Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Family Business

Amber stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towelling robe around her body. Her long blonde hair, darkened by the water hung down her back like a curtain of damp silk. In the mirror deep blue, almost violet, eyes looked at her, out of a lean, high cheek boned face. Her long fingers combed through the wet tresses, the action of lifting her arms pressing her full breasts provocatively against the absorbent material. She crossed the bathroom and opened the door to the bedroom of the hotel suite. On the bed, carefully laid out, were the clothes she would be wearing tonight. A maid stood by the foot of the bed, waiting to help Amber to dress.Amber shrugged out of the robe and the maid scurried over, eyes fixed on the floor a few feet ahead of her, to collect the garment and fold it neatly. Amber reached for a tub of scented powder and dusted her almost dry skin. Then she crossed over to the bed and picked up the first item of clothing. The maid dashed around behind her and helped her into the garment, a firmly boned, white, corset laced down the back. The maid teased Amber's breasts into the cups and then began to tighten the laces. Her fingers were long and cool, their touch as impersonal as a surgeon's. The corset tightened as the maid pulled smoothly on the laces and Amber breathed out a little. The maid pressed her knee into the curve of Amber's back, tightening the lacing as she did so. Amber could feel the clutch of the fabric, shortening her breath into a series of gasps, as the maid tied the lace in a secure bow.Amber sat, carefully on the edge of the bed and the maid slowly rolled a silk stocking up each leg, clipping the top to the suspenders fastened to the lower hem of Amber's corset. There were no panties and the corset left Amber's shaven pussy and bottom bare. Amber stood and slipped her arms into the long black dress, made of silk, with a high Chinese collar. The maid deftly fastened the row of tiny black buttons down her spine, each made from a perfect black pearl. The high neck and narrow waist gave her a severe look, almost like an old-fashioned governess. The maid knelt in front of Amber and guided her feet into a pair of high-heeled pumps that laced around her ankles.Amber stood obediently while the maid dressed her, even though her lover, Andrew, had not yet arrived. The maid carefully brushed Amber's silky hair, and plaited it tightly. The brushing and tight plaiting was rough enough to bring tears of pain to her eyes but she bore the discomfort silently. Once the maid had prepared her, she withdrew, not a word passed between them, even changing her position was accomplished with a hand gestures and signals. Amber stood, trying to relax. Andrew had played this sort of game with her in the past and she knew that he expected her to be stood, waiting upon his entry. Amber enjoyed these small submissions but tonight Andrew had hinted at a new development between them.The door opened and Andrew stepped inside the suite. He was, as ever, impeccably dressed. The maid curtseyed before him and then stretched her hand out for his coat. She took it, folding it carefully, to hang in the tiny closet. Beneath his coat Andrew wore an evening suit in jet-black silk, with a vermillion cummerbund and matching bow tie. In his left hand he carried a small aluminum attaché case, which he set, carefully, on the tabletop. The catches sprang open with a `crack! 'that made Amber flinch. Andrew took out a long, narrow box and withdrew a string of black freshwater pearls. Crossing the room he stood behind her and fastened the pearls around her neck. Then he closed the case and slowly walked around Amber, looking over every inch of her.“Exquisite,” he breathed, “Tonight will be truly memorable.”Offering her his arm, Andrew escorted Amber from the suite to the elevator. He still had the attaché case in his hand as they rode down to the ground floor. Andrew led her through the foyer and into the hotel restaurant. The Maitre'd spotted him and hurried over. There were a few seconds of murmured conversation between him and Andrew, and then he ushered them respectfully into a small, private dining room. As the door closed behind them, Amber almost gaped in shock. Rising from comfortable armchairs were her parents. Amber was torn between speech and silence but knew that Andrew would expect her to wait until he signalled that she could speak.Andrew and her father shook hands and then he turned to her mother and took her hand in his, raising it briefly to his lips, bowing a little. Amber could not understand how he had even met her parents; let alone how, or why, he could be inviting them to dinner. Andrew turned towards her and she watched his lips as he spoke to her.