet cunt. It was going to be a long year. Phil looked too much like his son for her to be so close to him. It was going to be a one-person battle because she knew that Phil would take her to bed whenever she said the word. The first few days she had been with them they would grill out by the pool nearly every night. One night after eating they sat around having a few drinks when Phil suggested taking a swim. Jill was all for it. She headed to her room to get the new suit Scott had bought. Putting it on she wondered how her in-laws were going to react when she came out in it. She didn't need to worry. They were both in swimsuits. The one Phil had was much like the one Scott usually wore. It was tight and showed a large lump in his crotch. Ann's was also a one piece. It wasn't as sexy as Jill's but it was just as revealing. They swam around for a while and Ann came by Jill. “Ann the tag is still on your suit. You must have just gotten it.” “Both of us went out and bought a suit when we knew you were coming. Out here we don't need a suit. The only ones that ever visit are Paul, Phil's brother, and his family. They never have any suits either so we just all undress and jump. There is not a lot of modesty in this family.” “Sorry to be the one that made you get the suits.” “Don't worry about it. If you get ready to toss your suit then just go ahead. I am sure Phil wouldn't mind. She thought about this as she finished her shower and went back to the kitchen to fix dirrer for Ann when she got home. Phil had gone back to the barn. Either Jill or Phil said nothing, about what happened at the lake or when they reached the house to Ann. Ann took one look at Phil and knew something happened out of the ordinary that day. In bed that night he was all over her. He had been hard ever since he had kissed Jill and she had responded to him. He moved over Ann and she spread to let him come. He pushed quickly and she stopped him. “Slow down big boy. What has come over you tonight?” “Nothing, just horny I guess.” “I can just bet what has you so horny. You must have got pretty close to her young cunt to have you in such a hurry. I know you didn't get any because you are to hard.” He slowed down but continued to work his cock in her cunt. After all these years she still had a hot tight cunt that he never grew tired. Not many people lived in the valley except kinfolk. What company they had was mostly Paul and Joan and when Scott and Amy were at home. Amy was away in school and Paul and Joan were now alone. Now Jill had come on the scene. It was hard not to think what it would be like to have her wrap her long legs around his body. The thought started him moving faster. His cock was working her cunt over good and she forgot what she had asked him. All too soon they were both cumin as she lifted her cunt to him as he pushed deeper in her hot body. They lay in each other's arms as they recovered. “Want to tell me about your day now?” Phil knew that Ann knew him like a book. He had never been able to keep a secret from her. He told her about the day and Jill falling off the horse. How her big tits were almost naked and even about the kiss before they showered. He knew that Ann wasn't the lest bit jealous about him and Jill. They along with Paul and Joan had spent many an hour fucking together. He also knew that the one afternoon she was late getting home each week was spent in the coach's office. It was Ann that taught Scott how to please a woman. Out here in the country you took sex where you found it. “A year is a long time. She will come across if Scott did his job right, and I can bet you he did it right.” “I hope you are right. She keeps my cock hard all the time. Her nipples are always hard and sticking through her shirt.” “I bet it was Scott's idea to do away with the bra. Wonder if she wears panties.” The talk had him hard again and he moved once again to claim his hot wife. Thank goodness he had an understanding wife. What neither one realized was they had been in such a hurry that they didn't pull the blinds. Jill couldn't sleep and had walked out on the porch by the pool and set down in a chair to think. This time it wasn't about Scott, but Phil. Scott was half way across the world and Phil was right here with her. She was pretty sure that Scott wouldn't worry if she had an affair while he was gone, but the only male in miles was his father. What would he think about that? She also didn't want to hurt Ann. The light went out across the way in Ann and Phil's bedroom. Only a light from the bedside lamp lit the room. Jill watched as first Ann and then Phil moved to the bed naked. Ann was still a beautiful woman and her body was tight and compact. Then when Phil moved into view her eyes left Ann completely. His cock was standing up hard and pointing towards his chest. Never had she seen such a cock. Scott's cock had been huge which she knew from watching the porno movies. Phil was bigger than anything she had seen in the movies. She was so fascinated that she watched as he slid deep in his wife's cunt. She got up and moved even closer as she watched in a trance as he pushed