Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Paying Interest

Kat pushed open the front door, to be greeted by a savoury, mouth-wateringly appetizing aroma. She carefully laid her briefcase beneath the coathooks and hung up her overcoat, walking down the hallway, past the dining room, into the kitchen. Involuntarily, her eye was drawn to the calendar on the wall, where that day's date had been heavily ringed in red and the one word 'interest' written neatly beneath it. Every day of the month, that date had stared out at her from the calendar, like a baleful eye. Her payment had started that very morning when Andrew had laid out the clothes he had decided she should wear. Normally, such decisions were left to her, but today was an 'interest day'. She had wrapped the black silk corset around her torso, settling the heavily boned garment beneath her breasts and fastening the long row of hooks and eyes down the front. The corset was cupless, allowing the ripe globes of her breasts and the tender stalks of her nipples to jut out, over the half hoops of the wires at their bases. Andrew had laced the back and pulled the ties tight, until she was barely able to breathe. She could feel the rigid material cinching tightly about her waist and lifting her bust. His fingers deftly threaded and tightened the long ribbons until he had squeezed a full six inched from her waist measurement. Then, he had gently sucked on her nipples until they were hard and erect, and her pussy was oozing wetly onto the bedclothes. When he had teased them to swollen, throbbing points, he looped narrow ribbons around the base of each, pulling them tight and fastening them with a bow. Kat knew that her nipples would chafe against the silk of her blouse, keeping her in a frenzy of arousal all day.Now she stepped into the kitchen and saw Andrew, sleeves rolled up and apron on, carefully stirring a pot of soup. He turned to the oven and peeked inside at the chicken breasts and vegetables roasting and then adjusted the heat, before turning to face her.“Kat, my dear,” he smiled, “I believe you know Greg? I've invited him to dine with us.”Kat's face blanched as she turned and spied, for the first time, Greg. She knew Greg very well, as they both worked in the same office and Greg had made it very clear that he wanted to take her to bed. The attraction was definitely not mutual, however. Kat, like every other woman in her section and, as far as she knew, in the company, found him repulsive and odious. The touch of his clammy hand on her skin made her want to scrub the taint of him from her body and the repellent miasma of his body odour would make her stomach heave. But he was here, in their kitchen, chugging on a bottle of beer. “Greg, make yourself at home,” Andrew offered, “Kat and I have something to take care. We won't be long, ok?”Kat looked at Andrew open-mouthed as he tapped the circled date on the calendar. She started to shake her head but then remembered their agreement. She nodded meekly, trying to hide the rush of burning crimson that stained her cheeks. Head still bowed, she made her way up the stairs and into their bedroom. Slowly she unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off her shoulders, dropping it into the laundry hamper. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, wincing as she saw the angry red nubs of her swollen, aching nipples. Unfastening her skirt and dropping it on top of her blouse, she examined her body in the mirror, smiling at the way her nipped-in waist flared out at her hips and pushed her breasts upwards. The black silk of her panties clung wetly to the smooth skin of her pussy and she could not help but moan as she peeled it away from her swollen clit, peeping from beneath its tender hood. The top of the dressing table had been cleared, except for a long, thin wooden cane, a sophisticated, remote-controlled vibrator, and an English riding crop. Looking at the leather rod of the crop, Kat felt a familiar ache in her swollen clit and she bit down hard on her bottom lip to stifle a groan.Kat heard the measured tread of Andrew's footsteps on the stairs and quickly turned to face the door, lowering her head. Andrew stepped inside their bedroom and carefully propped the door open, so that it could not swing shut. Kat realised that any noise, louder than a whisper, would carry down into the hallway and dining room. The thought of Greg listening to her counting the strokes of his cane, as Andrew administered this month's punishment repulsed and