Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Beth looked around the room anxiously. Everything seemed to be ready for Andrew's visit. The leather armchair was positioned, facing the mirror, the champagne was shilling in the ice bucket. All that was left now was for Beth to change out of her working clothes into something more appropriate for the evening. She walked down the passage to her bedroom and began to unbutton her blouse. The sheer cups of her bra were tented over the hard points of her nipples and, in the mirror, she could see the circular smudges on her pale breasts, where the aureoles showed through the flimsy material. Her breasts lifted, as she reached behind her to unfasten the straps and slid her bra over her arms. The weight of her breasts made the taut globes into teardrops, the nipples pointing downward a little. Unfastening her skirt, she pushed the flimsy material of her thong down, past her knees. The silk was damp and clung to her shaved pussy, making her breath hiss softly between her teeth as she tugged it away from her swollen clit. Carefully, Beth folded the clothes, hanging the skirt i the wardrobe and laying the wet thong on a silver tray. The blouse was tossed into the washing hamper and she sat on the edge of her bed and carefully rolled her silk stockings down her legs. She bunched them up and placed them on the silver tray next to her soiled and damp thong.Naked, she stood in front of her mirror and carefully brushed her golden hair until it hung, straight and gleaming, to her shoulders. Slipping her feet back into her high-heeled pumps, she slowly twirled in front of the mirror, inspecting herself with a critical eye. Satisfied with her appearance, she reached into her bedside table and brought out a medium and a large vibrator and a medium sized anal plug. She ran her fingers over the smooth rubber of the plug and shivered as she remembered Andrew using it to expand her virgin anus. She laid the toys on the tray and added a bottle of lubricating lotion, then carried the tray back into her lounge. Placing the tray on the coffee table, Beth straightened, just as she heard Andrew's key in her front door. Quickly she straightened and stood with her head bowed, waiting for him to enter the room. Andrew entered in his shirtsleeves and carrying a large briefcase. Resting the case on the table, he placed a finger beneath her chin and lifted Beth's face. Roughly he kissed her, forcing her lips open and thrusting his tongue deep into her moist mouth. Beth could feel the flush ripple through her and the wetness gathering between her thighs.Releasing her, he opened the case and took out a loop of leather, with a tiny gold hasp and padlock. Taking his keyring, he used a small key to open the padlock and, ignoring Beth's wide-eyed stare, fitted the leather around her neck, fastening it firmly but not too tightly. He trailed a fine gold chain between her breasts and over her belly, adjusting the length until it almost touched her swollen clit. Then he took a tiny gold clamp from his case and fastened it to the chain. Parting the lips of her pussy with the tips of his fingers, Andrew slipped the clamp over Beth's clit, pushing it right to the base of the hard stub. Then he tightened the clamp so that it gripped her sensitive clit firmly.Placing his fingertips beneath Beth's chin, he lifted her head so that he could look into her eyes, watching as they widened and the chain tugged gently on her clit. Beth hissed in surprise as she felt the tugging and she blushed furiously red as her pussy moistened again. Andrew kissed her mouth gently, teasing her lips apart as he slowly rolled her nipples between his fingers. Beth felt her clit stiffen and tug against the chain fastened to her collar, making her groan into Andrew's mouth.Andrew inspected the coffee table, gauging the proportions and mentally comparing them to Beth's measurements. Clearing the top, he took hold of the collar, leading her to the table and made her sit on one end. Then he pushed her slowly back until she was lying on the hard, cold, wood, her knees bent and her feet flat on the floor, with her head hanging over the end. Carefully, Andrew slid a footstool beneath Beth's head, so that she could relax and it would be supported. Kneeling at the foot of the table, he grasped her ankle and moved her leg closer to the leg of the table. Taking a soft leather strap, he fastened her ankle firmly to the table leg and then took hold of the other ankle and drew it closer to the opposite leg of the table. He securely fastened the ankle to the leg of the table and then stepped back to admire his handiwork.Beth was fastened down to the table, her legs splayed wide to display her smooth, pink pussy. Her soft belly curved towards her rounded breasts, heaving a little as she wondered what he was going to do with her. Kneeling by the table, Andrew ran a hand along her body, lingering over her breasts, his palm brushing her nipple very, very lightly. His fingers curled around her shoulder and he ran his hand caressingly along her arm, drawing it to the edge of the table. Fastening a band of leather around her wrist, he flicked a thick rope under