his monster cock in his wife. How could she ever take such a huge dick in her small body? Ann couldn't be more than five feet tall and one hundred pounds but she took all he had. Jill watched as he slowed down for a while before speeding up and them cumin together. As they finished she moved back to her chair. Her fingers were up under her gown as she went to work on her cunt. She closed her eyes as she pictured Phil over her and putting that huge cock in her body. Jill climaxed with her fingers and when she opened her eyes Ann and Phil were at it again. How could the old folks get it so hard so quick? “Her fingers went to work again. When they climaxed Jill was right with them. She decided right then that she was going to check out their window every night. For the next few days she tried to make sure that she wasn't alone with Phil very much. He still kissed her each morning and usually as she left for bed each night. She found out that the blind was seldom closed anymore. Ann realized the next morning after the talk she had with Phil that it was only going to be a short time until the two of them got together. She decided to help it along by leaving the blinds open each night. Not many women could resist trying a cock as big as Phil's. She felt like Jill would not be an exception. She tried to stay away from their window but each night found her back out on the porch waiting for the bedroom light to come on. The sight of his huge cock all ways brought her to a climax. She hadn't seen much of Phil except at meal times and she had started missing him. She had enjoyed the time she helped him around the ranch. She picked up the box of cookies she had baked that morning and headed down to the barn expecting to find him there. Phil wasn't anywhere around and his horse was gone. She figured he was riding the fence line as he did at least once a week. She decided to join him and ride with him. She saddled Maude and headed out towards the back pastures. She didn't have any idea where he may have been going. The places he had taken her to before were empty. She gave up on finding him and turned back towards the ranch. Then she recognized the stream where she had fallen in before. She rode towards it. The idea of a cold swim on the hot day seemed better as she got closer. She was about to round the corner of the rock out cropping when she heard a big splash. She stopped the horse and listened and then she heard it again. Jill got down from Maude and moved around the rock. She stopped when she saw Phil swimming in the cold water. She knew he must be nude since he would never wear a swimsuit out here. She felt her tits getting hard at the thought of spying on her father-in-law without him knowing. She watched as Phil swam back to his horse. He climbed on the horses back and stood up on his back and dove in the water. That was what she heard at first. She watched as her naked father-in-law dove from the horses back several times. His cock wasn't hard as the cold water kept it down. Still it was a tremendous cock that looked like it would reach his knees. She thought he could make a good living in porno movies. A cock like that should bring top dollar. Watching him she had let her hand slide down inside the low cut jeans and touch her cunt. It was fun to be touching her cunt and watching him at the same time. Then the fun ended. She had been caught. She looked down and Maude was standing next to the lake. All Phil had to do was look in that direction and know she was out here. There wasn't any way to get to Maude without Phil seeing her. Phil looked up and saw Maude next to the water drinking. It had to be Jill that was riding her but she wasn't around. He searched the rocks and saw a glimpse of her shirt hiding in the rocks. He was standing in the water and all his privates were hidden. It didn't bother him that Jill had caught him naked. All he wanted was to see her the same way. “Jill.” He called. “You may as well come on out. Your horse is out here and it is too far to walk home. Come on out now.” Jill knew that she didn't have a choice. She had to go get her horse. She moved back and down the rocks until she was on flat ground. She swallowed her pride and walked around the rocks to the water's edge. She caught Maude and turned her away from the water. She would have left without saying anything if he had not spoken. “What are you doing out here?” She turned back towards him. I was looking for you but then when I couldn't find you I thought I might come out here for a quick swim. “ “Well, now you have found me and there is plenty of water for both. Come and join me in a swim.” “I don't think so. I don't want to ride back home in wet clothes.” “That is easy to fix, put your clothes and saddle over there with mine and come join me.” Jill looked over and saw his saddle and clothes lying back next to the rocks. He saw her thinking about it and pushed her on. “It will be better than the last time you went swimming here.” She had to laugh at that. “Anything would be better than wearing those wet clothes back to the house.” “What were you going to do if I hadn't been