aroused her. “On your knees,” Andrew commanded, sternly, “You will count each stroke loudly and clearly. I was almost disappointed with your efforts last month and I expect you to try much harder.”Kat nodded and knelt down in front of him, laying herself across the upholstered top of the stool, in front of the dressing table. She felt Andrew's fingers against her smooth skin as he unfastened the suspenders from the top of her stockings, then rolled the silk down to her knees. Pressing gently but firmly against the top of her thighs, he forced Kat to spread her legs, so that he could run the tip of his finger between the lips of her pussy and across the hard pearl of her clit. Kat groaned, deep in her breast, as his finger caressed the aching stem of her clit, stroking her gently, forcing the sticky nectar to gush over the lips of her pussy and the tops of her thighs.“You are wet today,” he gloated, “Is it the thought of Greg downstairs? Do you think he would like to fuck you?”Andrew could see Kat's horrified expression as she imagined Greg pawing her with his clammy hands and, in her mind; she tasted his sour breath as he slobbered over her. The thought of holding him close made her belly roil and she felt, to her disgust, a wave of moisture flooding her cunt. Kat tried to remain motionless, afraid that Andrew could feel the pounding of her heart and the trembling of her limbs. Biting her lip to stifle the groan, she allowed a single tear to trickle down her cheek and fall to the carpet.Abruptly, Andrew pulled his hand away and laid the cane beneath her dangling breasts. Kat heard him moving behind her and saw, in the mirror, Andrew laying the riding crop between her thighs. Andrew sat on the edge of the bed and reached down, closing his fingers around the handle of the cane. Before Kat could brace herself, Andrew jerked his wrist, flicking the cane across her breasts, catching the very tips of her aching nipples. Kat screamed and arched her spine as the wooden rod cracked against the tender nubs, raising a scarlet welt against the creamy flesh. Kat felt as though the buds of her nipples had burst and she whimpered as a gush of fluid moistened her thighs.“Aaaargh, One, Sir,” she screamed.Andrew smiled and laid the cane back on the carpet, watching her shuddering as she sobbed in pain and frustration. The burning in her nipples eased and her belly tightened as she felt her cunt ripple emptily. She groaned deep in her throat, a wordless begging for fingers, a cock, anything to plunder and ravage her throbbing cunt. Andrew chuckled and ignored the plea that he understood, as though she had whispered into his ear. Leaning forward, he gripped the riding crop and flicked his wrist, snapping the tip against her throbbing clit. Kat convulsed, as though she had been electrified, while the sensations ripped through her nerves, a white-hot amalgam of pain and excitement. Her cunt gushed wetly and she could have sworn that she had heard the splash of her juices on the top of the stool.“Oooh GODD! Two!” she wailed.Andrew lifted the cane again, this time arching it high over her buttocks. Kat looked in the mirror and tried to clench her muscles, tightening the cheeks of her ass and panting, with her breasts hanging down, the reddening welt just visible on her reflection. Andrew waited until, trembling with fatigue, Kat's bottom relaxed. In that instant, Andrew cracked the cane across the curve of her backside, the flat smacking sound, seeming to echo through the whole house. The flexible rod of wood curved across her buttocks and sprang straight again, leaving a distinct stripe, painted across the taut cheeks of her ass.“Th-Th-Three!” she sobbed.Andrew picked up the riding crop and slowly dragged the flap of leather on the tip over the inside of her thighs and across the smooth skin around her pussy. The narrow strip of neatly shaven hair that pointed the way to her clit was drenched with sticky juices from Kat's pussy and she could not stifle the moan that slipped from between her lips. Slowly, Andrew dragged the leather across the globes of her breasts, brushing it very lightly across her nipples. The ring he had fastened through the hood of her clit dangled freely, the captive ball swinging and making the ring tug, ever so slightly, on the tender skin of her hood. Kat's breath hissed between her teeth as the leather brushed against the welt crossing her nipples. Andrew jerked his wrist again and the tip of the crop lashed against Kat's throbbing left nipple. Shifting his wrist the merest couple of inches, he lashed her right nipple.Kat writhed and arched her back, trying to shrink away from the lashes that felt as though they were cutting into her tender flesh.