“Amber, I'll leave you with your parents for a moment. They have something that they need to discuss with you.” Andrew told her, softly, as he walked over to the door.Amber sat, carefully, in a high-backed chair, opposite her parents. Her father seemed nervous and moistened his lips a couple of times, with the tip of his tongue. His voice, when it came, was dry and reedy, the voice of an old man. Her mother just sat holding his hand, her eyes fixed on their linked fingers.Her father began, “Ally, we haven't told you this before, but the business, we, are in serious debt. The banks won't extend our credit any further and, frankly, I think we're nearly bust. Andrew contacted us and suggested a way he might help us.”“Oh Daddy, “Amber gasped,” I hadn't realised it was that bad. Can I help, I know Andrew has offered, but I have some savings put by. How much do you need?”“To keep going, one and a quarter of a million. Just to pay off our creditors three quarter of a million. Andrew has offered two million. But he wants something in return. And we can't give it to him.” Her father continued.“What does he want? Is he going to buy the business or make you a loan? And what can't you give him?” Amber asked that puzzled.“He wants you, and that's why we can't give him what he wants,” Her father answeredAmber laughed, “If that's all, I'll marry him.”“No darling, he doesn't want to marry you, he wants to own you. “her father told her quietly and seriously.The room seemed to be filled with a silence that settled over the three of them like a blanket. Even the sounds from the hearth seemed muted, as though the moment had been frozen. The seconds stretched for what seemed an eternity. Amber considered her father's words. Obviously, he had come this evening to turn down Andrew's offer. He would be polite and courteous, but his refusal would still leave the business needing a miracle to keep going. Andrew had hinted at changes to their relationship and, equally obviously, was confident of the outcome being in his favour.“I'll do it.” Amber said that at last. Her mother looked up shocked and horrified, while her father looked at her with a mixture of shame and relief. He slipped his fingers out of her mother's grasp and moved slowly towards the door. Turning the handle, he leaned outside and motioned a waiter over. The waiter listened as Her father muttered a few words and then the waiter left to find Andrew. The three stood in a silence that seemed as solid as a wall between them. Her parents stared at the carpet and twisted their fingers as though they were trying to knot them together. Amber stood, her posture very erect, with her shoulders back. Her nipples pressed against the smooth silk of the corset and the thought of being possessed by Andrew made her heart flutter. They all turned at the sound of the door opening. Andrew stepped inside and closed the door. Placing his attaché case on the table, he turned and faced them. “Well,” Andrew asked that raising an eyebrow, “Are you going to accept my offer?”“Yes, Ally will agree to your terms. It seems we have no choice. “Her father replied, face reddened in shame and embarrassment. Andrew opened the case and took out a banker's draft and two pieces of paper. The papers were copies of a contract, selling Amber to Andrew, unconditionally, for the sum of two and one quarter million. The papers were passed back and forth, each of them signing against their names. Andrew folded one of the papers and handed the other, with the banker's draft to Amber's father. Then he reached into a case and brought out a small black leather box, shorter but wider than the box containing her necklace. He beckoned Amber to move closer and then, placing a hand on her shoulder turned her top face away from him and face her parents. She stood erect, her hands behind her back loosely clasped. Andrew placed the box on the table and opened it. Inside were two silver bands, highly polished, connected by a hollow ebony rod, Andrew slipped one band over each of Amber's wrists and carefully turned a ratchet inside the rod. With each click of the ratchet, the bands tightened around her wrists, fastening her tightly. Amber pulled against the device, testing the strength of her bonds. For a moment she was nervous, as she realised that she was his possession now. Then the nervousness melted as a wave of dark anticipatory pleasure swept through her. She felt her pussy tighten and become slick as she imagined him sliding his cock into her.Andrew turned her about to face him and pressed down on her shoulders. She knelt before him and looked upwards into his eyes, noticing the lascivious gleam for the first time. He unzipped his pants and eased out his cock, already firmly erect. Her mother gasped at the sight and made to speak, as Andrew gripped her plait and tilted Amber's head. Amber tried to turn her head away, for she had never