here?” “Just what you are doing.” “You ever been swimming naked?” “No.” “It's a lot more fun than with swimsuits.” “Why is it better?” “You can have all the freedom you want without clothes being in the way.” “Do you and Ann really swim nude with your brother's family?” “Yes, we have for years. We don't think anything about it. We only wear suits with you to keep you from being embarrassed.” “Did Scott ever come here?” “Scott and I have been here many times as has his mother.” “Did Scott swim nude with his mother?” “Of course. I told you both families have for years. Scott and Amy have been swimming with us all their lives. As they got older it just seem like the normal thing to keep doing. My parents and grandparents before me did the same as me and my brother.” “Scott never mentioned any of this to me.” “What do you expect? Honey I have been swimming with my parents nude all my life? He was smart enough to know that others may have a problem with how we live out here.” “He did say that you were different. He just didn't say how different.” “Now that you know our history come on.” Jill had moved back closer to the water as she had been talking. She found herself wanting to strip and join him. “Turn around until I get in the water.” Phil had to hide a smile as he turned his back. Jill pushed off her boots and slipped the pull over top over her head. Her firm breasts stood up high and proud on her chest. She pushed the jeans down her shapely legs and laid them on the saddle she had removed from Maude. The panties she had taken to wearing since Scott left soon followed. She glanced out and saw Phil was still turned away. She looked at Maude and wondered how she was going to get back on her with the saddle off. She led her over to a rock and climbed aboard her. She turned Maude back towards the lake. The horse went right in the water as if she had done it many times before. It was the idea that her husband had been swimming naked with others before that finally made up her mind for her. She almost had a change of mind as she neared Phil. The cold water moved up her legs as the horse moved deeper. Soon she was in the water almost to the top of Maude back. The cold water at once drove her nipples hard. She knew that in a moment her father-in-law would turn and see her naked. She slipped from the horses back and down in the water until her breasts was covered. “My god! It's colder than last time.” She screamed as she sank down in the cold water. Phil decided he had been good long enough. He turned to find only her head sticking above the water. “You have to move around to warm up. It's gets better when you get use to it.” “How do you get use to it?” “I play around. Sometimes I dive from my horse. Most of the times I just keep moving.” Jill tried to do what he said. She moved around but since she was trying to keep her breasts below water it didn't help. “I am still about to freeze.” “Stand up and get your top warm.” “You are just saying that. I think you just want to see my tits.” “Well, you are right about that. What is the use of skinning dipping if you are not going to show off?” The cold combined with her desire to let him actually see her breasts finally drove her to stand up. As she stood her feet touched the bottom and she rose to her feet. The water poured from her breasts as she cleared the water. When she reached full height the water only came to about the place her low cut jeans reached. Her stomach and whole body was covered with chill bumps. Phil thought he had never seen such beautiful breasts. She stood before him with them standing high from the cold water. Her nipples were sticking nearly an inch out from them. His mouth watered at the thought of getting his lips around them. As she stood before him she felt more at ease. If Scott could do this then he shouldn't care if his wife joined them. She watched as Phil climbed on the back of his horse. His cock was now hard but not nearly as hard as she knew it could be. Still she didn't take her eyes from him as he stood and dove into the water. After a couple of times he told her to join him. She knew that he just wanted to see the rest of her. Scott had done his training well. She moved to Maude and tried to stand on her back. She fell off before she was ready. She came up spitting and sputtering to find Phil holding her up. He didn't say anything just pushed her towards Maude and as she climbed up again he stood beside her and held her legs to steady her. Jill looked down and he was looking straight into her cunt. His hands were holding her legs above her knees. The touch was burning a hole in her skin as she dove over him into the water. Jill had nothing else to hide from him after that. They dove and splashed as each time he helped steady her as she stood on Maude's back. His hands had grown freer with each touch and she wasn't doing anything to stop him. Time was passing fast as they continued to play. Both knew that it was time for them to be heading back. Phil said that “Now hasn't this been fun?” “Yes, but I don't think Ann would like to know how we spent this afternoon.” “Ann doesn't know but she wouldn't care if she did. She expects us, all of us to do these type things.” “I can't believe she would approve of this.” “Next time we go swimming in the pool just pull off you suit and you will see that she will be right behind you.” Phil moved to her. He pulled her to him. He leaned down and kissed her. Their naked bodies were touching as his tongue pushed against her closed mouth. She tried to turn her head but his lips were persistent as he kissed her harder. Unconsciously she opens her mouth to his prying tongue. Jill found she like his kiss even more than the other day. His hands were around her body and his hands pulled her hips close to his. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her stomach. Even in the cold water her cunt began to heat up. Her arms had gone around his neck as she started returning the kiss with as much vigor as he had. Her tongue was doing battle with his as her hand dropped to hold his hard cock. Even though he wasn't completely hard it was more than she had ever felt. Phil broke the kiss and picked her up and set her on Maude's back. He moved between her legs and picked them up and laid them over his shoulders. The position left her cunt at the right height for his mouth and tongue to enter it. Before Jill realized what he was doing his tongue was buried in her cunt. Scott had taught her how to really enjoy oral sex and his father was really good at it. Phil pulled her hips closer to his mouth and went to work on her juicy cunt. All Jill could do was reach for his head and pull his mouth tighter to her. The nearly three weeks without sex, except for her fingers was too much. She welcomed him to her cunt and offered him full access with his mouth. Phil was struggling to breathe as she pulled him so tight. Her cunt was flowing with her precum; the sweetness drove him harder. Nothing tastes as good as a fresh young woman that loves having her cunt licked. He did his best, which soon had her pushed over the edge. Jill let out a cry when the climax hit her that almost made the horses jump. He kept licking up the sweet juice as she started coming back down to earth. “Oh Phil, that was so good! It seems like a month since Scott left. I needed that so badly.” “It was all my pleasure.” He pulled her back down in the water with him. His lips found hers and she could taste her juice on his tongue as it pushed back in her mouth. She found herself wanting more. They led the horses back towards the water edge. No longer was there any shyness about being with him naked. She stood before him prowly showing him all he wished to see. She watched as his cock, now that it was out of the water, began to grow to the size she had seen through the bedroom window. Jill reached out and touched it. He was hard and firm but so soft to the touch. She could not bring herself to turn him loose. Phil thought he must have been dreaming. Ever since she had moved in with them he had dreamed of the day her hand would touch him just as she was doing now. As she stroked his cock he cupped both breasts in his hands. He let the nipples slide through his fingers. He had all he could take; he pulled her to her feet. He turned and threw the saddle blankets on the sand and pulled her down with him. Jill lay back on the blankets, not sure if she could go all the way with him. He was her husband's father and she shouldn't be doing this with him. That thought didn't last long as he moved over her. His hands spread her legs and lifted them to set them on each side of his hips. Her raised legs made a saddle for him to ride to her cunt. Like a funnel, her legs guided him on a straight path to the opening of her young body. Her cunt was still wet from the sucking he had just given her. It lubricated the opening for his cock as it reached her opening and slid inside. He was more than she had ever had even with her husband but she wanted him as bad as he wanted her. Her husband had taken a virgin bride and made a cock-loving wife out of her. She would have been perfectly happy to spend the rest of her life with only Scott. Now that was changed. Scott would be gone for a year and he had taught her that sex was good and she needed it regularly. She knew Scott knew this when he had tried to get her with Dan. She didn't feel any guilt as she pulled her father-in-law down deep in her young cunt. She took all of him on the first try. He was buried to his balls as his cock searched out the depth of her cunt where no one had ever been before. Jill was having a ball. Her legs lifted on each stroke. She wanted him deep and full in her cunt. Her legs reached around his hips as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him tighter. Soon his whole weight was on her. His cock was buried deep as it would go. Their lips and tongues were doing battle in each other's mouth. His hands were squeezing her nipples as they both came together. Jill felt him swell and fill her even more just moments before he unloaded shot after shot deep in body. The hot cum pushed her even harder towards her mine-blowing climax. Then she was there. Her cunt exploded around his hard