“Aaaargh, Four, God! Five!” she gasped.Kat felt the burning lash of the riding crop subside and seem to settle deep within the core of her body. Her cunt tightened as she writhed against the top of the stool, trying to rub her sensitive clit against the rough material and gain some relief, some distraction from the punishing cruelty. At the back of her mind, she wondered whether Greg was listening to her cries and if he realised that they were changing from pleas for mercy to cries of passion. The thought of his hands on her burning skin, of him forcing himself upon her, aroused her perversely. Andrew dropped the crop and picked up the cane again, slashing it through the air to land across her buttocks with a stinging 'CRACK!' that echoed through the house. Kat jerked under the lash of the cane, almost reaching back to rub the welt, before she controlled the urge. Andrew smiled to himself as he watched her struggling, then leaned forward and just as she opened her mouth to speak, blew gently on the swollen stripe across her buttocks.“Uuurgh!” she gurgled, “Six, Sir!”Kat's whole body was trembling, so fast that her body almost hummed. Her pussy gushed over the tops of her thighs, staining the silk of her stockings. Tears smeared the mascara from her eyelashes down her cheeks and her breath came in huge sighs as she felt the burning of each strike ease off, becoming a dull throb that pulsed in time with the waves rippling through her cunt. Andrew laid the cane on the floor again and picked up the riding crop. Kat felt his fingers easing her buttocks apart and shivered as he ran the tip of the crop along the cleft of her ass, dragging it slowly over the puckered rosebud of her anus.“Reach back and hold yourself open,” he ordered.Kat reached back, feeling more of her weight pressing against the top of the stool. She winced as her fingertips pressed against the puffy, raised welt across her backside, biting her lips as she spread the cheeks of her ass. Andrew moved his hand away, and ran the tip of the crop over her puckered entrance to her back passage. Kat whimpered and her asshole winked as the flexible leather brushed against it. Andrew jerked his wrist, and the tip of the crop flickered, like a striking snake, against the dark opening. Kat's body jerked under the lash, her tendons straining in her neck and her breath rasping harshly in her throat. The skin on her shoulders and face was beaded with sweat and her whole body trembled weakly.“Seven, Sir!” she gasped.Andrew reached beneath her and ran his fingers gently over the tips of her nipples. The ribbons he had tied around the base of each one, that morning, were tight, almost cutting into the hard buds. Kat groaned as his diabolically gentle fingers tormented her even further, stroking the stalks of her nipples until the gush of sticky liquid from her cunt was continuous. Capturing the loose ends of each bow around her nipples, he tugged them undone with a single, swift jerk. The blood rushed into them nipples and she screamed as she felt her nipples swelling and hardening until she thought that they would explode. Almost fainting, Kat writhed desperately against the rough cloth covering the seat of the stool, trying to use the friction of her slick, moist clit to bring herself to an orgasm. She almost released her grip on the cheeks of her ass but, just in time, she recalled his promise of the most severe punishment she could conceive. The sensations faded, just enough to keep her wanting, but not enough to grant her release from his torment.As she flopped onto the stool, Andrew brought the crop whistling through the air, cracking the tip against her throbbing clit. As she jerked almost upright, Andrew swept the cane from the floor and brought it hard across her nipples. Kat screamed in pain and exultation, as the fire in her belly peaked and then in despair as the fire ebbed again.