enjoyed the taste of cock and Andrew liked to thrust, making her gag. Andrew's grip tightened, making her gasp and he smoothly slipped the swollen head of his cock between her lips. Amber's mother moved forward, only to be pulled back by her father. Amber closed her lips around Andrew's cock, realising that he owned her and this was his way of making sure that everybody understood that. She swirled her tongue over the head and bathed the shaft with her saliva. She could feel him swell and harden in her mouth as she swirled her tongue over and around him. He tightened his grip and thrust forward with a single, violent jerk, his cock forced into the back of her throat. Amber gagged and choked, tears forming in her eyes and mucus flying from her nostrils as he held her, impaled, on the rod of his cock. He held her still for what seemed to be a lifetime, then slowly slid back, the slippery mucus dripping onto the base of his cock from her nostrils. Andrew held her head between his hands as he thrust deeply. Amber tried to relax as he forced his cock head bruisingly into her throat. She could feel her gorge rise as he brutally thrust into her bruised throat, his balls pressed against her moist lips. She could hear her mother as she turned her head and retched at the sight of her beautiful daughter being used, brutally and unfeelingly. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see her father watching, a perverse lust in his expression. She felt the thrusting stop as Andrew's cock swelled further and began to jerk, pumping slimy cum into her mouth and down her throat. Amber forced herself to swallow the thick ropes of cum, even as she tasted it, citrussy and sharp. She dutifully swallowed again and again gulping his seed until the jerking stopped. Andrew slid his cock out of her mouth with a loud plop and reached down to help Amber to her feet.“The maid is waiting to take you to our suite, go with her.” Andrew commanded softly, then turned to her parents. “I have enjoyed doing business with you, “he said that as he shook their hands, “Now if you'll excuse me…”The maid met Amber outside the door and led her through the dining room. Amber's hair was dishevelled and there were drops of Andrew's sperm on her lips and chin. The other diners looked around, careful not to stare, and murmured about her behind raised hands. Amber expected the elevator to ascend to their suite, but the maid pressed a button for a basement floor. The doors opened and she gestured to Amber, then followed her along a cold, whitewashed passage. At the end of the passage was a heavy, soundproofed door, with an electronic keypad next to it. The maid tapped a number into the keypad and the door swung silently open. The maid gestured for Amber to step inside.The room had no bed, just a set of stocks and rings fitted to the walls. A large white clock ticked noisily on the far wall and, beneath it, a rack of pegs held numerous straps and belts of different materials. The maid led her into the centre of the room and began to unbutton the tiny pearl buttons. Amber looked around for a bathroom or a hand basin, so that she could wipe the crusts of sperm off her lips, but there seemed to be nothing of the kind in the room. Amber's dress was completely unfastened now and she imagined that she could smell the juices that had moistened her excited sex. The maid loosened the cuffs pinning Amber's wrists and slipped them and the sleeves of her dress off. Leading Amber, now only wearing her hose, heels and the laced corset, to the stocks, the maid unfastened the yoke and bent her over. The yoke fastened tightly across her neck and wrists, pinning her in place. This stock had been constructed so that Amber was bent over with her bottom raised in the air. The maid kicked at Amber's ankles, spreading her legs wider and wider, stretching the tendons on the inside of her thighs When Amber's legs were stretched to her satisfaction, the maid fastened them to a metal bar, so that she could not draw them together. Then she came round to Amber's face and smiled.“You wait here for Master Andrew. I am sure he will enjoy teaching you what it means to be owned by him, “she whispered with a sibilant hiss.The maid left, closing the door and leaving Amber in darkness with only the ticking of the clock to mark the passing time. Occasionally, Amber could hear the scuttle of something moving in the darkness and she imagined that she could see tiny glowing red pinpricks of eyes watching her. She could feel Andrew's sperm drying tightly on her lips and the hot juice from her pussy becoming cool and sticky on the inside of her thighs. The tick of the clock seemed to boom in the quiet of the room and Amber felt her heart skipping the odd beat.The door opened and a stream of harsh yellow light poured into the room. Andrew flicked the switch on