the table and moved to the far side, capturing her other wrist and fastening a similar leather loop around it. Using the rope he fastened the leather cuffs together, pinning her wrists to the table top.Beth was both excited and nervous at the same time, her pussy was leaking almost continuously now and she could feel the thin trickle of her juices between the cheeks of her bottom. The air was heavily perfumed with the scent of Beth's sex and Andrew inhaled deeply, sampling the sweet aroma. Slowly Andrew ran his fingers along the inside of her thighs, until his fingertips rested on the lips of her pussy. Gently, he pushed a finger between the damp lips, sliding it into her slick pussy. His finger moved deeper into her until Andrew curled it slowly and rubbed the knuckle over Beth's engorged clit. The pressure made her whole body arch into an elegant bow and her clit pressed harder against his hand. Beth howled softly as the chain tugged against the base of her clit, a low growling sob escaping her lips.Andrew slowly eased his finger out of Beth's tight pussy, feeling the ripple of her muscles as she tried to draw him back inside her. Pressing his slippery, wet finger to her lips, he forced it into her mouth, making Beth taste her own juices that he had collected from inside her pussy. Beth sucked greedily on his finger, relishing the salty sweetness of her pussy. Andrew stood and unfastened his trousers, pushing them down to his ankles and stepping out of them. Then he stripped off his shirt, shoes and socks until her stood at her head with only thin cotton briefs concealing his stiffening manhood. Pushing the briefs down, he allowed his erect cock to spring out.Gently, Andrew moved the footstool from beneath Beth's head and lowered her head back, so that he was kneeling with her head hanging, mouth open, between his thighs. Beth pursed her lips and gently kissed his balls, lapping at them with her hungry tongue, before she opened her lips wider and sucked one of them into her hot mouth. She ran her tongue all over and around the swollen testicle, caressing it and teasing it with each lick. The taste of him, dark and musk-laden, excited her even more and her juices ran like honey to puddle beneath her rounded arse. Drawing back, so that his ball slipped from her mouth with a wet slurping sound, Andrew guided the swollen, angry-looking, head of his cock between her lips and thrust his hips forward. The length of his cock slid into her mouth, the head slipping over her tongue to the back of her throat. Beth swallowed, gagging as his cock head pushed right into her throat, filling her mouth so that she could not breathe. Tears stung her eyes as she choked on the hard flesh in her throat and she swallowed desperately, her throat contracting and caressing his rigid cock. Andrew thrust deep into her, his sac pressed against her lips, as she used her tongue and her mouth to pleasure him. Beth groaned against his hot flesh, trying to bring him beyond the point of his climax with her tongue. She yearned to taste his seed, to feel it sliding down her throat and splattering against her face.When he pulled back and slid his cock out of her mouth, Beth almost wailed in frustration.“Hush, sweetheart.” Andrew commanded, softly.“Y-y-yes, Sir.” Beth replied, quietly, her breath shuddering and her throat feeling bruised and aching.Andrew knelt next to her and lifted her head, sliding the footstool beneath her to support it. Then he took an ice cube from the bucket where the champagne was cooling and held it above her nipple. Slowly the ice melted, freezingly cold water collecting to form a droplet that swelled as the ice cube shrank, until it fell onto Beth's erect nipple. Beth yelped at the shock of the icy water splashing against her hot breast and then moaned as her nipple swelled even more.Andrew pressed the ice cube against Beth's breast, slowly moving it all over the swollen globe, almost touching her nipple then moving it away again. Beth trembled as his hand moved toward the erect points and whimpered as he moved his hand away. He trailed the dripping ice cube down her belly, to press it against the tiny hood of skin that did absolutely nothing to conceal her aching clit. Beth shuddered and arched her back, oblivious to the cold now, just unable to hold back her need for something hard, anything, inside her pussy.“Please, Sir.” Beth whimpered, a begging note in her little-girl voice.“What, Beth?” Andrew coaxed, softly.