“Aieeee, Eight! Aaaargh!! Nine! No! Stop, please, no more. Please let me cum sir, I need to cum” she screamed.Andrew watched as Kat collapsed onto the stool, her whole body heaving as she fought for enough breath to beg him for mercy. He leaned down and helped her to her feet, supporting her until her legs were steady enough for her not to fall. Kat stood, hanging her head in a mixture of relief that the caning had stopped and shame that she had failed to take all twelve strokes. “Wait!” Andrew's voice cracked through the room, “Lift your head and stand still.”Nervously, Kat obeyed. Andrew walked around, inspecting her bruised and tender nipples and clit. The stripes across her ass and breasts stood out clearly against her smooth skin, scarlet badges, testament to her fortitude. Andrew still had the riding crop in his hand and with a swift series of slashes whipped the tip across her left nipple, then the right and, finally, across her clit. Kat's legs buckled and she fell into a heap on the floor, gasping. She spoke, the words barely more than a whisper.“Ten, thank you, Sir. Eleven, thank you, Sir. Twelve, Oh thank you, Sir,” she breathed.Andrew knelt down and turned her onto her back, spreading her legs wide as he unfastened his pants, pushing them and his briefs to the floor, to reveal his erect, swollen cock. With a single thrust, he rammed the whole length into her cunt, his balls slapping against her tight ass. It only took one pinch of her clit with his finger and thumb to make her cum, Kat's dripping, oozing cunt clutching and milking his cock. With a wordless shout of triumph, Andrew felt his cock stiffening and spurting thick wads of gooey cum into her womb as Kat convulsed beneath him. While his cock was still spitting thick ropes of cum, Andrew pulled out of Kat's cunt and quickly straddled her belly, aiming the head of his cock towards her face and breasts. Kat gasped as she felt the stinging jets of cum splashing across her nipples and into her mouth, swallowing as much of his creamy seed as she could. Pearls of cum clung to her hair and splashed into her eyes. Kat shuddered, cumming as she tasted Andrew's sperm in her mouth. Her pussy gushed onto the carpet and over her thighs, making her skin slick and slippery as she writhed beneath him. Her aching clit and nipples throbbed with blood pounding through them and she could feel the burning heat of his cum as it dried on her skin.Slowly, Andrew eased himself off her belly, smiling at the streaks of cum drying on her face and in her hair. The insides of her thighs and the cleft between the cheeks of her ass were damp and glistening where the juices from her heaving cunt had splashed over them. Kat was still panting and speechless from the orgasm that had ripped viciously through her belly. Andrew moved to the edge of their bed and reached ove for the vibrator. Tapping the control, he started it buzzing, for a few seconds, then switched it off. Snapping his fingers, he pointed at Kat and then his lap, just as he would summon a pet dog. Kat crawled over the carpet and waited by his feet. Andrew grabbed her arm and hauled her over his lap, raising her ass high in the air. Then he ran the tip of the vibrator along her dripping pussy, making it slick and slippery, before drawing it slowly along the cleft of her ass. Kat gasped as she felt the cold, hard plastic nudging at the tight ring of her asshole and then moaned loudly as he pressed it slowly into her ass. Kat could feel the thick rod stretching her asshole as Andrew pressed the bulbous head against her tight anus, twisting it slowly. She cried out, softly, as she felt the rim of the head popping inside her and then he had slid the whole length into her bowel, until the T-bar on the base was firmly nestled between the cheeks of her ass. Tapping the buttons on the remote control, he set the vibrator to a low throbbing, just enough to make sure that Kat was kept aroused, but not enough to offer her any relief. “Now go and entertain our guest,” he ordered, “while I change.”Kat gingerly stood up and curtsied, feeling the throbbing vibrator nestled deeply in her backside. Her ass and pussy tingled as she made her way out of the room and down stairs to the lounge, where Greg sprawled on the sofa, a bottle of beer in his hand. Kat paused in the doorway and coughed discreetly. Greg looked up from his comfortable seat, his eyes widening and his jaw dropping as he saw Kat, her hair dishevelled and matted with Andrew's sticky cum and her breasts jutting over the tightly laced corset. Kat took a step closer, carefully staying out of his reach and bobbed in a neat curtsey.“Andrew told me to make sure that you are comfortable. He'll be down in a moment,” she informed him.