the wall and a bare bulb, hanging from the ceiling cast a harsh glow over the room. Andrew slowly walked around Amber smiling as he saw her pinioned ankles and the arch of her back. Amber saw that he was wearing thin leather gloves and, as he flexed his fingers, she could smell the leather. He ran a fingertip along the insides of her thigh, through the stickiness and along the tender lips of her pussy. Amber bit her lip as her thighs trembled and dark sparks of perverse pleasure ripped through her body. Andrew caressed the swollen lips, circling the base of her clit and touching her gently but firmly. She felt his finger pressed between the lips of her pussy and bit her lip as he pressed slowly into her. The lubrication from her pussy was barely enough to ease his probing finger and tears of pain sprang to her eyes. Andrew reached beneath her and grabbed the top of her corset, yanking it over her breasts. Amber's nipples caught painfully against the edges of the cups making her moan softly. In the same instant, Andrew jabbed his finger hard against Amber's virgin asshole, forcing it painfully into her anus. Amber groaned again as she felt herself spread painfully by his probing finger. She could feel him stretching her roughly, and feel her burning anus being spread by his cruel thrusts. Suddenly, Andrew jerked his finger out of her back entrance and she gasped as she felt the cool air in her bowel. Andrew crossed to the wall beneath the clock and selected a thick, supple, leather strap. Looping one end around his fist, Andrew swung the free end against Amber's bare, taut, bottom, making a loud cracking sound as the leather curled around her buttocks, leaving a long red weal. Amber tried to arch her back and escape the sting of the lash, but Andrew was obviously experienced at this sort of punishment and each stroke landed precisely where he intended. The tender backs of her thighs and the curve of her buttocks were quickly striped with a ladder of scarlet stripes, each precise finger width from the next.Andrew hung the strap back on its peg and roughly thrust his leather-sheathed finger into her pussy, feeling the bubbling juices as they poured out and splashed the top of her thighs. Andrew worked his finger in and out of her pussy, twisting it inside her, feeling the tight muscles of her pussy ripple against the length of his finger.Andrew slowly eased his finger out of Amber's pussy and reached into the pocket of his jacket, drawing out a thick rubber dildo. Placing the tip against the opening of Amber's pussy, he slid it smoothly into the depths of her pussy. The sudden stretching of her tight walls and the friction of the latex against her clit made a series of orgasms rip through her trembling body. Andrew swiftly pulled the slippery dildo out of Amber's dripping pussy and rammed his cock deep inside her. His hands gripped her ass firmly, squeezing the tight cheeks and leaving bright red handprints as he held her tight against him. Another series of orgasms wracked her body, and tears of despair and frustration streaked her face as her aching pussy was brutally plundered again. This time Andrew pulled back and slipped his thick cock out of her pussy. Taking hold of the base of his erect shaft, he pressed the head against the tight rosebud and pressed forward. Amber arched her back in a desperate attempt to escape the hard cock stretching her ass, and screamed in a mixture of pain and lust. She felt her=self being stretched until she was almost tearing. Then the head of his cock popped into her rectum, filling it and he could push deeper into her bowel. She felt his cock filling her burning ass as he thrust deep and then pulled almost completely out of her. He could feel the incredibly tight walls of her virgin ass stretching and yielding as he forced himself deeper into her, revelling in his power over his latest possession. Amber sobbed in pain and frustration as Andrew used her mercilessly, her dripping pussy aching from being brutally fucked and her ass stretched beyond her darkest nightmare. She felt the burning ease and, despite her willing herself to ignore the sensations within her, found a perverse lust rippling through her mind and body. She felt the stiffening of his cock for the second time that night, but the first ever in her ass. His cock jerked and a scalding jet of cum splashed into her belly. She could feel the cock in her ass jerking and spraying thick, stinging sperm into her ass.Spent, Andrew slid his cock out of her ass and fastened his pants. Then he left the room to leave Amber with cum and filth smeared in the cleft of her bottom and the drying smears of her own pussy juice on her thighs.“Your behaviour was acceptable tonight. I will leave you here to contemplate my ownership.” Andrew murmured into her ear, before he turned and walked out of the door.