Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Beth strode between the lines of trucks, her heels clicking on the tarmac. She could feel the drivers' eyes following her as she walked along the line, smelling the hot engines and the burnt diesel. She was almost at the end of the line when she saw him, smiling wickedly as he watched her parade in front of the other drivers. He waved her over and she walked up to the passenger side of his truck. Beth swung her holdall onto the seat and, as he tossed it onto the bunk behind the seats, grabbed the chrome handle and climbed up into the cab. She was acutely aware that her short skirt gave all of the other drivers an excellent view of her thighs and the scanty bit of lace that Colin, her trucker friend, had demanded that she wear. She leaned over the passenger seat, feeling her skirt ride upwards a little, displaying the sodden lace of her panties to anyone who cared to look.As she settled herself in the passenger seat, Beth leaned over and kissed Colin fully on the lips, her mouth opening so that he could thrust his tongue deep inside. Beth rested her hand on the bulge in his trousers and felt it swell and harden under her touch. Grinning, she tugged on Colin's zip and slowly opened his flies. Reaching inside, she teased his hardening cock through the opening in the front of his pants and curled her fingers around the base of his shaft, slowly caressing him with a soft stroking motion.Leaning further over, Beth ducked under the steering wheel, until her mouth was almost touching the tip of his swollen, erect cock. Colin could feel the heat of her breath as she breathed gently on the swollen, purple head. Beth touched the drop of pre-cum that seeped out of the slit at the end of Colin's cock with her tongue, swirling the tip over the velvety skin and spreading the sweet, clear liquid over the swollen knob. Colin groaned and lifted his hips, trying to push the rim of his cock between her plump, moist lips.Beth lowered her head slowly, taking his cock into her warm mouth, holding him with her lips as she swirled her tongue over the head and around the shaft. She lowered her head further, lifting her bottom as she rocked forwards. Beth felt a cool rush of air on the cheeks of her bottom as Colin lifted her skirt, displaying her tight bottom, neatly bisected by the thing scrap of cotton in the cleft of her buttocks. Beth just lowered her head further, taking his cock right to the back of her throat, not caring that her lover was displaying her bottom as though it were a trophyColin slid his fingers under the back of her sopping wet panties and ran them down the crack of her bottom, towards the smooth skin around her arsehole. Slowly he pulled the wet material down her thighs to leave her bottom totally exposed. Colin rested his fingertips on the hard, black rubber disc that was the end of the plug Beth had pushed into her bottom, as soon as she had woken up. Colin did not know that Beth had 'met' a lover over the internet and he had listened to her moaning in a mixture of pain and delight as she inserted the hard rubber plug that morning. It was his idea that she buy the plug and the descriptions of how he was going to stretch her before he took her slowly in her virgin arse had made her so aroused that she had to relieve her frustrations.Then she had discovered Colin and had surrendered to him, behaving like some cock-starved slut. Now she was going to travel with him for a whole week and she meant to make sure that she started as she intended to carry on. Bending to her task, Beth swallowed the tip of Colin's cock, taking him right to the back of her throat as he pressed the base of the plug in her arse, moving it slowly and gently in the dark passage of her rectum. Beth moaned around his cock, the sound muffled by the mouthful of his hard shaft. Colin slid his hand around the cheek of her arse and stroked his fingertips along the slit of her shaven pussy. She sucked him harder, as two of his fingers slid easily and noisily inside her digging deeply into her wetness. His thumb found the hard pearl of her clit and he brushed the tip with his nail, making her yelp like a spanked puppy. Beth could feel the creamy juice gushing over her thighs as he worked his fingers in and out of her dripping pussy.Beth could feel the heat of Colin's cock in her mouth and taste the salty sweetness of his pre-cum on her tongue. She moaned deep in the back of her throat as his fingers found the plug between her buttocks. Curling his fingers around the base, Colin slowly drew the plug out of her arse, watching her anus stretch as he pulled it gradually out of the tight hole. Beth moaned as she felt her anus stretching and then tightening again as she tried to expel the hard rubber plug. The plug slipped out of her arse with a loud plop and Beth plunged her head down onto the shaft of Colin's hard cock as he slowly pushed the ball of his thumb into her aching bottom. Pulling his thumb out of Beth's arse, Colin made her sit up, her lipstick smeared across her face. Turning her to face him, Colin made her straddle his lap and then reached down and guided the tip of his cock along the dripping lips of her pussy until it nestled against her anus. Beth lowered herself very slowly, feeling the slippery knob pressing into the ring of her arsehole. She opened her mouth to cry out and Colin reached over to pluck her wet panties from the passenger seat and stuff them into her mouth. Beth's legs were trembling as she tried to control the speed with which she was lowering herself onto his cock, but they had gone weak. When he pulled down on her hips, thrusting upwards at the same time, she could do nothing to stop the head of his cock forcing its way into her back door. Beth arched her back and tried to scream, the sounds muffled by the wad of cum soaked material in her mouth and her movement only opening her arse for his cock to slide deeper inside her and fill her.Colin reached up and, instead of unfastening the buttons, ripped her blouse open to reveal the lace bra that held her breasts as though on a shelf for him to pluck. Pulling the lace down at the front, Colin freed her swollen, taut, globes and pinched her nipples, hard enough to bring tears to her eyes and another gush of cum to her pussy. His hands felt hot against her skin as he slid them down on her hips, gripping her firmly and lifting her a little, so that she could feel the head of his cock move in her bowel. He held her for a moment and then pulled her back onto his lap, driving the swollen knob of his cock deep into her anus.Bet grunted like an animal as she felt his cock pushed deep into her virgin bottom. She flexed her leg feet flat on the floor, as Colin pumped her up and down on the hard rod of his swollen cock. A bead of sweat formed at the base of her throat and began to trickle down the deep valley between her breasts. Colin leaned forward and ran his tongue over her skin, tasting the spicy saltiness of her sweat. The cab was filled with the smell of Beth's pussy and her grunts seemed to echo from the glass. The steering wheel pressed against the small of her back, keeping her back door perfectly aligned to take Colin's thick cock.She felt him swell inside her and he groaned as he pulled her even more tightly against his hard cock and tight balls. The jerking inside her intensified and she sobbed as she felt the thick gooey ropes of his cum explode into her belly, filling her to overflowing. She could feel the slime oozing out of her arsehole and between her buttocks, smearing over his cock and balls. Carefully she lifted herself off his still-firm cock, feeling the plop as the swollen knob slid out of her tender arsehole. Shuffling back to the passenger seat, she placed her hands on Colin's shoulders and looked into his eyes.“Now we have to see about getting you cleaned up.” she whispered, grinning wickedly.Bending over, Beth lowered her head onto Colin's cock and began lapping at the slime covering the head. She could taste the salty sweetness of his cum and a subtle underlying bitterness from the streaks of her own filth that were mingled with it. She opened her mouth wide and slipped his knob into her mouth, sealing her lips behind the sensitive rim. Colin groaned quietly as Beth ran her tongue over the head of his cock, deftly collecting every last drop of cum and gathering it on her tongue. Colin's fingers fount the curve of her buttocks and he used his fingertips to ease them apart, so that he could explore her still tight anus. Beth whimpered as Colin thrust two fingers into the dark opening and twisted his hand, so that he could pierce her more deeply. She slid her mouth to the base of his cock, gulping his knob into her throat and then swallowing slowly, so that he could feel the ripple as her muscles gripped and caressed him.Colin's cock swelled, filling her mouth and throat, and then jerked, spraying a few drops of his cum. Beth carried on swallowing, gulping his cum and the filth from her arse. Colin could feel her tongue and lips on his shaft and the contractions of her throat, on his knob, as she swallowed his cum.At last, Beth released his cock, glistening from her long and gentle blow job. Every scrap of the mess that was smeared over his shaft was cleaned away and his cock had softened to the point where she could tuck it away again. She sat up and wiped the remnants of her lipstick from around her mouth and fastened her seat belt as Colin started the big diesel and slowly pulled the truck out of the line and onto the road. Beth smiled and gave a cheeky little wave to the other drivers as she fidgeted a little to ease the pressure on her aching bottom. She was sure that her week was going to be very entertaining.