“Please, Sir, let me cum. ” She whispered.Andrew reached down between her thighs and ran the tip of his finger along the lips of her pussy. Beth shuddered and sighed as he pressed one finger into her pussy then another, working them slowly in and out, until the whole length of both fingers was slipping easily in and out. Beth moaned, somewhere between pain and delight as he pressed three fingers slowly into her pussy, stretching her gently but firmly.Beth closed her eyes and abandoned herself to the feeling of being stretched over Andrew's exploring fingers. Her pussy was dribbling constantly now, oiling his fingers with her fragrant moisture. Slowly he pressed deeper, his fingers sinking into her as she relaxed and yielded to his probing caresses.Just as Beth thought he was going to tease her clit and allow her to cum, he withdrew his hand, easing the fingers out of her very, very slowly. Then she felt him pressing against her again, this time stretching her even further. She tried to lift her head and see what he was pushing into her, but then his thumb brushed her clit and she flopped back onto the table gasping for air. Andrew chuckled wickedly and continued to press his four fingers into her tender opening, twisting his hand slowly as he pushed further and further. Beth was grunting now, trying to drive her inflamed pussy onto his hand as he probed deeper and deeper.Andrew drew his hand back, sliding it from between the lips of her pussy, and smiled as Beth cried out, pleading wordlessly for him to continue. He reached out and stroked Beth's hair, now matted with sweat, brushing it away from her forehead and then leaning over to kiss her gently, teasing her lips open and caressing her mouth with his tongue. Smoothly, he glided his hand back down her body, cupping her breasts, then sliding it over her belly until his fingers rested on Beth's pussy. Gently, he pressed his fingertip into her wetness, sliding it into her easily. He could feel the heat of her excitement as he worked his finger deeper into her pussy. Beth groaned deep in her throat, almost sobbing as Andrew teased her. He kissed the base of her neck, tiny flickers of the tip of his tongue against her skin sending waves of excitement ripping through her nerves.“Please, Andrew.” Beth sobbed between her panting gaspsAndrew said nothing, just moved his mouth over Beth's aching nipple and slipped it into his mouth, sucking hard. Beth strained against the ropes holding her down, desperately trying to thrust her pussy onto Andrew's finger and force her nipple deeper into his mouth. Her whole body trembled, as though she were running a fever and she gasped and panted as she felt his teeth grazing her nipple. Andrew eased his finger out of her pussy and stroked it between her buttocks, pressing it against the tight ring of her anus. Beth let her head fall back, yelping as she felt the chain tug on her clit.Andrew picked up the smaller of the two vibrators and spread the slippery juice from Beth's pussy over the tip. Then he used the fingertips of one hand to spread her cheeks while he used the other hand to push the vibrator slowly into her anus. The angle was difficult and he had to twist and work the head in slowly, drawing gasps of pained excitement from her as he pressed the vibrator deeper into Beth's arse. Slowly the plastic rod slipped inside her and, at last, Andrew was satisfied that he had the toy exactly where he wanted it. He twisted the base of the vibrator, turning it on and sending the gentle buzz of the toy through her body. Beth just moaned softly as Andrew leaned over her, guiding the head of his cock between the lips of her aching pussy. Slowly he lowered himself on top of her, his cock sliding easily into the wetness of her pussy. Beth's pussy had been cruelly stretched by Andrew's thorough fingering, but she was still tight enough to feel the thick shaft of his cock filling her and the swollen head stretching her. He pushed slowly, deeper and deeper, until the head of his cock was pressed against the opening to her womb. Gradually he began to thrust harder and faster, until his cock was pounding into her pussy and the wet squelching sounds filled the room, as her pussy wept sweet nectar over the base of the vibrator in her arse and onto the polished wood of the table. Andrew felt his cock stiffen again and swell inside her as he began to spurt thick ropes of his cum. Beth felt the jets of hot liquid splashing into her womb as overwhelming lust filled her. The power of his cumming and the buzzing in her arse starting the rush of her orgasm. She let her head fall back and the tug of the chain on her aching, tender, clit pushed her over the brink. Her whole body spasmed against the restraints as her orgasm peaked and ripped through her. Slowly they both subsided. Their breathing slowing and regaining a normal rhythm. Beth whimpered as she felt Andrew's cock soften and slide out of her pussy. She still felt full and realised that it was the thick gooey sperm he had spurted deep inside her. She winced as he reached between her arse cheeks and pulled the vibrator out of her arse. Andrew stood and moved around so that he could crouch by her head.“Now you just rest there a while,” he murmured, soothingly, “so we can be sure that you catch.”“C-C-C-Catch?” Beth quavered.“Yes, “Andrew replied, “You're going to show how obedient you are. You're going to give me a baby.”Andrew slid the footstool under her head and went into the bathroom to shower. Beth just lay on the table, trying to relax within her bonds. Slowly she realised that letting Andrew master her had deeper consequences than she had imagined. Deep within her, she imagined she could feel the moment his sperm had invaded her womb and, with a gentle and strangely contented sigh, she relaxed and drifted into an uncomfortable but dreamless slumber.

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