“I could use another beer,” Greg replied, goggling.Kat stood straight and made her way into the kitchen, suddenly very aware that Greg's eyes were all over her. She swallowed as she realised that he could, almost certainly, see the base of the vibrator, buried deep between the cheeks of her ass. She blushed hotly and bit her lip, to stifle the moan in her throat as the vibrator shifted slightly in her rectum. She opened the chiller and took out a bottle of beer, flicking the cap off and placing it on a small round tray. Carefully, to avoid spilling any, she carried the tray back into the lounge and placed it on the table next to the sofa. Greg reached out and cupped her pendulous breast in his sweaty palm, kneading the creamy skin. Kat tried not to shudder as he pawed and mauled her sensitive flesh.“I always said you had great tits,” Greg rasped, “That Andrew's dead lucky to have got his hands on such a fine piece of ass.”Kat swallowed and backed away, her thoughts chaotic and turbulent at the leering emphasis he had put on the word 'ass'. Her breast felt slimy and dirty where his palm had touched her and she wanted to flee into the kitchen and wash her skin clean of his clammy sweat. Kat backed slowly away, head lowered so that Greg would not see the fear and loathing on her face. As she reached the doorway, she felt a presence behind her and turned to find Andrew in the doorway, watching. Her face flamed red as she realised that he must have seen her reaction to Greg and the revolted shudder that went through her as he groped her breast. She lifted her head and looked into his eyes to see a manipulative, evil glint burning at the back of Andrew's pupils.“Actually, Greg, I'm in the process of furthering Kat's education,” Andrew said that smoothly, “I'm pleased to see that you appreciate her charms. Perhaps, when her education is more advanced, I shall loan her to you.”Kat opened her mouth, and was about to protest, when Andrew looked down at her, one eyebrow raised as though daring her to question his decision, or his wisdom. The clammy print of Greg's hand was still glistening on her breast and Andrew reached out and collected a drop of the moisture on his fingertip. Kat could only watch, as he lifted the tip of his finger to her mouth and, gently but firmly, pushed it between her lips. The taste of his sweat was bitter and sour on her tongue, making Kat want to heave and retch, but she fought back the urge to heave and spit to clear the taste from her mouth. Andrew watched her struggle and, as the roiling in her belly subsided, smiled in faint approval. Stepping to the side he gestured for Kat to lead the way into the dining room, where bowls of steaming soup were arranged on the table. Kat looked around and saw that only two places had been set but, by the side of Andrew's dining chair, a third bowl of steaming soup had been placed on the floor. Andrew clicked his fingers and pointed to the bowl on the floor. Kat crossed the room and knelt at the side of the chair. Greg had followed them into the dining room, barely able to take his eyes off Kat's ass and the base of the vibrator embedded between her cheeks. Andrew slipped his hand into the pocket of his pants and tapped a button on the remote control, speeding up the vibrations and increasing their intensity. Kat knelt on the floor, the vibrator shifting in her ass, making her open her mouth in a wordless sigh as her eyes glazed for a moment and she felt the familiar tightening in her ass and pussy.Andrew and Greg sat, opened out their napkins and began to spoon their soup int their mouths. Kat arched her back and lapped at her bowl, curling her tongue to scoop tiny mouthfuls of the savoury broth. Andrew reached beneath the table and, placing his fingers against the base of the vibrator gave it a sharp shove, moving it inside her anus. Kat almost choked on the soup in her mouth as she felt his fingers scraping over the welts on her buttocks, but managed to control herself, so that she did not lose any of her food.It seemed to take forever, but at last they had finished the soup and Andrew signalled Kat to take away the used soup plates and bring I the main course. In the oven Kat found a steak casserole, hearty chunks of meat and vegetables bound in a thick sauce. Carefully she ladled the food onto the waiting plates and into the bowl that Andrew had placed ready, then carried them back into the dining room. Kat knelt and lapped at her bowl, managing to catch the chunks of meat between her lips. The two men spoke softly, paying scant attention to her, except when Andrew reached into his pocket to adjust the control for the vibrator, speeding it up or slowing it down to keep her just on the brink of cumming. At last they finished their meal and Andrew pushed his