cock. Nothing she had ever felt was like it. Cum poured from his cock for several minutes as she lay back and let the good feeling he had generated through out her body take control. It was two totally exhausted people that finally made their way back to the ranch that day. Ann got home just a few minutes after they got back to the house. Jill had run in the house and grabbed a quick shower and hurried back to the kitchen to get dinner ready. It wasn't on the table ready to eat like she usually had it for her. Not only that but Jill was avoiding looking at her. That combined with a smiling Phil and she knew something had gone on that day and she was pretty sure she knew just what it was. After dinner they took their drinks out by the pool. Jill was rather quieter than normal. The guilt she was feeling was for Ann, not Scott. The day with her father-in-law was just what she needed. Never would she have thought she would need the feel of a hard cock in her cunt so much. Scott had made her the way she was and he did it on purpose. The sun was going down and Ann decided to see just how far she could get Jill to go. “I think I will go for a swim. It has been a long hot day. One of the air condition units went out and the school was hot. Do you too want to join me?” Phil spoke up first. “Sure, anytime is time for a cool swim.” They looked at Jill to see what she would do. Jill knew that they were waiting for her to make a move. If she went for her suit they would go get theirs but if she would swim naked they were more than ready. “I hate to cause you to change the way you all ways did things because I am here. I guess if you can take it I can.” She stood and started pulling the top over her head. When it was off she turned back to see both of them watching her. “Well, or you going to just stand there or join me?” The two of them reached for their tops and suddenly they were all striped and naked before each other. Jill led the race to the water. They were right behind her. Phil was the one that was really enjoying the nude swimming. The two women had as nice a pair of tits as he had ever laid eyes on. Joan was nice but her breasts were a lot smaller than Jill's. Even Amy's tits couldn't match Jill for size and firmness. They swam back and forth several times before starting a game of tag. It was more of a game of feel, since each one took every opportunity to search out the others body. Jill had never cared about woman on woman sex but she found her self excited when it was Ann's hand that ran up her legs. It was a lot more fun swimming with a naked woman than watching two on the porno movies. Jill looked around and Ann had climbed up on the side of the pool. Phil had moved between her legs and was licking her cunt. She remembered how he had eaten her earlier that day and was jealous of Ann. Ann liked to have her cunt licked especially when someone else was watching. Paul and Scott had both sampled her goodies while Joan and Amy watched. Group sex was one of her favorite things. When Scott had left home it was just she and Phil and when they could get over, Paul and Joan. Amy had left for college about the same time. Her time with the coach was just icing on the cake. Ann saw Jill watching and had even moved closer to them. “Why don't you get up here next to me? I am sure Phil wouldn't object to having a young pussy to suck on.” Jill didn't even pause to think. Her cunt was streaming juice even in the pool. It was the first time she had ever seen another couple have oral sex. It was a lot better than the movies. She moved up beside Ann. Ann reached for her hand and brought it over to her breast. “Have you ever touched another woman?” Jill couldn't find the words but shook her head no. All the time Ann was moving Jill's hand over her breasts. Jill felt the breasts of another woman for the first time. Soon Ann released her hand but Jill continued to stroke Ann's tit. Ann's hand had found Jill cunt and was trying to work her hand around it. It was Jill that moved to spread her legs so Ann could reach her cunt. Jill looked down to see her mother-in-law slide her fingers up her soaking cunt. Within moments Jill was climaxing on Ann's fingers. Ann quickly followed with her own climax brought on by Phil's skillful tongue. Ann was the one to change the party. “Let's get out of here and dry off. I think a bed would be a much better place to finish the night.” The other two didn't put up any argument as they went to Ann and Phil's bedroom. Ann stopped by the bath and grabbed towels for each of them. Once they were dry she pushed Phil back on the bed. He lay on his back with his huge cock sticking straight up. Ann looked at Jill. “His cock is all yours, help your self.” Jill wasn't the least bit bashful. Once she had stripped outside she was ready for anything. Scott had taught her as much as he could with just the two of them. What she was about to do now was all on her own. She went straight to Phil and moved over him. Her mouth covered his cock. He was huge, much more than she was use to from Scott. She was determined to get the whole thing in her mouth. Which she did