  1. प्रेम के अनमोल क्षण-1 ( Prem Ke Anmol Khyan -1)
    प्रेम के अनमोल क्षण-2 (Prem Ke Anmol Khyan - 2)

    अब मैं तुम्हारी हो गई-2 (Ab Mein Tumhari Ho Gayi -2)
    फरेज़ को पता है (Pharenj Ko Pata He)
    कुड़ी पतंग हो गई (Kudi Patanga Ho Gayi)
    एक जल्दी वाला राउंड (Ek Jaldi Bala Round)
    Komal ki Komal Aur Reshma ki Reshmi Chut
    Ek Doctor Hi Ye Samaz Sakta Hai
    Pati Ke Batije Aur Ek Punjabi Loure Se Chudwaya
    Apney Customer Ki Biwi Ki Mast Chudai
    Kaise Main Ek Raat Mai Ek Shareef Ladki Se Randi Bani
    Maa Ke Saath Anokha Maza Bade Pyar Se
    Mast Makan Malkin Ki Chudai
    Meri Chudai Nanhe Se Bhai Ke Sath
    Chacheri Bahen Ke Sone Ke Bad Nanga Karke Sab Kuch Dekha
    डांस बार में एक रात (Dus Bar Main Ek Raat)
    एक शाम अनजान हसीना के नाम
    हरीयालो देवरियो (HarYalo Dewariyo)
    मस्त जिंदगी का अहसास-2
    मस्त जिंदगी का अहसास-1

    अपनी बाबू की सील तोड़ी (Aapni Babu Ki Seal Todi)

    विधवा की चुदाई की प्यास (Bidhwa Ki Chudai Ki Pyas)

    भाभी को दिखाई नई ब्लू फिल्म (Bhabhi Ko Dekhai Nai Blue Film)

    मामी ने दिखाया स्वर्ग का दरवाजा (Mammi Ne Dikhaya Swarga Ka Darwaja)

    बस में मिले लड़के से चूत मरवाई(Bus Main Mili Ladke Se Chut Marwai)

    बाथरूम में पंजाबन कुड़ी की चुदाई(Bathroom Main Punjab Kudi Ki Chudai)

    चूत मेरी बड़ी प्यासी हैं(Chut Meri Bdi Pyasi)