chair back, signalling Kat to clear the table. Kat took the dishes through to the kitchen, scraped them carefully and loaded the dishwasher, then made her way back to the dining room. Greg was sat on his chair, pants and briefs around his ankles and his cock hard and erect, jutting from beneath his belly. Kat looked at Andrew, who gestured to Greg as he spoke. “Greg seems to have a problem. I think your outfit has made him swollen and uncomfortable,” he informed her, “As a good hostess, you should take care of it for him.”Kat started to shake her head, just as Andrew pushed the button on the remote control to intensify the vibrations in her ass. Almost dazed, she took a step towards Greg, the vibrations making her belly and pussy ripple. She opened her mouth but only a faint mewling came out as she moved another step closer.“Stop!” Andrew commanded, “I didn't give you leave to walk to him. Crawl.”Kat dropped to her hands and knees and crawled across the dining room carpet towards Greg. The sight of this beautiful young woman covered in cum, with food smeared around her lips, made his cock swell and harden even more. Slowly Kat drew closer and closer, until the sour smell of his unwashed cock filled her nostrils, making her eyes water. Tentatively, she reached up and curled her fingers around the base of his cock, feeling the greasy, unwashed skin sliding beneath her hand. Greg reached down and pressed his hand on the back of Kat's head, forcing her face closer and closer to his erect, slimy cock. Kat could feel the bile rising in her throat as the sour smell of his dirty cock assaulted her senses. Kat could see the slime of his pre-cum glazing the purple head as he pulled her closer and she clamped her lips tightly together. Andrew grinned fiendishly and tapped the button on the remote, in his pocket, to intensify the vibrations in her ass. Involuntarily, Kat's lips parted to let a soft moan slip between them and Greg forced her mouth onto his swollen cock. Kat almost gagged on the slimy, rancid taste of Greg's cock on her tongue but, mindful of Andrew's power over her, she began lapping and sucking vigorously at the swollen head in her mouth. She ran her tongue all over the shaft in her mouth, bobbing her head back and forth, hoping to make him cum quickly and get the experience over with. Greg grunted and grabbed her hair, pulling on it to force her head down onto his cock, so that the head went right to the back of her mouth. Kat was relieved to find that Greg's cock was shorter and thinner than Andrew's and she could take it in her mouth easily but she still had to fight from heaving on the bitter, stale taste of him.Greg was panting now and Kat could feel the shaft of his cock swell and begin to jerk in her mouth but he still had not cum yet. Desperately screwing her nerves to the snapping point, she closed her eyes and forced her head further onto his cock, gulping as the tip of his cock reached the back of her throat. Kat felt the prickle of Greg's hairy balls against her lips and then his cock jerked in her throat and a pulse of bitter, Gooey cum splashed into the back of her throat. Kat swallowed reflexively, gulping mouthful upon mouthful of Greg's rancid-tasting sperm, until his cock softened and spat weakly onto her tongue. Kat slowly pulled back, letting his cock fall from between her lips with a wet slurping sound. As she squatted on her haunches in front of Greg, and then slowly crawled across the room to lie at Andrew's feet she felt a mixture of revulsion and shame at her behaviour, mingling with deep satisfaction at completing her monthly payment. Greg was already pulling his pants and briefs back on and fastening his fly. Without speaking, as they had arranged, he left, closing the door quietly behind him.Andrew reached down and stroked her long dark hair, matted with sweat. Kat relaxed beneath the languorous caress of his fingers against the skin and sighed as she felt his long fingers gently tugging on the lacings at the back of her corset. Slowly the tight band around her belly and beneath her breasts eased and she was able to take a deep, sighing breath.“Well done, my dear,” Andrew told Kat, “Now go and clean yourself up quickly, we should just have time to catch the theatre, if we hurry.”Kat hurried out of the room and up the stairs, reliving her day's experiences and resolving that whatever else happened, she would make sure that she paid every last bit of the interest Andrew could demand.

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