after several failed attempts. Her mouth was so full that she hardly had room to work her tongue around his cock. Phil was so worked up from all that went on out side that it didn't take him long to unload a wad down Jill's throat. She took it all and finished by licking his cock clean. He had a smile on his face when she looked up at him. She knew just how to take the smile away. She moved up and let her cunt down and covered his mouth. He went to work right away. He sucked on her clit and his tongue buried its way as far as it could reach in her juicy cunt. This action brought his cock back up hard and she felt Ann as she climbed up and sank her pussy down over him. She didn't stop until he was completely in her. Ann reached around Jill and cupped both tits in her hands. She pulled Jill back against her tits as she fuck on Phil's cock. It was more than Jill could stand. Her father-in-law was sucking her cunt while her mother-in-law was squeezing her tits. Her mother-in-law's tits were rubbing her back. She screamed as her climax hit. Jill's climax triggered Phil's and soon to follow, Ann's. They slept together that night. Phil was sandwiched between the two of them. A happier man could not be found. Ann was the first up the next morning. The other's were awake but hadn't gotten up enough energy to get out of bed. “I hate to leave you two alone but I have got to go to work. I will have to work later tonight. Now you two don't do anything I wouldn't do.” They didn't. In fact they did just what Ann would have done. Jill lay back as her father-in-law rolled over her and slid his once again hard cock back in his daughter-in law's pussy. In fact he did it several times that day. They had a little extra time before Ann would get home. It was her day at the coach's office. That was what turned into the way of life for them. Jill had let Ann suck her cunt and even returned the favor. It was good but nothing like the times Phil would fill her young cunt with his hard cock. Like his son, he was able to keep both women satisfied every day. Jill wrote Scott. He had now been gone two months. In her other letters she had not mentioned anything about what she was doing with his parents. She though it was now time to tell him. She was quite sure he wasn't going to object. She knew that he knew what would surely happen when he sent her to stay with them. Dear Scott, The two months since you have been gone seems more like a year to me. I have something that I need to tell you. I know that it want come as a shock to you since you were the one that said your parents were different. I now know what you meant by that. I also know why you had me come to stay with them after I refused to be with Dan. You know me better than I know myself. I never would have thought I would be doing what I am doing with your folks. I lasted a month until I learned that you and your parents as well as uncle and aunt along with your cousin were involved in incest. You trained me well. Instead of being turned off it open me up to a new beginning. I am now sleeping with your folks each night. Your father has made love to me countless times with your mother and alone. I now know where you got your ability from and who taught you how to use it. I never realized how much fun it could be with three people in one bed. I know that was what you were trying to get me to do back home. I just wasn't ready for that then. Hurry home, I want to see what it is like between two men. I under stand that I may fine out this weekend. Your Uncle Paul and Aunt Joan are coming over. I will let you know how the weekend turns out. I love you. Take care and don't do anything I wouldn't do. Got to go, your father just came in my room. Looks like I need to take care of him.


  1. प्रेम के अनमोल क्षण-1 ( Prem Ke Anmol Khyan -1)
    प्रेम के अनमोल क्षण-2 (Prem Ke Anmol Khyan - 2)

    अब मैं तुम्हारी हो गई-2 (Ab Mein Tumhari Ho Gayi -2)
    फरेज़ को पता है (Pharenj Ko Pata He)
    कुड़ी पतंग हो गई (Kudi Patanga Ho Gayi)
    एक जल्दी वाला राउंड (Ek Jaldi Bala Round)
    Komal ki Komal Aur Reshma ki Reshmi Chut
    Ek Doctor Hi Ye Samaz Sakta Hai
    Pati Ke Batije Aur Ek Punjabi Loure Se Chudwaya
    Apney Customer Ki Biwi Ki Mast Chudai
    Kaise Main Ek Raat Mai Ek Shareef Ladki Se Randi Bani
    Maa Ke Saath Anokha Maza Bade Pyar Se
    Mast Makan Malkin Ki Chudai
    Meri Chudai Nanhe Se Bhai Ke Sath
    Chacheri Bahen Ke Sone Ke Bad Nanga Karke Sab Kuch Dekha
    डांस बार में एक रात (Dus Bar Main Ek Raat)
    एक शाम अनजान हसीना के नाम
    हरीयालो देवरियो (HarYalo Dewariyo)
    मस्त जिंदगी का अहसास-2
    मस्त जिंदगी का अहसास-1

    अपनी बाबू की सील तोड़ी (Aapni Babu Ki Seal Todi)

    विधवा की चुदाई की प्यास (Bidhwa Ki Chudai Ki Pyas)

    भाभी को दिखाई नई ब्लू फिल्म (Bhabhi Ko Dekhai Nai Blue Film)

    मामी ने दिखाया स्वर्ग का दरवाजा (Mammi Ne Dikhaya Swarga Ka Darwaja)

    बस में मिले लड़के से चूत मरवाई(Bus Main Mili Ladke Se Chut Marwai)

    बाथरूम में पंजाबन कुड़ी की चुदाई(Bathroom Main Punjab Kudi Ki Chudai)

    चूत मेरी बड़ी प्यासी हैं(Chut Meri Bdi Pyasi)

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